kid!loki cosplay


I ran with the idea of young Loki being adopted at a much older age, by Odin. Arriving in Asgard it must have been so exciting to see the city for the first time, especially since Loki only knew the ice-cold winters of Jotunheim. But also lonely and confusing, being away from home for the first time, his parents slain and his future unknown to him ;___;. Mixed feelings. I hope I captured that?!

The look is based on the young version of Loki, from Marvels “Trials of Loki”. I loved his undercut for a while, and yeah…I did shave my head for this XD. I’m not setting myself any limits when it comes to Loki and his different looks.

His look is based on this little panel:

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!? Please tell me if you did, I worked hard on this! <3 Thank you!

Just in case anyone ever mistook our nerd asses for being cool.
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Part 1 of the Kid Loki studio shoot I did during my time with bonesonmyface and abessinier  \*A*/

This was my first studio shoot EVAR - and it was so exicting!

It’s so, so different from working outside or in a location or with improvised equipment. And I have to say, that I never wanted to take studio photos because I always htought of them as static and boring but now seeing how they came out, I have to redeem my opinion. I love the lightning and what we did with the coloured foils.

Photos: bonesonmyface

Assistent: abessinier