kid being eaten


Since I already made a sorta Halloween-y picture this week, I figured I’d vent just a little with a few slides about a rather annoying happening where I usually get my work done!  I mean, he wasn’t the worst thing ever to grace the place, but seriously though, if you’re any older than I am, then I'm sure you’ve mastered motor control enough to keep your mouth closed while you eat a ham sandwich huh~?  It wasn’t even the fact that I was hungry, just the weird, kinda loud slopping noises~  *squirms*  Normally I’m not so irritable, but I have my little pet peeves, and when you pile all kinds of school-related nonsense on me, I can tend to get a bit nippy to say the least~…

Hope everyone had a good night last night, and here’s hoping for a nice weekend to unwind before the week starts back up again!

My dad always walks in on me at the worst times. When I was watching AoT, he walked in when all the kids were being eaten. When I was watching Blue Exorcist, he walked in when Rin was going crazy in his demon form. He hasn’t walked in on me watching Hetalia yet, but when he does it will probably be when Germany and Italy are having sex or something.