kid ink quote

here’s to the kids

here’s to the kids who would watch others play from their balconies

here’s to the kids who were laughed at at school and called disfiguired

here’s to the kids who could read sadness and disappointment in their parents’ eyes

here’s to the kids who could never be the older brothers and sisters they wanted to

here’s to the kids that always needed to be taken care of

here’s to the kids who will stay kids forever but will never be kids

I can’t wait to teach my kids to love life. To not hate the rain when it falls, but to run out without an umbrella and without a coat and just dance. I can’t wait to show them the beauty of the world in the middle of all the pain. To venture them out into the unknown. To experience the beauty of standing at the top of a mountain, but also the incredible experience of standing in the middle of a city with people flooding all around you, making you feel so minuscule but also so exhilarating. I’m so excited to love. love, love, love. To hold them until they fall asleep, and watch marathons of their favorite movies when they’re feeling sick. To go on long drives and blast Disney music the whole way. To laugh. to laugh laugh laugh. Laugh at life’s little mistakes, rather than getting worked up about them. Life is so wonderful, and growing up I often forgot that. I can’t wait to change that for my kids, to allow them to feel free to be who they are. To let them know that the only thing that is stopping them from changing the world is themselves. To show them how proud I am for pushing through the hard times, and still remaining thankful. I can’t wait.
—  Children are the future, and I’m so excited for mine.

A letter to the brokenhearted girls who are trying so hard to move on:

Moving on isn’t easy, and I don’t think it ever will be.
You know, I spent six whole months crying over him, regretting what had happened, wishing that I could turn back time, and desperately waiting for his call before I realized that there is no reason for me to be miserable. He’s gone. We’re over. It’s taken me six long months to realize that there are still a lot of guys in the world, and they’re so much better than him.
You might think that he was the only one for you and you messed it up. You might think that he was the only person who ever truly cared about you. You might think that you would rather be dead than live without him.
But believe me, there are still other guys who are so much better than him. There are other guys in the world who will care for you so much better than he ever did if only you give them a chance. If only you let go. If only you let them in.
In the end, it’s really your own choice. To be happy or miserable. The decision is in your hand. All this time you’ve been choosing to be miserable over him. I think you should really take the first plane to happiness.
Yes, I’ve finally moved on. Yes, the wound still hurts at times. But it only hurts when you touch it. So stay away from it. Forget it even exists. Fake it ‘till you make it.
Seriously, stop being miserable. What past is past.

—  A.A // unsent letters
“Home is where the heart is”, taught the mother.
“What if I lose both?”, Asked the five year old.
“Then find another answer here, that’ll never fail”, came the reply with a tap on his forehead.
—  gazergirl

Have you ever kissed someone that you truly care for and completely let it all in? I mean like the adrenalin, the increased heart rate, the butterflies. You know, that vulnerable felling. You open your whole heart to them and you can actually feel yourself falling for them. You know when you’re kissing this person that they ultimately have the power to break your heart but you don’t even care because in the moment it’s pure bliss. You can physically feel yourself falling in love.