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Snow Storm: Part 1

Summary: The reader owns a bar and is preparing herself for a week long blizzard that is going to leave her alone for the next 5 days but an unexpected patron changes that.

Pairings: (Eventual) John x Reader, 7 year old Dean & 3 year old Sam

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 4,573


You sat on the floor in your completely empty dive bar, bouncing a tennis ball off the front door as you listened to the howling winds whipping around the building. You could see the snow flying outside the foggy windows signaling the start of the freak early winter week-long blizzard that meant you were going to be dead and alone until the roads were cleared. Since it was a small town and your bar was on the outskirts of the city it would be a day or two longer to get a plow out to your end of town. You huffed, shaking your head as you focused solely on the steady rhythm of the tennis ball.

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48 for platonic touches.

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48. Doing mine’s hair

“How’s it look?”

Astrid could barely keep still, wiggling a little in excitement. It seemed childish, yes, but she hadn’t had anybody do her hair since she was a little kid. Her hair was just the right length for a nice braid, and she couldn’t help but just be giddy about Kakyoin offering to do her hair for her next show.

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Shirtless, Senior year, ok-about-his-scars, bandanna-wearing Captain Neil.
Here we see the results of Neil having possibly channeled all his nervous energy- re:Andrew being away- into gym time and runs.

Idk I drew this at work. Stealthily. So my coworkers can’t guess how gay I am.

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