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Terrible old dudes

So, seeing as I obviously have this thing with fixating on men twice my age, I thought I’d make a nice list, cause who doesn’t love lists. 

Ben Mendelsohn 

– yeah, I don’t really need to explain this one.

Gary Oldman

– first saw him in Batman begins, true obsession started after watching him as Sirius Black in the HP movies, ‘twas a slippery slope from there….

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Jeff Goldblum 

– to quote Goldie Hawn in The First Wives Club: “He may be 300 years old, but he’s still a stud.” I was lost from the moment I saw Jurassic Park as a kid. What a magical creature he is…

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Colin Firth

– do I really need to explain??

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Hugh Laurie

– I will always cherish him as young, floofy-haired idiot Bertie Wooster. 

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But his Dr. House was a thing of beauty.

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James effing Spader

– Secretary. Just. Secretary. Also, Alan Shore can cross examine me any time, tbh.

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also, dat ass.

Craig Ferguson

– oh how I miss his wonderful show.

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Christoph Waltz

– mein wunderschöner österreichischer Schatz uwu

Bill Nighy

– okay now we’re getting into Granddaddy territory ^^ 

Pleeeeaaase go watch “Still Crazy”, it’s one of my fav movies ever and he’s freaking amazing and hilarious in it.

honourable mention: Rhys Ifans

– if you don’t think Gavin Kavanagh is sexy who even are you.

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The list goes on, but yeah ^^.

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Favorite Scent: Green oil - my mom used to rub this on our foreheads whenever we got headaches. No idea if it worked or not, but it smelled mighty strong and good 

Favorite Color: Lilac and clay rose

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Favorite Fictional Character: Shaolin Fantastic - my problematic fav

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: As many as I can stack lmao

Dream Trip: Jurassic Park so I can show the stupid kids how to NOT be stupid and alert the dinos where they are and then I can create a proper orientation or maybe just one very necessary powerpoint slide about how to DEAL with the big guys to perhaps - just a thought here - STOP THE SAME PROBLEM FROM HAPPENING. HOW DID THE ISLAND SPAN FOUR MOVIES ARE THE CHARACTERS THAT IDIOTI Denmark.

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I tag anyone who sees this, and wants to do this! 

Have a good day, y’all


I just read from Huffington Post about the theory that Owen Grady is the kid that Dr. Grant scare from Jurassic Park! I love things like this. Can someone make a gif for this?!

Imagine that is the reason that Owen knows the Raptors attack patterns and he based their relationship with them on respect?! my feelings are all over the place!!

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It’s been 22 years since your grandfather decided to build an amusement park with live dinosaurs. You were 8 years old when you first set foot on Isla Nublar where Jurassic Park was set to bring kids and adults from all over the world. It’s where your fascination for dinosaurs grew. Getting almost eaten by the reptilian cannibals was not what you imagined your vacation to be like though. 

Dream Journal 2017-05-06: When You Create Superintelligent Dinosaurs And Some Of Them Turn Out To Be Uncomfortably Violent Atheists

My inner child really likes dinosaurs, because even in my unconscious state I am still capable of correctly identifying dinosaurs like that kid from the first Jurassic Park movie. Oh, and speaking of Jurassic Park, this dream took place in an alternate universe where a park with actual dinosaurs was created. And this park followed the trajectory of the movies where the dinosaurs escaped and eventually murdered a bunch of people. It doesn’t look good when the exhibits of a new theme park escape and murder a bunch of people, and the forces of capitalism eventually bankrupted the park.

I was working as a production intern for a movie studio that was producing a movie inspired by the true events of that dinosaur park massacre. One of the duties of production interns is to scour all the boring legal documents for reference material for the filmmakers and screenwriters. During my digging, I stumbled upon a box of old floppy disks. Disregard the fact that floppies only hold 1.44MB of data, because these dream floppies held security camera footage the day when the dinosaurs escaped. The footage even had audio recordings!

These recordings were meant to be entered into evidence as part of a legal case, but somehow never got that far. I was among the first to see this footage in the more than 20 years the disks had been in that box. Here’s what I was able to put together after watching hours of footage:

Scientists created dinosaurs, and this was a big achievement. But scientists are never satisfied and set their hopes on making intelligent dinosaurs. And somehow they succeed. But instead of making intelligent dinosaurs that were small and easily controlled, they decided to make a freaking spinosaurus intelligent. The spinosaurus happens to be the largest carnivorous dinosaur that ever lived. Bigger than a T-Rex, even. And this particular spinosaurus could actually speak. With human words.

This spinosaurus spent its time in an enclosure getting experimented on for several years and learning language. But one day that dinosaur had enough and broke free. It’s rampaging through the park now, and people fleeing all over the place. Some people run into buildings, but the spinosaurus can sniff them out. He throws his body against the building walls and knocks holes in the exterior. And when all the fearful people are cowering in fear and screaming “OH MY GOD!” Mr. Spinosaurus snaps his head through the hole and eats a bunch of people in one bite.

“Mmmmm…. Christians,” he says, with a full grasp of the irony involved in eating your own creator. And yes, the dinosaur literally said this. Only one of the scientists survived that attack, and that survivor was a former gymnast who ended up sliding through the ventilation system to to reach a secure room and wait for help.

As you could probably imagine, my bosses were very excited to get their hands on this footage. And instead of making a movie inspired by true events, we shifted focus to creating a documentary about the perils of creating a superintellingent spinosaurus.

If you are a scientist who wishes to create a superintelligent dinosaur in the future, start with something small, like a compsognathus. Those are about the size of a housecat, not a building. Also, I would totally love an intelligent pet dinosaur. SO GET ON THAT, SCIENCE FOLKS!


Badass image of a spinosaurus taken from Pinterest.

"You're gonna take the next bus headed to Maine.
When you arrive in Caribou, a man will be waiting
to drive you into Canada. If he tells me
you didn't show up, I'm gonna come looking for you.
And when I find you, I'm gonna be in a very bad mood.
Do you understand me?"

1) everyone who says velociraptors are ruined by feathers because they’re just fucking chickens is this stupid kid

2) i remember this kid from mcgee and me, always pulled me out of this scene

So Jurassic World's T-Rex

May be the same one from the first movie…

An Imgur user noticed that the scars depicted on the neck of the tyrannosaurus on the official Jurassic World website seem to match up with injuries sustained by the tyrannosaurus who saved Alan, Ellie and the kids from raptors in the third act of Jurassic Park.

Oh my… Movie Clip

Follow the links in the source for more.

anonymous asked:

I see a to of people worried about all the hate Olicity is getting. And I can't help but think that hate is good. It creates buzz. Olicity is such a known term that even people who have never watched the show have heard about it. All haters talk about is Olicity. I feel like everyone with an ounce of intelligence will know that Olicity alone cannot ruin the whole series if the rest of the plot had been good. (1/2)

Hi, Anon! Thank you so much for your kind words - they are genuinely very appreciated. :) I’m not sure if there’s a better way to answer your asks all as one - I’m still pretty Tumblr illiterate - so I did this the old fashioned way. Screenshots! 

I’m going to start with a personal story because it’s super late as I’m writing this and Late Night Laura turns into Goofy Laura from time to time. Here goes: 

I haven’t been watching Arrow live for three seasons; I’ve been watching live for one season. After it was decided over the summer that I’d be writing about Arrow, I went on a massive marathon. Multiple episodes per day. Late into the night. It was a very broody time for me. I was on episode 8 or 9, I think, when I told a superfan friend of mine that I’d started watching Arrow. Because I was farther into the season than I probably should have been after only two days, I let him think I was only two episodes in. I mentioned that I may have already developed a slight crush on the lead for his shirtless scenes and that the show was pretty good as a whole. This exchange is (more or less) what followed:

My friend: “So, episode 2…you’re probably shipping Lauriver at this point, right?”

Me: “Seriously? You think that I’m so pathetic that finding a guy attractive means I ship myself with a fictional character? Thanks, dude.”

My friend: “…I meant Laurel.”

Me: “…I was kidding?”

I was like a T-rex from Jurassic Park - I literally forgot about Lauriver when it was not immediately on screen in front of me. My mental acuity was based on movement in front of me.

Regular readers of my asks/answers can now add Jurassic Park to the list of things that I’m totally nerdy about.

Anyway, if I’m at all indicative of the fandom at the time of the original airing, I think that apathy was a contributing factor in killing Lauriver with a large chunk of viewers. I can’t say that I think that Olicity hate is good, but I don’t think that negative fan buzz about the couple will have any effect on how the show is written.

With regard to media coverage, hate can affect the material produced. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of “click bait,” but it’s a method used by some members of the media to produce headlines that will be most pithy on social media. For example, articles with headlines such as “Why Olicity Is The Best Couple Ever” or “Why Olicity Is Killing Arrow” tend to be click bait. It doesn’t necessarily reflect badly on the content, but headlines can be affected by the loudest voices. To be a huge snob, I’ll use myself as an example:

I have a running joke in my Arrow reviews about Oliver and/or Felicity throwing the other up against a wall for however I choose to euphemize “wall sex” that week. If I titled my reviews “Olicity Wall Sex - When Will It Happen?” or “Is Lauriver On The Horizon For Arrow?” I’d get more views than my regular dull “Arrow S0XE0X: What worked, what didn’t, and what needs to happen next.” Honestly, I probably should click bait and spice things up a bit.

I’ll admit that I do read the comment sections on my articles. I’ve found that hate tends to be poorly phrased, poorly constructed, and poorly supported by any narrative evidence of the show rather than the comics. If detractors elsewhere as well want their opinions to be heard and respected in content produced, they need to construct their arguments with more maturity. I think that hate can often be overblown, and I’m personally not the least bit worried about it.

Besides, Olicity took up minutes in Season 3. Minutes. If Olicity managed to ruin the show for certain viewers, perhaps those viewers were not tuning into the show that they expected and should tune into one that they actually enjoy.