Hair down, no makeup, and they’re still the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen


Life is Beautiful 2016 Re-Cap Video.

Check out this rad little short re-cap video of the murals from the Life Is Beautiful festival that took place in Las Vegas this past September (Supersonic Art’s Photo Recap) and was curated by Just Kids.  Artists came from around the world to spruce up the streets of the notorious sin city and included Shepard Fairey, Felipe Pantone, Fafi, Mark Drew, Bezt, Crystal Wagner, Amanda Parer, Justin Favela, Dulk, Martin Whatson and Tristan Eaton.

Check it out below:

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I feel like most of the fandom holds these characters to standards that are too high. Like, nearly every character has a moment in the series where they do something awful or elitist or something, and if they don’t it’s because they’re not in the book enough to get development. Them having bad points just makes them actual realistic characters. If you recorded the actions of a group of teenagers for 7 years, they’d have some bad moments too.


Happy New Year! 📚 🎈🎉🎊❤️ Via ~ Tom Hardy is to read a CBeebies Bedtime Story to little ones across the country this New Year’s Eve at 6.50pm ❤️

He tells the tale of a boy going to a party as he reads You Must Bring a Hat, by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley.
Little ones, and the grown-ups, can see more of Tom later in the new year when he reads more CBeebies Bedtime Stories. Tom was joined by his dog Woodstock for the filming.

CBeebies Bedtime Stories is on CBeebies every day at 6.50pm.

I know I’m always giving Jumin a hard time and making fun of his silly quirks, but he really is a nice guy with a good heart.  (ಥ﹏ಥ) ♡

I picked that option to see what would happen.  I don’t remember seeing it before.  It kinda made me want to do Jumin’s route again because I just want him to be happy. ( ˘・з・)

Another commission down and still got a few more to finish, for those who commissioned me I apologized it’s taking a little longer than I thought and I want to thank you for your patience and if you want to cancel your request then please feel free to do so if you feel that you have waited too long. 

This was done for the very patient @icanhearyouglaring