Sweet Home Sioux Falls Pt 4: Drunks Say the Darndest Things

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Reader x OC

Words: 7200ish (so much drama in one part)

Warnings: Manipulative Relationship, Swearing, Drinking, Fighting (More under the cut by the tags- don’t want to spoil!)

Summary: (Very loosely based off of Sweet Home Alabama) Years after you left your old life to start a new and “better” one in New York City, your now-fiance decides that it’s time to meet your father, Bobby Singer, which unfortunately avalanches into him meeting all your friends, family, and your not-so-ex-husband Dean Winchester.

A/N: Remember, guys, the timeline is all out of wack. Basically everyone’s alive and Dean never went to Purgatory. Also, the reader’s current relationship is based off of a manipulative relationship I was in. The attitude and thoughts the reader has after she fights with Patrick? Yeah, that’s not healthy. So if you can relate to her relationship, please please please step back and analyze yours. It may not be as happy and healthy as you think. Always here to talk, listen, and share my experience if anyone needs to hear it <3 Feedback is, as always, much appreciated!



You slammed the door to Patrick’s Prius shut and stared at the bar in front of you. The familiar rotting wood and crooked “Roadhouse” sign stared down at you almost menacingly. Nothing like standing face-to-face with a past you vowed to leave behind.

This was where you had your first beer, hung up your first hunting souvenir, and even where you held your wedding reception. How romantic.

You could almost clearly remember Dean kicking down the front door, both of you hammered and your dress slightly ripped from your groom being unable to keep his hands off you. You remember stumbling into Sam and him telling you he’s so glad he got the chance to call you his sister before everything went down. The night was full of cheerful somber, as everyone drank to ignore the fact that Sam was planning to fall headfirst into Hell’s pit in just a couple of days.

Sam had forced you and Dean to get hitched before his fated sacrifice arrived, begging to let him witness it and just have one last day with his family before it all ended for him.

After the day he fell into the pit, you and Dean drank yourself to the floor for months until finally setting up the apple pie life Sam had made you two promise to pursue. The civilian lifestyle only lasted half a year or so, ending right when a soulless Sam came strolling up to your doorstep.

Then you fought for his soul, Castiel betrayed the three of you, Leviathans poured into Earth, Sam went crazy, Castiel returned, the mother of monsters came to earth, you became…

Before you could think back to what changed you and Dean forever, a ring from your cellphone startled you from your thoughts. 

You quickly pulled it from your pocket and smiled at your fiancé’s name lighting up your phone. You turned away from the inevitable confrontation in the bar and  pressed the answer button.

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“When I drink solo on a rainy day. I like it even more.Even if I cry as much and as loudly as I want. It’s not as embarrassing or loud because of rain. I get comfort from the sky that’s crying for me. The rain will stop tomorrow. We will have a better day tomorrow. We can hope for that. Because the sound of raindrops could be a source of comfort for the pain we try so hard to hide. At the end of a long hard day…if we can have a drink, watching the rain fall. I think it will help us forget the struggles a bit. So when I drink solo on a rainy day. I like it a little more”

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djhgf this is gonna sound odd but thank you for your new song, a year ago i had to leave someone who was my best friend cause they were being emotionally an physically abusive, but then they went online and said that i was the one that had been hurting them and that i was an awful person for leaving them, its taken months for people to realise what actually went on and i'm only just starting to get better from it,, Its nice to hear that i'm not the only one who had a situation like that? ; v ;

good god i’m gonna kick that person ;; 

sadly there’s. a lot of people who have gone through stuff like that ;;


It’s svtfoeweek! >>Day 4<< Saddest Moments

Mewberty and Destroying the Wand

“Goodbye, Star.”

This is an extremely happy and upbeat show (so far), so there’s not much sad moments to find.

 I’ve moved on to episode 15 of Go Lion. I just reached the scene where Sincline murders someone for spilling wine on him. 0-0   Wow that came out of nowhere. I swear Sincline really is like if you merged Melvin and Devine together as a character…if they wanted to fuck someone because they look like their dead mother (god that plotline still gives me the creeps).

Something I noticed in general with all of these episodes in the Japanese version is that the Galra are way to over the top edge lord dark, but in a bad way. It is like they are trying so hard to cement themselves as the villains that it circles back around to being over the top and childish. Hell, I swear the only way to make the Galra in this seem even more like over-the-top evil mustache twirlers is by making one of them kick a puppy. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a scene like that! Because of this, to me, it makes them fairly weak as anime villains go.

The only decent one is Sincline since at least he is motivated by getting Allura to be his bride, but even them some of his actions make no sense, having no context and just seem to only make him super edge lord. Like even this scene, there is literally no reason I can think of why having him murder a woman in cold blood that would aid the plot.  Even Joffrey from Game of Thrones, who did messed up shit like this all the time, had purpose behind his actions. It made sense why he was so cruel because he the product of incest and was raised in environment that made it cool to do those sorts of things without punishment. This is does not excuse his actions or make Joffery in the right, fuck no, but make his actions make more sense. I don’t get that out of Sincline sometimes, the show just seems to do these things just to shock and nothing else.

I find in general in writing, you want to flesh out the villains and giving them motives that make sense in the context of the character and the story.   Even pure and through and through villains are motivated by other things then just  “I’m evil” and have other things about them in order to make them interesting and stand out.    Bill Cipher wanted to merge the dimensions together because he hated living in his own dimension and wanted to live in a better one; he is appealing a villain since he is funny while also being unpredictable and terrifying. Melvin from YGO DM was crazy, deriving pleasure from what he did, along with the fact he was quite literally a person’s dark side turned into the flesh. Devine from 5Ds came off as a Christian Grey type character, if the writer was aware that he was a dick, being very handsome and charming, but also being very manipulative and caring little about others, even being nonchalant about killing a child; Devine did what he did to aid his movement of Psychic duellists.  

 I don’t get that out of the Galra in this version, they don’t really seem to have that much motive behind these more edge lord actions outside of shock value.  Things are so excessively dark that they lose all emotional impact. There’s no context for any of the villain’s actions thus not making you care about the situation. Most of the villains have little character outside of Sincline and maybe Zarkon and Haggar (forget the last two subbed names), so makes you care even less about them or what is happening. 

Ironically, I find VLD’s darker moments work a lot better and come across as more creepy than some of the Go Lion dark moments ever did, despite it being Y7. VLD has gone very dark when it wants to– things like the Baku controlling and eating the mermaids, Thace being tortured in a very realistic manner on camera, medical torture, the genocide of Altea, etc, but all of this made sense in context and made sense, advancing the plot or characters some way. The dark scenes in VLD have impact on you. I admit, I cringed far more at the scene with Thace getting tortured than some of the darker scenes in Go Lion. I feel that is due in part that the villains have motives that make sense and have some personality or specks of good in them.   In Go Lion, it just seems to be just for shock value.

If you want to add more dark material, that’s fine, but it has to make sense and Go Lion just doesn’t do that for me.

Honestly, one thing I like about VLD is that it does take time to flesh out the villains more and at least show that there is some good in them, making them motivated by things outside of “because I’m evil”. I admit, Zarkon could’ve been fleshed out better in VLD, but at least he is not one dimensional like these guys and his actions had motivation and context. That is part of the reason why I am ecstatic about Lotor next season, since I have little doubt that he will be fleshed out and interesting as a villain, whether he is more antihero like or more of a complex villain.

If you don’t agree, to each of their own and whatnot, but I still prefer the VLD villain far more then in the previous versions.

Happy Holidays 


Pairing: Scott x Reader

Summary: Can you do an imagine where reader and Scott are friends turning into something more, and they go to college together and it’s Christmas break but reader can’t afford to fly home so Scott takes her home with him?

It was that time of year again, the festive holiday where children excitedly awaited the arrival of Santa. Decorations hang from houses, shops put up their Christmas sales and people rugged up in warm clothing drinking hot cocoa. The college campus was certainly capturing the Christmas cheer, students were all buzzing to go home for the holidays….expect for you. Sitting on top of the bed scrolling through countless of sites, to see if they were any offering tickets that you could afford to fly home. When hours passed and realization kicked in, you sadly weren’t going to be able to make it back home for Christmas.

“Hey Y/N, I was thinking we can head to our cafe before we fly home?”, Scott suggested as he walked into your dorm. Not only was it luck that Scott and you ended up at the same college, but also apart of you was glad. You didn’t want to get ahead of yourself but there was something more going on between you and Scott. It was a feeling you had all the way through senior year and that same feeling hadn’t gone away any time soon.

His usual goofy grin disappeared when he saw the sad expression written all over your face. “I’m not going to be able to go home Scott”. Dipping the bed as he sat down, his eyes scanned the multiple tabs open on your web browser, all of them different flight websites. There was no point in hiding anything from him, since he could practically sense if you were lying. “Between college and just general life essentials, I can’t afford to fly home”.

“What about your parents? Can’t they help you out?”, Scott asked not tearing his eyes away from you. “I told them I had enough to fly home with, calling them now to tell them I lied wouldn’t go down very well”. Scott shot up from the bed and raced for the door, seconds later he came back in the door way and said, “I’ll be right back okay. Don’t go anywhere”.

Focusing your attention away from the door and back to the computer seeing those tabs made your heart break, knowing that you had no way of being able to make it home for the holidays. Shutting the laptop lid down, you flopped back on the bed, sighing as your glaze now was on the ceiling. “Pack a bag”, Scott said as he walked back into the dorm looking beyond pleased with himself. Sitting up straight, when you didn’t move Scott pulled out the suitcase in the closet and started grabbing clothes. “What are you doing?”, walking up to him.

“You are coming home with me for the holidays. I called my mum a few minutes ago and told her about you not being able to fly home, and well I asked if it was okay if you join us for Christmas, which she instantly said yes too”. Scott looked like a giddy school boy, and that itself couldn’t help but make you smile.
Grabbing his hand, which was more of a impulse kind of thing instead of a conscious decision you stared into his soft brown eyes. “You didn’t have too do that for me Scott, but thank you”. It was a long pause, one that you weren’t sure if it was going to lead to anything more, although a little part of you hoped it would. But you were left disappointed when all Scott said was, “Happy to help”.

The flight landed and what Scott failed to warn you about was how cold Beacon Hills was going to be. Standing outside waiting for a taxi, everyone else around you were toasty warm in their coats and winter clothing. You on the other hand were wearing jeans and a very summer type tank top. “Sorry, I should of told you about the weather. Here take my jacket”. Scott took his jacket off and handed it to you. Bundling up it wasn’t that long of a car ride back to Scott’s childhood home.

Upon walking up the driveway butterflies kicked it, you weren’t sure why exactly considering this wasn’t one of those ‘meet the parents because I’m his girlfriend type moments’, oh how you wished it was though. “Scott!”, an older women with dark curly hair came rushing out embracing him it a very tight hug. Scott grinned and turned to you, “Mum remember Y/N”. Extending your arm for a hand shake, Melissa disregarded it and pulled you in for a hug instead. “How could I forget, come in you two dinner is almost finished”.

The evening was absolutely lovely, a cosy family affair that made you forget that you weren’t technically a McCall or that you weren’t with your own family. Melissa made sure to get you involved as much as possible, from helping set up the table at your own request, to laughing at old stories. Melissa was wrapping up in the kitchen when you decided to join Scott in the living room. “Thank you for this, it was the perfect evening”. You admitted to him. “I’m glad that you’re smiling”, he replied.

Looking slightly down to hide the blush forming on your cheeks, “Well it’s all because of you”. There it was again, that longing stare. The one that had the potential to become something more, Scott stepped closer and your heart was beating like crazy. “I’ve been wanting to do something for a long time now, and I think now’s the perfect time and not just because we’re standing under mistletoe”. Glancing upwards Scott was right, there hang a tiny mistletoe from the ceiling. And maybe it was a coincidence that both of you just happened to stand underneath the mistletoe, but the kiss was sure as hell something to be joyful about. It was the best, most long awaited romantic kiss you’ve ever had.

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If you compare KatsuDeku with an animal what should they be? I think Katsuki will be a fox or lion while Deku is a rabbit because he is so cute and cinnamon roll. what ya think :)? PS.Badboy AU is my fav :) always waiting to read it

Hey! I actually thought of those animals specifically for those two before. Great minds think alike :D

Izuku most definitely a rabbit! Theyre cute cinnamon rolls just like him. And his personality fits them. Shy, and timid. But if they are in face of danger, they have a powerful kick! (Sadly it sometimes results in a broken back for a bunny. Izuku’s powerful punch results in broken arms)

Katsuki would be a fox.. sly, powerful, and sneaky. I think that would fit him well. And to be honest, Id like to write an au sometime where they have abilities based on their animal types! And they’d have cute physical traits of the animals as well

For example, Izuku would have keen hearing abilities. He would be strong in his legs, so he could kick well. He would be a good jumper, and could sense danger easily.

Katsuki would have an extremely good sense of smell, good hearing, and his hunting skills would be his strongest point. He could sneak up on others with out a problem, and he’d be good at tricking people! He’d also have sharp fangs.

Tbh he’d need to trick Izuku at some point. Just so he can say
“Its called a hustle, sweetheart”.

I know I took that line from zootopia but. But. Itd be so fitting XD

and thank you! Im working hard on the first chapter of the fic. Hopefully it’ll be out soon ♡


get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite female characters => Haseki Hürrem Sultan (Magnificent Century)

When I look at this now, our fanbase was holding on 40% of what we saw on screen and 60% on our own fantasies.
The Magnificent Century did bury and step on many historical prototypes it was based on, however, it managed to show us something extra that no book would be ever capable to do: her daily charm, grace and “SULTANA” written all over her face. Every frame with her is precious. Every scene screams of her beauty and power. Just to think that she was dragged to Turkey after her whole family (and village) was slaughtered and she was made a slave.
We did enjoy her battles with this infinite “roalty” and the way she loved her husband, her children. Life made her play a cruel game in order for all of them to even have the honor to stay alive. She kicked major fucking ass, but sadly, Turkey has quite a complicated relationship with this lady, so all her in-show adventures were just nothing compared to her actual real life.
This lady, guys, didn’t only manage to draw sultan Suleyman’s attention almost right when she appeared in the palace (while most concubines never get a fucking chance to even see his face in their whole lifetime). She managed to control Istanbul’s finances while Suleyman was at wars. He left being broke, and came back seeing that she expanded local ports and trade to such extends that MOOLA started flowing in like it’s a second fucking Genesis flood.
She spoke like seven languages and was exchanging letters with other big monarchs of that time (good ol’ ~1525-1558), meeting with ambassadors, funding and building schools, mosques and other complexes, supporting art, doing charity. My, Suleyman was getting all the information about the civil world during his wars only from Hürrem.
Suleyman made her his only woman, dismissing the whole fucking harem in the palace - read Topkapi’s finances book, the expenses on harem during his rule were zero, because there was no fucking harem anymore, other women can just go and fuck themselves. Suleyman had approximately 13 children, 9-10 of which did exist, and six of them were from Hürrem. Their son Selim became the next sultan, y'know. He wrote so much poetry about her, and handmade so many jewellery (which is present in the show, thanks here). Moreover, he freed her, and married her.
Consider this, it’s the first half of 1500s, the Ottoman Empire, sultans had to have harems, prefered “one woman - one child” policy, and Suleyman in particular was the senpai all men and women were craving for - great in literally everything, the ruler we all deserve, the dream of any girl and the horror of all European monarchy. And he didn’t only make Hürrem a free woman - free, not a slave anymore, the status that stays with every concubine till the rest of her days - he married her. The Empire went fucking apeshit, it went against all unspoken rules for a sultan, it was considered a fucking disaster, Hürrem remained a “Russian witch” EVEN TO THESE FUCKING DAYS in the eyes of some Turks because of this sorcery - but Suleyman doesn’t give a shit. He made up a new title for her - haseki - and since there was no valide (sultan’s mother) around anymore she was the most. fucking. powerful. person. in harem, so the head of everything that operates in the palace. Thanks to foreign ambassadors, we know that a wedding took place - locally, any mention of it was erased, you will never find it in any Turkish source. They deny it, and it makes this even better.
Hürrem was the shit, she ruled the world, her and her husband were like Chip and Dale of the Medieval, working together to make Turkey the most powerful country in the world, making their rule truly deserve the name of “magnificent century”.

You’re even asking why she’s my favorite character, hoo-hoo.

  • Sam: My boyfriend could kick your boyfriend's ass.
  • Ash: You're sadly mistaken. MY boyfriend could kick YOUR boyfriend's ass.
  • Jess: The two of you should know that your boyfriend aren't kicking each other's ass so much as fucking each other's ass.

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seventeen as those kids in preschool/kindergarten please! <3

we had a lot of fun writing this!! enjoy!


  • really popular with the others
  • kinda uses them as servants
  • he always forgets to hand in his homework
  • he also doodles in the margins
  • him and jeonghan sit on top of the monkey bars and boss the other kids around at recess


  • jeonghan is that really quiet student that gets good grades
  • but is secretly a bratty bitch
  • the only reason he is friends with seungcheol is because seungcheol bribed him with crayons
  • he had short hair because someone got gum in his long hair and he had to cut it all off
  • secretly doesn’t miss his long hair cause it would hurt to take dirt out of it after playing outside


  • he loves picking flowers at recess
  • is a kid is crying or sad hE GIVES THEM FLOWER CROWNS
  • he always sweet talks the teachers and the other students
  • he is so kind like he holds the doors open and makes sure everyone is inside the class before they shut the door
  • he probably gets those jobs to go get stuff like the lunch bins and fruit and to take the attendance down
  • he’s always super happy to help
  • joshua sometimes sings for the kids at recess
  • also he probably brings his guitar to show and tell and preforms


  • this kid is really shy when you first meet him but then after a day or so he is the biggest goof ever
  • he’s really handsome for such a young kid so the teachers are always telling him how cute he is and he always gives the responses that flatter the female staff like “oh? thank you! you’re pretty too miss! how old are you? 20? 22?”
  • he has modeling for kids toys and stuff so DK is always like “YOU WERE ON THE COMMERCIAL FOR THE NEW POWER RANGERS! WOW, YOU’RE SO COOL!″
  • and jun is like “hahaha no i’m not that cool. i like your hair!” AND THEY BECOME FRIENDS LIKE THAT
  • they are the class clowns and they always pull pranks on vernon
  • jun is totally super sneaky and likes to play ninjas with DK
  • they naruto run at recess together


  • like he bribed kids for their unhealthy and rly yummy snacks for his healthy snacks some how
  • he probably used aegyo
  • has mini dance competitions with the other kids
  • he also teaches them new dance moves
  • hoshi loves to play hide n seek
  • once he was playing with DK and jun and he hid under a table in a box for like an hour
  • turns out jun and DK gave up within 15 minutes of trying to find him


  • wonwoo is really quiet and serious
  • the other kids are scared of him so that’s why he had no friends until mingyu came along
  • mingyu introduced him to josh and seungkwan who were totally hyped to make new friends
  • josh gave him a flower crown because he ‘looks sad and no one should be sad’ and wonwoo gave him the biggest smile and thanked him
  • everyone was super amazed with him after that
  • he probably gets along with hoshi over the whole ‘aegyo’ thing because hoshi said his sweater paws were cute
  • probably got his mom to give him this super cute cat sweater for his birthday that he wears everyday


  • evil child
  • probably knocks over mingyu’s blocks over
  • spends most of his time studying music instead of playing
  • ‘accidentally’ hit mingyu with one of those plastic baseball bats
  • he is a teacher’s pet
  • all of the teachers love him cause they don’t know his secrets
  • he still has fun with the other boys and probably gets them to play soccer with him after school and includes everyone… sometimes…
  • woozi dared a kid to climb on top of the monkey bars and they did it and when the kid fell off, the teacher came over and he’s like “i told them not to do it…”


  • he wears costumes to school
  • he daydreams and hums a lot
  • dk is an angel, he brings light into the world, the teacher adored him, everyone loves him
  • he probably pretends to be a super hero when oTHER KIDS ARE GETTING BULLIED
  • he gets really sad at the end of the day because he doesn’t want to leave his friends :(
  • he usually asks the kids if they wanna come over and see his super cool action figure collection
  • but they are busy studying so he walks home with his hands on his backpack straps and kicks the rocks sadly till he gets home and sees that his mom cut apples and then gets happy again
  • then he remembers that he will see his friends tomorrow!!


  • mingyu is so tall that he gets mistaken for a 1st grader by the other kids
  • all the girls have a crush on this awkward boy
  • he probably has the cutest buck teeth
  • he is charming with everyone and has no clue that all the girls like him even when they are all like “MINGYU OPPA!!”


  • he is very tiny like woozi is taller than him
  • he prefers to be alone most of the time
  • minghao was getting bullied by a kid and DK stood up to the bully and minghao was so happy that he gave DK the biggest hug ever


  • seungkwan is THAT kid
  • he sasses everyone
  • he always randomly sings in class like they could be doing a test and all you hear is “YOOOOOO LADIES”
  • he tries so hard to speak english
  • vernon always corrects him and he’s like “YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS THAT MY ENGLISH IS THE BEST QUALITY” and totally ignores the fact that vernon is from america
  • even though he is kinda annoying, everyone loves him
  • everyone appreciates  his hyper activity


  • he picks on the other kids but he doesn’t realize they aren’t playing
  • he’s the type of kid to not share his candy when it’s in his lunch bag
  • vernon got in trouble for tying dino to a chair once
  • dino just wanted to play cops and robbers but vernon took it too far with interrogation
  • he likes to do parkour on the playground but always falls and he’s like “lmao… psh no problem”
  • he was soooo good at science and super talkative with everyone
  • always had facts about shit 


  • dino is a lil cry baby
  • he always wants his mom
  • like he tries to be tough around the cool kids who are already tough but ends up crying at some point or another
  • they all treat him carefully but pick on him sometimes and he just laughs
  • he probably gets called dino because EVERYTHING he has has dinosaurs on it
  • his lunch bag to his socks, everything has dinosaurs

- jispoon and dad

Bakugou: I’m so angry. I mean, I’m so sad. But I’m still pretty angry. But also sad. Can I be both?

Kirishima : It’s what he’d want.

Bakugou: Then that’s what I am! (angrily kicks the television and sadly cries)

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Both winning the lottery -bellarke prompt

Of course his made the better story. After splitting a ticket with his sister’s friend (that’s her!), the poor orphan boy won millions in the lottery. He and his sister moved from a tiny apartment with only one bedroom (Bellamy slept on the couch) into a proper house with a guest room and a garden big enough for Octavia to run around in.

Sadly, O was too old for the swing set she’d always wanted. But they did build a treehouse. An epic treehouse.

For the first time, Clarke was a side note in someone else’s story - and she didn’t like it. Sure, the newspapers mentioned the lifelong friend of Octavia Blake who offered to share the lottery ticket with Bellamy Blake for unknown reasons (if they’d bothered to ask, they would have found out that she mostly did it to piss Bellamy off - he didn’t believe in this lottery bullshit). But they didn’t interview her. Her face was not in the papers.

Not that she wanted it to be - Bellamy deserved all this and more. Heck, she would have gladly given him all of the money instead of just his half. Instead she settled for paying off her student loans and looking for the right charities she wanted to support.

There was just so much money - and there were so many people who deserved it so much more than she did. She’d never struggled financially. Her dad left her everything in his will, and even when her mother cut her off when Clarke refused to go pre-med, she still had her trust to pay the bills. Shit, she’d just felt so guilty since she’d won this staggering amount of money. It shouldn’t be hers.

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Casa del Jensen

Warnings: None.

Summary: Takes place a few years into the future. Quinn and the twins watch Jensen and the boys play in the backyard and recalls buying their first house and adopting their third dog Winnie.

Word Count: 2973 (Does that count as a drabble? My beta has informed me that it does NOT count as a drabble, but for me it’s pretty damn close! lol)

Special Thanks: To @ariallane for tagging me in this pic that inspired this little story! I LOVE it when you guys throw ideas and pics at me! xo

Part 1: “Winnie”

“Winnie! Bad girl! You quit your beggin’….ohhh alright honey bun.”

Quinn knew that she shouldn’t be feeding the dog people food from the kitchen but she couldn’t help it. She was a sucker for Winnie’s big sad eyes, plus Jensen was playing outside with the boys and would be none the wiser.

She tossed the large boxy English Mastiff a small piece of cheese and watched it bounce off her nose.

“We’ll work on that.”

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