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LGBT Percy Jackson Headcanons

-Trans girls are always accepted by Artemis into the Hunt

-Nico never actually says he’s gay, just makes it known by making out with Will in nearly every location possible

-Queer kids whose parents didn’t accept them are year round campers

-At first the Ares kids were a little wary of the LGBT community, but when a second year Ares camper comes out they become fiercely protective of them

-The Aphrodite kids are walking encyclopedias on all LGBT terms, and have a list with definitions in their cabin for questioning campers

-The Aphrodite kids also really like helping trans campers feel comfortable in their own skin

-Pansexual Piper

-Lesbian or bi Reyna

-Asexual Thalia

-Apollo kids (being children of the god of prophecies) always know who is going to come out next, but never pressure them to do so

-Chiron makes any homophobic campers be on stable duty for a month

-Dionysus lazily mentions that if he hears anyone else being homophobic… well, he hopes you like dolphins

-Athena cabin getting into debates on which of their favourite fictional characters are LGBT and having literal CHARTS and GRAPHS to prove it

-Bi-curious Percy, though he never acted on it because it’s always been Annabeth

-Jason being the straightest, whitest, cis-est, malest demigod out there, but supporting his LGBT friends and the entire community without hesitation

-Jason is literally the guy to make t-shirts, to keep buying skittles, to find all LGBT songs possible, and, of course, “Guys! Guys! There’s a Pride Parade next week! We /have/ to go. Where can I buy a pink tutu on short notice?”

-Nico secretly loving that Jason is like this but never admitting it

-Pansexual Will

-Frank being really confused about the whole thing but totally accepting it because people he love are in that community and it’s all about love so how could that possibly be a bad thing?

-Annabeth, Frank’s go-to on anything he doesn’t understand, happily explains everything she knows to him

-Frank thinking it’s so cool and telling Nico how awesome he is for being himself

-Hazel being /floored/ on how accepting the world is of LGBT people today, though of course plenty of people still suck

-Hazel being slightly relived to know that it’s normal because although she loved Sammy then, and she loves Frank now, there was this girl back home who she sort of had feelings for and never understood what that meant

-Demisexual Frank

-Bisexual Rachel

-Leo and the rest of the Hephaestus cabin working on bracelets for gender fluid kids that change colour to correspond with how they feel

-Alex Fierro buying out all of the first ones ready

-Bi or pan Magnus

-Gay Hearthstone

-Gay Blitzen

-^^^This was obvious because Blitzstone is practically canon, come on people

-Each and every god (besides those who swore off all love) responding with ‘yes’ when asked what their sexual orientation is

-Polysexual Sadie

-Polysexual Leo

-Trans Meg/ *edit, suggested by @thisrandombloggergirl Demi-girl Meg instead!

-Also lesbian Meg?

-A large number of LGBT and ally kids being from the Aphrodite cabin because LOVE is LOVE people!

-Calypso making flower crowns that correspond with the different flags’ colours and giving them to anyone who wants them

-Bi, pan, and poly Apollo kids never feeling the need to change the pronouns when they sing love songs or write love poems

-Apollo being *extremely* out at CHB while he’s there

-Him actually giving other LGBT kids the courage to come out

-A small elite group at Camp Jupiter created as a safe space for queer kids

-Reyna always supporting it but being really shy about joining when she comes to terms with her sexuality

-The kids in the group gladly welcoming her

-Asexual/aromantic child of Aphrodite worrying something is wrong with them

-Their brothers and sisters assuring them that they’re normal and there are all different kinds of love

-Hephaestus cabin setting up LGBT movie nights (nothing graphic, mostly fluff, though Travis and Connor have tried on more than one occasion to sneak some x-rated stuff in there)

-Piper running an LGBT aesthetic blog on tumblr

-Feel free to add more!

Depression is not beautiful.

Anxiety is not adorable.

Suicidal thought is not romantic.

Dissociation is not sweet day-dreaming.

Self-harm is nothing to be proud of.

Mental illnesses don’t make you edgy, nor wise. They are disgusting feelings that haunt you everyday and night. They are the reason why your life falls apart and you always feel miserable.

Stop romanticizing mental illnesses. Thank you.

Aphrodite would be the most annoying mom to the Olympians. Like, Artemis or Hades or whoever would be visiting and just jump five feet in the air, whirling around, ready to attack–

“OW! Aphrodite! Your shitty kid just fucking shot me in the ass!”

“Baby!” Aphrodite coos, leaning over, practically spilling out of her maxi-dress, making kissy faces. “You finally shot straight!”

Eros smiles a drooly smile while the visitor mutters “This is the last time I visit you…”

Headcanon time

I’ve got some headcanons about friendship between the Mango Cheese and the Peter Johnson gangs
This post will be long (?) so let’s start!

- Magnus, Alex, Sam and TJ sometimes go to CHB (bc they are demigods and they can)

- Magnus helps in the infirmary
- Actually the first time Will saw him thought that he was one of his brothers and basically ordered him to heal some injured demigod
- But Will help him to deal with Alex bc he knows everything about sassy and sad boy(girl)friends
-Mr D actually calls him Mango Cheese

- Alex being friend with Nico
- You know, the sassy-and-sad thing
- But also they like training together
- Alex shapeshifting-and-garrote and Nico underworld-stuff-and-sword
- They also like to creep the shit out of annoying people (bc they are little shits)
- And they are Nerds™
- Nico has been calling Alex Ant-man or Wasp since the time she became a bug during a fight (Wasp when she’s a girl, Ant-man when he’s a boy)
- Yes I’ve got a lot of feels for them

- Samirah and Annabeth usually talks about how silly are their friends (especially Magnus)
-Sam studying for her fly exams with Athena children bc they are smart and quiet
-Jason found out that she can fly like him
-He challenged her
-Sam won (and Percy will never let Jason forget it)

- TJ , as a son of Tyr, the god of courage, likes stories about bravery and battles
- He and Ares kids always talk during meals
- I think he’s friend with Leo.
- IDK why but I like him being friend with Hephaestus house

- Jack flirts shamelessly with Riptide
- Percy really doesn’t like this
- Neither Riptide does
- Jack and Leo are the Meme Lords™

- Sometimes they meet outside CHB and there are also Blitz and Hearth

- Aphrodite kids LOVE Blitzen style
-Blitz teaches Hephaestus and Aphrodite houses how to make protective and stylish clothes
- Lou Ellen knows ASL
- She “talks” a lot about magic with Hearth
-Hearth thinks she’s really funny
- Hearthstone teaches Travis and Connor Stoll ALS swear words

Feel free to add yours!

honestly i love the idea of demigods being “mismatched” with their godly parent and breaking cabin stereotypes

  • an aphrodite kid who’s not conventionally attractive and has no fashion sense. they don’t think they belong until someone points out how well they always know what to say. because love makes you beautiful and you don’t have to fit society’s idea of “beauty” to be beautiful. and aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. not just beauty.
  • an athena kid with a love for learning but major learning disabilities. getting saddled with the goddess of knowledge as a mother? gotta suck until they realize that all of their siblings are amazing tutors and have great study tips. not only that, but they also all know what it’s like to struggle in school.
  • a child of apollo who is so incredibly tone deaf, cant write a line of poetry, or do archery for shit. they think that they don’t match up but one day, they take a dance class. and they never look back. maybe they become a rockette and apollo comes to one of the radio city christmas spectatuclars and says “art comes in many forms.”
  • an ares kid who hates blood and war. instead they want peace. think dad’s gonna be disappointed? wrong. negotiations, bargaining, and treaties are important parts of any war. and honestly? sometimes he wishes his kids understood that more.
  • a demeter kid with the complete opposite of a green thumb. but boy can they bake. demeter, being the goddess of the harvest and all, her kids are excellent with baked goods. it’s all that wheat.
Some PJO/HOO HC's that I've been thinking about:

Nico can play the piano.

Percy doesn’t really drink coffee. He’ll have it once it a while, but it’s not a drink he really goes for.

Percy falls asleep first, and Annabeth strokes his hair while she reads.

The Apollo kids (ft. other campers) record an album of covers and original songs. Austin produces it. It’s available on iTunes too, and they’re a big hit.

They also host an occasional open mic night at the campfire.

Leo can dance.

Jason and Annabeth have really pretty penmanship.

Older kids come and visit during college breaks.

A lot of them study at New Rome and have part-time jobs.

If you get to befriend one Ares kid, you’re automatically introduced to the entire cabin and are part of their inner circle.

Annabeth, Grover, and Percy have reunions at least once a month at the pizza place near Percy’s.

The Demeter kids help out people who wanna impress their s/o’s with bouquets of flowers.

Drew goes through major character development. She eventually befriends lots of campers and even apologizes to most of them.

If they ever built Hestia a cabin, upset campers would go and visit because it invoked such homey feelings.

Jason can bake.

Thalia and Annabeth keep each other updated.

Tyson always brings Percy presents when he comes to visit camp.

Campers always make it a point to celebrate Fathers’ Day with Chiron.

Nico’s been a little wary of the Aphrodite kids after his run-in with Eros.

Reyna and Annabeth become really good friends.

No demigod is exactly like their godly parent or half-siblings. They’ve all got their defining traits.

Introducing the official tumblr for the webseries by @corteae, Achilles the Kid vs. The Gods. The series will include all means of media depicting what is, basically, a high school AU of Greek mythology.


At Tartarus High School, in Olympus City, being the best is do-or-die, but the school’s faculty (contemporary incarnations of Greek deities) are constantly using otherworldly methods to test their students. When Achilles enters the school as a freshman, he’s enraged by the strife of his fellow classmates. He declares war against the faculty, causing all mythological means of Chaos to ensue. 


It’s been 30 years since Percy’s death (died at 30) and for fun, some ‘mortals’ tried a demon summoning ritual. One of those kids was actually a son/daughter of Pluto and accidentally summons Percy.

Percy, in turn, starts cursing in greek and glares at the kids going “All i want is a PEACEFUL AFTERLIFE IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?” and the kids are so confused on why this a) worked and b) why this man was so upset.

He starts ranting and talking trash about the gods and how they never left him alone when one of the child demanded to know who he was.

He stops his rant and smiles going “Of course you’re one of hers. Aphrodite just can’t keep it in her pants-er… skirt.”

Suddenly the friends all find out they are demigods and Percy finds out he can’t go back to the underworld until these kids get safely to camp so Percy just floats behind the group of kids (a child of ares, a child of venus, a child of pluto, and a child of hebe) complaining and moping while they go cross country to CHB.

When they reach Chicago, the child of Ares gets mad over the fact they have a rude ghost floating behind them, insults Percy and percy’s like “Dude I fought your dad when I was 12 and I won, and that wasn’t the last time i fought a god either”

So the trip turns into a story-telling session and the new demigods are kinda in awe of Percy and Percy warms up to them and gets really sad when they get to camp because now he has to leave.

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For the writting prompts, maybe percabeth and number 12?

panicked/accidental confession


Friday family dinner turns quickly into chaos.

If it’s not one of the usual kinds of crazy–a baby-flung scrap of food turned into a full-fledged food fight, an offhand joke at the central brazier that turns into an impromptu camper roast, a loud and obnoxious and roaring sing-along–it’s most certainly the other. Screaming, and panicking, and a deafening boom that shakes the ground and rattles dust from the columns of the dining pavilion. The protective barrier around Camp Half-Blood flickers fire-red, then dissolves.

Clarisse is the first to stand, weapon in-hand; Piper is the second. “Everybody stay calm!” she shouts, climbing atop Aphrodite’s table. “Just–just stay calm!”

The screaming lessens, soothed by her charmspeak as much as her presence. Annabeth, for her part, mostly feels Piper’s anxiety atop her own. She gets to her feet and scans the visible borders of the camp, stares hard at the darkening shadows at the tree line, the stretching strawberry fields, the spaces between the cabins. The tall sanctuary of the climbing wall. The placid waters of the Sound. All the places something might easily hide. All the places an invading force might emerge from.


She stares, too, at her daughter’s face, her round cheeks and scared, trusting eyes. “We’re fine, baby.”

“Loud,” Daisy cries, grabbing at her ears and leaning into Annabeth’s thigh. “Daddy’s coming back?”

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i’m positive that poseidon waited until percy did something reallllly badass to claim him, and when the whole camp was there, and he was like:

  • hm, nice trick with the toilet water. but only the athena spawn is there…
  • oooooh, with the water and the sword? good, but you could do better…