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If youre still running the character creation meme, E9?

i love making gross fashion disasters .. she looks like she uses XD excessively 

send in a letter+number or letter+letter / number+number and i’ll design an oc around the combined palettes! (or inspired by it!)

  • Rabastan:Umm, now what I’m gonna say to you, I’m not saying as your friend. Okay? I’m saying as it as Rodolphus’ brother.
  • Bellatrix:But you’re still my friend?
  • Rabastan:Not for the next few minutes.
  • Bellatrix:During this time… are you… are you still my best man?
  • Rabastan:No.
  • Bellatrix:Do I still call you Rabastan?
  • Rabastan:Okay! You guys are getting married tomorrow and- and I couldn’t be more thrilled for both of you, but as Roddy’s brother I- I have to tell you this. If you ever hurt my brother, if you ever cause him any unhappiness of any kind, I will hunt you down, and kick your ass!
  • Bellatrix:[laughs]
  • Rabastan:What? I’m- I’m- I’m serious!
  • Bellatrix:[laughs harder.]
  • Rabastan:Come- Hey! Dude! Stop it! Okay? I’m- I’m not kidding here!
  • Bellatrix:Hey, I hear what you’re saying, okay? And thanks for the warning.
  • Rabastan:No problem.
  • Bellatrix:So, we’re… friends again?
  • Rabastan:Yeah.
  • Bellatrix:Okay. [pauses] You won’t believe what Roddy’s brother just said to me!

mah boy
I can’t stop drawing him help

So, I was wondering how would Juzo look like as a kid????
I’m not very creative and I suck at drawing kids but oK

here are some headcanons that I have, I guess-
I had some about Juzo getting his shsl bc of Munakata but then I remembered that they met only in high school oh well.

-Juzo started practising boxing at a young age, because his family (or he thought it about himself) that he wasn’t macho men enough bc gay;
-He kinda liked long hair, but since he was kind of a wimpy kid at the start, he was made fun of, and that’s why he, to this day, has that short haired hairstyle that’s weird tbh but i love it anyway;
-He spent way too much time practising and wanting to be the best™, so he never got to much time to his friends/classmates or even school work;
-He was a lazy student, he didn’t care much about homework and stuff;
- He would get in fights constantly;
-He didn’t got many friends until he met Kyosuke and Chisa;
-He was so obesessed in becoming the best boxer that, at some part of his life, he couldn’t distinguish anymore his talent from his personality and himself as a person, like, he believed that if he didn’t had his talent, he got nothing else. (And Munakata and Chisa helped him believe the opposite~)

i’m not too good with these

And what business is it of yours if I am only a girl? Aravis Tarkheena.

Bijou here is a spirit who has long since passed

her breath chilling and body slowly decomposing she spends the rest of her days sealing souls and magic into special gems she makes and sells them off to any who is interested normally they are sent off to the undead who feast off of them like herself but as long as you can pay her off she doesnt mind making a few sales to any curious scientist either

squishes in hello im shoppin lore kids again

hmu here or on flight rising dot com™

looking specifically for imps, skydancers, male coatls, and pearlcatchers, tho feel free to show me anything. feel free to tag me in sales posts, I’ll reblobble them to boost you even if I don’t buy anything

Coach glanced down at his clipboard. “All right,” he said. “Girls on this side, boys on this side. Kids who don’t i-d as either over here. Kids who are going to opt out of participating in protest of me dividing you by gender over here next to me.”

There was some minor but loud chaos as the kids made their way over to their designated areas. Coach looked down at the kid moving to stand beside him and sighed.

“Reggie. Again?”

“Gender is an outdated human construct and discrimination based on either sex or gender identity even moreso. I won’t be part of it.”

“We’ve been over this. It’s the quickest and easiest way to group you guys for track-and-field day. It’s not like I’m pitting one against the other- we just don’t have the space to put everyone in the same place at once.”

Reggie merely folded his arms and stared straight ahead. Coach pinched the bridge of his nose and counted to ten.

“Okay,” he said finally. “Protest laps it is, then.”

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Hi love. I love your blog!! I'm a new sports anime scenario and matchup blog and I was wondering if I could get a shoutout? Requests are open <3 thank you!!

Hello there and thank you so much~! And welcome to sports anime, or what I like to call… “The Mad House of Dreams.” Nah just kidding. 

Here’s me literally giving you a shout out (but instead of Kise holding the magazine, pretend it’s me showing everyone to check out your blog and to support you LOL). Good luck to you and always have fun!! :D

(Gif’s not mine. Just found it on Google. Credit goes to original owner.)


► ¿ ◄  It was different seeing all the people from Hoshido in the same area as those from Nohr, but it was something Siegbert started to enjoy slowly. So many different fighting styles and tactics for him to learn from everyone here, the kids we rather nice to chat with too after arriving and proving themselves like he did inside of their Deeprealms. While walking with his horse through the Astral Plane a sound caught the young man’s attention, following it to the training grounds curiously Siegbert was met with the sight of a Hoshido prince most likely bow training. Something the prince had never seen used before since all of his training used swords and arrows merely hurt him from a distance, with a slow paced stride he came to stand far enough away to stay out of the others way but close enough to speak. 

❛You’re Prince Takumi, right?❜



Interviewer: “So what’s the relationship between Lance and Keith?”

the signs as things my brother has said
  • aries:i'll choose moose because i sexually identify as one
  • taurus:RUN THOSE KIDS OVER. NATURAL SELECTION. but don't hurt the dog.
  • cancer:if my future kid's ever an emo, i'll slap them
  • gemini:no i won't shave...i prefer being an untamed lawn
  • virgo:*smacks me in the face* itachi forehead touch
  • libra:this offends my veganism
  • scorpio:i can't call you a hoe??? fine you fucking shovel
  • sagittarius:it's gucci my dude
  • capricorn:i like cheesecake, maple syrup, and strippers
  • aquarius:*looks at the night sky* i'm so glad i paused dragon ball z for this
  • pisces:who cares about the sea life. i care about the tree life. Recycle.

I didn’t completely dislike this last chapter (it was pretty light hearted and peaceful) but there are so many things I wanted answered, so I’m just rooting for another databook to explain some of the things left pending. Like whether some of my favs are dead or alive :’)

STILL, is Ichigo and Orihime’s kid cute or what. I’ve been doing some babysitting lately, which is pretty much making sure kids don’t get run over or hurt while they’re playing Pokemon Go, so this image kinda stuck in my head. Also really wanted to try to draw Ichigo’s new haircut.


i haven’t even seen the fucking movie yet.

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