kid discord art


I decided to draw this thing based off of a bigger idea I had when the PPG reboot started using memes (so like… right from the beginning). Kids HATE memes/fads when adults or corporations who have no clue what they’re doing or why it was supposed to be cool or funny in the first place use them. ‘Cause then they just suck out your life essence and make you wanna die. So… clearly they should be used as a tool of evil! To destroy children! And what better lame-o to use a tool like that than THIS chimpy lame-o!

Anyway… enjoy/be terrified!

A Hat In Time x Pokemon AU?

I was talking about this AU with some peeps on Discord and it blossomed into something really cute and cool. What good is a Time Traveling Pokemon Trainer without her Time Altering partner? (●´∀`●)

Meet Tempus~

((Yo! Mun here~

So guess who made his debut during the discord event? Meet Tempus; Red and Boss’s bouncing babybones boy.~ For now, he doesn’t have a blog of his own seeing as he’s a little small to answer questions but will be present on both @sansafterdark and @papsafterdark if you ever want to interact with the babybones.~ Just watch out; those fangs aren’t just for show.))


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