Gunshow Vol. 6: Doomed to Repeat It

The final volume of kcgreenn‘s old webcomic Gunshow, collected at last! Comics from mid-2012 through 2014. 400 pages, goodness gracious!

This volume will NOT involve Graveyard Quest. But like, don’t worry about it, it’ll be printed somewhere…

With only 29 DAYS LEFT to back DOOMED TO REPEAT IT by your good pal KC Green, you should probably go ahead and back his Kickstarter! There’s some good-ass prizes and stretch goals so hmmm yeaaahhhh get to it chop chop!

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We Happy Few » Kickstarter Update #12

‘Mac and Linux, Stretch Goal #1 Achieved, New Uncle Jack Video!’


We pay close attention to details during our project. It’s important to make all props in the scene add to the overall style and feel in the shots - even those small details just peeking out of the dark or overlapped by other items. We are carefully hand-picking materials, looking for references and working closely on the image of every item.

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We Happy Few

A game of paranoia and survival, in a drugged-out, dystopian English city in 1964. From the studio that brought you Contrast.

It’s a first-person game, set in a procedurally generated, fully 3D city that you must escape before society collapses around you. But, like any good roguelike, you’re probably going to die a few times before you figure out how it all works.

You will need to learn how to conform and avoid suspicion. You will need to hunt for supplies, and craft the devices and weapons that enable you to make it out of town alive. What do the Wellies approve of you doing? What makes them suspicious? What turns them into a homicidal mob? And is there anyone here who can help you?

Welcome, my friends. It’s another fabulous day in Wellington Wells.

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ETA: We made it!! Now let’s get those stretch goals!


I would like to ask for your help in making our Final Volume of Gunshow. Gunshow Volume 6: Doomed to Repeat it is kickstarting right now! Please consider backing and sharing this with everyone who posted, cropped, or edited that “On Fire” comic and making them PAY!!! And support art! Send it to everyone! Please! And! Thank you!



Hey guys!!! So I got to be a part of this really awesome comic book project that is trying to get off it’s feet and we’re currently working on getting the first issue published! 

The ultimate goal is to help cat rescues and cats with special needs through donations and raising awareness, but in order to do that, we need to get this comic book up and running first! 

These pages were a test run for the intro to the book. Any likes, reblogs, or shares are greatly appreciated! Let’s help some kitties! ^ O^


Lucky Penny pg. 1 - original VS book

I wanted to show off the kinds of edits that are going into the Lucky Penny book versus what was shared online! The collected print version is going to have a lot of art and writing edits to make everything more consistent and flow more smoothly.  And it’s gonna be ✨FULLY TONED✨💪✨

The Kickstarter is happening RIGHT NOW!!!! Thank you for supporting me n’ Ananth!!!!