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Super Smash Bros. Art Card #60 (of 50) - Ice Climbers

=Lost But Never Forgotten Series=

It’s the power couple of Smash Bros., before a certain Princess and Luma robbed them of their position. The Ice Climbers were the first retro Nintendo characters featured on the roster of which (like Mr. Game and Watch, R.O.B., and Pit) not many younger players really knew of. Their unique style  of combat was what made them stand out completely, for they presented a true challenge to master and an even greater challenge to compete against. 

What can I say? Two hammers are better than one!

…Unfortunately the Ice Climbers were unable to make it to the latest Smash Bros due to the technical limits of the 3DS. But with the Switch out now and a more than likely re-release of Smash 4 on the horizon, maybe this duo can also make a return and surprise us all again.

So I work at a childcare center.

Today, a 3 year old boy brought a 3 year old girl to me, led by the hand, and angrily said “some boy in a blue shirt hit her on the nose”. She wasn’t crying, but said “yeah, and him moved my glasses”

There were like five kids in blue, we told them we’d keep an eye out.

Not 10 minutes later, this same 3 year old now is angrily marching a 7 year old boy in blue who was twice his size to us, led by the hand. The girl in question is nowhere to be found, but he goes “this was him, he’s the one who hit her.”

idk it just warmed my heart so much that no one asked him to show us who it was that hit, she didn’t ask him to bring her to us in the first place, but he saw that someone wronged her and took it upon himself to help bring justice, in the capacity that he understands as a 3 year old. I hope he never loses this trait.

#378. Mr. Game and Watch’s beeping and buzzing is more than just that; he is speaking an actual “language,” however it’s a very simplistic one and thus not easily translatable. Several characters can understand it innately, however—namely, those who have been around since the 8-bit era or earlier, like Mario, Pit, Pac Man, the Ice Climbers, Little Mac, Mega Man, etc. Characters who came into existence after the 8-bit era cannot understand it. This also includes Link and Zelda, since they’re not the same Link and Zelda from the original games. Ganondorf can understand it though.