I was tagged by howellingyoutubers .
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name: Amber Kathleen Elizabeth Murphy

nickname: Bambi

birthday: 24th July 2000

star sign: Leo

gender: Female

height: 5ft 6

sexual orientation: Straight

favorite color: Orange

time right now: 14:17

average # of hrs i sleep: 9

lucky number(s): 7

last thing i googled: the Oxford dictionary

word that comes to mind: broccoli

happy place: The small woodland area behind my house

number of blankets i sleep under: 2

favorite fictional character: Tina Belcher

favorite famous person: Olly Murs

celebrity crush: Don’t really have one at the moment

favorite book: I can’t name a favourite really

favorite band: The vamps

last movie i saw: In the cinema : Pitch Perfect 2 , at home : step up 5 all in

dream trip: Greece

dream job: psychiatrist

what i’m wearing: a baggy pisa italy top , Dalmatian pyjama bottoms , and odd fluffy socks

Ten people I am tagging are : ellamorrdemxxx welaughmeme youtube-online onlyphilcantouchdansneck phanfic allforthephandom simsgonewrong forthefuns justphanthingz kickthepjgifs