The Queer Japan Project is live on Kickstarter!

Please help us spread the word on social media, and consider donating to this independent documentary providing portraits of artists, activists, and everyday people from across the spectrum of gender and sexuality in Japan. 

“Invention, it must be admitted, does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos.” - Mary Shelley

We are positively electrified to announce Melissa Hunter will be joining Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party as Mary Shelley!

You may recognize Melissa from her wildly popular series Adult Wednesday Addams, as well as her series Shitty Boyfriends and many other fabulous projects! 

Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party NOW ON KICKSTARTER!


Crystal Kittens available for preorder!

Crystal Kittens are cute! And colourful! And sooo adorable oh noooo!

They’re also highly collectible as there are only ever 32 of each colour. Each comes in a lovely black box with a silver Crystal Kitten logo and certificate of authenticity.

I’m also offering a super magnificent deal for collectors - buy all four and save a hundred pounds (or $144 dollars yo)! That’s FREE international shipping, FREE giant pile of goodies and a whackin big discount. 

Or if you have your heart set on one special kitty then you can buy Fairy Quartz, Golden Tiger, Aqua Quartz or Bengal Quartz via their respective links!


Playing Cards (they’re here!)

The completed playing cards have arrived from the printers, and they look fantastic!

They feature images used and considered for use in ‘The Stretch Tarot,’ are have been produced exclusively as a reward for the now funded Kickstarter campaign.  

The custom tin boxes I was able to order as a result of the funding surpassing the stretch goal of £6,000 are of an amazing quality that was well worth the additional cost.

It is extremely exciting and rewarding for myself to know that each of these are destined for one of my backers! I am really looking forward to the day I send them off to their new homes.

As a general update on ‘The Stretch Tarot’ project, I’m currently waiting for the finished little white books to arrive from a different printers, as well as the 10 of Pentacles prints I’ll be signing also as Kickstarter rewards.

Last but not least, the decorating process has begun for the wooden boxes; I have stripped them down and started giving them their first coat of gold paint which will show through the antique crackle finish. Lots of progress is being made! Here’s a look:

“We could have made a Tuskegee Airmen part two and made them all adults. But having a young cast and putting them in that same situation where they’re flying planes and doing these great fantastic things seems to fit more in line with what we’re both passionate about right now. These young kids don’t see their potential a lot of times. They don’t understand that their history is rich with fantastic inventors, military, you name it. And it spans thousands and thousands of years of just really really great achievement. But young kids don’t see that. They don’t know that. It’s not even in the history books at school.”


Dan Martin from Deathbulge is doing his part to help us unlock that “disgustingly realistic C&H drawings” achievement… get a load of this hunk. We hope you’re proud of yourself, Dan!

Draw us something really ugly, you guys. We still need a lot more of these and we’ve been dying over all of your submissions, good and bad. It’s hard to decide which ones we like more!

The 1001 Knights Kickstarter is ON! And it’s HUGE! And it KEEPS GROWING!

So in honour of it, here’s a preview of my 3-page mini-story for it, about Riam, Nevo and Kelby and the Eeldragons of Penx. Any excuse to tell a story about women doing difficult jobs well, and also stony islands by the sea. I adored drawing these characters and this world, and I’m so, SO excited to see them be a part of this INCREDIBLE project! 

The 1001 Knights books will NOT be available in stores after the KS, so if you want one (or all three - it’s a 3-volume set!) then you need to back it now! Thanks to the stretch goals, these already-fancy books now have foil, gilded page edges, and a gorgeous box set available. These are going to be some seriously high-end comic and art books, and I am SO EXCITED to SEE THEM OH MY GOD.

So on that note, go take a look at the KS for more previews of art, and follow the #1001knights hashtag for all the news, sneak peeks and more!

Ever wanted a custom portrait of your favorite four-legged friend? Rewards tiers for my upcoming Kickstarter campaign will include custom illustrations of your pet (not limited to just dogs either). Can also be a unique GIFT for a friend or family member with a special pet. Launches next week! I’m really excited to share it with you, and I hope you’ll consider supporting once you see all the cool stuff you can get.

Partial VA goal reached! A new batch of stretch goals have been posted!

We’ve just arrived home, and look at what happened! 0_0

Thanks to the help of all backers, the partial VA goal has finally been reached! Yes, all main characters in Seiyuu Danshi will be voiced! Backers with [Complete digital pack] tier and above will also officially gain the privilege of voting for the final casting of the game! Yay! ^_^

And not only that… Thanks to the backers, we have reached all of these goals below in just approx. ONE WEEK! (What kind of madness is this! 0_0)

And whew, now it’s time for us to announce the next batch of stretch goals! (Hey, we just made this yesterday! xD)

3…. 2…. 1….

Here goes!

Are you excited? Well, we are! xD Please let us know your thoughts on this!

These adorable cookies were baked by a 100% C&H certified Cool Mom. She saw her kid talking about our Kickstarter on their Facebook, so she decided to surprise them with these cookies to help us unlock an achievement. We wanna hug that mom. Or high five her. Heck, we’d even accept an atomic wedgie from her!

Don’t know what this is all about? Check out our Joking Hazard Kickstarter for more info:

In case anyone hasn’t backed Beastmaster and Prince

Or hasn’t had a chance to read their email or see the comment page: 

–They are going to consider bringing over the Vita version of B&P if they get more money. 

–They are currently planning on using the Japanese audio for the game, but they are still working on negotiating with the VAs so they can’t make any announcements

–They are planning on making higher tier rewards

–They have increased the current highest reward tier (the 140 dollar one) from a limit of 50 backers to 200, and it’s going fast. If you wanted the 140, I would pledge now. 

If you have the money I highly recommend pledging. They’re offering a Steam code for 25 dollars when the game is gonna be 50 at retail price; you’re literally paying half of what they game will be worth. If you’re able, buying it now is a much smarter option and will ensure that the game is even brought over here. You can always increase your pledge if they manage to get a Vita stretch goal or better rewards and/or higher tiers at some point. 

If you can even pledge 1 dollar it would be helpful. This would mean so much to the Otome fandom. Even if you can’t pledge money, please share the posts, and the news articles, so that news can spread about the Kickstarter! Let them at least hear your voice that you want the game. 

 Let’s show them that there’s a market over here! The harder we work, the more otome will come over! 


Official #kickstarter has launched for #TheMoonsHouse! We’re hoping to use this as a pre-order for CDs, merch, & more! Check it out and consider supporting/pre-ordering this project!