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Rogue One Kids Headcanons

-It’s not that she doesn’t want kids, but the thought of it terrifies her

-She would love them more than anything which is actually what scares her

-losing her kids would be reliving losing her family again

-basically a worry mom

-She wouldn’t let her kids leave the house without a hug, just in case

-She doesn’t know it, but she’s just like Lyra as a mom


-always wanted to be a dad

-he didn’t grow up with his family in the alliance, and he wants the alliance to be the family his kids know

- Shows off for his kids

-he just loves being captain dad

- When he sees them he’s so happy because he never thought he’d get the opportunity for kids


- Doesn’t only want kids, wants tons of kids

-he’d want to adopt them too, a family of many cultures and species

-He would teach them all the secrets he knows about the world. His kids would probably be geniuses

-More than anything, he’d want them to be open-minded


-Kids scare him too, but for a different reason than Jyn

-he’s a quiet guy, and when he does speak it’s usually loads of sarcasm. He’s afraid his kids will take it the wrong way and won’t like him

-He’s a very much a “teach by doing” dad, so he throws his kids into situations so they can figure it out

-of course he can always get them out of it

-his kids are all tough, but they have much softer personalities than him. He’s proud of that


-Excited and Scared to have kids. He really can’t decide

-Thinks of all his brothers and sisters when he sees his kids. Good memories.

-Thinks kids are so funny. It’s interesting to learn how they see the world

- Gets so into playing with them. The ultimate role player honestly

-is a kid when he’s with his kids


-he’s proud not only of his kids, but that he has kids

-a very traditional dad

-teaches his kids to be refined and confident

-sees kids as an opportunity

we got through all the angsty passive-aggressive fighting




AND JIYA BEING ALL CUTE AND WORRIED AND ALSO A GENIUS. did you see her super adorbs and relieved hello to rufus?????






this episode more than makes up for all the angsty happenings from last week, praise be. 


This month’s theme was “Watercolors, Pastels, and Early Spring Blooms”, which sounds a little fancy for kids, but it looked fun!

Coincidentally, my kids aren’t artistic geniuses (yet). Those flowers were all pre-rendered - they just used the chalk to activate the colors that were already in the paper. Doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity, but guarantees a pretty result! The girls had plenty of fun regardless.

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Can i ask for sweet talking hcs for the strawhats and sabo

+ Kid and Shanks because of this ask

Sure thing! :D


  • *completely out of the blue* “(Name), you look pretty.
  • Do you want a bite of my steak? You can get it!
  • *pointing to his cheek.” “Give me a smooch, (Name)-chan.
  • Shishishi, I like it when we cuddle.”


  • *blushing and looking away.* “Stop being so cute, you idiot.”
  • I say it rarely, but I’m happy you’re with me.”
  • *grumpily moving behind you to be the big spoon* “I cannot sleep when you’re having nightmares.
  • I didn’t think that there was something as important as my goal, until you came.”


  • I would not give you away for any amount of money in the world
  • *massaging their shoulders* “Does that feel good for honey?
  • Wow, somebody looks stunning today.”
  • “Kissing their wrist* “Thank you for being here, baby.”


  • *awkwardly rubbing the back of his head* “I can’t believe, you’re with a loser like me.”
  • The best thing that comes out of my actions is you being happy.
  • *shyly kissing your cheeks* “You’re so pretty, (Name)
  • Hey (Name), I have a new story, it’s about you and me your prince in shining armor.


  • I love you so, so much, my heart hurts.”
  • You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.”
  • *giving you a rose* “It’s still not as pretty as you, but be sure it was the prettiest I’ve come across.”


  • (Name)-chan, don’t worry, I will protect you!
  • *tackle hugging them while crying* “I missed you so much!
  • Wow, you’re so pretty!
  • *doing his awkward danceStop complimenting me!


  • *touching you’re cheek and smiling warmly* “
  • I won’t let anybody lay a hand on you.”
  • *reading something to you, while your head rests on her lap* “Would you like to cuddle instead?
  • It takes long for me to trust, but I trust you so much (Name).”


  • You’re almost as suuuuuper as me..fine even more!.”
  • *while transforming* “(Name)! You have to get on with me!”
  • WOW, is that my attractive s/o?
  • *putting an arm around them* “Let’s show them what a powercouple looks like.”


  • Yohoho, whenever I’m with you I can forget what happened to my old crew.”
  • *playing the violin* “(Name) it will be even better if you sing along with me!
  • (Name)-san, my love, thank you so much for being there for me.”
  • *picking you up bridal style* “I hate seeing you upset, so let’s dance!


  • As rarely as I say it, I’m very glad you and I are together.”
  • *blushing* “I don’t talk that often about you, don’t look at me like that.
  • *putting both his hands on your shoulders* “I will protect you and I will defend you, as much as I can, because I love you.”
  • You always seem to know, when I need your near.”


  • HEY I have the prettiest s/o around!
  • *nibbling your arm* “I heart you a lot.”
  • *surprise smooching you* “Your my favorite thing in the world.


  • “I guess you ain’t that shitty.”
  • *putting an arm around you* “shut up and enjoy.”
  • “Fuck, I have got to be the luckiest bastard on the planet.”
  • *Kissing your cheek from behind* “Looking, gorgeous today.”


  • *touching his scar* “You always make me forget about that
  • You’re perfect, little dove.”
  • *kissing your knuckles* “I’m so mad, I cannot spend more time with you, (Name).”
  • I will always protect you, no matter what, always.”


  • What’s with that face, (Name), you’re way to pretty too pout.
  • *kissing your cheek* “I love you, I hope you realize that.”
  • I think you somehow look even cuter when you blush
  • *running his hand through your hair* “One of the lucky things that happened to me, is you.”
Promises//Spencer Reid x Reader

#54 & #59 from this list 

Prompt: “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you.  That’s the problem.” & “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.”

Requested by: Anonymous

“You can’t keep doing this.”

You watched as Spencer looked at you with scrutiny as he attempted to read your body language. You sat back in your chair, your body slightly slumped the way it usually was whenever you were either tired or in comfort, your eyes looking out of the small coffee shop with mild interest in the people who passed by. Nothing to show that you were distraught or even mildly upset.

“You can’t keep breaking up with me and then intentionally running into me at places you know I’ll be,” you continued as you gave him a knowing look. He held your gaze as your eyes dared him to say it wasn’t true.

“And you certainly can’t keep asking for me when you know damn well you’ll leave again,” you said with a sincere laugh.

“You hate me,” Spencer concluded. Your lack of resentment in your voice and at his actions only convinced him that you had finally come to terms with his constant leaving. He had grown so accustomed to your emotions portraying themselves so plainly on your face that this newfound calmness unsettled him. The only explanation he could think of was the one that pointed towards you finally getting over him.

“I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.” You said with a small amused grin, causing his eyebrows to knit together in confusion.

“I still love you. If you don’t think my heart still skips a beat when you walk in here, you’re wrong,” you confessed. “But I’ve learned to hide that. It’s a useful thing to learn when dating a profiler. Gives one a sense of privacy.”

You chuckled as Spencer opened and closed his mouth, not knowing what to say. After two years of a constant on and off relationship due to his fear of you getting hurt, of getting caught in the crossfire just as many of his team’s spouses had, he was faced with a choice.

Except this time was different. You didn’t seem to be eager to run back into his arms as you had always been. No, you had turned the tables on him, and for the first time that morning Spencer realized that it wasn’t his choice at all. It was yours.

“Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.”

You raised an eyebrow at his vow, having never heard him promise such a thing. Spencer was always a man of his word and because of that he had never promised you much before. He never raised expectations, never said things he didn’t mean. He was a man of truth, and the thought of him staying was enough to spark a small sense of hope in you.

“It’s not okay to make promises you won’t keep, Spence,” you replied with a small smile as you tested him. “If you would have asked me before, hell, if you would have asked me last week I would have said yes. But I’ve come to accept that your job is your priority babe. Nothing wrong with that.”

You patted his hand softly as he frowned.

“It’s not my priority,” he argued as he recalled the countless nights he went to sleep alone wishing for nothing more than to have you beside him. He always convinced himself that he had made the right choice in leaving you. That he was protecting you that way. But that conviction would melt away by the morning and he would always seek you out. It was a vicious cycle that had lasted for much too long.

“I want things, Spence. I want to get married, buy a house with a white picket fence, have children,” you said with a small smile. Spencer momentarily pictured his life- waking up next to you every morning, chasing after twins that had the exact same dimples he did and kissing you every day before heading off to work. It was an idea he welcomed whole-heartedly.

“I can do that,” Spencer replied eagerly. “I’m ready, Y/N.”

It was your turn to stare at him now. He was seated upright, his shoulders back in a way that let you know he was restraining himself from leaning in closer to you. His eyes were fixed on your face as he attempted to understand what was going through your mind at the moment- how you would respond to his words. A mix of worry and excitement swirled in his hazel eyes that caused your stomach to fill with butterflies at the idea of him finally settling down.

“Stay,” you replied with a firm nod. He let out a breath of relief he hadn’t realized he had been holding as a broad smile took ownership of his features.

“I promise I won’t leave. I’m going to marry you. We’ll have your dream house that you’ve always wanted and a bunch of miniature Spencers and Y/N’s running around. It’s what I want.”

Spencer’s excitement as he depicted what your life would be like was enough to bring you out of your cool exterior and he found himself grinning as you leaned in closer, eager to hear what dreams he had. His hands instinctively reached for yours.

“And we’ll spend the nights around a fireplace and I’ll read them Hemingway until they get bored and beg for you to tell them bedtime stories about dragons and princesses instead,” he continued.

You listened intently, clutching his hand tightly as he rambled on about how the kids would be geniuses like himself but if they weren’t that would be okay because he would love them all the same. And how you would get a dog and name it Edgar after Edgar Allan Poe but he would be a sweet one who would watch over the children as they played. And then he spoke of how he would make love to you every night after you had tucked the kids into bed and it was time for the parents to enjoy themselves. Your eyes widened and he laughed at your reaction, admitting that he wouldn’t ever want to keep his hands off of you now that he had you back. That he would never let go again.

And you believed him.

NCT OTPs' Kids
  • Hansol and Yuta: you would recognize their kid because he/she is the ultimate weeb. the kid grew up watching anime. Yusol prolly made their kid watch anime ever since their he/she was born. their kid knows anime by heart. their kid is also athletic. can dance well, too. also the type to argue about social and economic issues
  • Johnny and Ten: their kids would be memes (ofc). they would be the class clown. would sometimes crack dad jokes, but their classmates would find it funny. they're the type to say "swag". talented af. can do almost everything since their parents exposed them to different fields since they were young. would wear "super broccoli" and "super corn" shirts. would befriend everybody in school
  • Taeyong and Jaehyun: they would drive their kids to school and fetch them too. other children would envy their kids because their parents look good af. their kids' clothes would smell like downy. their home would be spotless and would smell like febreze. their children would never know the taste of bad food
  • Kun and Winwin: their kids are savage af. no, not the typical savage who are annoying and always blabbering, but they're the type of savage who are keeping it low-profile. they look really adorable, yet little people know that they have reciepts on almost everyone they know. they're the type of kids who are psychologically geniuses

My Hero Academia Week, Day 6: Team → Deku, Shouto, and Ingenium vs. Hero Killer Stain


I’ll explain it again for the newbies - I have no objections to doing so - Pony (Pyro x Tony) is my OTP. If you don’t know why, go read Winter’s Flame by @imagine-that-marvel and then get back to me. Okay? Okay. So this is anticipated by @sxnali, @meganlpie, @all-nerds-here, @animefreak808@vastudent3, and @doctor13th, and I hope you all enjoy it.


*gasp* that new Stolen fic tho *sheds one tear*


Stolen (Part 10)

Part 9

Yet more weeks passed in the tower and contrary to what you might have hoped for, the levels of tension within the tower were ever as high. Despite this, however, Loki continued to make good on his word. In silent submission he followed Stark’s instructions and gradually helped to complete construction on the bottom floors. Windows were fitted, debris cleared, and foundations replaced. It was finally beginning to look like the tower again (according to Tony).

“A little higher…” Stark directed and you pushed the beam to the edge of your fingertips. “(Y/n), higher.”
“Fuck you Stark. I’m a short-ass in comparison to Captain Steroids over there.” You said, raising yourself up onto the balls of your feet, though it made little difference. Steve was on the other end of the beam, holding it at the right height with ease. It didn’t even budge as he chuckled at your joke. Show off.

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imagine 6-something-year-old Jack thinking “what the hell is up with spices anyway what’s the big deal” then proceeding to eat ground spices b/c kid geniuses make horrible mistakes sometimes

turns out he really likes ground cinnamon?? inevitable suffering aside, it has a really nice taste. so he continues to eat cinnamon like others will eat peanut butter like the tiny goddamn loon he is

his parents eventually put their feet down after the third time he gets sick from eating too much cinnamon and force him to stop. then he starts doing shit like chewing on ice and mixing multiple different ice cream flavors into one and they just sort of give up trying to control his dietary habits

anyway. to the main idea this shitshow of a post started with: 5-person Cinnamon Challenge Showdown feat. Chase, Wuya, Raimundo, Jack, and Clay. No Wu wagered, multiple rounds (whoever doesn’t bail has to eat more cinnamon), last person to bail out wins.

Rai’s the one to suggest it b/c he’s a lil shit he doesn’t feel like fighting but still wants to see the bad guys suffer. besides, he’s got Clay on his side. the guy’s got a cast-iron stomach; the cinnamon challenge ought to be a piece of cake for him. Clay just sighs and shakes his head because what in tarnation is wrong with you Rai

Chase knows what the cinnamon challenge is, having lived through its predecessors time and time again. Wuya kind of knows what it is, having inhabited the same living space as Jack for so long and having access to the Internet. Jack is just internally screaming.

So the Showdown commences, Omi pestering Kimiko for info in the background. Rai bails almost immediately (Omi boos him for poor effort). Wuya, who is actually crying at that point, gives up after the third round. Chase quits after the fourth; as juvenile a game it might be, neither of the immortals can deny its effectiveness. Clay nearly throws up during the fifth round, then again during the sixth round, prompting him to bail. Jack’s just left standing there suffering but hEY GOOD JOB JACK YOU GOT THE WU

and ofc everyone’s suspicious of Jack’s inhuman tolerance of cinnamon, until “Haha yeah I used to eat it by the jar when I was like 5, the hospital visits sucked though” what the actual fuck Jack

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Are you still taking headcanons prompts? How about FS + AU where they are geniuses kids the team saves from kidnapping (if you're up for kid!fic, of course)

HI ANON!!! I will definitely try!!

(But, you know, I am working on an AU where FitzSimmons are kids, Fitz gets kidnapped, and Jemma saves him with the team’s help? You might want to check it out!)

  • Kid!FitzSimmons grew up next door to each other, of course
  • They have bedroom windows that face each other and everything
  • Sometimes Fitz throws paper airplanes into her window with messages on them
  • (Even though they have a pulley system so they can pass things back and forth)
  • (Fitz just likes throwing airplanes in her general direction)
  • They’re both in this accelerated learning program for geniuses
  • Which their parents find very convenient
  • (They can carpool everywhere)
  • They love to sit in the back of the Fitz car or the Simmons van and dream up all kinds of crazy projects
  • And one of those projects just happens to be this crystalline nucleation process and delivery mechanism
  • (Which they are making for the express purpose of having snowball fights in the summer)
  • And this catches the attention of SHIELD
  • Phil Coulson and his team are sent to investigate
  • Ian Quinn, specifically
  • Fitz and Jemma find themselves in an abandoned warehouse-turned-lab 
  • Hydra wants them to turn this into a weather machine
  • And FitzSimmons are so scared, you guys
  • So scared
  • Fitz angry!cries and Jemma just cries
  • Jemma just curls into Fitz, and they cry together
  • They don’t want to be a part of this
  • They just want to go back home!
  • But then Quinn pulls Fitz out of Jemma’s arms and tells her she has to work, or he’ll get hurt
  • So she works
  • And when Quinn threatens Jemma, Fitz works
  • But they’re just kids, man
  • They are not handling it well
  • Quinn gets frustrated and starts looking into some other geniuses he can nab
  • Like Seth, Donnie, and Callie
  • FitzSimmons find out, and this causes them to rally
  • They are not letting those kids get taken like they were
  • They are getting out of here!!
  • Fitz finds some parts that he can put together into something he can use to send out a distress signal
  • Jemma covers for him while he works
  • (Spilling acid on an agent or three isn’t too bad, is it?)
  • What they don’t know is that SHIELD has been looking for them, and they’re getting close
  • Skye is so worried about these kids she can barely sleep
  • I don’t even need to tell you what May is going through
  • But she is going through a lot
  • Ward is Ward (more Ward than the rest of the team knows, actually)
  • And Phil is determined to get these kids home
  • So when Skye detects Fitz’s distress call?
  • They are ON IT
  • They don’t pull any punches, either
  • Walls are bashed in
  • Smoke bombs are thrown through bashed-in walls
  • And ladies and gentlemen: The Cavalry
  • May and Ward draw fire/get the bad guys out of the way while Skye and Coulson run in to save the kids
  • Skye finds them and is SO RELIEVED
  • They’re terrified of her at first, but she tells them she’s with SHIELD, and she’s going to take them home
  • “I TOLD you that SHIELD was real!”
  • “Shut up!”
  • Coulson manages to grab most of their research and take it with them
  • And they win! The kids are safe!
  • It’s not until Fitz and Simmons find themselves on the Bus that they really process what happened
  • Skye is THEIR HERO
  • But Fitz is a little sad, because he wanted to be the hero
  • Jemma tells him that they never would have found him if he didn’t send the distress call
  • (He’s the hero)
  • She kisses him on the cheek
  • (They are both struck by the odd wish that the kiss was NOT on the cheek)
  • (But they quickly ignore it)
  • (They can’t ignore it)
  • Their parents are beside themselves when the kids come home
  • Jemma gets scooped up by her parents while Fitz’s mum just sobs incoherently into his jumper
  • But they find themselves looking at each other
  • Coulson leaves his card and tell them he thinks the kids have a bright future
  • And at the start of the next school year, they get a great new teacher named of Miss Morse
  • (She smiles when she catches them holding hands under their desks)

sheslike-omg  asked:

Hello! I've been drawing my whole life, but I've never done digital art, I know nothing of it and feel like, one step behind bc of it. What would you recommend for a beginner? Thanks!


Originally posted by tinaillustration

Hi!! I’m really sorry this took me such a while to answer, but I really had to think the question through since I, myself, have been drawing since I was a little kid. But, on that note, I know several ones that consider themselves beginners and they, too, felt at loss.

Honestly, things aren’t as complicated as people might think. The first thing I suggest you to do is to save a collection of art that you find inspiring, perhaps even styles that you admire and want to be something like. Don’t immediately think you will draw like this though — even if you’re a natural and draw things perfectly, you, yourself as an artist, will probably not feel completely comfortable with it. Understand and accept that an artist always strives to be better, and yes, that includes those talented artists that you admire! I assure you that they too sit there and groan at least every now and then because their art isn’t going the way they want to. It’s part of being an artist, and all you need to do is to feel comfy  in that and see it as a challenge of sorts. So, as soon as you have accepted this, you’ll be ready to take action!

The first step I’d say is to study the art (or photos) that you collected. What is it that you like about them? What is a method the artist seems to be using? What makes it unique? How would you translate all this into your own style, using it as inspiration and not as outright copy? Think of it as ‘I really like this thing about this artist, but if I did it, it’d probably be this way instead.’ Remember, though, that the first years (and it will be many years, but they’re fun and educational, so don’t worry!) will all be a tryout for you. It’s all experimental, so don’t limit yourself too much. Think of how you’d like to try out things, and as you go, realize what you find fun to draw. It doesn’t really matter if you’ve been doing it since you’ve been little, it’s all about your mentality and when you’re ready to develop as you grow up. No one is a master at painting at the age of 5 (okay let’s admit it, all kids are little art geniuses, but you know what I mean).

Second is tracing. Before everyone gasp and say how horrible it is, I’ll tell you that it’s highly educational and it doesn’t mean that you’re some thieving copycat. You’re just trying out the ways of other artist and kind of getting a grasp of how they do things, it lets you become comfortable with your own brushstrokes as you follow theirs. Never post traced art without permission (unless it’s public, non-licenced art, such as classical illustrations, etc) and never trace with the goal to copy them. Think of tracing as a method of getting used to art and understanding drawing. Do this during the first period of your learning state, but you must learn to not keep doing it, and eventually I suggest you stop altogether (unless you’re really in a rut). One tip is to alter the traced pics to your liking, to add your own style and touch to it! Be experimental.

Third step is drawing by reference. You might be wondering, after tracing, how does one just stop? You use can still use said pictures as a guidance, but instead of tracing them, use them as a reference, meaning you simply look at them while you draw on your own. Remember that it’s okay to not have it look exactly like how it originally looks! Remember that it’s your art and it’s all about your path, in the end. Reference is something you never have to quit using, in fact, I highly recommend you use them, but use them with care. Simply learn the difference between copying and using inspiration.

This is a useful little guide on both tracing and using reference.

Fourth step is to study and learn tutorials and how to draw books. I’ve already made a list of useful anatomy books here (I highly recommend checking that out!) and my own tutorials can be found here

A few years ago, I wrote some tips for one person who asked for them, and I’ll quote:

  • Make a list of things you like; things that interest you, things you’re passionate about, things you like to draw. It could be anything, like “Silver, Mythology, Coffee” etc. Then, go on a follow spree. Search for these things and follow the blogs you find interesting. Then, make an inspiration blog; like I have my blog hoursleep that’s there only there for the purpose of inspiration.
  • Then, follow art blogs! How-to-draw blogs, art inspiration and whatnot. This is really nice since it helps you refreshen your artsy parts of your brain every now and then.
  • When you are bored, make sure to have a paper and pen with you; preferring in a small, travel-size. Doodle whatever - and if possible, draw the things or people around you, even if it’s all messy. You won’t regret doing these doodles. They’re good for you.
  • My final tip is NEVER THROW ANY DRAWINGS AWAY, NO MATTER HOW “UGLY”. Save every drawing you do!! Why? One day you’ll need to look back and see your improvement - or perhaps things you even liked about it! I like to look at my bad, ugly art and redraw them to something better. This is a great way to practice your skills, and nothing boosts your self-esteem more than seeing how you’ve become better with time. ♥

And that’s about it, honestly. Many feel too intimidated to be starting out with art, especially in later age, so all you need to do is to sit down and feel comfortable by letting other things teach you first. Starting out drawing without any clue how to start is much like trying to learn advanced maths without knowing the basics first. It’s okay to to depend on other sources first, it’s okay to feel frustrated over your art, it’s all okay, because you do have room to grow, always. Never feel like your lack of experience means that you have no hope. You always have, you just need to be determined!

Oh, and I realize now that these weren’t specific for digital art. So have some extras that are more specific for that subject!

I highly recommend getting a tablet. I know that not everyone can afford a Cintiq, but if you can, don’t hesitate to get one! (I really recommend getting Cintiq 13hd for first time users, such as myself). However, getting a normal tablet is perfectly fine as well. Wacom Bamboo is my absolute favorite, and do not buy from Trust. Once you get your tablet, don’t feel frustrated because it doesn’t look perfect, or even good. It’s completely normal, and you’ll need a few weeks at least to adjust. I remember getting my Cintiq and I worried that I had spent so much money on a thing that I couldn’t even draw on, but given time I grew used to it, and now I draw on it just fine, and I have no regrets. In fact, I’m so happy I got it, I truly am!

If you want a free program, I suggest getting GIMP. It got a lot of tools and yet isn’t too advanced for those just starting out. However, what I truly recommend is SAI for beginners. Sai is very simple but it has just about everything you need, and I myself used that for years, and I still do when I sketch sometimes. When you feel ready to advance, I fully recommend Manga Studio 5. It’s my favorite program for painting and it got amazing preset brushes that are simply perfect, in my opinion. Photoshop CS5 and higher is extremely good too, but while I don’t think it’s that good for painting (many may disagree, since I’ve seen many artist paint in this program), it’s completely wonderful for  touch-ups, effects, and filters. Keep in mind that Photoshop is a rather advanced tool, especially if you’re used to SAI. Going over to Manga Studio 5 is easier because it is like a mix between SAI and Photoshop.

Keep in mind that there are many digital art tutorials out there that tell you how you “must” draw/colour. However, drawing digitally is like art in real-life too, it’s all about your own taste and what tools and methods you like to use. Use tutorials as a guide, not a rulebook. No, not even mine. For example, tutorials might teach you how to lineart and cellshade, but you might prefer lineless, smooth works over that style, and that’s fine! Or you want to mix the two! Or maybe, you want to do lineart but you want to colour outside the lines. be experimental, try out things you haven’t tried before. Try odd brushes, try colours you find fascinating, try messing with layers, just mess things up. If you’re afraid to mess things up, you can save your document before doing anything extreme, just so you can feel safe going outside your comfort zone. You learn a lot by daring!

I hope that was of any help! Let me know if you have more questions.

*The Perthshire tourism page gets a million views in one day*

  • Tokyo ghoul fandom: *overanalyzes everything from the positioning of the sun to the placement of geographical landscaping
  • Tokyo ghoul fandom: *loses their mind over the psychological suffering of their favorite characters
  • Tokyo ghoul fandom: *freaks out every time something awful happens to a poor innocent characters doesn't deserve it
  • Arima: calls Kaneki his weapon, effectively threatens to kill and dispose of him when he fails to be useful anymore, and basically disregards Kaneki as a person and chooses instead to see him as more of an "it"
  • Tokyo ghoul fandom:
  • Tokyo ghoul fandom: it's a hallucination
  • Tokyo ghoul fandom: he lent him a book one time