This actually happened
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Kid #1 :</b> no it not the same<p/><b>Kid #2 :</b> yes it is !<p/><b>Me :</b> what going on ...?<p/><b>Kid #1 :</b> this kid is telling me that Boss is the same thing as a King<p/><b>Kid #2 :</b> and it is the same !<p/><b>Me :</b> no it actually isn't<p/><b>Kid #1 :</b> see told you ...<p/><b>Me :</b> because you see ... Boss is Jacksepticeye , he is the bossiest boss ever but king on the other hand is mark , because he is the king of squirrels and/ the king of FNAF<p/><b>Kid #1 :</b> <p/><b>Kid #2 :</b> <p/><b>Kid #1 :</b> <p/><b>Kid #2 :</b> <p/><b>Both :</b> ... Wut<p/></p><p/></p>

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So did you know you have a kid

“Wait wut? Where ya gettin this info? I would know if I had a kid or not. Besides I haven’t even gone to that level in my relationship with Blind yet…The most we’ve done is kissing and getting a bit handsy maybe. Not enough to warrant kids, besides who’s to say I can even have kids…”

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Alone, each one of them alone with a baby or a toddler. Please sugar? Maybe their S/O can give them a hand.



  • Dick would be really really good with kids. 
  • Not a good baby sitter , mind you, just good with them. 
  • Its probably your nieces or nephews. 
  • Or some of his friend’s kids
  • Either way , they all adore him. 
  • Like ADORE HIM. 
  • He’s super fun. 
  • Always has candy stores and gives them as many as they want. 
  • Gets them pizza. 
  • Plays whatever game they ask him to.
  • Ranging all the way from video games to tea parties. 
  • With Dick , there is no such thing as PG or rules. 
  • Wanna watch a PG 13 movie ? Dick has no problem arranging it. 
  • You have to be the parent. 
  • Get them to bed. 
  • Say no to PG movies.
  • Say no to violent movies and too much junk food. 
  • The kids whine and complain in protest , so does your boyfriend.
  • But , someone’s gotta be responsible. 
  • By the time , the kids are in bed Dick is a whiney mess. 
  • So you have to take care of your giant man child boyfriend. (THIS  COULD BE AN IMAGINE ON ITS OWN ) 
  • The things we do for love , huh? 


  • Jason , is very good with kids. 
  • And a very good sitter. 
  • You two are the ultimate sitting team. 
  •  You guys take great care of the kids. 
  • You play with em. 
  • Jason specially. 
  • His favourite is actually tea parties. 
  • Its very amusing to see your big , intimidating looking boyfriend , THE RED HOOD , sit down , surrounded by little tea cups and toys. 
  • He even plays dolls with the girls.
  • He doesn’t allow too much of junk food or candy
  • Only a moderate amount. 
  • Always has them in bed on time. 
  • ALWAYS. 


  • Tim sucks at baby sitting. 
  • He has no idea. 
  • He tries his best though. 
  • You’re mostly incharge of it all but he helps you at as much as he can. 
  • Getting stuff for you while you manage the kids
  • Cleaning up after them. 
  • Helping with the food arrangement. 
  • Chases them if they run or something. 
  • Will talk to them about video games if they’re old enough. 
  • But that’s about it. 
  • That’s all  the poor guy can manage. 
  • But he wants to help out so bad that he genuinely gets upset when he can’t. 
  • So after you put the kids to bed , you have to cheer up a very mopey Tim.
  • But you have your ways (take this in any sense you want to okay ?)


This is for older ! Damian because well , I can’t imagine current Damian with toddlers or whatever. Plus he needs to be older for me to actually write for him without throwing up. 

  • It will take Damian some time to actually get used to the idea of kids. 
  • But the first time , he’s worse than Tim.
  • He just stares down at the kid like , 
  • “Wut is dat ?”
  • “What to do with it ?” 
  • You have to ease him out of his “wtf are kids “ stage. 
  • After he shows them his katana blade and scares them shitless.
  • He’ll basically do whatever you ask him to , at that time. 
  • Or he’ll just sit there and look at you as you take care of the kids. 
  • He doesn’t get why the kids can’t have sugar at night
  • Or why they can’t play some video games. 
  • Or whats the point behind serving tea to inanimate objects.
  • You have to explain. 
  • Its kinda fun actually to watch as look of realization dawns on his face. 
  • He does help in putting the kids to bed though. 
  • Even pops in  a bedtime story. 


Somebody asked for a smol order of big brother Sans (/-w-)/

Sans’ eye glowed when he was surprised. Meaning he could’ve moved them, he could even freeze them and move away, or even dodge them. But he let them hug him :3 *instense Temmie shaking*


This is gonna be the last one today, folks. I have a busy schedule and a project to finish so I have to delay the last 3 entries for “Cheer Up the Skeleton”. They won’t be out until Sunday or Monday -_-

But if I finish the project early, I mght be able to post the next one tomorrow . No promises :3

I love drawing happy Sans. People should do it often. It’s quite theraputic…


Welcome Home

Requested. Yixing has been away working in China, and you are waiting for him to come home and comfort you ;)

You had been waiting for Lay to come home all day. You tried to ease your mind by watching a couple episodes of ‘exo showtime!’, but you constantly caught yourself tapping your fingers nervously on the arm of the couch, and your gaze seemed to be fixed on the window more than on the TV.

Lay had been away for weeks, doing a show in China. He called you every morning and night, often more than that, and the other members would come visit you to keep you from being lonely, but you dreadfully missed falling asleep in his arms, feeling the comfort of him stroking your hair, feeling his fingers trailing across your bare skin…

You shake your head and glare at the television screen. You can’t stop your heart from beating rapidly as Lay appears in the show, eating soup alone at the rest stop. You would normally laugh at his silly expression, but today you feel a nervous energy in your chest.

A ray of light shines on the wall for a moment and disappears. You sit up straighter. You know the way headlights shine through the windows as a car arrives. Your heart is beating crazily. Why are you so nervous? You feel almost more nervous than the first time you went on a date with your silly boyfriend, when he took your hand and you thought your heart might actually beat its way out of your chest. You hear the muffled sound of a car door shutting outside, followed by the sound of feet coming up the steps, getting louder as they get nearer to the door. Lay had insisted on taking a shuttle back from the airport and letting you sleep, but you had decided to stay up and wait for him anyway.

You turn off the TV and stand up as his keys rattle in the lock. The door is pushed open and you finally see him, pulling his suitcase inside with difficulty. A huge smile breaks across your face as you finally see him in person, for the first time in so long. He hasn’t noticed you yet, as he is preoccupied with the suitcase.

“Yixing!” You call, with more excitement than you intended. He looks up with surprise, and you run over to him, wrapping your arms around him and burying your face in his chest. He hugs you tightly, rocking back and forth, so you almost lose your balance. He smells faintly of sweat and something more flowery, but it’s a surprisingly okay combination.

“You should be sleeping, y/n!” he says, pushing you away slightly. You look into his beaming yet tired face before he pulls you back into the hug. “But I’m kind of glad you aren’t. I wanted to see you so badly, I don’t think I could have waited for morning.”

“I never would have been able to go to sleep,” you say truthfully. You giggle a bit to yourself as you look at his bare neck. Even though you promised not to do it…sometimes the urge was just too great. You moved as if to end the hug once more, but instead bounced up on your toes and blew on his neck. Lay immediately squealed and fell to his knees, protecting his neck. You laughed and he looked up at you with a pouting expression.

“No matter how many times I warn you…” he sighed. Quickly he reaches out and grabs you around the waist, pulling you down and pinning you against the carpet. He attacks you with tickles to your sides. You kick your legs and try to yell for him to stop between uncontrollable fits of laughter.

“Stoooop Yixing!”

Thankfully, the tickling stops. You finally stop laughing and let out a relieved breath. Lay is on his elbows, smiling down at you. Your eyes widen at his proximity to you. You feel his breath on your cheek, and suddenly become very aware of his hands on your arms, the way he is straddling you, with one leg on either side, trapping you.

You know he must be tired from his flight, but the usual blank, far away look is gone from eyes. They are clear and sparkling, and you’re suddenly reminded of his…interesting performances during the exo'luxion concerts. You free your arm from his hold and grab his hair, pulling his mouth down to yours.

You feel his fingers tighten around your forearm, and he leans into the kiss, something which brought a lot more of his body into contact with yours.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve heard you say my name, y/n,” Lay says, moving his hands down over your ribs. Your stomach clenches at the sudden low growl to his voice, and you gasp as his cold hands come into contact with your bare skin. He slides one hand up your shirt and kisses you softly. He slowly sits upright and unbuttons his pants, then pulls down your pajama pants and underwear. He looks into your eyes questioningly, and you nod, feeling the wetness in between your legs. He laughs slightly.

“I can’t believe what you do to me.”

He lay back on top of you, then plunged into you without warning. You let out a slight moan and arch your body unintentionally. He thrusts gently but with increasing speed as he trails desperate kisses down your neck. You grasp at his back desperately, balling his shirt in your fists as he speeds up. He lets out small grunts of pleasure. You feel your core tightening and you dig your fingers even harder into his back. You let out a desperate yelp.

“Yixing!” you cry. You tighten around him as you come, and with an almost indistinguishable shout of your name, he comes too. He pulls out of you and lays down beside you. Your legs feel weak, and you’re sure you don’t have the strength to pull up your pants. You turn over and rest your head on his outstretched arm. He looks at you with a tired smile and moves a strand of sweaty hair away from your eyes.

“I missed you so much,” he says, and plants a light kiss on your forehead. You smile and cuddle close to him. You close your eyes as he strokes your hair, humming a song softly. You are so happy to finally have him home.

xx Kiwi xx

Monsta X reacts to their s/o’s brand new hairdo

Shownu: It’s not that he doesn’t like it, it’s just such a drastic change that he can’t process it right now. Just give him a few minutes, he’ll love it.

Wonho: He’ll love it, no question. The only way he’d be upset was if he wasn’t the first person you showed your new hair to.

Minhyuk: This guy gets happy and excited over everything. He’s gonna scream to you about how he loves your hair, then he’ll scream to his members about it.

Kihyun: He’d be a little worried, to be honest. Your hair doesn’t look bad, but it’s such a drastic change that there’s no way to go back to your old hairstyle if you decided you didn’t like it tomorrow morning. He wouldn’t want you to regret your choice.

Hyungwon: “Hey, jag–” 
He’d be caught completely off guard. Chances are you changed your hair without a word about it to him and just showed him after you’d gotten it done. His mind would shut down while he tried to process the fact that though that was your face, your old hairstyle was no longer there.

Jooheon: lmao wut? This kid wouldn’t even be able to understand what he didn’t understand. Like you got a new hairstyle? What? What did your old hairstyle even look like? I don’t even remember… He’d warm up to it, though, don’t worry not like he could change it if he wanted to anyway

I.M: “Get your hands out of my hair!” -You
Good luck with that, dude. He’d be all over you as soon as he saw what you’d done with your hair. He’d make it his personal mission to feel every inch of your hair to see if it felt any different from before. Hope your shampoo bottle isn’t almost empty.


Lol this probably the most adorable pick up line ever. Here’s a few more just for fun :P

- I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

- Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.

- Are you an orphanage? Cause I wanna give you kids. (LOL wut xD)

- Are you a parking ticket? ‘Cause you’ve got fine written all over you.

- Can I have directions? [To where?] To your heart. (Cheesy but classic)

- Babe, your beauty makes the morning sun look like the dull glimmer of the moon. (poetic :O)

- I’m not staring at your boobs. I’m staring at your heart. (He’s lying xD)

- Me without you is like a nerd without braces, A shoe without laces, aSentenceWithoutSpaces

- My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can’t hold it in. (lol)

- Excuse me, but does this smell like chloroform to you? (Wow just wow xD)

- Are your parents bakers? Cause they sure made you a cutie pie!