if her light flickers off // every color turns to gray
if she can’t be saved // every hope turns to ash
if her smile crumbles // every laugh turns to dust
if we lose her // we’ll all end up lost

-Carlos and Cecil in bed-

Cecil: Carlos?

Carlos: Yeah babe, what’s up?

Cecil: I have something I need to tell you 

Carlos: …alright, I’m listening.

Cecil: I have a huge crush on you

Carlos: Cecil, we’re married

Cecil: Like I think you’re really pretty and cool

Carlos: We have eight kids together 

Carlos: We are literally raising our kids together 

Cecil: yeah, but I like you SO much more than anyone 



Carlos: go to sleep 

highschool cecilos au that doesn’t quite take place in night vale:

Cecil is part of the school newpaper and uses his section to report on the weird happening/sightings in town, he has a huge crush on the new kid Carlos who loves science and also love weird things/understanding weird things so he helps Cecil out a lot so they hang out lots especially at night to find things.

I would just like to make the decendants fandom aware that these photo’s exist.

Ok, so a few weeks ago I went to this bookfair, and look what I found…

It’s almost like a Disney decendants yearbook.And as soon I saw it I was anxiously rooting through it to find anything I could conserning my ship. (aka, Jaylos.) and this is what I found.

Chad, is a homophope. 

Now we can only assume that according to the weather and the end of the Isle of the Lost, our favorite Villian kids appeared in Aurodon half way through the school year meaning that this yearbook was published in their reality after mal stood up to her mom and Aurdrey decided to get along woth mal. 

However, Audrey comments, obviously tye into her feelings in the begining instead of at the end, which brings forth the quetion…what?

Like, was this just a sloopy mistake that nobody bothored to think about or was Audrey lying about her feelings concerning Mal and her friends?




Next on the list.

Chad is still a jerk face.

Jane on the other hand, is startingt o come out of her shell (at least in writting) and posseses a whole lot of sass. Go Jane!




Along with pics from the movie and strange comments, the book also includes biographies of the students, although in this cass, the Villian’s Kid’s Bios look more like something they pulled out from their records when they were originally deciding if they should bring the villian kids over

I mean, Carlos still sounds like he’s scared of dogs, (which wasn’t the case at the end of the movie, so we have to assume this was written BEFORE the contents of the movie. His Bio also outlins how much he spends with Jay to share personal informationwith as well as how abusive and terrible living with Crullea is.

Speakign of Crullea, may I piont out that in 101 Dalmations 2, It was canoon that Cruellea was mentally insane she was seeing a phyciotrist that cut her off from buying furs forcing Cruella to find another outlook of spots-Painting which laster lead to her kidnapping the puppies all over again. 

But serriously. The Isle of the lost,is the land of the leftovers, most kids over there go to bed hungrey and have never tasted sugar. Do you honestly belive that Aurodon would care about the mental stability of Cruella di Vil? NO. This means, that Carlos grew up with a mentally insane person OFF their medication, who grew more violent everyday. That’s harsh.

Jay’s Bio for the most part reflects Carlos’s in the fact it appears he wrote very soon after he arrived at aurodon noting that he’s “drooling from all the fine swag to lift”

However, his list of stuff he’s stolen says otherwise. As I’m sure many of you know in the second descendents book Return to the Isle of the lost, the gang had to go back to the isle to search for their parents’s magical items of evil. Carlos’s mother’s object was her Emerald ring that represented her pride, wealthy and power and shamed others. 

Now, look back at Jay’s list…yep. he couldn’t have stolen the ring on the Isle becasue they wree hidden in the underground tunnels which means, he had to steal it from Carlos after the second book before they all decided to hand over their objects to the museam/council for safe keeping.

So, what was this? another mistake? an added piece of paper Jay inserted after the yearbok was publishe? Does anyone own their own year book or does everyone in the school just share one?




Moving on! Unforchunetly, as wonderfull as Jaylos is, I’m afraid I’m going to be breaking all you’re jaylos shipping hearts when I say this…Jaylos, is NOT going to be canon. EVER. Not in Descendants 2, not in another book, NEVER. and here’s why…

“Carlos is like a little brother to me.” -Jay

You read that right. Jay, is hitting us hard with the ‘I see you as a younger sibling’ cannon ball. Prepare to abandoned ship. 

HOwever! WE all know that carlos might have a small crush on jay as according to The first Book Isle of the lost when Carlos said thought “Jay laughed again ,which made Carlos feel good, though he couldn’t explain why, not even to himself.” So congrats if you stayed on board, you are hearby saillig bnthe S.S. unrequited love ship.

Ok,Ok,Ok, sirriouly thou. Here’s what I don’t get. you guys see the las tpicture where arlos writes how he wsa scared of dogs and then Jane asks “Who’s afraid of dogs?” Like…???? WHAT THE HEACK JANE?!? HE LITTLEALY WORTE  HIS NAME???? HOW ARE YOU CONFUSED???

 idk, but that’s that. we also have another page with thier bromance grcing the pages. (take THAT chad.)

YEA, They’re familly! Which also more serrious because they grew up without strong relationships with their familly. And right now, I’m going to exclude the girls. Jay’s dad wouldn’t even LOOK at him, really. he wouldn’t, nothing Jay ever stole was EVER good enough. And Cruella? Sometimes, I doubt she even knew her own son’s name to be honest. But I guess she showed a little amout of compassion by forcing him to have “henchman” They didn’t have ANY realtionship with their parents. they barley spoke to their parents at all. For them to claim to be familly, is supper important.

Now, wait a minuite. It looks like Audrey has made another appearence in the book, but this time, her attitude toward the two boys is deffenetly different. It’s way more freindly and sounds more like her personality from the end of the movie/ the wicked world serries.




Well, that’s the end of that. Thanks for reading this long post! 

Ok but imagine if Jay was Ben and Carlos was Mal

-Jay singing did I mention
-Carlos trying strawberries for the first time + Jay finding it adorable
-Carlos diving into the water to save Jay even though he can’t swim
-Jay telling his parents not only did he dump Audrey, and not only is he dating one of the villains kids, but he’s also gay for a villain kid
-Jay telling Carlos he knew about the love potion while they’re in the carriage with a smirk and Carlos blushing
-?????? Please???????

Performer//A Disney Descendants Imagine

Anon said:  You’ve seen Descendants right? I was wondering if you could do one with Jay where the reader is the daughter of Cinderella and a bit of a rebel (hates the image her family has) and she’s a musician and a dancer and at one of her shows she does a cover of Puppeteer by MAX and jay sees her dancing and singing and immediately falls in love

Descendants is my fave oml


“So Chad has a sister?” Evie asked Doug. “Why haven’t we ever seen her?”

Doug snorted. “Yes you have. She just likes to pretend that she’s not related to him.”

“Who is she?” Mal asked.

“Have you seen the girl that always wears black jeans and combat boots and some kind of graphic t-shirt?”

“Oh, I know her,” Carlos said. “She’s cool.”

“She’s Chad’s sister? She’s the exact opposite of him,” Jay said.

“Yeah, she hates the prejudices that the kingdom has, so she does everything she can to rebel against her parents. But she’s a really good musician. Her shows are really awesome and her name is (Y/N). I think there’s one tomorrow, do you guys wanna go?”

“Sure, why not?” Evie said. “It sounds fun.”

“Yeah, I’m down,” Jay said.

“Me too,” Carlos chimed in. 

They all looked at Mal, who shrugged. 

“I guess if you all want to go, I might as well go too.”

“Cool. She said it was at the cafe at 7:30, so I’ll see you guys there?”


He kissed Evie on the cheek and left.

“So do you guys think this show is gonna be fun?” Evie asked. 

“I think it has potential to be awesome,” Jay said thoughtfully. “It all depends on the execution.”

The next night

The cafe was packed. It seemed that she really was popular.

“Hey guys!” (Y/N) said, jumping onto the stage. “How’s everyone doing tonight?”

The crowd cheered loudly.

“Okay, so I’m gonna kick this off with a cover of one of my favorite songs. How many of you know the song Puppeteer by MAX?”

There was another cheer. 

She grinned. “Then let’s get this party started!”

A pounding drum beat started.

“You’re dripping fire tonight. You’re like a miracle, you got me feeling so.”

She started dancing while she sang, and Jay found himself unable to look away from her. She was amazing.

“I think Jay has a crush,” Mal said.

“Are you kidding?” Carlos said. “He totally does! She can dance, she can sing, and she’s gorgeous. He’s totally in love with her.”

Evie giggled. “The real question is if he’s gonna do anything about it.”

Part Two

I’ll finish this when I have the time, which isn’t happening anytime soon, but for now have And I know Carlos looks out of place but I could not for the life of me stop thinking about punk Carlos. So ya, that’s my explanation for his fashion frailer, and no I will not change it.  


Requested by anon:

Y/N: “I’m sorry I judged you before I got to know the real you. You’d think I know better being a ‘good kid.”’
Carlos: “Hey, don’t worry about it. A lot of people thought the same thing about Auradon kids, that you were all stuck up princes and princesses.”
Y/N: “But you didn’t and that’s how I knew you were one of the good ones.”

So I kinda have a Benlos headcanon in my mind. As we all know Cruella is obsessed with fur coat and maybe Carlos is as well (also we know he has his mother’s fashion sense.) So what if Beast can still change to be the beast whenever he likes? (He can control it but hasn’t done it for a long time.) And when he knows that his son’s boyfriend likes fur, why wouldn’t he change to? When he did Carlos is totally forget Ben (poor Ben) and plays with Beast’s fur instead. Ben is suddenly envies his father’s ability and wish he could do that too but he can’t. This must be really hilarious for Belle who is quietly observe her jealous son and tells her husband. So Beast loves to tease his son by drawing an attention from Carlos by his fur.

Picturing little kid Carlos playing with fur while his boyfriend is staring at his dad and secretly jealous and Belle is sniggering watching all of them.

The Past is Inked on Our Skins

In which the four children of the Lost wanted to keep moving forward and yet to never forget where they started.

Descendants AU where the Isle of the Lost kids get tattoos.


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anonymous asked:

Tbh i think mal wouldnt like the idea of kids. Evie wouldnt be either but i havr a feeling she'll come around to the idea and have at least two bbys to fawn over... Carlos would definitely want a kid, I think. Just to prove his mum wrong. That he is nothing like her... But then he has his dogs so idk... Jay tho... I think, like evie & mal he'd be hesitant of the idea, scared of becoming his dad... idk i just want all the angst headcanons ok

Omg don’t ask for angst headcanons I will give you angst headcanons. That’s my jam, yo.

Mal meets so many kids as The King of Auradon’s Official Girlfriend. During photo ops she poses stiffly beside the orphans and the cherub-cheeked merchant’s children. They ask her questions about her magic, about her hair, about her life. Mal never knows how to answer them, so she just smiles, and puts her hand on the child’s shoulder, and pretends to be someone she’s not.

The worst, the worst, are the babies.

Somehow all it takes is one too-brave mother foisting her three month old into Mal’s arms during another photo op. Mal smiles, and holds the baby, and pretends to be someone she’s not. After that more mothers come forward. Some of them ask for blessings. Most just want pictures.

Audrey likes to “suggest” under her breath that maybe Mal’s resentful on account of wanting to curse the children. Ben dutifully defends Mal, says that it’s not like that. Audrey shrugs.

It is like that. Every time another squirming, innocent bundle is placed in her arms Mal thinks of a hundred curses. Her tongue feels thick, her arms feel heavy, and her magic nips at the back of her neck with impatient need. Every time, she bites it back. She smiles, and gives the baby back, and pretends to be someone she’s not.

Evie remembers her childhood. She walks an empty corridor leaving the library late at night and mirror mirror echoes in her footsteps. Then she’s running running running never quite fast enough to outrun her memories.

Sometimes she catches herself in the mirror, smoothing her hands over her enviably taut middle, her mother’s voice saying stretch marks, you’ll never get rid of them, you’ll never be fairest. Young now, slender now, beautiful now. She’s never given birth.

When she promises herself she never will, she’s not sure if that promise is for her vanity or for the sake of the children she’ll never meet.

Jay works at a tourney camp during the summer. He coaches kids through field goals and tentative friendships and campfire singalongs. He picks up petulant eight year olds and throws them over his shoulders and spins and spins and spins until they squeal with delighted protest. He teaches them all to pick locks and pockets.

It’s fun until it’s not.

The kids whisper about homesickness. They miss their parents. Their siblings. Their best friends. They miss chocolate chip cookies and movie nights and a bed that smells like them. They miss and miss and miss and miss and—

During the hours after lights-out he calls Mal. He sits tucked against a tree, knees drawn up towards his chest, and tries to put into words how he doesn’t miss the Isle, not at all. He doesn’t miss eating rotten food, sleeping on the floor, thieving for both his food and his floor. He doesn’t miss the Dragon Hall. He doesn’t miss the Market. He doesn’t miss the Junk Shop. He doesn’t miss waiting for magic enough to make his father love him.

If he doesn’t miss the Isle, why is he homesick?

Carlos finds the kids with bruised souls and wary eyes. He can pick them out from a mile away. He comes to them, Dude trotting at his heels, and stops a good two feet away. He squats, and smiles, and shows them his scars.

Over the years he brings them home, these broken children that Auradon never did get around to acknowledging, and gives to them a small universe of dogs and books and inventions. Gripping their shoulders with warm hands, he introduces them to Mal and Evie and Jay. Ruffling their hair, he tells them that they’re pack now.

VK’s summer look

I should have just drawn evie’s other hand but I got lazy and while coloring this I decided that I hate this style. soo that sucks. hope you like it :) 

Jaylos Gym Class AU

- Coach Phil pairs up Jay, the most athletic kid in class, and Carlos, who can’t even kick a ball, to work out together the whole period

- Carlos is extremely awkward which gets even worse after Jay smirkes at him

- He blushes so hard when Jay grabs his hand to pull him over to their station, but Jay totally didn’t notice because Jay totally doesn’t do blushes

- He desperately wants to impress Jay, but soon realizes he can’t even lift the 30 pound dumbbells, much left the 60 pound bells Jay is crunching

- Jay starts to laugh when Carlos moves on to the bench press, he knows if Carlos couldn’t lift the dumbbells he definitely won’t get the 45 pound bar up

- His laughing draws the unwanted attention of some other students (namely Chad) who start mocking Carlos, causing him to blush again  

- And Jay totally didn’t think Carlos’ blush was adorable, Jay totally doesn’t do blushes

- But Jay still puts his weights down and goes over to spot him on the bench press before he feels too insure

- “Actually Jay.. I don’t think this is a good idea, maybe I’ll just stick with a jumprope.”

- “What? No way Carlos, I got you. Don’t worry.”

- Carlos can’t resist Jay’s sweet grin and shyly lays down on the bench under the bar with Jay on the other side

- Together (mainly Jay) they make it to 5 lifts before Carlos can’t feel his arms anymore

- When Carlos’ back is turned drinking water Jay threatens he will beat anyone who says anything about Carlos up, but Carlos can’t know that of course

- After class Carlos is extremely worn out, but extremely happy he got to spend all gym class watching Jay workout up close

- Jay asks him if he wants to work out together over the weekend

- Obviously Carlos said yes

- But he was totally not blushing when he asked. Jay totally doesn’t do blushes