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Queer kids are not allowed to be kids.

They aren’t allowed to get angry when people bully them because by reacting people believe they justify the abuse. They are forced to deal with adult situations often without support from any of the actual adults around them. When they look for leaders in their community they often find no one who is like them and are left with only scraps of representation in media to look to. And they don’t have the support system they deserve, the support system heterosexual/romantic cisgender kids are given without question. They are forced to hide parts of themselves from their family members and we pretend that it is normal. And if they decide to discuss that particular part of their identity it is picked apart and examined often before the kid even knows how to process it themselves. Their own identities is branded as “too adult” for them when it is not their identities that is too adult, but how we treat them once we are informed of these parts of their identities.

Queer kids deserve so much better than they are given. 

im here for ace kids

im here for scared, confused ace kids not knowing who or what they are

im here for ace kids who dont feel safe, offline or online

im here for ace kids who’re told they’re too young to say that they are

im here for sex repulsed ace kids who’re uncomfortable all the time

im here for ace kids who feel othered, who feel like outcasts

im here for ace kids who feel broken, who hate themselves because of it

you deserve so much more, i’m so sorry for how the world treats you right now

you deserve more. you deserve better. you deserve love and support and happiness, you deserve respect, you deserve safety, you deserve community, representation, people to look up to

i will work my hardest to make sure you guys have these resources, things i desperately needed but never had growing up

you arent in this alone. there are people that support you. there are others who know how it feels. we’re here for you.

you are not alone.

If I ever have a kid I WON’T tell them..

Tell them all throughout their life that being gay or bi or any part of the LGBTQA+ community is wrong:

Tell them that the gender they were born with is the gender they will be for the rest of their life:

Tell them they can’t be friends with a kid who has two moms or two dads:

Tell them that if they are bi pan trans or ect I will kick them out of the house:

What I WILL tell them..

Tell them all throughout their life that being gay bi or any part of the LGBTQA+ community is 100% okay:

Tell them that if they don’t identify as the gender they were born with that they shouldn’t be afraid and they should be the gender that they identify as:

Tell them if they have friends that have two moms or two dads that love is love and it doesn’t matter if they are the same gender:

Tell them that if they are bi pan trans ect that they should feel 100% safe in their home and that I still love them with all of my heart and I will not matter what gender or sexuality they are:

People ARE NOT born homophobic, they are raised to be homophobic.

Ok so here’s what’s going on with Jughead.

In light of the recent Jughead #4 promo released, I decided to go back through issues #1-3! Here’s what I found:

Jughead #1

“haha classic jug” ^

Jughead #2

“haha cla- oh wait” “.. he said it, HE SAID-” ^

Jughead #3

“Are they implying what I think they’re implying” ^

Jughead #4 



I’m celebrating marriage equality by with some Beach City Pride. These are all my gender and sexuality headcanons for the show right now. I got the flag colors off wikipedia so please tell me if I got anything wrong.

i hope black kids have a good day today

i hope kids of latin descent and asian descent have a good day today

i hope native american kids have a good day today

i hope gay kids have a good day today

i hope lesbian kids have a good day today

i hope pansexual kids have a good day today

i hope aromantic and asexual kids have a good day today

i hope transgender kids have a good day today

i hope intersex kids have a good day today

i hope mentally disabled kids have a good day today

i hope physically disabled kids have a good day today

i just.

i hope all of you have a really good day today, okay?

I finally realized what bothers me about the whole “Teaching kids about asexuality somehow sexualizes them!!!”  argument.

Like… my parents gave me The Talk when I was about 7 or 8. I got my first sex ed class in school when I was in 5th grade. That’s a class full of 10-11 year olds being taught about sex.

So, it’s okay to teach really young kids about sex – before a lot of them have even hit puberty, so they probably don’t get a whole lot of sexual urges – but it’s not okay to tell them that they don’t need to want it?

Is that what the aphobes are telling me? Because that really sounds like what the aphobes are telling me.

TBH I have to remind myself pretty often that as someone who is asexual, I do get to be a member of the LGBT community, and I do deserve support and love. I really wish there were a way for me to reach other ace kids and tell them it’s okay.

I thought I was straight for so long, and then when it clicked I guess I kept this idea of “oh no that’s not for me, don’t talk about it, it’s not your place to talk” because I was afraid of overshadowing /real/ LGBT people.

Asexual kids are valid members of the LGBTQIA+ community and deserve love too.



Asexual –

Not experiencing sexual attraction at all.


You identify as Asexual and you are sex repulsed.


Discussed by sexual acts/mentions.


Sexual attraction fades after initially meeting someone. (Say you see someone on the street and you are sexually attracted to them, but then upon actually meeting the individual, you lose the sexual attraction)


Experiencing sexual attraction, nut not wanting it reciprocated. (You are essentially sex repulsed, but only when it is to do with you. You don’t like the idea of people being sexually attracted to you; or the idea of you being involved) Also could be aroused by sexual content (book, movie)


ONLY experiencing sexual attraction AFTER a strong bond has been formed. (Could be that you have boon romantically interested in someone, and you have never experienced sexual attraction before then. NOT not wanting to have sex with someone until you get to know them)


Disconnection between oneself and sexual target of arousal. (Say you are watching or reading something with sexually explicit material, now you may be aroused by it, or it may not gross you out, but you yourself, don’t want to be put in that situation.)


Wanting a sexual relationship, but you don’t experience sexual attraction. (One will want to perform sexual acts, but doesn’t feel an attraction)


Experiencing sexual attraction.


Your sexual identity fluctuates between the different identies and level of sexual attraction/drive. (Sexual attraction could also fluctuate between genders)