kid dan

this is the THIRD TIME they’re moving in somewhere together




and as we all know third time’s a charm :’)


(Here have a silly comic sketch :U)

This is Pebble “No one messes with my krantt or I headbutt them” Ryder-Ama Darav.

Alternatively: Chapter Three of Why Evfra Thinks Ryder Should Watch Her Offspring Better


hi shoutout to the kids that are too numb/depressed/disassociated to be excited about dnps move

ur contributions no matter how small they may be are still important and ur still a Real Fan u jst might not b well enough to freak out yet

dw! its okay if u cant feel anything rn . u still matter

listen, it’s not about being “fandom trash” anymore

I’ve watched an absurd amount of videos about them, I’ve fantasize about how being their friend would be like, I’ve procrastinated from all the work I have to do just to go on youtube and re-watch all of their videos, I’ve read and written fanfiction about them.

I’ve had enough, okay?

I’ve crossed a line I didn’t even knew existed

Their presence has ruined my life to an extent and i am putting my foot down.

I don’t want to be addressed as “fandom trash” anymore

I shall be named

Zealot detritus