To the people saying that Sarada’s outfit is okay and that is not a problem bc we saw her outfit 10 chapters ago,Im gonna tell you what’s the deal

Her skirt is getting shorter and shorter every chapter, not only that but her heels are bigger. Honestly I didn’t mind when they were this big

because other kunoichis wear it like that including her mother but this is too much having a 11/12 year old wear this is…

Oh and dont come saying that her skirt is not wrong because other anime and manga have them even shorter than that, if that’s the case then you don’t know Naruto at all, I loved that manga because it avoided at 100% fanservice. Besides her outfit for a NINJA just looks uncomfortable and inappropriate.

As if it wasn’t enough but her mannerism and behavior in the manga is slowly changing

When in heavens have you ever hear her mother acting like that when she was a kid? Sarada was soo different back in Gaiden and the movie, she acted reserved and with more composure like her father because she is an Uchiha.

I saw that panel and I was like nop that’s it I’m not reading this anymore and to be honest I don’t think that Kishimoto is doing a revision over this to see what is good or not, he only said that just so people can read this manga, he even said that he trusts Ikemoto too much, but that is just my opinion.

Anyways Im not reading this anymore, that is not the Sarada that I kew and that wants to be Hokage.

dipper and fiddleford

this is a post about dipper and fiddleford


dipper and fiddleford share a lot of qualities such as

  • interest in puzzles
  • problem-solvers
  • anxiety prone
  • issues with self image
  • think ford is
  • overly dramatic
  • theyre both trans

also id like to share these images


over the course of the series these two interact a lot and their relationship evolves from attempted murder to attempting murder together on a third party and i love it

the legend of the gobblewonker - at first dipper is frustrated and disappointed with fiddleford because he wanted a real monster and instead got a robot. fiddleford’s instinct is to chase the kids and soos with said robot, perhaps to keep up the charade, or perhaps because he was worried they’d report him to the police or something. we may never know the deepest workings of his mind. 

summerween - in summerween, dipper begs fiddleford not to blow out the candle and fiddleford doesn’t listen, showing a lack of respect on his part

bottomless pit! - the next time they meet, fiddleford is eager to help dipper for seemingly no reason, although some factors probably/might include:

  • he’s lonely and will help anyone who spends time with him
  • he feels bad for trying to kill dipper and his sister
  • he’s generally a helpful person and he had nothing better to do
  • the last time he ignored dipper he got headbutted
  • he likes kids

dipper is angry with fiddleford but strangely trusting at the same time, drinking his strange potion without worrying of the consequences. similarly fiddleford gives dipper a potion that he claims could be fatal, showing that he perhaps isn’t 100% invested in dipper’s success, further supported by his total lack of remorse when he learns his invention backfired

carpet diem - dipper once again is frustrated with fiddleford and refers to him as a “weird old man” but doesn’t really object to him until he starts to threaten cannibalism

land before swine - in this episode, fiddleford refers to the pineses as his friends, possibly meaning that he assumes they are friends since dipper referred to him as “pal”. he considers them close enough to trust and for their death to be undesirable. when dipper and his family start fighting, fiddleford tries to intervene by showing that he fixed their lantern. unlike in carpet diem, dipper doesn’t kick fiddleford out when he threatens their livelihood (attracting the attention of the dinosaur) and asks fiddleford to use an invention to help them and fiddleford tries but is ultimately unable to. in addition, dipper is visibly upset when mcgucket gets eaten by the dinosaur. this shows a progression in their relationship in which each of them is willing to help the other even though dipper can’t really do much to help

society of the blind eye - now i know i yell about this all the time but listen. here’s the episode where dipper finally expresses interest in helping fiddleford and yes i know it’s only because he thinks he’s the author at first but as the episode goes on he becomes genuinely invested in helping get fiddleford’s memories back and shows that he cares about his situation (he lives in a hut and talks to animals thanks to you! dont you feel bad about that?). he like actually believes that the society of the blind eye really messed with him and is like “thats not cool. we gotta stop that” and fiddleford. fiddleford rescues dipper and his family from captivity and literally takes a memory bullet for dipper even though he has no idea what will happen and dipper’s like oh my gosh are you okay?? and then he helps him with his memories and fiddleford’s like super grateful and thanks both of the kids for their help and dipper sits next to him in the car ride back home while fiddleford tries to help with the journal and then we ignore the fact that he’s living alone in a junkyard for two episodes because we have FILLER to get to!! okay so they arent really filler but like…. cmon you couldve released them BEFORE society and had northwest mansion mystery directly proceed it and you couldve addressed his living situation BRIEFLY JEEZ

northwest mansion mystery - this episode is so fucking important because fiddleford figures out somethings wrong and the FIRST PERSON he has to tell is dipper and he’s still pretending to be the kook so as not to cause suspicion but he can trust dipper and dippers actually happy to see him and then he’s like hey buddy you gotta relax!! love yourself for like once in your life

take back the falls - dipper compliments fiddleford on his super cool blueprints and they build a house weapon together fucking look at them listne i ufkcing


i dont know i didnt think id get this far

MONSTA X Reaction to you having a child from a previous relationship

Based on this request

A/N: This took forever we’re so sorry. We hope you like it!!


He would react very calmly when you first tell him, he wouldn’t ask too many questions either. He would appreciate the fact that you introduce him to your child and he would treat him very nicely, like it’s his own. From the moment they’d meet, he would always get thoughtful gifts for the kid and show interest in how the child is doing when he sees you. 

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He would feel pressured. He’d want to raise your child well and to be accepted by them, so he’d make extra efforts. He’ll really care about this. He’d try hard and do everything he can for it all to work out.

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He loveeees kids. He would be excited at first when you tell him you have one, but he will quickly become nervous about the possibility that the kid might not like him. So, he would prepare the “perfect” date for the first meeting with them. You’d find it adorable, how he worries about everything. 

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He would be happy, he would try to create a true bond between the child and him, always playing with them and giving them advice or help for school and everything else. The kid would love him soo much. 

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He would be comfortable with it. He would act very naturally around your child like he always knew them. He would take them to do things he knows they’d like. He would be like the very nice and cool step-father! 

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Rather than hard, it would be awkward for him. He wouldn’t know how to act around your child, whether he should be strict or more chill… he’d be confused at first, but would adapt quickly and go with the flow. Your kid would really enjoy spending time with him.

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Like Hyungwon, he’d be a super cool step dad. The type that would sneak out with your kid to go get ice cream or whatever when you don’t want to and act all innocent afterward. But he would also care a lot about your child’s well-being, so he wouldn’t cross certain boundaries. He’d have a special bond with your child. 

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Father’s Day Visit

Summary: After a fulfilling Father’s Day, Soos visits his own.

Today was a good day.

Soos was happy to be surrounded by his children all day and to be spoiled for being a father. He loved every moment of it and reciprocated the love whenever possible. He hangs up the gifts given to him in the museum and smiles.

The most beautiful art you’ll ever see… nice ring to it, Soos thinks with a smile.

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Chanyeol Father Headcanons
  1. Insta videos of him recording with his children
  2. I don’t know who has more instruments, him or them
  3. Always buys very stylish clothes for them
  4. “Please wifey we want more food!!”
  5. He’s just another kid to be honest xD
  6. Very very jelly and protective
  7. Adventures all around the world
  8. “Uncle Sehun is here, we are all going to Japan!”
  9. Always leaves his kids in Soo’s care
  10. “I’m not asking you to tell me everything you do, just tell me you arrived saved or you are coming home or something. Be responsible”
  11. Honestly he’s just father goals, like he can be nice and sweet and a friend but there are also limits to establish
  12. He would teach his kids important tasks like cooking or cleaning
  13. He would probably freak out if they cry because it hurts him too much and he just wants a perfect life for them
  14. “I’ll never leave your side. I’ll be here in the good times and bad times”
  15. Very playful and very mellow
  16. Probably he would get grounded instead of his kids
  17. Always asks his wifey for permission, just like his kids xD (he’s just too sweet)
  18. “You want to know how I’m so tall? I always ate my veggies!”
  19. Camping. He would always take his family camping
  20. He would take his children to his concerts from time to time, even have little birthday parties for them and his friends in the backstage xD (lucky them xd)

Xo, Ara~


FORD: Stanley’s memory is…recovering. We’re getting there.

It’s one of the reasons we started this joint-journal sort of thing; to keep track of Stan’s progress and document whatever waits for us in the future now that Bill’s gone.

I was one of the last people he recognized after Mabel’s scrapbook jogged his memories.

There really wasn’t much of me in there that could’ve helped. He got really frustrated with himself and kept trying to remember who I was, long after the kids and Soos left to get some rest.

I figured it was best to thread lightly around the subject, it’s better not to overwhelm him any more at his current state.

I- I don’t know. It’s been a long day and my nerves are shot.

–But just as I was about to suggest for both of us to go get some rest, the memories came flooding back. About my name, who I am, what our relation is, and a bunch of other things.

This is the happiest I’ve seen him in a long time, right after I told him he was right. Like someone who’s passed their exam in flying colors.

Also, he had perfect recall on how I greeted him after he brought me back from the portal.

I probably deserved that. Probably

I’m glad he’s back. There’s still some hope for us old men.

kid! soo 2

chan, somehow makes kai cry: 

ksoo: you’re grounded. 

chan: :((

baek, about to say something:

ksoo: you’re grounded too.


ksoo: but you were gonna say something stupid weren’t you?

Flirting (Hwarang Reactions)

Summary of Request: Hwarang member reacting to another hwarang flirting on their s/o.

H/B/N (hwarang boy name of choice) Gifs are not mine, credit to owners

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

Moo Myung (Sun Woo):

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Moo Myung would be walking with no expression on his face towards you and H/B/N. He’d seem cool on the outside, but on the inside he was ragging with jealousy.

He’d wrap an arm around your shoulder an look at H/B/N and ask him, “are you alright?”

H/B/N would nod his head in confusion. “Well you won’t be alright if you don’t start leaving about right now,” Moo Myung would say bluntly.

H/B/N would start to walk away nervously giving one last glance, then completely walking out of both of your guys’s sight. “You didn’t need to scare him,” you’d scold Moo Myung while turning facing him. He’d grunt and just start walking the opposite way H/B/N went with you in his arms.

Sam Maek:

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Sam Maek would be on his way to see you, when he saw both of you and H/B/N talking, well more like H/B/N flirting and you awkwardly looking for a way out of the conversation.

He’d come up to you guys say nothing, just pick you up and toss you over his shoulder. “What are you doing?” you ask trying to make him put you down.

“Well right now enjoying this amazing view,” would be his response.

“Hey!” He’d chuckle and set you back down on the ground once you guys are in private. He wouldn’t let you say anything else because both of you guys would be to busy sharing a kiss.

Soo Ho:

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Soo Ho would stare at you two for a while coming up with an idea, he’d cut into the conversation wrapping his arms behind you. “Y/N,” he’d drag out your name with the voice of a little kid.

“Yes Soo Ho?” you’d send H/B/N a sorry glance. “When are we going home, I wanna have some fun” he’d whine, but then sending you a wink.

Your cheeks would heat up, a tint of red appearing. H/B/N would cough awkwardly, Soo Ho would look up and grin, “Oh! H/B/N didn’t see you there, but anyways Y/N, ready to go?”

You tried getting mad at him, but who could stay mad at him.

Ban Ryu:

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(Ignore his tear or don’t… my heart)

To say he was displeased would be an understatement, he’d want to just go up and start beating the crap out of H/B/N. But, he didn’t instead he watched and waited for it all to end.

Once H/B/N would leave, he’d walk up to you and hold you in his arms tightly. Both of you wouldn’t say anything, you’d know why he was acting this way and just let him hold you.

“I love you, don’t forget that,” you’d mumble to him kissing his cheek. He’d hum in response and a small red tint would appear on his face.

Han Sung:

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Han Sung would be very pouty about it, he doesn’t like the idea of you talking to another guy that isn’t him or family. You’d be coming home to seeing him on your bed with a frown on his face.

“Han Sung what’s wrong?” you’d sit next to him on the bed, but he’d just move away from you. “Do you love me Y/N?” he’d ask staring at the wall.

“Of course I do Han Sung, why would you ask that?” “I saw you with H/B/N earlier today and I just got a bit jealous.”

You giggled and hugged him tightly, “I’d never choose H/B/N over you Han Sung, I love you so much.”

He’d smile using this as an advantage, “You love me? Prove it.”

(I’ll leave the next parts to your guys’s imagination)

Yeo Wool:

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He’d smirk and laugh, “who does he think he is, Y/N will never leave me for him,” he’d think. Which is sadly true. He’d watch as you reject H/B/N and awkwardly make your way towards him.

“Hello beautiful,” he’d say while grabbing a hold of your hand and kissing it. “Yeo Wool, did you just-”

He’d cut you off short with a kiss and smile, “I know you will never leave for that fool, besides I’m way more attractive than him.”

“Yeo Wool!” “You know it’s true love.”

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

If I missed anyone please please tell me or if you have a suggestion on someone else I should add.

Disclaimer: I will be using some scenes from the series, but they will not be following the plot of the actual episode unless requested so. Also, I apologize for any mistakes when using some parts of the episodes if the translation is correct.

Stan and Soos things

Stan and Soos have definitely played catch at some point (Soos may have had to beg him a lot but Stan gave in)

Soos does eventually get legally adopted by Stan, but he doesn’t change his name to Stan Jr (he instead names his and Melody’s kid after Stan, obviously)

Soos asks Stan if he still rollerskates and Stan’s like “how did you know I used to rollerskate?” And Soos is just “oh haha I saw a memory of you rollerskating in short shorts, dude!” Stan is understandably confused

They both enjoy watching the Duchess Approves and Gossiping Housewives together.

“I can’t believe Kaitlyn said that to Brianna!” “I know, right?!”

Stan somehow finds out about Soos’ dad and they both bond over their shitty fathers

Little Soos wasn’t too great at fixing anything, but Stan never once scolded the kid, he’d just fix it himself once Soos left. Stan would even walk him through some of the basics, like how to (safely) use a power drill


Ok so you know what? I have spent a long time thinking about this and I need to share it with all gravity falls fans. I have seen countless and countless gravity falls posts and I just have to tell you guys that the fans are just amazing. I mean they are just astounding whenever I see a new post or fic or anything I am so stunned by the quality of the fandom I mean, I really don’t know how exactly to explain it

But I’ll try

First are the AUs. The wonderful incredible AUs. I mean, I know that other fandoms have AUs and blends, but nothing like gravity falls.

With AUs, we have the canonverse which are just fics and stories that could have potentially be canon on the show  

Then it gets insane

AU where Dipper and Mabel have the personality of Gideon

AU where Dipper and Mabel have each other’s personalities

AU where Ford and Stan have each other’s personalities

AU where the series takes place in a different era, including but not limited to

  • ·         1920s
  • ·         1960s
  • ·         1950s
  • ·         1800s
  • ·         Korean Joseon Era

AU where Dipper and Mabel are the feuding grandparents and Stan and Ford are the close twin children

AU where Dipper and Mabel are the close grandparents and Stan and Ford are the feuding children

AUs where the Pines family has powers, including but not limited to

  • ·         Elemental based bending powers
  • ·         Fantastic Four Powers
  • ·         Future Vision
  • ·         Spirit Medium

AU where gravity falls are monsters, including but not limited to

  • ·         Stan, Mabel, Dipper as a gargoyle, mermaid, centaur
  • ·         Dipper and Mabel as a werewolf and vampire
  • ·         Stan as a werewolf
  • ·         Stan as a ghost
  • ·         Ford as a ghost
  • ·         Everyone as a lion
  • ·         Everyone as a bear
  • ·         The Pines family are Selkies

AU where Dipper and Mabel are aggressive fighting preteens

AU where all the teens are kids and all the kids are teens

AU where Stan and Soos have kid adventures

We have AUs where Stan goes through the portal, Mabel goes through the portal, dipper goes through the portal, Stan and ford go through the portal, everyone goes through the portal

AU where Stan is brought back from the dead

AU where Stan gets a Grim for a pet

AU where all the Journals are humans

Movie AUs, including but not limited to

  • ·         Aladdin
  • ·         Beauty and the Beast
  • ·         Parent Trap
  • ·         Jumanji
  • ·         Atlantis
  • ·         Back to the Future
  • ·         Star Wars
  • ·         Harry Potter

TV AUs, including but not limited to

  • ·         Batman
  • ·         Over the Garden Wall
  • ·         Fairly Odd Parents
  • ·         Steven Universe
  • ·         Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Along with crossovers with other tv shows and movies

AU where they are part of a circus, are pirates, run a library run a zoo, are spys, hitman, mafia, church, witches, fairy tales

AU where Dipper is the older brother

AU where Mabel is the older sister

AUs that involve time travel, including but not limited to

  • ·         Stan wishing he never existed
  • ·         Dipper and Mabel goes back to meet teen!Stan and Ford
  • ·         Stan and Ford going forwards in time to meet Dipper and Mabel

AU where Dipper was an only child, where Dipper and Mabel were raised separately, where Dipper and Mabel were raised in gravity falls

AU where Dipper becomes a Demon, Stan becomes a Demon, Ford becomes a Demon

All the human!Bill AUs

The permanent Bipper AUs

All the crack AU ideas that are so shitty it makes us laugh, including but not limited to

  • ·         Bill is corn
  • ·         Shitty Journal Art/handwriting
  • ·         Dimension where it rains mullets and everything has Stan’s face
  • ·         Bill has a mouth and no eyes
  • ·         The entire plot of Shrek

AU where the golden trio of Fids, Ford, and Stan go monster hunting


There are so many more AUs that I didn’t even mention its crazy! I’ve counted almost 200 AUs and I know that there are more out there

There is an AU where everyone sings like a regular Disney movie AND PEOPLE WRITE THE SONGS FOR IT HOW DO YOU HAVE THE TIME FOR THAT

And not only do people spend weeks, months, years developing their ideas and posting them online, they are writing fanfics, they are drawing fanart, they are commenting and building up to the point where it is so well known that no one even remembers who started

But it goes so much more beyond that. All the details, the plot, the intricacies that go in planning and creating them, painting and drawing them, writing and re-writing them. That is so much dedication but it goes beyond that

All the analysis and in-depth discussion of each episode, each character, each theory from Stan’s Death symbolism to Stan’s Twin before Ford was introduced, the time and effort put in dedicating and researching to build but these wild and plausible ideas, but it goes so much beyond that

The fact that these characters mean so much to us, we identify so much with them that the cipher hunt was even possible, that the fans had worked together worldwide to discover the location of bill cipher, that we sold out the pre-order of the journal 3 so fast that Disney printed the black-light edition TWICE for us, this sense of unity and fellowship that we have for each other, it’s just incredible

When I first started watching gravity falls, it was when Ford was first introduced. I knew about the spoiler going in, but that didn’t stop me from loving the show for its characters and stories. It was also when I first started Tumblr, so the first thing I looked up was gravity falls. I was floored by all the content, the AUs, the art, the fics, just everything. I was moved by just what a fan can do to show their support for a show they love. I have been in other fandoms, but never as immersed as I was with gravity falls.  

@saisai-chan, @thesnadger, @arodudejude, @pinesinthewoods @aroford @scribefindegil , @impishnature

You guys were like the first blogs that I’ve followed. From your fics, analysis, AUs, art, I’ve developed more appreciation for gravity falls than ever. You guys inspired me to try my hand at fics, to create my own AUs. I just have to tell you this, because, well, it would feel weird to say this shout out to everyone without addressing the source. So thank you.

I wish I could list you all, every user and blog because there is just so much more out there. But I just want to say that, to everyone who has ever written fanfic, drawn fanart, and published their AU for the world to see, I have never felt more at home, more amazed, and more inspired than I do in the Gravity Falls Fandom. So thank you for making me feel so included.