Deaf Culture PSA

Today I was in Wal-Mart, doing my thing, buying groceries, the usual, when I bump into one of my friends from high school. We’re having a grand ol’ time catching up and whatnot when this lady by the dairy section (across from us) turns and just..stares.

Like, full on, “I’m at the zoo” stare. I catch her eye, smile, wave, whatever, thinking she would move along with her shopping, but it didn’t even faze the woman.

For those of you who don’t know me very well, I was born Deaf, and while I can read lips pretty well, I rely on sign language for most of my communication. My friend went to the same Deaf School as me, and also uses ASL- however, she has a cochlear, and can make out the jist of conversations.

For those of you who are interested in learning or are currently learning sign language, please come up and say hello! We totally understand if you’re a beginner, and would love to help further your skills. That being said, we aren’t a spectacle or a show. We’re normal people, like you, who just use a little different method to communicate. Please don’t stare at us like we’re this oddity, because quite frankly, we’re not.

There are a lot of people who get this, but it amazes me sometimes in this day and age that the Deaf community is treated this way by some. Take some time and study a little about Deaf culture, learn about my community, and remember that even if I can’t hear, I can still see you staring, and I can still feel like a second-class show.

Update on episode 3.15.5! I’ve bought the brushes and am absolutely loving them. If you zoom in on my (messy) printing on the side, you’ll see the difference in the edges. The ps brush is kinda blurry around the edge where the inking brush is much sharper.

Also, why is Ngozi’s style so hard to replicate T_T I’ve drawn Bitty’s eyes so. many. times.


My top favorite bands (tho i listen to a shit ton, this is narrowed down) are: 

All Time Low 

The Maine 

Mayday Parade

Twenty One Pilots


Disturbed  ( Just saw them in concert in October!!!) 

Crown The Empire

A Day To Remember 

Forever The Sickest Kids 

Soooooooo send suggestions and ill tell you if i heard of them, or already listen to them, etc. (: