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I think part of the reason parents care less about children's shows as opposed to other children orientated things, is because television isn't technically a necessity for life? Like, obviously you have to give kids a good booster seat so they wouldn't get hurt in the car, and you want your kids to have a good education, but you don't really have to show them television at all, it's just a supplement. I dunno, it's just my guess and I could be wrong. What do you think?

Absolutely correct - but it’s a common commodity for most families. In our societies, even if you tried your hardest to keep kids away from TV, it won’t happen. Somehow, some way, they’ll see it and they’ll be glued - so I don’t think there’s any harm in teaching them to be critical and think about what they’re actually watching!

Also, I think a lot of parents in our societies really just don’t care - not that they don’t see it as absolutely essential. People can leave their kids babysat by TV and YouTube for hours while they do other things, and they just trust that because something is popular (i.e. PEPPA PIG) then they assume it’s all good and not impressionable or anything. That’s fine, people do what they can, but I think it’s sad how most of those kinds of shows for younger kids are complete trash - especially when they’re based off of older shows that are objectively miles better in effort and quality.

Amity Park’s kids having the most disturbingly dulled sense of danger tho

like someone climbs onto the school roof to get a football and the teacher’s freak out and they’re like, bruh chill I’ve climbed shit taller than this to get out of range from a ghost fight, someone burns their hand on a bunsen burner in science class and the teacher is freaking out and rushing them to the sink to run it under water and the student’s just like, tbh it’s not that bad I got skimmed by an ectoblast once that was way worse

kids standing there filming ghost fights and laughing when they almost get hit by a fucKING CAR, little kids never fearing the monster under their bed or in their closet because all the monsters are more likely to be found on the streets

the number of reckless teenagers becoming adrenalin junkies skyrockets, daily life has become so full of casual danger that they start to miss it when the ghosts take a day off, teenagers unknowingly getting addicted to the thrill the ghost fights bring to their lives

a store gets held up at gunpoint and the young jaded employee is just like, I literally ran a gigantic ghost wolf out of here with a broom last week I really don’t give a shit, horror movie and video game jump scares don’t do shit for these kids, girls walk around town in the middle of the night hardly fearing their safety because if they can successfully run away from a huge ghost tiger they can run away from some back alley creep

kids barely glance either way when crossing the roads because they’re so used to noticing things from the corner of their eyes, games of ‘truth or dare’ become games of 'dare or gtfo’

just kids who’ve grown up in this town knowing all the nurses at Amity hospital by name because if they’re not in there from a ghost fight it’s because they tried to ride their skateboard off a roof into a pool because 'a ghost dropped me from three storeys high into a lake once and it was awesome’

Ever mess with the wrong guy?

Friend told me about a guy he knew named “Ben” and how he met out some crazy revenge:

Ben was driving himself down Johnson Rd. Now Johnson Road was one of those uncommon roads in suburbia that was kind of narrow. As he was driving, there were these three teenagers, 16, 17 and 19, walking shoulder to shoulder along the road with their backs to him. Not trying to hit them, Ben moved to the far left side to avoid them and give them enough safe space.

Turns out it was a ruse by those three kids to get cars to pass along them just like that. When he passed by them, they took out baseball bats they were hiding and started smashing his car as he passed. Took out his side mirror and minor damage.

Ben wasn’t too happy so he pulled over and got out of his car to address this, not too smart since it’s already 3 to 1 but you’ll understand in a minute. The three kids see him and realize their advantage and start charging at him, bats raised.

Now here’s where it gets good.

Ben pulls out a gun and tells them all to freeze. Turns out, Ben’s a retired Marine with a concealed weapons permit. The three kids freak out and stop dead in their tracks, arms raised. Ben directs them to get on their knees, lay facedown, and keep their arms and legs spread-out. Now this was back in 2000 when cell phones weren’t as common, but Ben happened to have one. He called the cops on the kids right then and there. He said, “My name is Ben, I’m on Johnson Road and three teenagers just attacked my car and threated to attack me. I am carrying a gun with a permit and have them on the ground and subdued, I need an officer to come by here as I am pressing charges and I want them arrested. When the officer arrives, I am the one with the gun and I will follow his instructions.”

The kids start begging for him to let them go, cursing each other, and probably giving sob stories but Ben’s not listening. The cop arrives, orders Ben to put down his gun, which he does, and then it gets better!

Turns out the cop is a retired Marine too! He hears Ben’s statement, sees the evidence, and then they have this exchange:

Cop: “So they came right at you?” Ben: “Yes.” Cop: “And you didn’t shoot them?” Ben: “No, they listened to my commands so I didn’t see the need.” Cop: “That what they’re teaching now?”

The cop then looks at the three kids and says, “You’re lucky you got him and not me, I’d have shot all three of you, coming at me with bats. If this guy would have shot all three of you dead, told me what happened, I’d send him on his way.” So the three kids get arrested and the cop tells the two youngest that they’re probably going to screw up their lives if they keep this up. He tells the 19 year old that he’s over 18 and an adult so it’s too late for him, he’s going to jail for this.

Then it gets better.

They all end up in court and, as it turns out, the judge’s son is currently in the Marines. He tells the other two that they’re going to be tried as adults too and eventually all three go to jail for the maximum sentence our state allows for this crime!

so in france, before any movie at the cinema, they show some ads and trailers and there’s this one where kids are wasted and about to get in the car and you see black widow tell steve “they’re about to drive” and steve appears out of nowhere and the guy gives him his keys and i just gotta say if i have to get drunk to have captain america fall from the sky to rescue me then i’ll have a tequila please

This is all I ask for
  • Me: *sleeping soundly on Monday morning*
  • Me: *shuts alarm off and groans*
  • I would rather lose a limb than go today,maybe even rip out all my hair *whimpers* kill me
  • *door bursts open*
  • Sam: For a life of adventure where you don't need school
  • Cas: All you need is us!
  • Me:
  • Me: Don't gotta tell me twice *grabs bag of clothes and hops in and drives off never to be seen again*

In the freshman physics class they have to make rockets out of two liter bottles and shoot them off and have them deploy a parachute. Apparently this one boy couldn’t get the parachute to deploy during a practice run and he turned to the teacher and said “if I can get a falcon to catch my rocket mid flight will you give me an A?”. My chemistry teacher (who teaches this class) turned and said “I’ll give you an A in the class AND my car”. So this kid gets out his phone in the middle of class AND CALLS A FUCKING FALCON TRAINER AND NEGOTIATES PRICES TO GET THIS FALCON LADY TO BRING HER BIRD AND CATCH THE ROCKET. My chemistry teacher is getting freaked out and I asked “what will you do if this actually happens” and he’s like “we’ll I guess I’ll give him my car”. THIS MAN JUST DUG HIS OWN GRAVE AND I CANT STOP LAUGHING

to everyone who does not have a dad around these holidays, or does not have a dad that theyre comfortable being around: I’m your dad now get in the car kids we’re going christmas light spotting

know what i miss? gravity falls