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Happy to announce that I’ve been brought on board to potentially voice “Areon”, the lead protagonist of the dark Visual Novel False Elegy!

The Kickstarter page for the project just went live, and I hope you will consider lending some funds towards helping them hit their V.O. stretch goal. Areon has this mix of determination and inner crazy that I think would be a lot of fun to portray.

Thank you for your time and consideration either way!


Ren and Stimpy George WILDERNESS TEASER 02 from John Kricfalusi on Vimeo.

Check out my Kickstarter to make a new carton with George!

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A question for everyone!

By far the most frequent request I’ve had is giant Boxfoxes! I’ve always said that I’d love to but can’t because of storage and shipping issues… BUT! My circumstances have recently changed so that I COULD store and ship large Boxfox plush if people really want them. It’d be a bit of an undertaking but I could do it!

I’m costing it all out now and ideally I’d run a Kickstarter to fund a run of 8-12″ Boxfox plush for hoooopefully around $50 each. Please sound off if you’d genuinely be interested! I’d love to do it!



I also made a little video to promote @alainaprana ‘s Kickstarter!
Please share as long as you can this project! This deserves to be a thing!

Thank you!

Kickstarter link:


The kickstarter to get these babs made into acrylic charms is now live [HERE]! Please consider adopting a lab rat Hange if you’d like or spreading the word would also be really helpful!

There’s a first 10 early bird backer tier at a special price if you can snag one!


March 13th, 2013. The day when they announced Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Project. The euphoria and the emotions! Happy Anniversary!


Designer Kawther Alsaffar collaborated with craftspeople in Kuwait to create these sand-cast, one-of-a-kind bowls that fuse two different metals into beautifully unexpected combinations of brass, copper, and nickel. 

Beyond creating striking objects, she hopes the project will highlight and support the work of craftspeople and designers in Kuwait. Learn more and support the project here.


KICKSTART YOUR DAY WITH: “Because Of Them, We Can…” by Eunique Jones Gibson

This amazing photo campaign for kids where African-American children pose as the great African Americans of our past and present that helped PoC to become who they are now, started out as a project for Black History Month. The photographer behind the project, Eunique J. Gibson, then realized that doing this for only 28 days out of the month of February couldn’t and wouldn’t do.

Extending it to a full year where everyday, she would post a new photograph up on social networks, Gibson started the Kickstarter to turn her photo series into a book. She hopes to raise $80,000 by mid June, and has so far raised a little over $9,000.

Want to help the cause? Click the title to support!

ebulliance  asked:

Why is that image cursed tho?

when that image was first going around, a tumblr user started making little fake screencaps for it like it was an animated show called “miss officer and mr truffles”. the drawings were so popular on tumblr, that they decided “hey why not try to make a show about this”

they started a kickstarter to create a pilot that they would pitch to studios. 

but looking at the short animated segments they have, the quality is pretty amateur and not fitting for a television series. 

this is probably because the person behind it was just a teenager, and another bit of drama involving the animators. animators claimed they were were treated like shit, terminated and not paid for not having a fast turnaround despite having other full time work.

basically the whole thing was a huge mess and now is up there with dash con in the category of: “when someone says ‘lets make this a real thing!!!’ in a tumblr post, dont fucking do it”


Quirky Cowfish is a plush keychain designed by Paula C. Rodriguez and created by squishables. This adorable little cowfish is up for sale on our kickstarter. If this project is funded we will go ahead and send it to production so you all have a cute little cowfish to enjoy!

for more information visit the kickstarter!!