Hey, RAW backers– it’s February! You know what that means… one month closer to May! And we’ve got some goodies for you, to celebrate.

Before we get to the fun stuff, we first want to thank you for all the very prompt responses to our Kickstarter surveys! Around 2200 of you have already filled yours out, which we greatly appreciate– the sooner everything’s filled out the sooner we can start buying shipping supplies, which means the sooner your books get to you. On that note:

If you HAVEN’T filled our your survey yet, remember to do it soon! We need them from you by April 1st in order to guarantee that your book will get to you as quickly and safely as possible!

But enough shipping (hah!) news… we’ve got some goods for you right now, and it’s time to deliver. We have received book proofs from our printer!

For those unfamiliar, proofs are basically test-runs done before they start the final print job so that we can take a look and make sure everything is just right! There are all different sorts, which show all different aspects of the job– layout, colors, paper quality, and more. We have three different kinds of proofs:

  • ozalid proofs, or “blues” – these are low-quality prints that are arranged to show the entire book in order, so we can check the layout and position of all the images and text
  • wet proofs – these are where the images are all printed exactly as they will be in the book, on the exact same paper, so we can check to make sure the colors look right
  • sample case – this is the cover of the book with no inside pages, so we can see what the final book cover will look like

(Top: blues; bottom: wet proofs.)

(Sample case, with paper placed inside to simulate the final book!)

There are no words that can accurately describe how thrilled we were to see these, and we knew we had to share them with you. We hope you enjoyed seeing them! These are, pun intended, proof that the book is happening– and it’s coming our way.

Enjoy your February! May is coming.

All our love,
Aimee & Tea
Bad Influence Press

“Very few people are what they seem.” - Agatha Christie

We are so happy to announce Margie Mintz will be joining us as Agatha Christie in Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party!

Margie is a standup comedian, actor and storyteller. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two ADORABLE children. Margie is currently producing theatre, mothering her children, and writing a-made-for-tv kids movie with her husband (Dan Mintz of Bob’s Burgers). She’s also contributes to @hellogiggles.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party NOW ON KICKSTARTER!

In the Month of Love

Heyyyy everyone!!

Happy New Year 2016, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

How are all of you? We do hope that all of you are well and healthy, ushering into the new year! Are you planning a confession coming Valentine’s day? Do tell us how it goes! Good luck to all of you!

Since we did not have an update in January, this is going to be a major update!


We will be attending a doujinshi event in Singapore called Doujima on May 7-8 Please look for us at the Premium Booth section. We will be selling merchandises and giving out freebies! Do come by and say hi! We don’t mind receiving fan letters/girls/boys *teehee*

Several weeks back, Killscreen has invited us to give our opinion on bringing otome games to the west. Please check out the article here if you have some time,

Game Updates

Ok now for the part that you are all been waiting for. We have game updates to show off, so here we go!

Yes, we have new GUI!! We are going to be prettier! We think this is the right direction that we are going for and the new GUI sync well with the game. We are on the final stage of designing the last frame. Here are some screen shots to show how the screens are going to look like. The settings menu is accessible from the cat tablet as shown in the first image. Then, you will be able to change your setting by sliding up and down the ramen! Other pages like gallery, ending list, character profiles etc. are accessible from the main game menu. How do you like the new GUI design?

We also want to announce that we have officially finished background design for Sirius’s story! Are they cool or what? Don’t worry, the collage shown above is not the complete BG designs, we just want to keep some for surprises later in the game :) If you are wondering, there are some specialized BGs for each characters and some shared. We will update again when the specialized BGs for Yoshino is complete but for now, we are done with Sirius’s.

Tada! The complete NPC designs for Sirius’s story. Some of these characters will appear in other character stories as well. You will learn the background stories about our protagonist, the guys and some of our NPCs throughout Purrfectly Ever After!

We are sending out the badges and postcard to print within these 2 weeks and will share the final results when we get hold of the products, stay tuned! For T-shirts, unfortunately we could only get hold of unisex designs. We will resend a new form for backers to fill in your desired size choice. These merchandises (except T-shirt) will also be sold in Doujima.

So the final part of the game is to prepare the files for coding. We will probably be able to do up a new demo (if not the complete Sirius route!) in iOS and PC by May. We are still in writing stage for Sirius though, please continue to support us.


And because we have many reasons to celebrate, we are giving out freebies! We are giving out PC, Mobile wallpapers and ringtone to all our supporters who have been with us throughout and beyond! This is our way to show you our appreciation in this season of love. We hope you’ll like these :)

Download here

Shout Out

A shout out to an aspiring local team with amazing talents who created this interesting educational game which combines Chemistry and RPG together. They have just met their goal but there’s still some time to pledge!

Another shout out to a local game developer who strive to bring back the glory days of 8bit games! Check them out and give them your support!

Quantum Suicide 
A revival of a much loved project, the team behind Quantum Suicide had a relaunch and it’s doing better than ever! If you like a sci-fi, mystery filled otome game, you should really check them out!

Not related to games but we find this product fun and useful! And of course, it’s from another home grown project so we are proud of it!

Stay tuned for the next update! Cheers!

Sue Anne C.
Project Schedule:


Another galaxy bat update today!

We’ve unlocked the stretch goal for white bat illustrations so I spent yesterday updating those. Backers will be able to choose between white or back illustrations for all stickers, pins, and pillows. This will give you the option to match your plushie.

Next we have two WIP images. The snuggling bats will be used for the free pin included in every over and the other one is potentially for one of the two free post cards.

Finally there is a preview of the adoption certificate which will include room for your name, the bat’s name, a date (either date of arrival/creation/birthday or whatever date is meaningful to you), and each bat will receive a unique number.


The Wandmaker - Harry Potter Fan Film Series - A Harry Potter fan film series! Watch Ollivander seek out a mysterious veil in the hopes of creating the world’s most powerful wand. -

A friend of mine is trying to get this series of her co-creation made! I know there’s a lot of Harry Potter fans out there, so watch the teaser trailer, and if you like what you see, donate whatever you can to help them make this prequel series a possibility :) They have 4 days to raise the other half of their goal, and if they don’t reach their $5,000 goal, the money goes right back to the donators and the creators can’t produce this. Help these guys out and donate to/share this kickstarter page!

Keyport Modular Multi-Tools

View Kickstarter Campaign (10 Hours Left)

Keyport has launched a Kickstarter campaign - for its next gen modular, everyday multi-tools - the Keyport Slide 3.0 and the all new Keyport Pivot, reaching the initial funding goal of $100K in just over three days.

Both new Keyports are made of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, feature a low profile lanyard, and include modularity on both sides so that they can accept optional Keyport compatible add-on components.  Keyport’s modularity will allow designers, makers, and partners to develop Keyport compatible modules on this open source platform.  Add-on modules featured in the Kickstarter launch include a Bluetooth low energy locator that works with TrackR, a pocketknife designed by Glenn Klecker of Klecker Knives, and a 12 lumen mini-flashlight.

In addition, to combat the biggest worry associated with keys…losing them, Keyport has created KeyportID, an online lost and found service that uses the unique serial number engraved on each Keyport to connect owners and finders online directly and anonymously with a click.


Director Usman Riaz and Mano Animation Studios are out to create the first animated feature film created in Pakistan. What is amazing is his desire to make it hand drawn for the film, and see it fulfilled. 

I would like to see him achieve his goal, and I hope this video inspires you, the viewer/animator/future director, to keep finding a way to make your dreams a reality as well…and work towards that.

Go to his Kickstarter campaign for The Glassworker to know more information.



also if @soyqan gets hate mail I will literally send you a box of rocks

27% Funded! 

Tired of queer stories about being queer? No worries, I got you! Queer characters in the main cast summoning weird magical creatures, fighting bandits, stealing cake from each other, magicking boxes into owls, protecting snobby goblins … the good stuff. Not that there isn’t romance. There is. I’m told it’s rather cute, too!

Kickstarter here

The Complete Bram Stoker series is SOLD OUT!!! Our rewards levels are starting to go fast!! Now is the time to get them before they’re gone!!!
(Teleport to our kickstarter right here!!!)

Thank you to our 200+ backers for funding our new translation series PASSAGES! Help us reach our $8000 stretch goal for more translation, quality graphics, and extra features such as foldout maps. Back us on Kickstarter and receive a full set of PASSAGES in a @CommunityBookstore tote bag OR with a $25 book voucher.

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