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Who needs the kitchen?

Andrei will sparkle a meal.

You know what.  Don’t interfere with Fairy Princess Wolfman.

In the end we will force said food down your gullet for being insufferable.  :|

Quick bitch about the screaming kid and…


Con Carne!  … Andrei’s favorite.


Sepsilar entered the cargo hold area of the ship. Where was that bloodsucker? Their ticket to a chance at a new life. Time was of the essence. He and the captain could not hope to escape the notice of the Kill Patrols for too much longer. Their sick ship was radiating the abnormality of itself and its pilots.

Up to the main quarters…

Oh. THERE he was. Awake and chatting amiably with Captain Virulon about sightseeing and asking to take a short nap in the restoration pod. He would prefer that to the dirty floor of the cargo hold.

Had this kid not been told he was merchandise? He was acting like a guest.


1. I got a new job!!!!!! I found this super rich family with 3 kids who need a full time basically house manager to just cook and do laundry and run errands and babysit sometimes and they’re paying me over 40k a year and giving me a flexible schedule to keep going to school???? Like how did this happen???

2. Raquel, me, and our other roommate signed for the apartment we really wanted and we move May 10th!!!! Into a huge gorgeous apartment in Pentagon City and I’m so happy ahhhhhhhh

3. Oh this goes on 1 but I also get health insurance which is amazing bc mine SUCKS and I hate all the kaiser therapists so now I can get a new one!!!!! Wowowowowowow

And so it ends.

It’s been a long, fun, 10ish month ride. I loved Volume 1 and all its characters with all my heart, but alas it is time to move on. And I am very excited!!

I have some teasers ready for you for today, and I already have Volume 2 - Chapter 1 queued. Yes, there will be a time jump. Our beloved parents will still be an integral part of the story, but it’s time to focus on the kids :D

Speaking of which, you can find their character page HERE. Also, the updated family tree is HERE

Volume 2 will be much shorter than Volume 1 was - I am shooting for 100 episodes - and get us through the kids’ teenage years. Volume 3 if I get that far will follow them into adulthood. I am so excited, guys!!

anonymous asked:

This is a long read and i understand if you dont want to spend your sweet Bee time reading my troubles. Recently I've been thinking I have a learning problem or something along the line of that. Ever since I was a kid starting around grade 3 I've has assistance with my schooling. Usually leaving to go to another classroom with other kids in my grade once or twice though the week. Looking back I thought it was great, missing class to do fun things.  1/6

But it’s when I got older into middle school/junior high I’ve noticed that back when I was in elementary most of the “cool” kids did not leave class and kids who got picked on did leave for extra help. This now made me hate leaving class for extra help (I believe the class was called Resource). I would go at first but the people who went I myself didn’t think they were cool, honistly I thought they were losers mainly because that’s what everyone else said.  2/6

So that made me think that people who went to Resource were seen as social outcasts. I remember sitting in that classroom with the few people taking what I called back then the “stupid people’s test”. (A version of a test that the class would take but I got more “easier” questions.) I remember sitting there feeling hot as my muscles contracted as I thought to myself “I shouldn’t be here, I’m not like THEM, I’m not going anymore, I want to be NORMAL”  3/6

So I didn’t go, everytime they called upon me in middle school to go to Resource I would refuse  (they didn’t persist). Though I still got the “stupid people’s test” I would try to hide that I got different tests from my deskmate. In high school there was nothing like that, though I did fail a class every year I still passed. Though I knew university wasn’t going to be for me I’m in collage now at this moment I’m doing a rather simple assignment that’s taking me forever to do.  4/6

I’m getting anxious over it and it reminded me of when I was a kid on how much Maths and even writing properly was a mountain for me but a molehill for others.  I’ve noticed that my body language is sometimes different from those around me. Like I stair off into space a lot while putting the rock on my ring around my lips or pressing my lips on my sweater. Other times I bolt from one topic to another.   5/6

I am also terrible at articulating my thoughts. In a stressful situation I go halfway in a sentence but can’t think of the word im about to say so I’m just hand gesture and studder. My dad is against anything like ADD or ADHD etc. So I feel like if I ask my parents they’ll say “no you’re normal” I don’t know if getting tested would make me feel better but right now I’m not feeling too hot. Thanks for reading Also sorry you didn’t get the last message 6/6

Hey sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, thanks for waiting! I hope you’re doing okay

I wanted to say first of all, what you went through was really unfair. A lot of kids with mental conditions and disabilities are kept in the dark about their own conditions and it never helps because it leaves us really confused and ashamed. What your parents and teachers did– by not explaining anything to you– hurt you. They were irresponsible and now you’re struggling because they didn’t give you a healthy foundation to stand on. You deserved so much more, but I promise that the problem isn’t with you. 

You’re not broken or wrong, you’re different and your parents/teachers didn’t properly educate you in a way that suited you best. They ignored your specific needs and made you feel ashamed of something you don’t need to be ashamed of.

That being said, I know your parents are against labels like ADHD, but it really does sound like what you may have. Even if you don’t have the courage or money to get officially diagnosed, you may want to look up stuff online in your own time. A lot of my close friends have ADHD, and online help has been a big contributor to their comfort.
You may also want to look into Autism (or Autism Spectrum Disorder, abbreviated as ASD) for your body language and comforting motions (like your ring)
I don’t have many resources on ADHD, but here are some masterposts for Autism: [Link 1] [Link 2]
Here is a link that talks about both ADHD and Autism: [Link]

I know these links may be overwhelming, and I’m in no way trying to diagnose you or tell you what to do. But I know going to a professional can be scary and I also know people who have relied heavily on online resources to help them make sense of themselves. I hope these can do the same for you, and that you can eventually feel more comfortable in your own skin.
I hope talking with me helped, please don’t be shy to come to me again in the future :) I’m wishing you the absolute best!

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Mr. B Young (26), 2 kids, married, 7 The game Old (37), 3 kids, single, 8.5 They said no context but I need to tell you that some 16 year olds are talking about banging some teachers in out English class and I'm very worried

go to my ask and paste the last thing you copied and send it to me without any explanation


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do you know anyone whos had post vasectomy chronic pain?


Listen to my doctor snip interview.

Any surgery it is normal to feel a bit of something for a few days but nothing major mate!

Nothing more painful than paying 500k to raise a child till age 18 haha.

(quote from my mate with 3 kids and whom had a vasectomy a couple of years ago)

Things You Will See in This Video:

-Misha not able to speak properly but frustratedly trying to get his point across anyway
-Maison and West just positively cracking up with laughter
-Vicki desperately running away from the camera