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Oh, you think it’s that easy, do you? You listen to me, you shameless fonduemongers: There’s a reason no fondue pot on Earth has been used since 1988. Fondue is a complete pain in the ass. I have three small children. You really think it’s a good idea for me to hand them very sharp forks and then put a fucking CAULDRON of boiling hot cheese on the table, within their reach? Are you fucking insane? I still have scars on my arm from The Great Beef Fondue Incident Of ’85 at my parents’ house.

And why the hell can’t I get this pot in tartan? Get your shit together.


okay so the format got all messed up but here it is! i wrote this in two days at writing camp so it’s a bit rough around the edges but a lot of people said they wanted to read it! it’s eight pages so it’s under the cut.

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(So glad you like it! :D -Remy)

“Bucky?” Twin voices spoke up at nearly the same time, both disbelieving, one more anguished than the other. 

“Who the hell is Bucky?” 

As Sam kicked Bucky out of the way both Steves felt their hearts lurch.

Tiny Steve froze where he was helping Natasha up, most of the civilians that he’d directed away from the fight had gone and watched helplessly as Natasha fired at Bucky. The figure of his longtime friend disappeared and suddenly the four of them were hemmed in by cars with wailing sirens.  

As Steve fell to his knees, someone roughly took the smaller version of the hero’s arm and shoved him onto the sidewalk. “Get out of here kid.” The voice snarled and turned, training his gun back on Captain America. 

Creeping towards the cars, Steve saw a woman in riot gear take her helmet off. “Over here.” She hissed, and helped him into one of the large black vans, hiding him in a stowaway compartment under her seat. It was cramped and hot, but he was alive. “What’s going–” 

“No time to explain.” She said. “I’m Maria, I’m a friend of theirs.” She jerked her head towards Natasha and other Steve, pulling her helmet back on. “I’ll explain what I can later, just stay quiet. If you’re here we’re in a hell of a SNAFU.” She muttered, turning back to the crowd as Steve shut the compartment of the seat, hardly daring to breathe. 

What had he gotten himself into?

kids? here’s my advise: don’t order a buffalo chicken pizza with extra blue cheese dipping sauce and then take a xanax and smoke a lot of weed cause you’ll have a slightly unfun time on the toilet

…so, uh, about that post about how the idea of being called out and potentially doxxed over who-knows-what makes me feel so nervous and sick… it didn’t happen to me. But I just learned today that it happened to my brother.

He has a YouTube account. I never went on it - he doesn’t mind me knowing his Internet name and what sites he uses, but I avoid them due to a sense of “don’t do what I wouldn’t want him to” - but he’s showed me some of the videos he’s done, and it seemed to basically be a shitpost account. Nothing to raise a fuss about. Just stuff like “The Nutshack theme but every time they say “Nutshack”, Toxic by Britney Spears plays.” (Not a literal example, but that’s the level of fine art we’re working with here.) Kids having fun with their memes. Let him live.

Apparently some people from his school found the account, knew it was his, and started commenting on all of his videos with his full name and school. He shut it down quickly, started a new account, and will now require comments to be authorized before they’re posted, but still. People are fucking idiots. Guess nothing has consequences when you’re 15. Fucking little brats…

I’m glad he got it taken care of, but… it drives home the possibility of such nonsense to me, and it does not feel nice. Not at all.

Careful with your privacy, all right, loves? Some real assholes exist out there.

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A storm was going outside of the cave making him worried it was possible that it could last a day or two, he usually was okay with walking in a storm but this was a thunderstorm. He noticed someone running in the storm making him worried.
“Hey kid over here!”
He shouts and waves at the person as he tries to get their attention since it was pretty dangerous at the moment

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There's this on rule of a thumb in magi fandom and it's that anything the Kou siblings do is wrong and that they are the ultimate evil and anything shit thay happens to them is their own fault because flawed characters can't be good expect Sinbad when he does something shitty but you see Sinbad isn't evil like any of the Kou siblings I hope this helps understanding magi fandom a bit better :)

It is a rule we must all live our lives by, knowing that if we favor characters from the Kou Empire that we support the ideals of the nation as well as slavery. I’m not kidding here, @niiyama-nicoz was accused of supporting slavery for stating she liked the Kou Empire. We must all follow Sinbad to death, like our favorite characters presumably will be in the upcoming chapters.

i straight up have no patience when dealing with people anymore like the only problem-solving solution ive been able to come up with lately is “what if i just traveled to their very own home & backhanded them & that’d be it because they know they deserve it” like haley come on im sure that’s appropriate in SOME situations but just work with me here kid

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"Oh! Another human! Hello!" Fukase smiled cheerfully, waving at the other. He'd been walking for awhile now and suddenly found this kid here. Where were his parents?? "Umm... Where are your parents? Shouldn't they be with you out here?"

“My parents? I don’t really have… I uh… I live with my Great Uncle. What do you mean fellow human? I mean I’m I-… Hi, I’m Bipper…?”


well, I,


that spider-man/deadpool comic though