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Very few phrases are able to conjure the mental image that Björk Swan Dress does. It’s an instant mental image maker. If one sees the phrase, instantly this image hits their mind. The amazing thing is, it’s probably the same mental image for everyone. There is no way to interpret the phrase Björk Swan Dress as anything but the classic image of Björk donning the swan dress at the Oscars. (Or, Ellen mockingly wearing the dress.) The phrase, much like the dress really, is very simple, and playful, while also exotic and elegant. It’s humorous and thought-provoking, and a cultural reference point.

Our very own Mike McGregor has just launched a project to make a limited-edition run of these T-shirts. Twenty of them, to be precise. A pledge of $20 will get your own — but better back fast!

UPDATE: It’s all sold out, folks!!!