kid dae


The last picture shows SeoBaby picturing all the things she can do to Taeyeon as the kid leader sleeps. Something that involves sweet potatoes.


like maybe not literally a million

but then he does that thing where’s he’s so good with kids and sweet and kind and gentle and Myrie’s child-desirous inclinations go CRAY CRAY

darn it dae stop it ur kiling her


Once again Taylor Swift is copying a Kpop music video not only Taeyeon’s I but as well as F(x)’s 4 Walls, Taeyeon’s I was shot in New Zealand Taylor Swift’s Out Of The Woods was also shot in New Zealand the director behind Taylor Swift’s Out Of The Woods also happens to be the same director who happens to be Korean Joseph Kahn directed Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood which copied 2NE1′s Come Back Home music video the director claims that he doesn’t know anything about Kpop but yet again does the same concept as two other Kpop songs for Taylor Swift’s new music video 

This does not seem like a coincidence