Josh looking out for Lana, looking out for Jared.


Giggles & Smiles 

Contagious giggles and smiles dominated backstage as our youngest stars prepared to take center stage. Customized Haute Couture gowns mirroring their matching runway looks fused as the girls mingled around admiring their custom couture pieces. Playful and light-hearted, innocent and sweet relive the unique atmosphere that dominated backstage moments before the Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2016-17 show.

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An interview with Jeremy Brett during filming “The Boscombe Valley Mystery”.

Did you already watched this!? IT’S FANTASTIC! eternally grateful to the human being who uploaded it.


and when i look at you, the stars glow in my eyes. it’s strange, because my eyes have never held anything so warm and bright before without being burned.