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A few games on the NES seem to have some interesting relationships to Nintendo’s flagship Super Mario Bros. game. For example, here’s Kid Kool, whose main character happens to share the exact same walk cycle as our hero Super Mario:

Even the pint-size version has a few distant cousins, shown here with Bomber Man and Challenger:

There are likely other games, too. The theory we had was that Mario was passed around as an example in a devkit, and some early games simply modified and reused some of the graphics. For the most part, though, nobody ever really noticed.


here we have woozi doing his snapping fingers talent and joshua randomly getting up to show off his dance skills

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TFW you get invited to your first modelling gig and some pricks are trying to jack your style but then they turn out to be your favourite footballers so instead of getting mad tears come.

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anonymous asked:

So I saw the interview. Either louis is generally happy or he was smiley because he couldn't hold in his laughter. Liam who usually reacts didn't even have a reaction. Neither of them did. IF that doesn't scream odd I don't know what does. Niall is always happy and go lucky and nothing. Harry LOVES kids and no reaction. Usually bands will say we support him or can't wait.

Harry saw their pregnant GMA host and got excited and rubbed his belly.  Yet, his bandmate and friend Louis is gonna be a dad and he smirks like it’s hilarious?  

Maybe they’ll bring back some Harry and older women rumors and say he’s dating Briana’s grandmother and THAT is why he’s so smirky.

-Martha x