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I decided to draw this thing based off of a bigger idea I had when the PPG reboot started using memes (so like… right from the beginning). Kids HATE memes/fads when adults or corporations who have no clue what they’re doing or why it was supposed to be cool or funny in the first place use them. ‘Cause then they just suck out your life essence and make you wanna die. So… clearly they should be used as a tool of evil! To destroy children! And what better lame-o to use a tool like that than THIS chimpy lame-o!

Anyway… enjoy/be terrified!


context: we discussed the concept of tweek as the local mom to all the younger kids [aka ruby and karen, ike and the rest of the kindergarten aged kids] in the discord chat

Deities of Earth-C


John: help people that feel like they weren’t strong enough, helps people that feel purposeless

Jade: disappears animal abusers, helps those that feel lonely, protects wildlife

Rose: helps people with addiction, protects young girls from exploitation

Dave: protects children from abusive parents, tells peoples fortunes for some fries


Jane: helps people who mess up recipes or just feel like they’ve messed up in general

Jake: helps children that lost people when they were younger, helps people be more confident

Roxy: helps people with code, helps people overcome addiction

Dirk: helps people repair stuff, helps people to unlearn toxic behaviors


Vriska: punishes abusive parents

Terezi: ruins people that abuse the power of the law, helps deliver fair punishments

Kanaya: protects orphans and those without a home

Karkat: protects and helps those with low self esteem, protects outcasts


Calliope: inspires children across the world to improve their skills and not give up on themselves, helps people with toxic sibling relationships


Collectively created by the discord fam. Feel free to add more!!!

Meet Tempus~

((Yo! Mun here~

So guess who made his debut during the discord event? Meet Tempus; Red and Boss’s bouncing babybones boy.~ For now, he doesn’t have a blog of his own seeing as he’s a little small to answer questions but will be present on both @sansafterdark and @papsafterdark if you ever want to interact with the babybones.~ Just watch out; those fangs aren’t just for show.))