kid cudi smile

In order to be positive you have to believe everything you do will change your life.
Even getting out of bed could lead to something a year from now.
Maybe you dont even talk to anyone or see anyone the day you get out of bed,
maybe you just paint or listen to music,
play the guitar you’ve had sitting in your closet,
say hello to an old friend & see how they’re doing,
put clothes on you feel comfortable and hot in,
take a stroll.

Something will change & be that way a year from now.

The paper you painted on won’t be white,
The music you heard inspired you,
The guitar opened doors for you,
The old friend became your best friend,
The clothes gave you confidence,
The stroll crossed paths with you and a force of energy you wouldn’t have collided with in bed.

Do what you’ve been putting off instead of drilling the thought into your head all day that “it’s not going to change anything, so what’s the point?”, while you lay in bed feeling sorry for yourself.
Feel happy for yourself,
good things come.