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Oh it ain’t just the ‘Bolts. The Procedure affects everypony. Unicorns, pegasi, earth ponies. The elderly, the adults, and soon, not even our foals will be safe.

(((Full version.

Blogs with the misfortune of being depicted, forgive me for what I’ve done to your characters…

Oh yes. And thank you for 250+ followers! Of course I had to do my thanks-for-following pic in style~

Featuring the first 16 mostly SFW, MLP-related ask blogs to follow me that actually have content pertaining to their character:

I wish I had time to draw every one of you amazing and loyal people out there!)))


As I have said before it. This changling only comes around every now and again and this particular changeling pretty much just….well licks and sqwacks. Fortunately I have these two guests here that seem to keep me dry at least for the time being……He has never once tried to hurt me or shape shift….maybe it doesn’t see a need to. 

Part 1 of 3:

((Cameos from Doppel, Scootoaster, and Kid Discord As always these guys are awesome and if you havn’t checked them out. DO IT!))

Sorry this took so long to come out. it was originally going to be longer but with everything that’s been happening to me its been difficult to find time and motivation to do these but you guys are just awesome with your patience. I will kind of explain whats going on on my mod blog here


So I got onto Equestria Daily!

Lemmie tell you that that’s a “wow factor” for me since I hardly get noticed by anything considered big so this is pretty dang awesome for me~!  Mega happy territory right there.Then another milestone is rapidly approaching as well which is also pretty dang awesome (which is why I should probably work faster on the followers picture at this rate or I’ll miss the timing again -_^;)

I just want to thank you all regardless, just because this tumblr’s hella fun to do and it’s really improving my art in leaps and bounds that I would have never thought to be possible previously.

Also KD’s a fun butt to draw~

While I may not be perfect at this tumblr song and dance thing it’s still pretty fun for me and I hope what I do is fun and cute for you guys as well. Only time will tell where I go on for here. I"m not gonna quit anytime soon though~

Just thanks everybody ;u;


(Featuring Ask-pon3 for seemingly predicting the future. AKA putting a picture of KD in a newspaper named EQD)




With the help of discordsparkle and assistance of ask-kid-discord and ask-littleeris of course~

But it’s weird how Lola handles stress… Isn’t it? And what’s up with that dress??

Ask box will be closed for a little while more sorry!


If you would like to know about discording symptoms, badassderpy (SFW ask blog), please consult your local library. Fortunately, videocrazy17 (Mod blog) and Avantihalfhorse (empty blog), much information about Discord and Draconequuses has been declassified. 

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So I’ve been working on this puppy since December~! …December of 2011 to be exact (yeah yeah Discord isn’t the most symmetrical nor most pony shaped creature, ya gotta cut me a bit of slack. Plus messing about with pixels and how stuff moves like mane/dragon tail/dragon claw is rather hard to judge)

BUT FINALLY, FINALLY I CAN SHARE HIM WITH THE INTERNET~! (Walking animations are awful to create, spinning animations are also very much difficult)

I hope you all enjoy the little guy as much as I do~ I’ll probably add more to him later, but for now this shall suffice~ (plus I’m at a bit of a loss of what to add for animations right now)

(Yes this is the surprise I was talking about by the way~)

Sprites worked on by me Twyla~

Animated by my buddies, (Ocean and Raindew) found here

Coded by the almighty Wolvan from here

WHERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD so you can shove him onto your desktop:

Enjoy everybody~


askvaudeville: I have no idea what am I doing here but these kids are doing it wrong.

Larry: ask-kid-discord, discordsparkle and ask-littleeris are crazy! What is even going on?? WHEN IT’S GOING TO END???? ;n;

((Have some closeup thingys of the black and white panels P:))




Thank you, thank you everybody~! For liking my art, for becoming my friends, for everything. Thank you.

Block 1: Scarflank, Cornbread, Billy Rose, Batty, Aria Demure, Creamy Cone, Utami, Albino Pie, Discord Sparkle.

Block 2: Breezie, Joen, Cotton Candy, Gak, Filly Bon Bon, Horror, Fel, Discord(erly), Dinky Draws.

Block 3: Star Swirl, Fuselight, Inkheart, Gamer Tia, Berry Punch, Kappa, Emmy, Firestone & Icecross, Litwick.

Block 4: Filly Celestia, Little Amber, Little Eris, Kawaii Spike, Lying AJ, Lovely Pages, Loveletters, Lyra & Bonbon, Pony Discord.

Block 5: Sketches, Short Circuit, Pixel Perfect, Pawprints, Minty, Pumpkin Cake, Roseluck, Quick Sketch, Professor Maple.

Block 6: Ravey, Spirit, Sugar Craze, Squeaky Clean, Winter Scarves, Who Cares, Tooma, Sketchy Nat.

Block 7: SourSweets, White Shark, Ocean Waves, Teen Celestia & Discord, Din, Flutternerd.

Thank you again~!

Now I’m going to work on more updates for you all…..Juuuuuust after a quick nap.

Ciao everybody~!

(PS: These are huge so you’re better off seeing them full size. ALSO if you’re on here and you want the chunk of your pony by itself just feel free to tell me kay? And I"ll send it your way)

huh “The Clanger” prototype is working better than I thought (Reference to this ). Seems that it works on anything that shapeshifts, let him stay there a while because of what he did (reference to this  ) Well I guess its time to get ready for work,

PART 2 of 3

QUESTION: Whatever happed to the toaster?

((Thank you Anon for the Silly Question! Cameos from Doppel, Scootoaster, and Kid Discord As always these guys are awesome and if you havn’t checked them out. DO IT! Posted this as a video because of length and difficulty to make it a gif set. unlike my usual silly gifs this is actually something pertinent to the story. Part 3 coming soon Doppel model made by Doppel mod!))

On another note I am still looking for a online table top group that is running a Pony themed D&D or Pathfinder or Ponyfinder. I am a experienced Paper RPG player and would love to play a mlp themed game once a week for a little while. Let me know if any of you got room and looking for a member ^_^


Moving to Ponyville, part 1


Thanks for following me guys :D


I didn’t have time to color this. I promise that the asks will be in color. I have already three ask to do so, stay tuned!


Trainerziv (Degama’s mod): Degama is coming to the playground for some fun and games, a bit more fun to her then the other kids, but oh well.

New challenger approaches! Degama has joined the playground.

Featuring Degama​, Free Spirit, Green Lantern Apple Bloom, Kid Discord, Killion Lightfeather, Lulu, Pinchy, and Robin.