Fools - Fluff Au

 We ran to our hotel room, me tripping up over my dress and PJ snorting as i struggled to keep it above my ankles so i could walk. “shut up you daft prick” I slurred, giggling . PJ swiped the key card three times; he kept laughing as he put his hand forward meaning he missed. I made to go into the room but he had other ideas. Quick as a flash he whisked me off my feet, my dress pushing up so my face was hidden in a mass of silk and lace. “Darling I think your drowning,” he mumbled. I felt his hand crawl up my leg, across the bare skin of my thigh and- his face burst through the layers of silk, a smirk on his face. “found you” he murmured before planting a sweet kiss on my lips.

PJ had always been a romantic. Even before we’d dated, he’d run me baths, make me warm tea and sing me to sleep. So now as we sat in just our underwear, our favourite game, gloom, between us on the sheets, i couldn’t help but stare at him. We weren’t always intimate in THAT way, we were quite comfortable playing games; even on our wedding night. “I think i’m going to win you know,” i said. He glanced up and grimaced playfully. “Sweetie, you are a fool, a warm hearted, hazel eyed fool,”.

We played until our eyes were drooping. My lips jutted out in a pout when PJ put his hand over mine, as i clung to the deck of cards. He leaned forward, kissing me softly at the base of my throat and pushed me back onto the mattress. He continued to kiss me down my neck, across my chest and up to my jawline. Across my cheek and finally kissing me on my lips, letting his linger. "I love you,” he whispered. “And I love you,” i replied, running my hands through his curls. “When you said I do earlier today, you know what i thought?” he whispered softly. I didn’t reply, so he pecked my lips before continuing. “I thought, how is this gorgeous women so stupid, to take me, a lanky prick who, quite frankly needs a haircut, to be her lawfully wedded husband,”. To that i laughed properly, my shoulders shaking. I looked up into his green eyes and i sighed. “I took you to be my lawfully wedded husband because i love you with all my heart. I mean don’t get me wrong, you’re a lanky prick…” He tutted at me. i giggled, pulling his head down so his parted lips met mine.

dt: @holydamnwinchester