Bosses in traditional clothing, Take IV. At first I’d been thinking of Hawaiian dress for these two, but then I was visited by divine (?) visions of Archie’s hairy legs in a kilt, and then things went all peur-shaped.

Other bosses: Cyrus, Ghetsis, Giovanni.


When armored tusk isn’t pimp enough.

Some totally random night doodles of my favourite DS Dragon.
Maidens and dragons just pff xD Here earlier little related pic.


a list of potential nypd fundraising ideas by sherlock holmes:

1. the nypd puts out a sexy calendar for 2014. every month has a picture of detective bell in some state of undress. at least two months have pictures of detective bell posing shirtless while he cuddles a baby animal (kittens preferable, i have v. questionable relationship with puppies).

2. the nypd hosts sexy car wash or similar where detective bell washes down large metal objects that require much reaching around and/or possibly contorting himself (cars, trucks, playground equipment, i can name further suggestions if need be). preferably he will be wearing a v thin white t-shirt and the very short denim shorts colloquially known as daisy dukes but this uniform can be altered as per his comfort level.

3. the nypd sets up valentine’s day kissing booth and charges myriad prices for different levels of kissing detective bell. suggest $1 for peck on the cheek, $3 for peck on the lips, $5 for decent kiss on mouth (no tongue), $10 for slight tongue, $25 for deep kiss with tongue, and $50 for “making out.”

4. dear detective marcus bell: do you like me, please circle one: yes, yes of course, very much yes. sincerely yours, sherlock holmes.

5. detective marcus bell: in my less than humble opinion, we would make a most excellent partnership and it would be v v advantageous for both of us to explore the potential romantic and/or sexual dimensions of our relationship. are you free for dinner this week? love sincerely yours, sherlock holmes (police consultant).

6. detective marcus bell: i like you please date me. love, sherlock holmes.

overheard in a tsa line
  • club swim team girl LOUDLY:hey did you hear about the van?
  • teammate B:no, what?
  • Girl A:when we were sitting, and waiting yesterday, i was in the drivers seat, and an old homeless black guy came up and tapped on my window. i totally freaked out, turned the radio higher like blaring, and yelled to make sure the girls had the doors all locked!
  • TB:well yeah, you thought he trying to rob you, right?
  • GA:YES! or like carjack us! we were all screaming as the guy moved around to other windows, and just kept knocking!
  • TB:crazy!!!
  • GA:i know! well, it turned out that our van was blocking his driveway and he was just trying to get us to move. isn't that hilarious?!
  • TB:OMG, i would have literally died.

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IDK IF WE’RE ALLOWED TO TAKE PHOTOS BUT I GET A HI TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey violet used to be called cherri bomb and i wouldve loved to see cherri bomb on tour with 5sos. cherri bomb sounds quite brash from the songs ive heard and a lil scary but fun. this is why (their new song as hv) sounds so dull and there isnt really anything wow about it. too many faces and shake the ground are so good and i just wish they stayed cherri bomb with that sound and 5sos found them

anonymous asked:

Um, hey... I was wondering if this blog was still active? If so... could Victor or Lizzy maybe write something nice for the mun of bereftretribution? Sara has been feeling down for a long time now because of things happening in real life and it just makes me feel so bad... I just can't word all of what I want to say at all... Sarah has helped me and so many others through so much and she seems to get nothing in return but more hardshipsm...

Ah yes. We’re still active and kicking!

Sadly our ask is very lonely. So you being here is a lovely thing to us! As for your request…

To the mun of bereftretributiondon’t lose any sort of faith that you have. From what I’ve seen and heard from this community, people love seeing you and being around you. Things may seem hard right now, and that it seems that no matter what you do it doesn’t work. But there are people here that care about you and your wellbeing. Even if we’re faces behind a screen we care. 

You’re an amazing person from what I hear. You’re full of life. You’re cheerful and patient and kind and whole bunch of other things people have told me before from me lingering on the rebound of the RP community.

Don’t beat yourself up. There’s a light in you people see and they treasure it. They treasure you. And you should always treasure you.

Sure. You may have flaws. Who doesn’t? But that doesn’t stop you. You let your welcomeness spread out like wings covering all that you touch. It’s beautiful really. I wish I had the ability to see things as you do sometimes, too.

Listen to this anon right here. You’ve touched so many. You’ve helped so many. You’re a good person. You’re a good friend. And you let your kindness stay despite hardships. And that is strength. You are strong.

And you can pull through whatever hardships you come by.
We believe in you.

And I know without a shadow of a doubt that if you need a shoulder to lean on there will be people here who can listen to you and reassure you.

Just keep swimming, Hon! You have this in the bag.


rinhkitty asked:

18, 27, 36

[ Answers for the lovely rinhkitty ]

  • 18:Favorite beverage?

Anything… with a nice little kick to it. Sadly, she has been drinking for so long that even with her small size, it takes a bit to actually get her drunk.

  • 27:What is their biggest regret?

… There are a few of them that linger around constantly in her head. Always on the back edges. But, the theme behind them is the same. She was not strong enough to save those she loved and vowed to protect. She was not smart enough, strong enough… she just… couldn’t.

  • 36:What makes them feel guilty?

A surefire way to get Nyx to be thrown off her game in anything and her one true weakness would be if her daughters’ names were mentioned. She will never recover from that. It will always cause a wave of guilt to hit her straight in the chest and knock off whatever mask she was wearing. She might be able to recover quick from it but… no one knows those names. It is a weakness she keeps under strict lock and key; most will never find out she had daughters.

The other she is working towards solving, never one to allow a weakness to fester in her, is not saving Miah and not knowing that Dox was possessed by a void spirit. It is not as bad as her daughters’ but she does feel so guilt towards it. It is why her personal books are heavy on the topic of void creatures and healing.

lilbieberxx asked:

Have you ever owned a unicorn? Just a random question, ya know

I have actually. His name was bartholemu and he kicked ass. He sadly passed away after drowning in a bowl of cheerios though. R.i.p barth.