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Omg I’m so happy you liked them! Here ya go, I got exited and made a small background… thingy.

Jin: Ten Things I Hate About Me

Word count: 3,192


You watch him carefully as he quietly gazes at himself in the mirror.

He does this all the time, especially at home in your shared apartment, and ESPECIALLY when he thinks you aren’t looking, sometimes staring blankly, but more often than not making strange gestures. You were never sure exactly why he would spend entire minutes, idle, in front of the reflective surface, but you definitely had your theories.

Maybe the compliments from the media were finally starting to go to his head. Maybe he was practicing his expressions so his friends would stop calling him awkward. Maybe he was just going crazy.

“Jagiya,” you coo, having stepped back into the hallway to avoid embarrassing him. “I’m home.”

You can hear him shifting around, frantically trying to act casual as you step into the room, only to find him leaning against the wall, hands on his hips, legs crossed uncomfortably, eyes almost as wide as his panicked smile. Seokjin clears his throat, “H-how was your day?”

With how nervous he is, one might think he’d been doing something naughty, but you know better and really, it’s kind of cute.

“Long,” you groan, kicking off your shoes as you flop on the bed with a contented sigh, “Why are customers so mean? There was this one lady who wanted to find a powdered curry mix and I kept telling her we DON’T SELL IT, but then she started yelling at me- ugh. Never mind. How was your day?”

“Aish, these people,” his laugh is breathier than normal, but he seems to relax, coming to sit with you on the bed, continuing, “Well, today we had to practice the choreography for a performance on this special stage. Apparently, it’s going to have a trampoline and Jungkook-ah would NOT stop throwing Jimin…”

Seokjin’s voice fades a bit as you stare at him, a smile pulling at your lips.

Okay, so you can MAYBE see why he stares at himself all the time. It’s overstated, the fact that he’s handsome, but it’s not like it’s WRONG. You’ve always admired him and yes, it’s cliched, but it’s hard to understand exactly WHY you were fortunate enough to end up as his girlfriend.

It’s not so much of a self esteem problem as most people think it would be, but considering the conditions under which the two of you met, it’s a miracle he decided to give you even the time of day.

It had been raining most of the afternoon, almost closing time, and you were working at the same supermarket you still do today, restocking aisles, minding your own business when a complete stranger rammed you right in the hip with a cart…

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we played a prank on the new kid and told him our freezer was to cold and to take trash bags and scoop out cold air and release it outside so things wouldn’t get freezer burned and than we forgot about him and he was doing it for like an hour

The Icebox Incident

So my friend took me out to dinner the other night because I was having an anxiety freak out, and I asked her to help me choose between to prompts and one was nurse Lucy and then we got laughing about how Natsu would be in hospital because Gray locked him in an Icebox and he got freezer burns and then we couldn’t stop laughing. And then I saw an ice fridge at the grocery store and started laughing again.

So anyway, this is dedicated to her because I told her I’d write some drabble with it.

Someone draw Natsu locked in an icebox for me or I’ll have to resort to shitty photoshop :P

Disclaimer: you all know what I own, but it’s not Natsu or Lucy or Fairy Tail.




The Icebox Incident

“What the fuck, Pin-dick? Let me out of here!”

Natsu heard what sounded distinctly like cackling through the heavy, insulated door. He rattled the handle to the walk-in freezer again, but it wouldn’t budge. It was locked.

“Seriously, let me out! You know how much I hate the cold!”

“Well you shouldn’t have set fire to the table!” Came a muffled voice from the other side of the door. “Or turned the aircon heat up so high that the ice sculpture melted!”

“This is not appropriate retaliation!”

“When in your life have you ever understood ‘appropriate retaliation’?”

Natsu was about to answer but instead yelped as he suddenly felt a stinging sensation on his forearm.

“You’ve got to be kidding me; freezer burn?” Apparently he’d been resting his arm on exposed ice too long. Dropping a few choice swear words, he took a step away from the door. And promptly slipped on a puddle, slamming his head on the ground as he landed on his back.

“Natsu? Yo, Natsu? You’re not smart enough for tricks, answer me.”

Not hearing a response, the door clicked and then slowly opened, a slightly concerned face peeking inside. The face took in Natsu’s limp form on the ground.

“Oh, fuck. Mira! Natsu unconscious!”


The First Meet

“Lucy, you’ve got the new one in bed 4! Reception said… 'freezer burn and head injury’.”

“Got it, Levy! I can’t wait to hear this story!”

It had been a busy evening in the Emergency Department of Magnolia Hospital and Lucy was buzzing. She lived for these rushes and the people that she helped. Her best friend, and fellow nurse, Levy didn’t understand how it seemed to give her energy, but somehow, it did. Even better, this latest patient sounded like they’d have an interesting story. ED for freezer burn? What the hell had happened?

Lucy walked through the curtain to see a man her age sitting on the bed, distracted by the flame of a lighter. She nearly stopped. She saw all sorts coming through, including some really good looking guys, but this guy was eye-catchingly hot. Muscular (but not too much) and super toned, with an angular face and slightly slanted eyes. And pastel-pink hair. He was… exotic. It was nearly the only word she could use. It certainly didn’t help that dressed in dark cargos, a dark red T-shirt, and combat boots, and decorated with a leather wristband, single ear piercing and a couple of obvious scars, he gave off a major bad-boy vibe. She could even see the edges of a shoulder tattoo.

She sighed. The good-looking ones were always difficult, often dealing with hurt pride more than actual injuries and believing she would fawn over them. Wasn’t happening. She readied herself for tough mode and put on her polite nurse smile.

“Hi there! I’m Lucy, I’m your nurse today. How about you explain to me what the issue is?”

The man’s head shot up in surprise. Apparently he’d been quite caught up in watching the fire.

“And don’t set fire to my equipment, please. Lighter away.”

He quickly complied, stuffing the lighter into his pocket, but continued to look at her blankly for a second. She tried to prompt again.

“You presented with freezer burns and a head injury. Can you tell me how that happened?”

Suddenly he grinned and Lucy’s chest constricted. No, no, no. Bad Lucy! No being attracted to idiot bad-boys in ED! But his smile was just so huge and genuine and gorgeous. It wasn’t fair!

“Oh” He finally spoke, answering her question. “My friend locked me in an icebox.”

“An icebox?”

“Well, one of those walk-in freezer things. Stores the ice in there. So, icebox. Yeah. Locked me in. Then I fell over.”

Lucy couldn’t help herself. She burst out laughing. He was just explaining it so cheerily and… blasé. Plus it was a ridiculous situation. She quickly gathered herself; laughing wasn’t very professional for a nurse. The guy had raised an eyebrow at her, looking amused.

“Okay…” She looked down at her clipboard. “Natsu, is it? Let’s have a look at these injuries so we can see what needs a doctor’s attention.”

Lucy walked over to him. “Head injury first. Where is it?”

He grunted. “Back of head. I’m sure I’m fine. Mira just freaked out and insisted I get looked at.”

She continued the small talk while she tried to separate his unique hair from the wound.

“Oh, who’s Mira? A girlfriend?”

A snort.

“Don’t move your head. There’s actually a lot of blood here. I need to clean it.”

He stilled.

“Nah, Mira’s the bartender. She’s like an older sister. Always fussing. And meddling.”

“Did you lose consciousness from this?”

“Mm. Only for, like, 30 seconds or something.”

Natsu started fidgeting again only to have his hair yanked in return.

“I told you to stop moving. Alright. That’s clean. You may need a head scan. We’ll come back to it. It’s too shallow to need stitches though. On to the freezer burns!”

She lightly touched one of the marks and heard a sharp intake of breath as he winced.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does it hurt?”

“S'fine. Doesn’t hurt.”

Thwack. She’d given him a hard whack to his chest with her clipboard.

“It does hurt. Don’t lie to your nurse.”

“Oh, come on, let me keep my pride!”

“Pride doesn’t exist in ED because it gets people killed.”

“…6.” He mumbled before wisely shutting up.

He kept quiet while she continued to tend to his wounds, quickly cleaning, treating and dressing each one. She caught him watching her a couple of times, but she was used to odd looks and it didn’t phase her.

“There. All done! So, the burns will heal easily; there’s no lasting damage there, and there’ll probably be no new scars.”

He chuckled at this. “Damn.”

She smiled in response. “But I will send the doctor in to have check that head injury. I probably won’t be back myself, but another nurse will help dress it later on, okay? Nice to meet you, Natsu!”

“Ah, wait!”

Lucy froze as she went to leave the booth and turned back to face Natsu with puzzlement. He sat crosslegged on the bed, not looking at her, with one hand scratching the back of his head. Overall, he looked rather embarrassed that he’d called out to her. It was adorable and didn’t match his image at all.

“Did you have a question?” She asked gently. If he had a medical question and didn’t ask because of shame, it could go very wrong; she’d seen it.

It wasn’t a medical question.

“Um, look, I know I’m probably not your type, but you seem really nice and smart and cool and cute…” He trailed off, mumbling the last part nearly under his breath. Lucy got the feeling he didn’t do this often. Somehow that made it even more endearing.

She giggled softly before standing up straight and putting her free hand on her hip to regard him.

“How about you give me your number and I’ll think about it?”

He beamed. Lucy decided she liked making that happen.


There will be at least 1 more chapter. I’ve decided I’m using this as a base to practice some other bits like smut.

It’s just drabble so it’s not that good, but I hope it’s at least amusing.