kid dancing like it's the end of the world

internet culture has changed so fucking much and so much has happened that I can’t help but think of the internet as its own planet with its own history of amazing events.

why hasn’t there been, like, an encyclopedia where it teaches the youth of this world important historical events in the internet

LISTEN UP KIDS. You haven’t had a full internet experience if you didn’t try downloading a video or song in limewire and ended up getting a shit ton of porn instead. Or what about the only way to get a hold of gifs was when they were passed around in Windows Messenger (MSN). Or how about the thousands of internet websites that were just a basic HTML website with a bunch of dancing hamsters with some shitty music in the background.

now we live in an era that where there’s an economic boom of memes. there’s too many. we’re in a golden age of memes and we’re only growing.

WE HAVE EVOLVED AS AN INTERNET, EVERYONE. The world wide web is a dangerous place. So much left to discover, so much to remember…..