Look how smiley! He is the happiest kid in Kiddy Land ^_^

Becoming a Father Overnight Part Eleven

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


“Come meet my best friend.”

Y/n gulped as she followed Jared toward the front of the house. As they got closer, she could hear the sound of voices talking. She stepped into the foyer. A couple around Jared and Gen’s age had arrived, they were each holding a baby carrier and a little blonde girl was chatting with Tom and Shep.

Y/n stood back nervously as Gen cooed to the other woman about one of the babies and Jared happily hugged the man. He also hugged the woman and smiled at the babies. Y/n watched them all interact, smiling faintly.

They all finished their hellos and suddenly the attention shifted to Y/n. She fidgeted nervously, and tried her hardest to plaster a big smile on her face.

“Hi,” she greeted timidly.

“JJ, this is our big sister Y/n,” Tom said excitedly, dragging his friend over to meet her.

“Hi, JJ,” Y/n greeted, crouching down to the kid’s level. “It’s nice to meet you.”

JJ gave her a shy wave, “Hi.”

“Are you gonna come play with us?” Shep asked.

“She will in a little,” Gen said, shooing them off to play.

Jared stepped toward Y/n and started introductions. “Y/n, this is Jensen and Danneel. You meet JJ and the babies are Arrow and Zepplin. Guys, this is my daughter, Y/n.”

Dannel placed the carrier on the floor and stepped toward the teenager, “We’re so happy you’re finally here. It’s wonderful to meet you!” She gave Y/n a huge smile and reached forward and hugged her.

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some craig/mc post-epilogue headcanons

BC IM IN  PA I N, some hcs made by me and my pal @live-at-the-apollo

  • craig and MC have their ritual talks about their college days and the like, giggling like children at the stupid and silly stuff they have done in their youth
  • MC loves to card is hands through craig’s hair, whether it be in bed, lounging on the couch, or a hug. MC never passes up a chance of messing with craig’s hair. 
  • craig loves to play with MC’s hands, entwining their hands, running his thumb on MC’s hand,  he’ll always, always have his hand entwined with MC’s somehow.
  • since craig is the early rise of the two, he loves watching MC’s serene, sleeping face, cupping his face. mc wakes up through craig’s light touches but they just gaze lovingly at each other and stay there for a while as if time has slowed down
  • saturday sleep-ins will always include spooning and tender kisses all over each other, as well as an abundance of confidence-boosting and lovey comments.
  • MC, with the help of craig, works towards becoming healthier, with little baby steps, MC is able to little by little last longer on their exercise escapades. craig will always be there if MC feels insecure about his body, and vice versa for craig, too.
  • “you’re my whole world bro” “bro” “bro ily” 
  • you know those bro text posts? that’s them. all the other cul-de-sac dads are sick™. eventually joseph breaks the chain with “broh my god, you guys”
  • their dates always have something engaging/active in it. always. 
  • that doesn’t mean they can’t have a fancy dinner. 
  • they still do bro brunches, and as mc dad’s cooking improves, they have “bro cook offs”
  • they do those cute couple activities where they surprise each other with a brunch dish they think they’d enjoy
  • mc becomes more involved with the maple bay flapjacks and learns some softball himself so he can support the team with less confusion + eventually helping craig with coaching
  • craig secretly has fairy lights in his office at work that he discreetly hides, but takes pride in


  • MC is that parent that yells ‘YOU’RE DOING GREAT SWEETIE” during the twins’ softball tournaments
  • in your face janet
  • the first time hazel and briar call MC dad, he cries. craig can’t help but watch with contentment and joy as mc and amanda are accepted by the twins as another part of their family now 
  • river loves MC, and sometimes refuses to go into her own crib when she’s comfortable in the confines of MC’S chest and ‘superior dad arms’
  • amanda had to do a photography series on a certain theme an she asked if she could use craig and MC as her muses
  • who would turn down amanda? no one.
  • craig and MC take it so seriously, they just want the best for amanda + the best mark. quote “you’ll get a+ i guarantee you!” (she does)
  • craig and amanda bonding, wanting to be someone she can talk and turn to if she needs a shoulder to cry on; just like MC
  • amanda introducing craig to photography to manage his anxiety
  • craig is so thankful, and uses the newfound skill to make simplistic, heartfelt series and collages to thank amanda (he also makes one for MC) 
  • he now makes 6th grade art projects to show how much he appreciates everyone
  • amanda and craig (the twins and river are obviously in on it too) create the biggest photo album of MC with the kids . craig is soo extra. he takes it so seriously
  • craig and MC tell amanda about their wild college adventures as a way to encourage her to have fun-but there are things that can and cannot be done
  • craig and MC takes turns sending amanda sweet messages like “don’t stay up too late”, “stay active”, “you can alays ask us if you need help”
  • it’s always topped with a new story from their college days
  • “be like me though, fall in love with your college roomie” 
  • in all seriousness, they both amanda for the best, and eventually amanda helps the twins through high school, giving them pointers, eventually, she also does help them for their college years.

anyway the grass is greener on craig’s route and my pal and i literally cried over the 3rd date

Smaller Than He Seems (one-shot)

Based on an AU concept where Ford was REALLY unlucky during his short stint in the Do-Over Dimension and had his biological clock turned backward until he was a kid again. He still, however, remembers every bit of his life up to that point. This is the initial reaction of everyone when he returns through the portal. I have approximately five angst/fluff fic ramble ideas to share with you later on this whole concept.

“Who is that??” Dipper asked, his brow knitting together as he gawked at the short, compact figure that- only seconds ago- crossed through the glowing maw of the wrecked portal.

“I- I don’t know,” Stan sputtered. “This isn’t- wasn’t who I thought would…”

The figure was dressed in all black, a thick scarf and a small pair of metallic goggles entirely obscuring the face. Thick, wild brown hair poked out from the front of the jacket’s hood. They began to walk towards him and the rest of his family as the shimmering blue light from the portal began to die out.

“I dunno ‘bout you, but that looks like a kid to me, dudes,” Soos whispered to Dipper and Mabel probably a little louder than intended, hand cupped against his lips like a megaphone.

The four watched in uncomfortable silence as this mysterious fifth person crossed to their side of the basement, their heavy boots forming clear footprints in the dirt. They stopped in front of the red leather journal. The first of the author’s journals, the journal Stan had kept in secret down here all this time. Slowly, the figure reached their pale hand towards the cover. They splayed their fingers out over the gold foil six-fingered hand, revealing…

That they had six fingers as well.

Dipper’s mouth went slack. “What..?”

“The author?” Mabel whispered. “That’s the author??”

The two glanced at Stan, searching for answers, but their Grunkle’s expression was close to unreadable. What they could tell was that he appeared just as surprised and confused as they did, his eyes blown wide and his mouth screwed into that sort of anxious frown he got whenever he couldn’t figure something out.

The small figure (the author??) picked up the journal, hugged it to their chest with one hand, and then used the other to pull back their scarf and goggles. Instantly Dipper saw that Soos was right. This mysterious person was a kid. A young boy, probably right around his age. He wore thick glasses. Untamed brown waves- just a little longer than a usual boy’s haircut- framed his face. Oddly, Dipper found that the shape of the boy’s nose reminded him a lot of the Pines family nose. At first a part of him just dialed that to coincidence, but the more he thought about it the resemblance he found within this boy’s face to his own was quite interesting. His small mouth was set into a scowl as he looked around the basement, to the wrecked portal, and finally towards Grunkle Stan.

“Ford…?” Stan whispered, breaking the thick sheet of silence. “Wha… what ha-“

“What happened?” the boy- Ford- said in a clipped manner. “Time. Mistakes. Years of my life, stolen away. It’s a long story, Stanley, and frankly, I’m not sure I’m in the mood to relive it at this time.”

Dipper, Mabel, and Soos watched in utter confusion as the two continued to converse in familiarity.

“So like… Mr. Pines knows him?” Soos wondered out loud.

“It looks like it,” Dipper replied, continuing to watch the pair talk. The kid seemed really upset with Stan, and from what he could hear was chastising him for activating something. Activating the portal, maybe?

Mabel pulled at her brother’s arm. “But this makes no sense! If he’s the author,” she said, jabbing her finger towards the black clothed kid, “then why is he so young? The journal was from the eighties, Dipper. The roarin’ eighties!”

They watched as Stan opened his arms, as if desiring to hug the child. Ford hesitated for a moment, scowl returning to his face, but soon it softened and he accepted the affection. Their Grunkle wrapped his hands around the kid’s small frame as tightly as he could.

“I know you’re still angry with me and everythin’, but I really missed ya’,” he said. Dipper could swear he could see a stray tear in his eye.

The corner of Ford’s mouth tilted into a smile, just for a second, but it was there. “I don’t like the risky move you made, restarting the portal,” he said, shooting a slight glare towards Stan, “but I… I am glad to be home.”

“Sorry Sixer, ‘m not apologizing for that. Never would, never will.”

“You always were a stubborn ass,” the kid said with a short chuckle.

Stan’s face froze. He pulled away from the hug, his expression twisted into pure horror.

“Whoa, whoa, Ford! Watch your language! Not around the- oh,” he interjected himself suddenly, scratching awkwardly at the nape of his neck. “I, uh… I guess I never thought ta’ introduce everyone.”

Now it was Ford’s turn to panic. His eyes shot wide open, finally noticing the other three people standing around the basement. “Stan, you didn’t tell me there were children down here!” he replied, his voice raising into a slightly higher register.

You’re a child now, Poindexter. It takes one to know one,” he said matter-of-factly, and ruffled the disgruntled kid’s hair. 

Ford swatted his hand away in indignation. “Please don’t patronize me.”

Stan rubbed his hands together, and then gestured towards the boy. “Anyways. Kids, Soos, this is- well, this is my twin brother. Ford. He’s kinda, eh… smaller. Than usual. Ford, this is your family. Shermie’s grandkids…”


Chanyeol, half asleep: What—

Baekhyun, jumps up from under the covers: hAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!



Baekhyun: I waited here all day to wish you a happy birthday,, i was the first one riGHT?



Chanyeol: OH DON’T TELL ME—

Baekhyun, pulling out a chopsticks: yES MA’M.

Chanyeol, wheezing: WHa— HOw— WHe—

Baekhyun: Kidding. Soo let me in.

Chanyeol: HE—

Kyungsoo, appears suddenly under the covers: You called.


To the people saying that Sarada’s outfit is okay and that is not a problem bc we saw her outfit 10 chapters ago,Im gonna tell you what’s the deal

Her skirt is getting shorter and shorter every chapter, not only that but her heels are bigger. Honestly I didn’t mind when they were this big

because other kunoichis wear it like that including her mother but this is too much having a 11/12 year old wear this is…

Oh and dont come saying that her skirt is not wrong because other anime and manga have them even shorter than that, if that’s the case then you don’t know Naruto at all, I loved that manga because it avoided at 100% fanservice. Besides her outfit for a NINJA just looks uncomfortable and inappropriate.

As if it wasn’t enough but her mannerism and behavior in the manga is slowly changing

When in heavens have you ever hear her mother acting like that when she was a kid? Sarada was soo different back in Gaiden and the movie, she acted reserved and with more composure like her father because she is an Uchiha.

I saw that panel and I was like nop that’s it I’m not reading this anymore and to be honest I don’t think that Kishimoto is doing a revision over this to see what is good or not, he only said that just so people can read this manga, he even said that he trusts Ikemoto too much, but that is just my opinion.

Anyways Im not reading this anymore, that is not the Sarada that I kew and that wants to be Hokage.

ha sungwoon - demigod!au; apollo

Originally posted by woojinnies

  • he thinks hes cool but in reality hes a loser/dork 
  • is best friends with noh taehyun from the hermes cabin and they’re both loving playing pranks
  • like during capture the flag, they’re in charge of setting traps but they do more then just set simple traps
  • they always do stupid things like leave a trail of whoopee cushions in the river and it pissed off guanlin, the child of hephaestus, so much that he burned the ends of their shirts
  • they tried to prank the demeter cabin by mowing the roof but it would just grow back on its own??? and the two of them are extremely confused but they keep trying to mow it?? 
  • and thats when you come out you’re even more confused
  • “uhm, excuse me, what are you guys doing to our roof??” 
  • “we just thought the grass on your roof was getting long!” sungwoon laughed 
  • “so were mowing it!” taehyun finished 
  • “why? it’s just gonna grow back? its charmed?”
  • it doesn’t help that you’re a newer camper too so you’re just really really confused at this point 
  • and your head counselor, lee euiwoong comes out angrily 
  • “leave our roof alone! you always do something stupid to our home okay just go away our mom ended up charming it you idiots, we’re gonna end up planting velociraptors if you keep going up there”
  • and they’re snickering as they come down but you’re kinda just ???? like whats so funny ??? 
  • when you have that confused look on your face sungwoon frowns and hes about to speak but euiwoong got a head start 
  • “those two are the stupid pranksters of this camp. i mean all the hermes campers love to pull pranks but these two just get so into it. just ignore them” euiwoong rolls eyes and is about to push you in the cabin to finish the tour 
  • “god you demeter kids are soo booooring, laugh a little jeez” taehyun starts 
  • “but i don’t get it, whats funny??” your face is deadpan is too. 
  • euiwoong hold his laughter but taehyun can see him grinning and glares at him 
  • sungwoon kinda just sits their, a little distracted, cause you’re just kinda, sorta, really, jeongmal jeongmal jinjja daebak real heol wanjeon pretty. 
  • like flowers are literally blooming behind you and there’s a flower in your hair as tradition of all demeter new comers
  • “c’mon lets go sungwoon, euiwoongs being a meanie again” taehyun sticks his tongue out at him 
  • did i just start a euiwoong and taehyun ship??
  • and sungwoon is just looking behind him, watching you go back into the demeter cabin as hes getting dragged away mumbling an “uh oki” 
  • and hes just sorta mesmerized by your beauty like omg he’s such a day dreamer but obviously you would never ever notice him
  • oh but honey boi u do
  • you noticed him at the campfire one night and he has such a sweet voice when he sings, like it was so soothing that you almost fell asleep on euiwoong’s shoulder 
  • he saw you with your eyes closed and he almost had a heart attack, was he making you fall asleep??? was his voice that boring?? 
  • the next time he sees you, you and the entire demeter cabin were harvesting the strawberries 
  • he watches you patiently wait for the strawberries to grow as you use your chlorokinesis
  • “if you can control the plants, why are you going so slow??” he asked bluntly, squatting next to you 
  • “because its healthier for the plant, if i rush, i might rip out roots, especially since i’m harvesting” you mindlessly input, not bothering to look at who it was 
  • you picked out one of the berries and offered one to him and that’s when you guys meet eyes and you realize who it is
  • your heart is banging against your cracking ribs
  • hes slightly flustered because your noses are just about to touch 
  • both of you red face step back and you just go back to your strawberries
  • he notices how awkwardly balled up you are now, hugging your knees as you raise the strawberry stems 
  • “w-why are you here again? here to attempt so pull a prank? steal strawberries and give them away? even though that’s our intent??”
  • awe u smol bean gettin all nervous 
  • “no i came to visit you” he smirks, his cocky apollo side is showing and you’re blushing all over again 
  • but euiwoong had already prewarned you, telling you to stay away from the aphrodite and apollo boys as they are just a bunch cocky fuck boys that love playing with people’s feelings
  • and euiwoong was definite that sungwoon was not an exception 
  • “that’s sweet of you,” you just blandly respond, hiding your true colors
  • he’s scrunching his nose, highly unamused by your mild tone 
  • “stop being so boring” he huffed and got up and trotted off in his puff of arrogance 
  • and you just shrug it off 
  • but he comes back because honestly he’s such a little pup and he really wants your attention
  • so you’re carrying a huge basket of strawberries to the big house while the rest of your siblings go off to the mess hall to fed everyone else
  • and as your walking, sungwoon walks by your side, taking strawberries from your basket 
  • “stop,” you tug the basket away from him, pouting “these are for mr.d and chiron” 
  • and you were so cute he didn’t even bother to argue and just nodded
  • and hes reaching for the basket and you pull away, looking at him with disbelief
  • “i literally just tol-” 
  • “calm down, i’m helping you carrying the basket idiot” he snatched the basket from you
  • and your red again, stomach fluttering with butterflies and fingers fidgeting 
  • but when you get to big house he leaves the basket on the porch and steals a berry 
  • you’re about to scowl him but hes already off running with the biggest grin on his face and a berry between his lips 
  • when he turns around you can’t help but touch your warm cheeks as a small smile spreads across your face
  • and as he biting the strawberry his flushed cheeks are redder than the fruit itself
  • he starts to wonder if your lips are that sweet probably are tbh 
  • the next encounter is at the stables as you’re cleaning the pegai as punishment 
  • you may or may not have been on the big house porch and accidentally wondered how big a bean stalk was and grew one through the roof
  • you notice that there’s only one golden white one which, its pretty, but yea just one?? why is he so special ?
  • and guess who’s about to go a pegasus ride??? sungwoon!!
  • and he sees you and slyly walks over to you, leaning against the low wall that surrounded the pegasus, 
  • “i see that you’re cleaning my pegasus, solace.” he smirks “that’s too kind of you” 
  • you just rolled your eyes explaining your situation which led to him bursting into laughter, making fun of you 
  • “you’ve been here for how long??? and you still can’t control your powers?” he snorted 
  • hes lucky your’re patient
  • instead of continuing his teasing, he starts climbing the pegasus and offers a hand
  • you, with your hair stuck on your face, dirt smeared on cheeks and a dirty brush in your hand, is confused all over again 
  • why is he so c o nfu s ing  ???
  • “c’mon, lets go on a ride” 
  • “i’m kinda not allowed to, ya know cause i’m in trouble” 
  • “you’re doing it again, you’re being a boring demeter kid.” 
  • you didn’t have time to fight back since he threw the brush out of your hand and pulls you onto the pegasus 
  • “hang on!” he’s joyfully laughs as you slightly squeal and you guys fly out
  • in the sky, there is a brief calm silence, eyes closed, wind tangled within your hair 
  • and you finally sigh and ask him 
  • “why are you doing this?” 
  • hes avoiding your glance as he mumbles into his reins 
  • “i dunno,,,,,” 
  • he’s not used to liking someone, feelings feel kinda foreign to him 
  • he’s used just checking girls out, think they’re fine af and that’d be it
  • you made him feel soft and chummy in the inside, and he just wasn’t to used to it, almost afraid of it
  • and you just sigh and your grip around his stomach tightens and your cheeks rest against his back 
  • “thats fine, i’ll just wait” 
  • blushies on both ends!!!!! 
  • and you he settles the pegasus back at the stables and (lucky you!!!) you don’t get caught 
  • and he just awkwardly stutters away, but of course not without giving you a small smile 
  • god he’s such a sleaze, but hes so cute?? can i really betray euiwoong’s warning 
  • and so you guys resume your daily lives once again, occasionally speaking to each 
  • whenever you passed him when he was with taehyun, you could see the boy nudging sungwoon while snicker and giggling 
  • omg and taehyun would the obnoxious ‘heeEELLlllLLOOOOO y.n!!!!!” 
  • but one day, one of your demeter sister tells you about how she really likes sungwoon
  • “like he’s so sweet, he helped me up the climbing wall when it was my first time and he eve-” 
  • and just keeps rambling and you’re forcing you smiles and lot of over excited “uh huhs”
  • and you kinda throw yourself into a black hole and get slightly insecure 
  • because she’s so perfect for him there’s no way he could possibly like me if he could have her or just anyone else, so many girls are willing to do so much for him anyways forget him omg sungwoon isn’t worth 
  • and so as you walk through camp now, you avoid his gaze, you don’t clean up the stables, you dont even bat an eyelash at the apollo cabin anymore 
  • of course he notices i mean the boy stares you 24/7
  • and he panics 
  • he thinks he did something wrong so he ends up asking taehyun to ask euiwoong what the heck is going on
  • and when euiwoong just utters the first syllable of his name, you just roll your eyes, admitting defeat and agreeing that sungwoon is bad news; he just has way to many girls on him
  • and euiwoong’s like goddamnit but he isn’t omg why can’t you listen to me now the boy likes you !!!!!!
  • but he obviously can’t say that now so instead he’s like 
  • “well maybe you can give him a chance??” 
  • “that doesn’t matter anymore, he’s too popular, and plus he needs someone who would be willing to go wild with him, someone who would hop fences, sneak out in the middle of the night, climb the highest trees, and steal strawberries with, not someone boring demeter kid” 
  • euiwoong: fuck
  • but at least the camp leader managed to get you to go to dinner !! in one piece !! in a kinda sloppily lw mess !!!
  • this continues for the rest of week
  • taehyun has had enough of panicked sungwoon and euiwoong is getting sick of depressed you
  • so the two of them decide to sit next to each other in hopes to lure their partners together
  • you arrive first and you’re good at blocking out your feelings so you just keep it casual, greeting euiwoong and taehyun 
  • someone how it didn’t correlate with you that taehyun = sungwoon 
  • so when sungwoon sat down it got awkward
  • the tension was tHIcK
  • you cleared your throat, feeling uncomfortable you got up and excused yourself 
  • taehyun nudge sungwoon and he hurriedly runs after you 
  • you’re speed walking towards the cabin but sungwoon easily catches up to you 
  • “wait wait y.n please wait” 
  • so take a deep breathe and turn towards him 
  • “yes, whats up” 
  • “did i do something wrong, you’re avoiding me” 
  • “i’m not avoiding you, and you did nothing wrong” 
  • “okay, then talk to me” 
  • “i’m just trying to get over you because i know someone else is better for you okay?” 
  • you both can’t believe that you just confessed, now you really can’t look him in the eyes
  • and you’re about to escape into your cabin but he’s already engulfed you in his arms 
  • “why would you ever think that??” 
  • he sighing into the back of your shoulders. 
  • and you’re sighing too, feeling his warmth surround you
  • “you knew i liked you, so why would you bother?” he asked 
  • and now you’re red, he liked you ???? 
  • and he laughed and flicks you on the forehead 
  • “don’t ever doubt yourself again, i like you, and it doesn’t matter if someone else likes me or they’re a supposed “better fit” for me okay?” 
  • i’m not crying ur crying
  • now you guys do everything together
  • he takes you on pegasus rides, helps your harvest eats all the strawberries 
  • he still plays pranks on you every once in a while but they’d be really cute 
  • her once charmed your blanket into a garden and your freaked out cause you were like omg wheres my bed 
  • even euiwoong was in on it was cracking up him and taehyun are exchanging high fives
  • he’s been exposed to world of pranks
  • it turned out to be some 3d blanket the hermes and hephaestus cabin was working on 
  • well they wanted real life fire but sungwoon modified it to become a garden cause fire kinda scares you
  • he figured out the coding to add roses and would change it that when he was just feelin some lovin 
  • and when you get hurt he’s immediately there, since he has vitakinesis 
  • you’ve definitely became a little bit of a daredevil now that you’ve been dating him
  • he snuck you out after curfew once and you guys climbed up a tree to watch the stars and just talked 
  • you giggled when he told you how he’s super cautious when he walks around camp now, afraid of stepping on the flowers 
  • “you know, its like having a pet pig and eating pork” 
  • “so i’m your pet pig now?” 
  • “nOOO” 
  • and it’s past 12 and hes tired and tired sungwoon means clingy sungwoon 
  • he doesn’t let you go when you guys make it to the demeter cabin
  • you end up having to drag him into the cabin, praying that no one was awake 
  • and you guys snuggle under the sheets, legs tangled and noses bumping
  • he hums a simple song into the back of your neck which helps you fall asleep
  • and when euiwoong finds you both in your bed all cuddled up the next morning, he sighs
  • yall lucky he’s the one doing cabin inspection today
  • sungwoon is literally the sun to your flower
dipper and fiddleford

this is a post about dipper and fiddleford


dipper and fiddleford share a lot of qualities such as

  • interest in puzzles
  • problem-solvers
  • anxiety prone
  • issues with self image
  • think ford is
  • overly dramatic
  • theyre both trans

also id like to share these images


over the course of the series these two interact a lot and their relationship evolves from attempted murder to attempting murder together on a third party and i love it

the legend of the gobblewonker - at first dipper is frustrated and disappointed with fiddleford because he wanted a real monster and instead got a robot. fiddleford’s instinct is to chase the kids and soos with said robot, perhaps to keep up the charade, or perhaps because he was worried they’d report him to the police or something. we may never know the deepest workings of his mind. 

summerween - in summerween, dipper begs fiddleford not to blow out the candle and fiddleford doesn’t listen, showing a lack of respect on his part

bottomless pit! - the next time they meet, fiddleford is eager to help dipper for seemingly no reason, although some factors probably/might include:

  • he’s lonely and will help anyone who spends time with him
  • he feels bad for trying to kill dipper and his sister
  • he’s generally a helpful person and he had nothing better to do
  • the last time he ignored dipper he got headbutted
  • he likes kids

dipper is angry with fiddleford but strangely trusting at the same time, drinking his strange potion without worrying of the consequences. similarly fiddleford gives dipper a potion that he claims could be fatal, showing that he perhaps isn’t 100% invested in dipper’s success, further supported by his total lack of remorse when he learns his invention backfired

carpet diem - dipper once again is frustrated with fiddleford and refers to him as a “weird old man” but doesn’t really object to him until he starts to threaten cannibalism

land before swine - in this episode, fiddleford refers to the pineses as his friends, possibly meaning that he assumes they are friends since dipper referred to him as “pal”. he considers them close enough to trust and for their death to be undesirable. when dipper and his family start fighting, fiddleford tries to intervene by showing that he fixed their lantern. unlike in carpet diem, dipper doesn’t kick fiddleford out when he threatens their livelihood (attracting the attention of the dinosaur) and asks fiddleford to use an invention to help them and fiddleford tries but is ultimately unable to. in addition, dipper is visibly upset when mcgucket gets eaten by the dinosaur. this shows a progression in their relationship in which each of them is willing to help the other even though dipper can’t really do much to help

society of the blind eye - now i know i yell about this all the time but listen. here’s the episode where dipper finally expresses interest in helping fiddleford and yes i know it’s only because he thinks he’s the author at first but as the episode goes on he becomes genuinely invested in helping get fiddleford’s memories back and shows that he cares about his situation (he lives in a hut and talks to animals thanks to you! dont you feel bad about that?). he like actually believes that the society of the blind eye really messed with him and is like “thats not cool. we gotta stop that” and fiddleford. fiddleford rescues dipper and his family from captivity and literally takes a memory bullet for dipper even though he has no idea what will happen and dipper’s like oh my gosh are you okay?? and then he helps him with his memories and fiddleford’s like super grateful and thanks both of the kids for their help and dipper sits next to him in the car ride back home while fiddleford tries to help with the journal and then we ignore the fact that he’s living alone in a junkyard for two episodes because we have FILLER to get to!! okay so they arent really filler but like…. cmon you couldve released them BEFORE society and had northwest mansion mystery directly proceed it and you couldve addressed his living situation BRIEFLY JEEZ

northwest mansion mystery - this episode is so fucking important because fiddleford figures out somethings wrong and the FIRST PERSON he has to tell is dipper and he’s still pretending to be the kook so as not to cause suspicion but he can trust dipper and dippers actually happy to see him and then he’s like hey buddy you gotta relax!! love yourself for like once in your life

take back the falls - dipper compliments fiddleford on his super cool blueprints and they build a house weapon together fucking look at them listne i ufkcing


i dont know i didnt think id get this far

dating | kyungsoo

dating series
minseok | jongdae | chanyeol | kyungsoo | jongin

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q: hi i was wondering if you could make what dating d.o from exo would be like but like in a list form as well make it long?

a: hi dear! i’m sorry this took a bit long to do but i hope you enjoy it! ksoo is rly v cute !!

♡ let’s be honest
♡ kyungsoo’s the type who’d want to take things slow
♡ because he doesn’t want to move too fast and mess things up
♡ so you’ll be waiting a really really long time
♡ before he confesses his feelings for you
♡ even though it’s obvious that you both like each other very much
♡ you try to make it as obvious as possible
it doesn’t make a difference

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MONSTA X Reaction to you having a child from a previous relationship

Based on this request

A/N: This took forever we’re so sorry. We hope you like it!!


He would react very calmly when you first tell him, he wouldn’t ask too many questions either. He would appreciate the fact that you introduce him to your child and he would treat him very nicely, like it’s his own. From the moment they’d meet, he would always get thoughtful gifts for the kid and show interest in how the child is doing when he sees you. 

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He would feel pressured. He’d want to raise your child well and to be accepted by them, so he’d make extra efforts. He’ll really care about this. He’d try hard and do everything he can for it all to work out.

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He loveeees kids. He would be excited at first when you tell him you have one, but he will quickly become nervous about the possibility that the kid might not like him. So, he would prepare the “perfect” date for the first meeting with them. You’d find it adorable, how he worries about everything. 

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He would be happy, he would try to create a true bond between the child and him, always playing with them and giving them advice or help for school and everything else. The kid would love him soo much. 

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He would be comfortable with it. He would act very naturally around your child like he always knew them. He would take them to do things he knows they’d like. He would be like the very nice and cool step-father! 

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Rather than hard, it would be awkward for him. He wouldn’t know how to act around your child, whether he should be strict or more chill… he’d be confused at first, but would adapt quickly and go with the flow. Your kid would really enjoy spending time with him.

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Like Hyungwon, he’d be a super cool step dad. The type that would sneak out with your kid to go get ice cream or whatever when you don’t want to and act all innocent afterward. But he would also care a lot about your child’s well-being, so he wouldn’t cross certain boundaries. He’d have a special bond with your child. 

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FORD: Stanley’s memory is…recovering. We’re getting there.

It’s one of the reasons we started this joint-journal sort of thing; to keep track of Stan’s progress and document whatever waits for us in the future now that Bill’s gone.

I was one of the last people he recognized after Mabel’s scrapbook jogged his memories.

There really wasn’t much of me in there that could’ve helped. He got really frustrated with himself and kept trying to remember who I was, long after the kids and Soos left to get some rest.

I figured it was best to thread lightly around the subject, it’s better not to overwhelm him any more at his current state.

I- I don’t know. It’s been a long day and my nerves are shot.

–But just as I was about to suggest for both of us to go get some rest, the memories came flooding back. About my name, who I am, what our relation is, and a bunch of other things.

This is the happiest I’ve seen him in a long time, right after I told him he was right. Like someone who’s passed their exam in flying colors.

Also, he had perfect recall on how I greeted him after he brought me back from the portal.

I probably deserved that. Probably

I’m glad he’s back. There’s still some hope for us old men.

Colors (Part 16) [Min Yoongi x Reader]

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Genre: Gang - Mafia AU || Angst (m)

Warning: Mention of suicide.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 /Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13  / Part 14 / Part 15  / Part 16 / Part 17 / Part 18 / Part 19 / Part 20


“Kim Tae Hyung”

“How old are you?”

“..…” The boy doesn’t reply.

The man in uniform repeats the question, trying to sound a bit more intimidating this time.

“12” the boy answers, after giving it some thought.  He wasn’t trying to be rude, just trying to remember. It has been long since someone asked him that question. Did he even answer it right? Was he 12? Or 11?

The older man “Officer– Lee kong eul”, as written on the badge, writes it down on his notebook.  

“Parents name?”

Taehyung suddenly get’s distracted by the moth that is buzzing around the light bulb, hanging above their heads.

“Yah yah!”The officer taps his finger two times on the table to divert the younger ones attention to his face.  Taehyung looks at him again attentively.

“Don’t know”

“How can you not know your parents name?”

“Because I never had any” Taehyung replies so very nonchalantly. The officers’ shoulder’s slump down, he sighs but continuous writing.

“Do you have any other.. Relative-? Another Family member? Older brother or sister?”

“No. No one” Taehyung shakes his head contently. To his knowledge, He had no one.  

As far as he could remember, he once had a grandmother; when he was 4 or 5. She was old and wrinkly, cursed a lot and once hit him with an umbrella so hard that he couldn’t walk properly for two week. She always blamed Taehyung for taking away her daughter.

Mother had died giving birth to him. Apparently his mother had gotten herself “Knocked up” by some rich business man when she was 15. The man, instead of taking responsibility, denied that it was his child and when mother tried to blackmail him he packed up all his stuff, including his wife and three children and fled to America with no intention of ever coming back. All this he heard from his grandmother’s mouth.

She never failed to remind Taehyung about how his existence really came to be.

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