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I always want to see more acrobatic stuff with Raz. :)

It took awhile but here! Seriously, I love that there’s a plausible reason for Raz being so good at the platformer puzzles in Psychonauts. I wonder if he visits his family at the circus sometimes to perform super fancy stunts with some psychic abilities added in for extra showy-ness :’D My sister is also struggling through the Meat Circus level currently, and I couldn’t help drawing something for it Ovo;;; wish her luck

Also, kind of unrelated, I bet the Aquatos have circus animals. Like elephants. Or a tiger Raz has become really close with because one day he found out he could talk to her :’)

Looking at Dazushi

Sort of a continuation of my previous post Lol

First up, I believe Dazai saw himself in Atsushi; a boy who had no one and was spat on by everyone around him. He, in a way, wants to protect Atsushi from that pain. To show and tell him, “Even though it’s hard, even though the world may come crashing down, I will still be here for you.”
And sure enough, Dazai has been there for Atsushi through thick and thin. They have moments sure, but what relationship doesn’t have those, no matter what type it is. 
Next is their understanding of each other’s pain. Atsushi might always see Dazai with a smile, but I like to think that he wonders what Dazai is truly thinking. I am sure he’d be a bit shocked to learn Dazai isn’t that much different then him, albeit he hides his sadness rather well. 
With Dazai’s wrists, I think we can all agree about what’s under those bandages. Knowing the horrible things he did, all the stuff he had to do, and at such a young age; he probably broke.

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i think Kid would be SUPER FLUSTERED around Keimi at first but he’d eventually get used to it, and Keimi is pretty oblivious so she wouldn’t realize that he liked her at first (tho when she does she’d be all ‘EEEEEHHHH??!?! and blush a lot)

i think Kid would be a huge tsundere haha. but Keimi’s too sweet and cute and he falters really fast. also he thinks all of Keimi’s overreactions are really hilarious

i imagine their first (official–the auction house doesn’t count) meeting would be when Kid falls off his ship during some really rough waters and he doesn’t have enough time to grab onto something. So she sees him and rescues him–ONLY HE’S WAY TOO HEAVY b/c his metal arm and he’s like huge, so he’s almost completely submerged in water. so when she finally drags him onto a nearby beach, she has to give him mouth to mouth (with some prompting from Pappag because they’re both freaking out and she’s blushing but he’s slightly more sensible)

so when Kid finally wakes up and barfs up a ton of water, he doesn’t notice her at first. but when he does, he sees that his lipstick is smudged on her lips. and his mind goes blank for a second before Keimi realizes what he’s staring at and she’s like WAIT NO IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK YOU WERE DROWNING SO and she’s trying to rub the lipstick off but it just gets MORE smudged on her face

i think he’d be embarrassed by how much she cares about him being alright. i don’t think many people would show concern for him like that and it’d affect him

SO because Kid does have a weird sort of honor system he blushes and roughly thanks her and then demands that he pay her back somehow (i doubt he likes being in debt to people)

of course Keimi is like OH NO YOU DON’T HAVE TO and tries to swim away but then gets immediately eaten by a sea king

so Kid saves her, and he thinks that’s the end of it. Killer comes to the shore with the ship and he’s about to set sail… only Keimi ends up kidnapped like 3 seconds later


and it basically goes on like that for a while, with her occasionally saving him from drowning and eventually he’d realize ‘oh fuck i’ve liked this chick from the beginning haven’t i and now THESE STUPID FEELINGS AREN’T GOING AWAY ARE THEY FUCK’ so he starts inventing stupid reasons to keep her around like the tsundere he is. (i think he’d eventually figure out that she was the mermaid at the auction after like the 3rd kidnapping)

i think Keimi would eventually develop feelings back because he’s saving her all the time without asking for anything in return and he’s really strong and sorta cute. i don’t think she’d realize right away that he’s, like, a really dangerous pirate, tho, lmao. maybe she’d design some outfits for him. Killer would stare at the two and Kid would yell at Killer to shut up even tho Killer hasn’t said anything

lmao that got long

What they tell you:
Even though you want to grow up now,
You won’t soon
Adulthood comes with bills and responsibilities and they tell you that the recess comes to an end
And there are no lunch breaks in real life
But you don’t tell them that recess never mattered anyways, you never got along with those other kids
You were never really sure if you were the one that was different
Or you were the only one that was normal.

What they don’t tell you:
When you start waking up on the couch and you didn’t magically end up in your bed, this is when childhood is slipping out of your grasp
I’m still not quite sure if it feels more like a leaking faucet,
Drip drip drip
Laughter, smiles, mom making you dinner and you both sit down to eat together
Nothing is perfect and your childhood has been full of misfortune, but the hot plate of food makes it better.
Or if it feels like a river after rainfall
The raindrops were pretty at first, poetic even,
But now the river is overflowing
It never planned for this much water
It floods everything
But still that drip drip drip
When’s the last time you’ve seen your family, the last time you went on the swing set and made yourself dizzy just to distract from reality
Adulthood is setting in but now all the kids around me take pills that make them dizzy
Except there’s much more colors.
Everything felt more colorful when you were a child, and now we’re all various shades of greys.

Falling asleep on the couch is a daily ritual now
Here’s a riddle for you, when a kid passes out on their bathroom floor, hugging a toilet closer than they can remember holding their loved ones: their siblings, their parents
Who’s around to hear it?
We are all swimming down the river now
The rain hasn’t stopped falling
This used to feel like a slip-n-slide
Now it feels like everyday they are struggling not to drown.
And the rain keeps falling and falling
Drip drip, another kid swept beneath the water
I see him and I wish I could help but my arms are growing weak trying to keep myself afloat and I let the kid go
I let the kid go, so many kids go,
But I never let myself forget.

Ive lost myself beneath the current many times
Adulthood is losing breath
Your lungs filling with water and ash at the same time and it’s all so overwhelming
And just as it’s almost over, your gills start to form
You’re still under water but you adapt, you grow tougher
You breathe not better, but different
We’re all still struggling but we’re all still here
The clouds are letting up and the rain is coming to an end
Recess will always be over
But fuck it, who said you can’t still go on the swings for a few hours
Play tag in the middle of elementary schools in the dead of night
Fall asleep on the couch over and over and over again
And when you wake up in your bed, you’ll know that you carried yourself there this time
And you will for the rest of your life.

—  Childhood To Adulthood: the Survival Guide to Barely Surviving

here is another drabble for the superpowers au drabble series. which you can find here

(slight NSFW)


Zayn swallows, tucking his fingers through Liam’s hair as he nods. He wants to be able to put it into words, but he can’t. He feels like he is burning with Liam’s skin pressed against his own, his fingers like matches striking flames against his skin. It runs deep, settling in the low of his navel and sparking through him with every wet kiss Liam presses to his neck. He has never been this hot in his life, but it feels good, unbelievably good - 

"You’re sweating,” Liam mumbles, nibbling on his bottom lip anxiously. Zayn can feel the erratic beat of Liam’s heart everywhere he touches him, it practically thumps through him too. “I can -" 

"No,” Zayn interrupts before Liam can say stop. He doesn’t want him to, has been craving this moment with Liam since they met. “I don’t want to stop." 

Liam looks unsure before he presses his lips gently to Zayn’s throat. “Me neither.”

The other man scatters kisses across his chest, fingers tickling down his sides. It is maddeningly slow, the way Liam’s tongue slides against his skin. His eyes are dark, just a flicker of a flame in them as he looks up at Zayn before trailing his tongue down to his navel. He wants to roll his hips up, get a hand around himself, just something to ease the pressure building between his legs from Liam’s touch.

“Zayn,” Liam murmurs hoarsely, crawling back up until their chests are level. Liam’s hips roll down against his, tugging out a soft moan from his throat. “Want you so bad.”

“Have me,” Zayn breathes, sliding his palm up Liam’s chest before curling it around his neck. He is mesmerized by the crease in his brow, the way his lips part and eyes fall closed as he grinds down against him again. But he can feel the slight panic that takes over Liam, intune to the way his heart skips in his chest. 

“I can’t,” Liam shutters out, eyes falling to where he hovers his hand between them. Zayn gasps slightly, latching his eyes onto the flames that lick up and down Liam’s fingers. “What if I hurt you?”

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{awake and unafraid} music for beating your demons

“it’s just a spark, but it’s enough to keep me going
and when it’s dark out, no one’s around, it keeps glowing”

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