Hey guys! I need a HUGE FAVOR. My LITTLE sister has been working for the past year trying to start up a new bikini line, SIRENETTA. She just turned 21 and she’s done everything by herself; the designs, the marketing, the ACTUAL BATHING SUITS she made by hand! She’s been trying really REALLY hard to get her name out there, and just started a KickStarter a few days ago.

All of her bathingsuits are really UNIQUE (Including one top that can be worn four different ways) and I encourage you to check out her KickStarter Page to see some more of the colors and designs available. Not only that, but for every bathing suit she sells she DONATES TO OCEAN CONSERVATION.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, any dollar you can spare is GREATLY APPRECIATED. And if you can’t donate, it would be so HELPFUL if you could just reblog it! We need to reach as many people we can, even just to let people know! Thank you SO MUCH, you guys, it really means a lot. ;o; I want to see my sister’s dream come true. 



donate to this amazing and very real kickstarter. Katrina is amazing and has never met her dad! That’s terrible! We can help her!

“I am having no luck finding my dad on my own.  I really need to hire a private investigator.  I am poor.  I have started a kickstarter to help raise funds to hire a professional and find my dad.  If you can help me out that would be lovely, if not PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share it and get the word out so I can finally MEET MY DAD!“

Bless you, sweet beloved tumblrians. Thanks for any help!!!!!

KS Update: Midweek Bonanza! x2 Bonus - Interview with Yoshino and...?!

We are hitting 50% soon but midway bonus came early! Let’s enjoy an interview with Yoshino today! There will be interviews with our cast periodically until the end of the campaign. Now, let’s check out what Yoshino has to say.

Proceed to Kickstarter Update #6!

New and older fans of Purrfectly Ever After, please stay tuned for next episode and continue to shower us with your love and support~!

Love what you hear? Want to include the interview in the digital OST?Physical copies of the OST (limited tiers)? In-game photobooth template? 

If you like what you’ve seen or heard so far, please spread the news to your friends about this game! Thank you for your support! 

We did say x2 after all! Good things come in pairs! Do suggest the *other* bonus that you want us to present to you?


I would like to ask for your help in making our Final Volume of Gunshow. Gunshow Volume 6: Doomed to Repeat it is kickstarting right now! Please consider backing and sharing this with everyone who posted, cropped, or edited that “On Fire” comic and making them PAY!!! And support art! Send it to everyone! Please! And! Thank you!

Introducing; Couple-ish

It’s here, it’s queer, and it’s ready to slay.

The lack of queer media is a large part of why this blog is here, so for our first official support, I introduce to you, Couple-ish. Written by Kaitlyn Alexander, a nonbinary and queer actor, writer, musician, AND youtuber, the youtube web-series features queer characters played by queer people. Kaitlyn themselves is playing Dee, a nonbinary, bisexual, Canadian illustrator.

So, you’re all wondering. The plot? Well, it sounds kick-ass and hilarious. 

Dee, struggling to pay their lease, recruits little sister Amy to help find a roommate. Rachel, a british bartender living in Canada fits the part. 8 months later, however, Rachel, due to threats of deportation, lists Dee as her common law partner. Amy, who has begun to have a crush on Rachel, begs Dee to play along. So, what else to do than start a youtube channel to prove just how in love they are.

If you’re not TOTALLY convinced yet, in encourage you to check out the kickstarter where you can read, and watch an already hilarious video, a lot more about this project. And the great thing is, donations start at one Canadian dollar. THAT’S ONLY 81 US CENTS!!! The more you donate, the more it helps support this project, and the more awesome the rewards get. This includes seeing people (aka Kaitlyn and Sharon [Rachel]; everyone’s favorite BROTP) do funny challenges, a link to blooper reels, a follow and GUARANTEED reblog from Amy’s in-character tumblr, and so many other cool rewards for backing this project.

Okay so, what about other representation, like POC? Kaitlyn has stated that they will have POC roles, and are currently holding auditions to fill those roles. Diversity is important to Kaitlyn, and you can bet your buttons, that they’ll do an excellent job of bringing diversity into this series.

I hope you’re as excited as I am, and will support this project as it continues to grow and become an amazing contribution to Queer media.

Learn more about Couple-ish: Kickstarter Twitter Tumblr

Learn more about Kaitlyn: Tumblr Twitter Youtube Instagram



Hey guys!!! So I got to be a part of this really awesome comic book project that is trying to get off it’s feet and we’re currently working on getting the first issue published! 

The ultimate goal is to help cat rescues and cats with special needs through donations and raising awareness, but in order to do that, we need to get this comic book up and running first! 

These pages were a test run for the intro to the book. Any likes, reblogs, or shares are greatly appreciated! Let’s help some kitties! ^ O^

The Pacific Rim fan book, Beyond the Breach, is now live on Kickstarter!

Beyond the Breach is a group effort, combining illustration, comics, writing, crafts, and costuming, all culminating in 92 pages of wonderful, Pacific Rim related, creations. I urge everyone to check out each one of the listed contributors, as this project would not exist without their help.

Editors: alienfirst | irisbleufic | priellan

Artists contributing to specific reward tiers (and the book): alienfirst | pixiepunch| eckses-art | kowabungadoodles

All Contributing artists (writers, illustrators, crafters, and costumers): Alienfirst | Baron Von Chop | Boredbyreality | Blairtrabbit | Cptgideon | Cerigg | Cryokina | Darowen | Eckses | Emily Cheeseman | Explodinghye | Feriowind | Flux | Gentletrees | Glassvines | Gunkiss | Haley\Ivan Kasof | Hamish Steele | Holland | Homuzu | Irisbleufic | Jade Rose | Kaysha Siemens | KayteaEM | Kelly Tsvahl | Keto | Kiku Hughes | Kory Bing | Kowabungadoodles | Kurama2212 | Lunaris1013 | Maria Ku | Melanie Souchet | Noël Mashburn | Owlinaminor | Parasitebeans | Pembroke | PhantomSeptember | Pixiepunch | Pooryorick | Rachel Blier | Rehd | Ronnie Ritche | Sash-kash | Savannah Horrocks | Sam Skaluba/Seileag | Snailontheslope | Stunnerstorm | Therailsplitter | Toucanparty | Travelistaa | Vongchild

For up-to-date information (as things change and reblogs may not have the newest tidbits) follow any of the following links:

Kickstarter | Beyond the Breach Tumblr | Contributing Artists

Thank you + New Stretch Goals, Perks, to make this thing even better!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach our goal of $15,000! We’re thrilled that you want to see “Couple-ish” happen just as much as we want to make it. 15,000 was our minimum budget to make this thing, from here we can only improve the quality of our show! Our first stretch goal for Couple-ish is $22,000. If we hit this, all of our backers will receive:

-A direct download link to the show’s theme song (sung by Kaitlyn Alexander, and produced Nicholas Potter).
-Access to a special, behind-the-scenes vlog series introducing you to the team, the characters, and the set.

Our stretch goal will allow us to:

-Afford better sound/video equipment. We want to produce the best content possible, and a large portion of that is making sure our equipment is high quality and on par with what the rest of the industry uses.

-Increase our crew size to ensure we have a productive week on set, while still making sure to pay everyone a reasonable rate.

-Amp up our art department budget. Often overlooked in terms of overall value, we want our filming locations to really stand out as places Dee, Rachel, and Amy would really live and work. Extra money means we can afford better locations and extra touches to ensure the sets are dressed their best.

Once again, thank you so much for all your support! Keep sharing and tweeting the campaign, and look forward to another Kickstarter update soon!


Couple-ish - A new LGBTQ+ webseries about dates, mates, and faking out the government.


I just donated a little money to this and I hope you could too! I’m really excited for this project to get in the action.

Sparkler Monthly Magazine: Year 3
Twelve more issues of our digital magazine of serialized comics, prose, and audio dramas for fangirls at heart!

Hey, Sparkler Fans! Yesterday we launched a Kickstarter to fund Year 3 of the magazine–this will help us pay our creators (and maybe even give them a raise?!), plus ensure that you keep getting great content from us on a regular basis…and perhaps even give us the ability to expand our offerings a bit! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧   We’re so proud of everything we’ve been able to accomplish over the last two years, from original audio dramas and incredible new prose series to some amazing short comics from new talent, and we want to make sure Year 3 is our best year yet! But we can only do it with your help.

We’re already well on our way after 24 hours, thanks to your amazing support, but there are some great rewards that our creators (and staff!) are offering, and we’ve still got a long way to go. So check it out, share, spread the word, and help us keep doing what we do!


The Sparkler Team