They’re here, and just in time for Christmas! 

My second published children’s book, Loki and Floyd’s Cookie Capers has arrived today, all 150 of them! I’m selling them in a gift shop in my local town and I just thought I’d share it here too! 

40 pages of full illustration.

Remember the last time the FCC nearly killed net neutrality?

Tumblr had this nice big banner at the top of your dashboard alerting any active user about the problem. Guess what has changed since then? Verizon, one of the companies gunning for the death of net neutrality owns yahoo who in turn own Tumblr. Spread the word, tell everyone you can: tag posts you see about net neutrality with popular tags so the news spreads.

True Black: The Tarot Deck

True Black: The Tarot Deck just lauched on Kickstarter!

*Images property of True Black Tarot, used with permission. For more deck images see the Kickstarter.

Launching on Kickstarter for the reduced price of $70 (retail $85) this deck is really a stunning work of art. Go check it out & get yours! For more deck pictures, please visit the Kickstarter page!

True Black: The Tarot Deck on Kickstarter!

So The Arcana’s pricing scheme is exploitative and terrible and I’m astonished nobody is talking about it.

The standard response from the developers is that all of the paid content is ‘optional’, but you know what I want out of my romance game? Romance. 90% of which is paid content.

Also, this assumes I don’t want to pay for the game. Except I do! I backed it on kickstarter! I want to give these people my money. But I also don’t want to be bled dry.

This isn’t even getting into how the kickstarter promised backers the game itself as a reward, then reneged on their promise, offering a paltry $10 refund to make up for it (which will buy you a grant total of 1 chapter for 1 character’s route). 

This kind of business practice hurts other kickstarter projects down the road, because it erodes people’s trust in the platform. A lot of indie otome game devs rely on kickstarter. But my experience with The Arcana has sure made me think twice about supporting any other projects.

The worst thing is I like the Arcana. The art is gorgeous, the characters are fun. I supported it on Kickstarter. I told my friends to support it on Kickstarter. But I can no longer turn a blind eye to how Nyx Hydra seems to be willfully exploiting their fans.

UPDATE: So this is what they posted in response to a fan asking them about this on twitter

I’m sorry, but this kind of snark in response to a legitimate question is horribly disrespectful towards your fans.

UPDATE 2: The developers behind The Arcana have released a statement regarding feedback and the way their team is structured. Go check it out. They’re also welcoming responses from fans and have included an email address where you can reach them.


Offhand: Introduction comics (done with my non-dominant hand)

A lot of people have been really curious about my off-handed artistic progression, so we’re collecting it as a book! We just launched the kickstarter for Offhand, a chronological collection of my work done between 2012-2017 with my left (non-dominant) hand! There’s some art from this blog and a lot more art and comics that’ve never been shared online. I’ve been working really hard on this book and hope people enjoy it. :D

Please check it out! 👋✨


For my next art book, the thing I’m most proud of is Departure - a special chapter showing a new concept that I created just for this book. I wanted to portray, in the most honest way possible, how I generate ideas, and how I go from my first sketch to character sketches, scenes, settings and concept art. When I started working on this chapter, I had no idea where the idea would take me, so it was quite an adventure :)

Find it exclusively in The Sketchbook of Loish, on Kickstarter for 14 more days:


press one button, see something wild happen—like a hoverboard and other things “that should never have noodle versions of them” falling from the sky into a meat grinder, where they’re squished into noodles” - STLMag 


mordeō /ˈː/, [ˈmɔː]

to bite, bite into 
to eat, devour, consume 
to bite into, take hold of, catch fast 
to cut into, wash away 
to nip, bite, sting [figuratively] 
to bite, sting, pain, hurt


Get your copy of vampire and werewolf artbook today!

Campaign ends Nov 1!


WANDERLUST, A Mythology Anthology Kickstarter is now LIVE!

Check out the Kickstarter right here

Created for all lovers of mythology, WANDERLUST, A Mythology Anthology is an all-new anthology of original comics, illustrations and short stories that reimagine and retell mythological stories. WANDERLUST is a fresh, new take on mythological inspired fiction, and sets out to give a platform to a diverse range of creative voices. WANDERLUST is proud to celebrate ethnic diversity and queerness in both the contents of the book and in the selection of talented writers and artists.

The final book will be 8″x11″, perfect bound, printed in full color, with 200+ pages. Inside the book will be 42 original works by our creators, exploring myths from 25 different regions. We will also have Kickstarter-exclusive rewards, such as our 5″x7″ print pack!

Our campaign will last 30 days, starting TODAY (Nov 21st). Follow us for more updates on the anthology as we move forward towards our Kickstarter. We need your help to get the word out!

INFO: about | faq | schedule
CONNECT: twitter | email:

- WANDERLUST Moderators, Mar and Zoe