I could just be really late to the party on this but here goes. 

Now that the 2 Ciel theory has been confirmed, I went back and watched some episodes in the anime. I rewatched episode 45 in Book of Circus, ‘His Butler, Sneering’. It’s SO blatantly obvious now that there are two kids with Vincent! I would have never second guessed it if this hadn’t been confirmed!





Also note how in each frame there are objects conveniently placed to hide the twin, something most people wouldn’t even think about.  

Edit: Originally I had the first pic as Real!Ciel and the second as Our!Ciel, as pointed out by @abybweisse, it is the opposite!

Parent head-canons for Vincent, Cain, Lawrence and Ren!


  • A fun dad!
  • A dad that can be strict when he wants too
  • If his kid gets expelled for a stupid reason, he will take the principal to his bunker and use him as punching bag.
  • No one knows who kidnapped the old principal.
  • Farz will help babysit the kid if you and Vincent are doing the ‘do’.


  • A strict dad!
  • But he pretty relaxed as well
  • Well teach his kid to study a lot
  • Probably teaches him fencing
  • Don’t do that Cain!


  • Tries his best to be a good dad!
  • Probably gives drugs to anyone that bullies his kid
  • Maybe the kid is not seen for a while
  • Just tries his best


  • Probably just tries not to be Strade
  • Cooks best food
  • Never lets his kid in the basement
  • Never shows any victims of his to his kid
WH characters

Elias: Angry kid

Luca: Cool kid

Yukiya: Quiet kid

Klaus: Sadistic kid

Randy: Candy kid

Azusa: Psycho kid

Joel: Singing kid

Vincent: Friendly kid

Leon: Doesn’t have the mental capacity to be anything but confused kid

Cerim: Sophisticated kid

Guy: Happy kid

Glenn: Calm kid

Leslie: Fashionable kid

Sigurd: Bratty kid

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Gay bachelorette headcanons?

Abigail - She came out to her dad, who then told her mom. She didn’t want to confront her mom about it.

Haley - She didn’t realize she was gay until the Farmer moved into town.

Leah - She expresses her struggles with accepting herself through her art. It’s really helped her.

Maru - She came out when Sebastian once said he liked girls with colored hair and Maru just said “Same”.

Penny - She told the kids, but Vincent thought that liking girls meant you were gay, so she had to deal with the fallout of Vincent shouting “SAM IS GAY” around town.

Emily - She used to make her Barbies kiss.

Beautiful - Heathers Genderbend au lyrics

So to answer some questions. Yes I will be posting genderbent versions of the lyrics. Yes you can suggest lines for lyrics I haven’t posted yet. No you can’t ask me to change lyrics I’ve already posted. However if you spot a typo you can tell me about it.

Anyway here’s Beautiful.

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Headcanon: Ciel Phantomhive is NOT a Bizarre Doll; he’s ALIVE

This is what my “Harry is a Horcrux” teaser was about earlier today….

Every time I come up with some odd theory, I get the same reply from someone: If Yana-san doesn’t shove it in our faces and give the same hint a bunch of times, it probably isn’t a major clue. I disagree.

However! This is one of those cases where she does repeatedly shove something in our face: Grim Reapers save people so rarely that they barely even consider it. William says this checking system is a mere formality. And he accuses Ronald Knox of wasting time by letting emotions get in the way.

The official English translation in my copy of Vol VIII:

This has been said, in some form or other, several times… emphasized, reinforced, throughout the series so far. 

It’s like in Harry Potter, how everyone says Avada Kedavra is immediate death; there is no defense against it; if the curse hits the target, that target dies. Well… even the charm spell proficient Lily might not have known what effect it would ultimately have… but when she stepped in between Voldemort and Harry, refused to move, got hit with that curse, and died, her self-sacrifice placed a strong charm on Harry. Voldemort didn’t know, either; the sliver of soul that split from him with that murder awaited the next move. He uses the same curse on Harry, and it reflects back, hitting himself. That sliver of soul slips into Harry, making him an unplanned Horcrux. (Know what else that makes me think of? The Franklin Badge Nippolyte gives to Lucas in Mother3; it’s reflectiveness is what saves Lucas from lightning attacks.) It had never been known to happen before, so people assumed it was impossible.

So, in Black Butler, Grim Reapers don’t expect to find anyone worth saving, and it’s become common for them to focus more on how much time they spend getting their work done, or how overworked and understaffed they are. The scene above is from the reaping of souls at Baron Kelvin’s mansion. William and Ronald are against overtime, plus Ronald has a group date planned for later; they want to hurry up and leave. Also, take note that while the reapers are harvesting souls, Sebastian and the earl are oblivious to the reapers’ presence, focused instead on leaving the burning building and confronting Doll (aka Freckle Face).

Here’s how I see it happening:

Undertaker is Cedric K. Ros–, a Saxon lord (what the Normans called a Franklin) from the late 12th/early 13th century. For whatever reason, he commits suicide and becomes a Grim Reaper. He goes about his “job” for a long time, indifferently, until:

Undertaker isn’t necessarily thinking, right here anyway, about choosing not to cut the record after “END”, but he’s thinking about possibilities for extending the “life experience”.

Then, around 1837/1838, something happens that makes Undertaker leave the reaping profession. It might have something to do with the person mourned with his oldest known locket: Mally G., died Dec. 10, 1837.

It might also have something to do with his scars, since he doesn’t have them when he’s portrayed as a reaper but does have them after quitting.

Think of William and Grell taking their final exam and fighting with a soul that struggles to hang on to life (anime OVA):

At this time, Cloudia Phantomhive is about 7 or 8 yrs old. When she is older(!), Cloudia and Undertaker start a relationship. They have children: Vincent is born June 13, 1851 (That’s a Friday the 13th, BTW)… and Frances is born maybe three years later? But how do you legally marry a guy who died long ago and came back as a Grim Reaper? You don’t. Instead you either marry someone else willing to raise your kids as his own, or you just don’t marry at all. If she didn’t marry, she might have even tried to cover up the fact she bore children out of wedlock. Either way, she’s also the Queen’s Watchdog, so she holds on to her maiden name, Phantomhive. The only other scenario I can think of is that she married into the Phantomhives, her husband was the watchdog and died, and then she took over for him, which widows sometimes did if no one else was eligible to do so. This being said, Vincent and Frances might have grown up not knowing the identity of their biological father.

Cloudia dies July 13, 1866 (another Friday the 13th), age 36, leaving the 15 year old Weston College kid, Vincent, to take up the reins as watchdog. From among his classmates, including at least one fellow P4, Vincent selects individuals to join the ranks of whatever “Aristocrats of Evil” he might have inherited from his mother. Undertaker somehow joins them and becomes an informant for Vincent. Again, Vincent might not know Undertaker is his father.

Around 1882/1883, something happens; Vincent refers to it as the “Windsor incident”; it displeases the queen, I’m sure. Sounds like scandal at the Windsor palace (and the Weston arc just goes to show that the queen hates scandal involving her family). Things seem to be going downhill. Queen Victoria calls for the destruction of the Phantomhives, or at least Vincent’s line of the family. In 1885, a group sets the manor on fire. Vincent and Rachel are murdered (in the anime a deranged angel dismembers them and sews them back up into two bodies, each having parts of Vincent and Rachel), the family dog is killed, Tanaka is stabbed (but somehow escapes the fire and death), and the two boys are kidnapped. They are sold in the human trafficking trade, bought by a cult looking for children, and held captive for later sacrifice.

The events of “THAT DAY”, sometime mid-January, 1886. The cult has had the twins in possession for about a month. Undertaker probably has his own informants within the underworld, and he might even still have a contact within the reaper offices. Since no child’s body was discovered at the manor, Undertaker has probably been scouring the underworld for clues to their whereabouts and keeping track of known traffickers and cults. He arrives at the ritual venue in time to see Ciel on the altar, cinematic record still playing; no one had cut it yet. The younger twin is still in a cage, making a deal with a demon. He doesn’t intervene with that but instead focuses on Ciel and works unobtrusively (like Sebastian keeps reminding the Phantomhive servants to do).

Unlike the typical reaper, Undertaker cannot be impartial, unemotional, and indifferent about the soul of his grandson, Ciel, the rightful Earl of Phantomhive. To him, Ciel surviving will make a difference for the better. And he doesn’t have much time. We know that reapers don’t always show up right away - personnel issues, socializing with the girls from the Administrative Division (I’m looking at you, Knox), etc. - but they will be along soon enough. He doesn’t cut the record after “END”. 

As demon and boy leave the scene, Undertaker takes Ciel away to… somewhere.

With Undertaker’s care, Ciel survives and heals. He intends to return Ciel to society when the time is right. Since the earl calls himself “Ciel”, the real Ciel will be able to reclaim the identity and earldom, as everybody thinks “Ciel” lived and the other boy perished. And, in Mother3 fashion, Ciel and the younger twin can get their final confrontation and reconciliation.

Instead of Ciel ever having the Phantomhive ring in his possession, perhaps the other boy had removed it from Vincent’s hand and kept it hidden from the cult, making only him the cursed one, not Ciel. If that’s the case, then it doesn’t matter whether the boy with the demon contract becomes a demon himself or has his soul devoured. The real Ciel would be able to replace him, reclaim the earldom, marry Lizzie, and (without the ring) live out his life… breaking the curse on the Phantomhive line.

This way, Undertaker still has a direct male descendant amongst the British nobles… actually two: Edward Midford would be, too, but he’s not a Phantomhive. And since Ciel is betrothed to Lizzie, any children they might have would have a greater percentage of Undertaker’s genes (and, apparently, traits only a reaper could pass on):

You could call it Undertaker’s revenge against Queen Victoria, too.

Kuroshitsuji 130


This chapter is to short. We show the same scene in old chapter but in a new perspective here there’re two kids in Phantomhive household. Vincent look surprised as if he know something terrible will happen because of the twin (there’re a lot of myth and I think, living as male twin  in this era is hard). 

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Diedrich: What’s wrong with your kid?
Vincent: Nothing’s wrong with him.
Vincent: It’s just a phase. Last week, he said Jessica Alba was hot.
Diedrich: No, not that—he’s not moving..
Ciel: *laying face down motionless on the ground*
Vincent: …he’s moving.
Diedrich: No, he’s not. He’s just laying there; he has been for twenty minutes.
Vincent: I’m not worried about it.
Vincent: Hey Ciel!
Diedrich: I think your kid’s broke there, Mole.
Vincent: Ugh, I told Rachel I didn’t want to watch him today.