kid cid

Kid Cor has a habit of stealing Cid’s things. 

  • It’s just that really satisfying feeling for Cor when he watches Cid yelling about where the hell his hat went. The man scurries around for it, going through the entire garage for a simple item while Cor sits on it as he casually snacks on an apple
  • When Cid is in the garage, Cor would tip toe in and look around when he suddenly spots a big tool box of everything Cid needs. Wrenches, bolts, screwdrivers, hammers, etc. it’s Cid’s personal storage and if one thing goes missing, and it does, it throws Cid off like no tomorrow
    • “I swear I put the damn hammer in this spot. The hell?” Even though Cid has a spare, he hates items missing from his inventory. “WHO THE FUCK TOOK IT?!”
  • Somewhere down the line, Regis and Weskham create a betting pool about Cid throwing wrenches at Cor once he finds out or just throw the kid off the roof
    • “I mean Cid was this close to throwing one at me yesterday when he lost his flask. it’s just a damn flask, we can get a new one!” Weskham huffs and throws his hands in the air. “Unbelievable! And then the dude found it in some dog bowl…”
    • “You know how the man gets anal when people touch his things.”
    • “His dick too?” “No, Weskham, no.”
    • Regis spots Cor sneaking around the garage and watches as the kid swipes some items into his pocket. Like a kid in a candy store. At least Cor was nice enough to give him a pack of gum yesterday.
    • “Anyways, Cid needs to chill out but my money’s on wrenches,” says Weskham.
    • “Then throwing the kid off the roof it is. Whose to say though. Cid is bound to do both.”
    • “You think the kid got life insurance?”
    • “Do you?”
  • It’s a beautiful day. Regis and Weskham are under the shade, biting into their lunch until they hear a loud ruckus coming from the garage. They immediately bolt. When they arrive, Cor has his weapon knocking the wrenches flying at him
    • “Why do you have so many anyways?! Not like missing one will kill you!”
    • “I’m gonna run your sorry ass into the ground, boy!”
    • “If you don’t keel over, old man!”
    • “Regis, maybe you should stop them.”
    • “Nah.” Regis grins. “It’s better this way. C’mon, our fries are getting cold.”
    • “Reggie, get over here and control your child!”
    • “I should’ve flushed your hat down the toilet when I had the chance but I’m too nice!” Cor sticks out his tongue. “Too bad it already smells like shit!”
    • What a busy day for all of them
New Addition to World's Largest Drag Queen Gathering: A Kid Zone
The third annual RuPaul's DragCon in LA, which attracted more than 40,000 attendees, introduced a children's space to accommodate families with kids.

TBT cause we miss DragCon

we were there right by the Kid Zone, and loved seeing all the youngins participating.

Said one pair of parents: 

“We’re just really big on diversity and accepting everybody. We just want to show her different lifestyles and different things." 

"We want her to know acceptance. That’s the world she’s going to grow up in. Anything you want to be is OK. This is our second year back, first year with [our daughter]. It’s awesome, and we plan to be back again.”

idk if i got it wrong or not, but reading the og script got me to understand that cloud can fly the highwind? so of course, liking the idea, i started thinking more about it.

  • so after recovery at mideel and returning to the party, cloud just wanders around at night in the highwind. something to busy himself after a nightmare. he sees cid wide awake and flying the ship, exhausted as shit, and just observes him. 
  • acting like he’s annoyed (but is actually more curious) cid grumps that if cloud was free to laze around like this, might as well learn something new, so he teaches him how to fly the highwind.
  • cloud picks up on so fast it impresses cid, who muses “you’re smart for a soldier boy” and cloud just shrugs because he doesn’t know if it was a compliment or not. 
  • cid, even more curious, asks cloud if he ever went to school and cloud answers “kinda? mom taught me how to read since she couldn’t afford hiring a tutor. and shinra didn’t bother teaching me stuff”
  • of course cid asks him when he got enlisted, and cloud casually answers 14. 
  • a kid, cid thinks. shinra robbed futures in many different ways.
  • the next few days, the rest of AVALANCHE wonder why the hell cid is dragging cloud in and out of the engine rooms, sometimes letting him fly the highwind instead of the co-pilots 
  • after meteor, cid still kinda does it. cloud’s knack for mechanics/vehicles is useful to have around. 
  • and that’s how fenrir came to be.