A 16-year-old girl in California wanted to make sure nobody ever has to eat lunch alone again, so she developed an app called ‘Sit With Us’ that connects kids who need a place to sit during lunch with those who have room at their table. She decided to create the app in hopes that it would give middle and high school students a way to reduce bullying and encourage inclusion. Source

ok but the One Good Thing all-new iron man comics have given us is tony stark and children. tony meeting kids at the hospital and showing them his suit. tony visiting the orphanage he was adopted fro m,,,,,..,,, playing w/ the kids like IM READy he’S ready for the next step stage of his pokemon evolution into irondad

  • sister-in-law:question; does Peridot and Lapis' shared love of camp pining hearts in the show translate to a shared love of pulp fiction in your AU? or Comics? A terrible romance movie?
  • me:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • me:ok but Peridot being a massive silver-screen snob