Little waterproof, durable, eco-friendly, solar charging, collapsible origami lanterns called SolarPuffs! Designed with the intent to provide a clean, free-to-power light source alternative to fossil fuel powered lanterns that billions of people living without electricity rely on. You can buy or donate them to charities and relief efforts on the SolarPuff kickstarter

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Today we are introducing to you Sylvia & Tatiana. Discover the story of those two ladies.
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This is your last chance to do your part in helping this project be a success!  

We have already ordered 3D printed AC symbols for the plaques, necklace and earrings from cebt-cosplay that will be even better looking than the examples pictured above.  They will have depth, like this one: 

There will never be another kickstarter like this again so join us now in this unprecedented endeavor!  The actors in costumes at cons around the world will be fantastic for the fans and actors alike!  

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Assassin’s Creed wallpaper by santap555/teaD


From the director who brought you House on Haunted Hill (the remake) and Parasomnia comes a new horror imagining! Reminiscent of the risk-taking horror films and grindhouse flicks of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Jeffrey it seems has only a small part in this film, but it’s worth backing if only to say you helped make a movie. And, you know, any Jeffrey Combs is better than no Jeffrey Combs. In your own small way, if you back this film, you’ll be helping him work.

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Olivia was a sunny little 5 year old girl who just happened to have a rare form of aggressive brain cancer. The day after finishing nine months of treatment, her father, Holger, died suddenly of cardiac arrest playing badminton. A family of five was now a family of four. Olivia, her mother Daphne, 9 year old sister Lilly and 11 year old brother Espen were in shock. In the next years Daphne and her children, doctors and friends gave all they could to help save Olivia but she passed away just after her ninth birthday. It was now a family of three. Daphne, is traumatized from years of fighting cancer, Holger’s sudden death and Olivia’s slow death. These circumstances motivate her to embark on a unique journey documenting her own exploration of trauma. Daphne is constantly torn between the “trauma world” and the “normal world”, cultural clichés of how she should let go and move on feel forced. Daphne is overwhelmed by not knowing what to do with Olivia’s ashes so she gathers up over 50 of Olivia’s Barbies and starts a road trip from Las Vegas to Zion, Utah, in search of renewed hope and balance. Daphne creates an individual visceral vocabulary of processing loss. Despite confronting so much tragedy, Daphne’s approach to healing becomes more of a beautiful survival story rather than just a painful traumatic memory. The idea of letting go is turned upside down. In the darkest of times comes the brightest of lights.    


The question, “Why I am making this film?”
 The answer is as layered as life is. I ask myself this exact same question at times to be honest with you.
 I’ve lost two of my family members in a short time, Holger very suddenly and Olivia over a longer period of time.
 As I tell others what has happened to our family, at first I feel like I’m punching them twice in the face. Then I notice something magical and tremendous begins to happen. I realize that when I tell a part of my reality the way I tell it, that I’m moving people in not such a “normal” way. I usually look into the person’s eyes as I tell this and honestly see, how in most cases, people simply positively melt down to their own bare true emotion. In our society, these days, that’s rare. Of course some stand there in utter shock or run away, but mostly I witness a variety of very raw feelings and feedback, which in turn moves me. It’s the strangest paradox that an event so terribly painful can be transformed into a dynamic so powerfully beautiful. I talk about Olivia and our experience, I talk about extreme love, her passion for life, yet extreme pain and loss at the same time. It’s possible. Now it is time to tell the story visually! I know for a fact, that this story and the way I tell it from my own perspective is like a catalyst to others and can help those who have to go through what we did. In the same breath I say, whether you have lost someone or not, it’s universal how we humans suffer when we lose those we love. I’m convinced that my personal journey will support people in finding their own path of starting to live again and not just surviving. The film hopefully inspires others by letting them know that they have a say in their pain and to give them courage to explore their own roads to healing. How we deal with trauma is ultimately a subjective and individual matter. I chose this road trip with the barbies out of instinct. Humor and lightness was a huge aspect as how I dealt with overwhelming life and death events. For me it is and always will be an important tool to deal with trauma as it was for my children and Olivia. I believe this quality also is what makes this film so different. I know that processing trauma is very much an ongoing process, taking roads that get somewhere and roads that don’t. By attempting to find my own road and language for dealing with pain with images and visceral experiences, I hope to make the most beautiful film, which gives hope to everyone.


I need help!

My friend and I are trying to raise money to head down to California in July to create a documentary on the water crisis in our world. Our focus will be mainly on interviewing Indigenous People of California on the 5 year water drought that is occurring. If you could donate or pass the message on, it would be greatly appreciated! Even .50 cents or $1 counts.

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Ok, so, confession time: I never played Banjo-Kazooie as a kid. I had an N64, but I just never had the money to buy it. Now, as an adult, I’m playing through it for the first time and I am so sad I missed out on it.

Anyway, these two. I was excited for Yooka-Laylee when it was announced, but now that I’m actually playing the game that inspired it, I’m super pumped. If YK is even half as good as BK, I’ll be happy.


Samples of the watercolour sketches I’m offering in the front of the signed, limited edition hardbacks!

Limited to only 500 copies - 520pp - 6 x 9 inch format - high-fantasy

Only 15 copies are being offered with illustrations of either Lamb the cat, Juke the Inuki (above left) or Kiki the dragoness(above right). The 9 plush tiers also include illustrations in the books. The illustration will more or less fill the 6 x 9 inch page. 

The watercolour is kept quite dry, so the pages show little buckling (which gets smoothed out with the weight of the book itself). The pen is fade-resistant. Small touches of coloured pencil hace been used to pull out details.