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alison fernandez is my new favourite child. she must have had a great teacher because I’ve never seen a kid so absolutely committed to never using the same word twice in their posts like look at her trying to avoid using beautiful again

like what a Good Egg!!!

(on the one hand I want to tell her that tantalising and alluring aren’t the most appropriate words to use here but on the other hand I want to give her an A+ for communication because her vocabulary is so. frickin. broad.)

I just… Alison’s excitement is palpable. I’m so happy for her!

BTS Finding Out You Can’t Have Kids

Namjoon: You were afraid to tell him that news. Since you saw how happy he was when the both of you were talking about having a family. But he was very understanding and comfort you when you told him the news about being unable to have kids.

“Don’t cry (Y/N). It’s not something you can control.”

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Taehyung: It broke your heart when you found out that you couldn’t have kids because you knew Taehyung adored them and wanted a huge family. Once you told him the news, he was upset but when he saw you breaking down crying he quickly went over and hugged you tightly.

“It’s ok. It’s ok we can adopt more puppies they will be our children. Don’t cry babe.”

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Hoseok: When you came back home from the doctor you were red eyed and Hoseok knew it was going to be bad news. In between sobs you told him about you not being able to have kids and he just hugged you tightly not saying a word. Once you had calmed down he winked at you.

“Now we don’t have to be so careful. As for having kids we can find a way, right?”

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Jin: Since you were a teen you knew that you weren’t going to be able to have kids. Of course back then it wasn’t much of a big deal but now that you were hopelessly in love with your fiance, jin, it saddened you that you can’t have children with him.

“We can get pets and treat them like they were our kids. We won’t have to deal with crying in the middle of the night at least.”

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Jungkook: Having kids wasn’t something on your mind but slowly the thought of having children with Jungkook brought such joy. You knew that you weren’t able to have children it troubled you. When you spoke to him about it he’d look on the brighter side of things suggestion some options.

“A surrogate maybe? Adopting can also be an option too.”

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Yoongi: You overheard Yoongi talk to the other members about wanting to start a family. You hadn’t told him about the high risk you had if you’d become pregnant. When you told him about knowing he wants to have kids and about your condition. He gave out an awkward chuckle when you started to tear up.

“Oh no! I meant having kids in like 5 years, plus it’s ok just being the two of us. It would be quieter don’t you think?”

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Jimin: You weren’t too sure when to tell Jimin about the situation. He’d talk about children every once in a while and you knew he was hinting about having one with you. So when you told him about being unable to have kids, you cried into his arms.

“Don’t feel bad for waiting to tell me about this. It’s not an easy topic to talk about.”

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If feel like when everyone writes telling the kids you're having another baby the kids are elated, but could you imagine if Harry and the missus told their kids they were having another baby and the kids absolutely miserable, like crying and screaming. Or when they tell Persephone that's Alfie is a boy she is crying because she wanted a sister.

I haven’t written anything yet about the missus and Harry announcing to the kids that they’re having another, but, when I do, I imagine that Persephone gets a little jealous over Alfie because she knows that she’s no longer the only child in the family. When the missus is pregnant, Persephone wouldn’t quite understand but she’d be old enough to realise that a new baby was going to be part of the family in a few months. She’d always ask Harry “will you love me when the baby comes?” and “will you forget about me when the new baby is here?” and Harry would always promise her that he’ll love her no matter what and that she’ll always be his little girl.

When the Alfie is born, she’d be really hesitant and she’d play up and turn a bit rebellious. When the missus wants her to go and get something, she’ll frown and bite back and she’ll run away or poke the baby before frowning towards him. “Don’t like him, mummy.” “He cries too much. It’s annoyin’.” “Why does he cry?” 

And it would be Harry who would make her see sense.

“Little brothers need their big sisters, Poppet.”

“Because he’s so tiny?”

“And to protect him when he’s older. He needs you, Poppet.”

“But he has you and mummy.”

“But he’ll need you. You’ll be his best friend when he’s older. He’ll be able to play with you and run around in the garden.”

“Will you still love me? Even when Alfie is grown up?”

“Of course, Poppet. Daddy’s heart has grown double in size now that I’ve got you and Alfie.”

“Can I go and kiss Alfie goodnight?”

“He’s have some food with mummy at the moment, Poppet. So, you have to be extra quiet and gentle with him. Do you promise me that?” 

“Promise, daddy.” xx

Little mafia prince Kim Jungkook who has all the big bad gun holding mafia men falling to their knees to make him happy because of his fucking adorable bunny smile. 

Taehyung doesn’t just let anyone watch the boys, only his most trusted men really interact with them but it’s not odd for Jungkook to run off to play while Taehyung works. This time they’re in the warehouse that houses all types of guns and arms deals and Jungkook is standing by the door playing with a bouncy ball Yoongi gave him before he left home. 

The entire warehouse freezes with panic when Jungkook suddenly lets out a loud sob.

“Oh man, Mr. Taehyung is literally going to take our eyes out when he finds out we let his kid cry.” 

One of the newer members is freaking the fuck out and another member sighs before moving to squat in front of Jungkook. It’s a man by the name of Minjae, someone Jungkook knows is a higher ranking member, and the little boy instantly hugs the man as he cries. 

“Kookie what’s wrong, bunny?” 

Jungkook lets out a hiccup and then another sob.

“My ball!!! it rolled into the street and a car popped it!” 

When Taehyung returns to the warehouse after his meeting he raises an eyebrow at the sight of a giggling Jungkook sitting on the floor surrounded by over fifty bouncy balls while the gang members coo over the cute eye smile the toddler has. 

“You know what, i don’t even want to know what happened.” 


“When they see someone handsome, they will get attached”