This is my mom, my dad and I on the day of my graduation! I’m in the red of course haha! Both of my parents are out of work, and the only form of payment they get is disability and PTO. We are no longer eligible for unemployment checks! I have a job and most of my pay checks go into helping out us all but since I don’t make enough, I can’t afford to pay all of our bills. 

Recently, my mom told me that if we don’t make a $1,010 mortgage payment by February 2nd our house will be foreclosed on and we will be kicked out of our house. Sadly, i’m not able to pay it. So there’s a good chance i’ll be kicked out of the house i grew up in, and my parents will lose something they worked hard for. 

On top of all that, we still have to pay our car, phone, internet, electricity, water, and heating bills. 

But wait, there’s more crap to add on top of this crap cake. Our refrigerator, plumbing under our sink, dryer, and so on have all messed up. We can’t afford to get new ones or at least fix them. 

I’ll also have to put off going to college since we simply cannot afford it. 

I know this may be asking for too much, but could you all consider donating what you can to help my parents and I? My parents have worked so hard and they’ve lost so much. I hate seeing them so sad. 

$5 or $500 no matter how much you are able to give, it still means the world to us. And I will do what ever it takes to show how much it means to me and my family. 

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“When I drink solo on a rainy day. I like it even more.Even if I cry as much and as loudly as I want. It’s not as embarrassing or loud because of rain. I get comfort from the sky that’s crying for me. The rain will stop tomorrow. We will have a better day tomorrow. We can hope for that. Because the sound of raindrops could be a source of comfort for the pain we try so hard to hide. At the end of a long hard day…if we can have a drink, watching the rain fall. I think it will help us forget the struggles a bit. So when I drink solo on a rainy day. I like it a little more”

Bosses in traditional clothing, Take IV. At first I’d been thinking of Hawaiian dress for these two, but then I was visited by divine (?) visions of Archie’s hairy legs in a kilt, and then things went all peur-shaped.

Other bosses: Cyrus, Ghetsis, Giovanni.


It’s svtfoeweek! >>Day 4<< Saddest Moments

Mewberty and Destroying the Wand

“Goodbye, Star.”

This is an extremely happy and upbeat show (so far), so there’s not much sad moments to find.

Bakugou: I’m so angry. I mean, I’m so sad. But I’m still pretty angry. But also sad. Can I be both?

Kirishima : It’s what he’d want.

Bakugou: Then that’s what I am! (angrily kicks the television and sadly cries)


Prompt: Sam is disguising as a Physics professor for a hunt, and you’re disguising as a student. When you figure out that he is a hunter, it results in classroom sex.

Triggers: Smut

Word Count: 1,861

Authors Note: I’m not sure how this turned out. I don’t go to college (yet) so I don’t know how college classes work. Plus, I was in a hurry to get this imagine done tonight, so I’m not sure how the smut turned out either. Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy it! It’s been a while since I’ve written smut.

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No lie, I’m kind of disappointed that two things didn’t happen in Moana.

#1: Moana didn’t become a demi-goddess. She travels all that way and fucking restores the world and isn’t rewarded in some awesome supernatural manner? DAFUQ!!! Oh hello fanfic!!

#2: Maui needed his ass kicked more by aforementioned sadly-not-demigoddess Moana. Like, FOOL, you caused all this shit. You need more than a oar to the gut.  

♡ Pretty please don’t delete the text ♡ 


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Happy Holidays 


Pairing: Scott x Reader

Summary: Can you do an imagine where reader and Scott are friends turning into something more, and they go to college together and it’s Christmas break but reader can’t afford to fly home so Scott takes her home with him?

It was that time of year again, the festive holiday where children excitedly awaited the arrival of Santa. Decorations hang from houses, shops put up their Christmas sales and people rugged up in warm clothing drinking hot cocoa. The college campus was certainly capturing the Christmas cheer, students were all buzzing to go home for the holidays….expect for you. Sitting on top of the bed scrolling through countless of sites, to see if they were any offering tickets that you could afford to fly home. When hours passed and realization kicked in, you sadly weren’t going to be able to make it back home for Christmas.

“Hey Y/N, I was thinking we can head to our cafe before we fly home?”, Scott suggested as he walked into your dorm. Not only was it luck that Scott and you ended up at the same college, but also apart of you was glad. You didn’t want to get ahead of yourself but there was something more going on between you and Scott. It was a feeling you had all the way through senior year and that same feeling hadn’t gone away any time soon.

His usual goofy grin disappeared when he saw the sad expression written all over your face. “I’m not going to be able to go home Scott”. Dipping the bed as he sat down, his eyes scanned the multiple tabs open on your web browser, all of them different flight websites. There was no point in hiding anything from him, since he could practically sense if you were lying. “Between college and just general life essentials, I can’t afford to fly home”.

“What about your parents? Can’t they help you out?”, Scott asked not tearing his eyes away from you. “I told them I had enough to fly home with, calling them now to tell them I lied wouldn’t go down very well”. Scott shot up from the bed and raced for the door, seconds later he came back in the door way and said, “I’ll be right back okay. Don’t go anywhere”.

Focusing your attention away from the door and back to the computer seeing those tabs made your heart break, knowing that you had no way of being able to make it home for the holidays. Shutting the laptop lid down, you flopped back on the bed, sighing as your glaze now was on the ceiling. “Pack a bag”, Scott said as he walked back into the dorm looking beyond pleased with himself. Sitting up straight, when you didn’t move Scott pulled out the suitcase in the closet and started grabbing clothes. “What are you doing?”, walking up to him.

“You are coming home with me for the holidays. I called my mum a few minutes ago and told her about you not being able to fly home, and well I asked if it was okay if you join us for Christmas, which she instantly said yes too”. Scott looked like a giddy school boy, and that itself couldn’t help but make you smile.
Grabbing his hand, which was more of a impulse kind of thing instead of a conscious decision you stared into his soft brown eyes. “You didn’t have too do that for me Scott, but thank you”. It was a long pause, one that you weren’t sure if it was going to lead to anything more, although a little part of you hoped it would. But you were left disappointed when all Scott said was, “Happy to help”.

The flight landed and what Scott failed to warn you about was how cold Beacon Hills was going to be. Standing outside waiting for a taxi, everyone else around you were toasty warm in their coats and winter clothing. You on the other hand were wearing jeans and a very summer type tank top. “Sorry, I should of told you about the weather. Here take my jacket”. Scott took his jacket off and handed it to you. Bundling up it wasn’t that long of a car ride back to Scott’s childhood home.

Upon walking up the driveway butterflies kicked it, you weren’t sure why exactly considering this wasn’t one of those ‘meet the parents because I’m his girlfriend type moments’, oh how you wished it was though. “Scott!”, an older women with dark curly hair came rushing out embracing him it a very tight hug. Scott grinned and turned to you, “Mum remember Y/N”. Extending your arm for a hand shake, Melissa disregarded it and pulled you in for a hug instead. “How could I forget, come in you two dinner is almost finished”.

The evening was absolutely lovely, a cosy family affair that made you forget that you weren’t technically a McCall or that you weren’t with your own family. Melissa made sure to get you involved as much as possible, from helping set up the table at your own request, to laughing at old stories. Melissa was wrapping up in the kitchen when you decided to join Scott in the living room. “Thank you for this, it was the perfect evening”. You admitted to him. “I’m glad that you’re smiling”, he replied.

Looking slightly down to hide the blush forming on your cheeks, “Well it’s all because of you”. There it was again, that longing stare. The one that had the potential to become something more, Scott stepped closer and your heart was beating like crazy. “I’ve been wanting to do something for a long time now, and I think now’s the perfect time and not just because we’re standing under mistletoe”. Glancing upwards Scott was right, there hang a tiny mistletoe from the ceiling. And maybe it was a coincidence that both of you just happened to stand underneath the mistletoe, but the kiss was sure as hell something to be joyful about. It was the best, most long awaited romantic kiss you’ve ever had.


Mimicutie - This leggy monster disguises itself as a treasure chest until unsuspecting adventurers try to open it, at which point it attacks with a ceaseless barrage of kicks. Sadly, studies into Mimicutie have ended in more broken shins than answers.

Warning: Obligatory horrible joke ahead.

Mimicutie’s got fantastic legs, and a great chest.

Unfortunately, casinos have introduced gross amounts of social injustice in the form of tribal disenrollment. That’s when a tribe changes its criteria for membership and subsequently kicks people out of the tribe. Can you imagine? You spend your whole life on a reservation, and one day someone comes and tells you that you have to leave because you’re not a member of the tribe anymore? And it’s more than just being kicked out: you’re stripped of your identity, what makes you you. In California, a tribe kicked out an old woman, a tribal elder, who was one of the few people left who still spoke the language! It’s a big problem in many tribal communities, especially the smaller ones, which are essentially clans. What’s to stop someone who presides over the tribal council that your family had a beef with a decade ago from kicking you out? Sadly, very little. In the story of scarcity versus surplus, surplus almost always leads to corruption. It’s no different on the rez than it is in the rest of the world.

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lelonibunny: Batchibi

orangesquish: Mikey (2012) I made him chibi to match Batchibi

jellybeanquad: Kicking bad guy butts

Sadly, I only wanted to do 2 characters, so pretend they just kicked the bad guys off screen. :D

Retail Therapy || Drumsticks & High Kicks

Padding around her room sadly, Kaia pulled on the firs pair of sweat she found, a pair of grey nike capris, and pulled on a white tank to go with it. Looking down at her chest spilling out of her bra and shirt, the blonde sighed and pulled on a navy blue cropped sweater with 1993 printed across the chest before slipping on her neon pink sneakers and headed out of her dorm room to trudge down the stairs and out of Hanover house. 

Kai made her way across the lawns to the parking lot to meet her boyfriend, pulling at the hem of her tank self-consciously, as she reached Dominic’s car with her arms folded across her chest.