Recently @danisnotonfire uploaded a video called “Dan Reacts to Childhood Videos” . It was a great video - I, amongst many others, loved it. But there are people making these absolutely ridiculous assumptions that are kind of pissing me off.

First, people are going crazy about a comment Dan made where he said “well that explains a lot” when he saw a clip of fetus Dan singing along to “Barbie Girl” by Aqua. People are getting crazy, saying that Dan has come out on camera, taking it way too literally for my, and many others’, liking. It might have been just a small remark that Dan didn’t even think about when he said it. It might have no meaning whatsoever. Or maybe it WAS a slip of the tongue where he accidentally hinted that he was gay (/bi/pan/demi etc.) Either way, so what? Sure, it’s great to be supportive and enthusiastic about his supposed “coming out” but people are openly FORCING THE IDEA ONTO HIM. This is NOT okay. He probably already has loads on his mind right now and doesn’t want this kind of rude behavior plastered everywhere. The thing is WE DON’T KNOW about his love life. We shouldn’t feel that we have the need to. It’s HIS life, and only his.

Second of all, people keep talking shit about Dan’s parents, and how his grandparents are “the only parental figures he has” etc. DAN DOESN’T NEED TO TALK ABOUT HIS PARENTS AND/OR FAMILY. Phil talks about his mum and brother loads, but THAT DOESN’T MEAN DAN HAS TO. For all we know, Dan has great parents who he absolutely loves. Or maybe they really were shit parents. Or maybe he doesn’t have any parents at all. The thing is, we shouldn’t have the need to know this type of personal stuff. It’s his choice on whether or not he wants to share. HIS and HIS ONLY.

And finally, Dan’s jumper in the video. It’s a fuckload of pounds (in my mind anyway) but THATS OKAY. Dan is allowed to wear expensive stuff. He’s a youtuber with over 5 million subscribers, he’s bound to make a lot of money. It’s his style, his fashion choices, and everyone’s going batshit about how expensive it is. Surely Dan’s starting to feel a bit self conscious about it. Just STOP BUGGING HIM ABOUT EVERY TINY THING HE SAYS OR DOES.

This happened ages ago with Dan’s brother Adrian where Adrian was harassed on tumblr because of his brother’s subscriber count. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t mention anyone of immediate family anymore. That’s how far it’s gone.

The phandom is a wonderful place where phans get to meet, become friends and unite in their love of Dan and Phil. But it is also a horrible place of assault, violation and harassment.

Sorry to anyone not interested or unaware of the topic who had to read that. I just wanted to get my views across.