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gevalover  asked:

OHHHH °W° I will wait for when you are recruiting members >w> (I will not gonna make explode any kid I swear (? >W>;;)

Unless we get more kiddos when I don’t know how much there will be to help with. Unless Star is making everyone super hyper XD Thank you though! I know when a certain someone comes back from band camp they’ll probably want to contribute too…. ( >w>)b

I love so many things about this pic. Click for more detail.

That foreboding sky, contrasting with happy Rainbow Crystal Trees…

Ghostly Charles Babbage Sample* back there, drifting around…

Fall approaches and the pumpkins are ready.

I just played tonight.

Oh, how I love my beautiful strange game. :)

Replies tomorrow.

*Charles Babbage Sample was given to me by @echoweaver

god i can’t believe this gifted child discourse is actually happening, let us sad adults have our memes and acknowledge that you maybe just. don’t get it. 

 the good thing about this is that i get to read more about my friend’s experiences and finding solace in having similar experiences even though we all had a completely different way of growing up and it’s so laughable to hear about this from an american perspective or in general, people taking one experience and thinking it’s universal. and i also feel like a lot of people have this sheldon cooper stereotype of gifted kids/”childhood geniuses” and that is so not most people’s experience, starting from being super male and white. 

i was a clever and in many ways excellent child but there was no such thing as an advanced maths class in my school, and when i was in primary school my family was busy with trying to not fall apart since my mom very nearly died so me getting into some special gifted kids programs was not the priority, we just tried to make my childhood as normal as possible despite the circumstances. and sometimes i mourn the lost potential of what could’ve been if i had had access to special programs but it probably would’ve resulted in more messe-up-ness and again, priorities. 
that didn’t stop my brain from working faster and differently and the resulting loneliness and anxieties and depression, so by the time i was 17 and started therapy for stuff that was 100% related to being gifted and finally did that stupid IQ test and it was through the roof it wasn’t something to brag about but just a massive “oh that explains SO much, i thought so”. and having troubles relating on a close level with people who are not like that is zero arrogance but just. how it is. nobody chooses loneliness. 

and it helped a lot to meet people who are similar and to share the experiences because guess what??? it fundamentally affects my life and how i am as a person! 

Heya Scott!

I have a ton of things to say about your franchise. 

I love this fandom.

I joined around a year ago, when all the hubbub was ending. I loved the characters, I loved the art, I loved the story, I loved the stories.

I love the fanbase as a whole, but also Scott himself.

It’s okay to take breaks, okay to leave projects.

I don’t really care.

But I wanna express as quickly as possible how much this franchise keeps me sane.

I know a few that also still are active in this fandom.

They’re awesome.

Y’all are awesome.

I needed a special time to say this, and this is the best time.


When Ahnoui opened his eyes, The Boss was still there, only now facing him.

Ahnoui noticed that his head ‘shrooms were similar to the big ones that had sprung up around Groovy Groceries and The Mysterious Vortex. Smaller of course, but black and white as they were.

The Boss was wearing glasses with very mesmerizing lenses. Black and white swirls that made him dizzy to look at.

“The Parent favors you. Hmm.” There was a certain lack of warmth in his voice, and a hint of question or surprise.

Ahnoui just stood there, transfixed.