A 16-year-old girl in California wanted to make sure nobody ever has to eat lunch alone again, so she developed an app called ‘Sit With Us’ that connects kids who need a place to sit during lunch with those who have room at their table. She decided to create the app in hopes that it would give middle and high school students a way to reduce bullying and encourage inclusion. Source

Chanyeol’s cute reaction when the little girl said he’s handsome (cr)

Can ya’ll maybe not sexualize the stranger things kids in fics??????

Team Supernova is ready to reach the stars!

This team used to be in the top of the competitive for a while, until half of them disbanded and the team went on hiatus. However, they’ve been recruiting and now they’re back with fresh ink! They are exceptional flankers and a pain to deal with. Rivals with Team Gradient.

Andromeda | 19 years | Female | Gold Dynamo Roller | S+ | Captain

She is the spirit, the face and the meme of the team. Used to be part of the main lineup of the old Supernova team, and now has decided to deal with stuff by herself. She’s a very energetic inkling, really optimistic and prone to smile, laugh and chill in general. She’s also the most dramatic person you’ll ever meet; she’s probably trying to look like one of those GoT posters in the picture above. However, if you really wanna get on her bad side, just try touching her dynamo. Her best friend is Rigel.

Felix | 21 years | Male | Luna Blaster Neo | S+

Felix is considered one of the best blasters on the meta and is a heavy part in the offense of the team. He used to be a free agent, and no one knows how Andromeda managed to drag him in the team, but it doesn’t look like he’s dropping out anytime soon. He is an inkling of few words, mostly because he’s too sleepy to keep track of any conversation near him. His sleep schedule is pretty much fucked up: he doesn’t manage to sleep in the night, so he virtually does it anytime he can in the daytime. Some say he plays turf wars asleep. He was the last addition to the team.

Rigel | 19 years | Male | L-3 Nozzlenose D | S

This inkling doesn’t like being in the highlight at all. He is a shy guy who would rather being smol and hiding behind someone else. He is also the kind of dude who doesn’t speak much, and when he does is mostly to show his concern. Rigel is an introvert who finds really hard opening to someone. His job is to worry and sweat too much. He is the voice of reason of the team. He is also their main flanker and the other one who used to be in the old Supernova team.

Norma | 16 years | Female | E-liter 3k Scope | A-

Norma is a cold squid who doesn’t like socializing. She’s a tryhard who focuses way to much into getting better and ranking up to be at her team’s level, what makes her salt levels be over 9000 24/7. She is the complete opposite to Andromeda: a serious, no-fun girl. She actually doesn’t know how to express her gratitude towards her team for letting her in so she just overworks herself, and that’s the reason she’s so bitter towards Felix; she just doesn’t find fair that she, who works everyday her way throught ranked, is just an A- and he, who she only sees sleeping, is an S+.

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AHHH I got a couple more requests asking for Masquerade R+C with “Sweetest Chill” and another with them dancing for “What I Gain To Lose” so I pulled another combo <3

Basically, how their evening SHOULD be going–just dancing and talking and catching up and reminiscing like they’re the only ones around…. :,}