“When I drink solo on a rainy day. I like it even more.Even if I cry as much and as loudly as I want. It’s not as embarrassing or loud because of rain. I get comfort from the sky that’s crying for me. The rain will stop tomorrow. We will have a better day tomorrow. We can hope for that. Because the sound of raindrops could be a source of comfort for the pain we try so hard to hide. At the end of a long hard day…if we can have a drink, watching the rain fall. I think it will help us forget the struggles a bit. So when I drink solo on a rainy day. I like it a little more”

Bosses in traditional clothing, Take IV. At first I’d been thinking of Hawaiian dress for these two, but then I was visited by divine (?) visions of Archie’s hairy legs in a kilt, and then things went all peur-shaped.

Other bosses: Cyrus, Ghetsis, Giovanni.


It’s svtfoeweek! >>Day 4<< Saddest Moments

Mewberty and Destroying the Wand

“Goodbye, Star.”

This is an extremely happy and upbeat show (so far), so there’s not much sad moments to find.


When armored tusk isn’t pimp enough.

Some totally random night doodles of my favourite DS Dragon.
Maidens and dragons just pff xD Here earlier little related pic.


Sometimes I’ll just put on the original Spyro trilogy soundtracks and have them playing in the background while I’m doing things because EVEN EIGHTEEN YEARS LATER THAT SERIES AND ITS MUSIC ARE THE SHIT

cherthai  asked:

If you compare KatsuDeku with an animal what should they be? I think Katsuki will be a fox or lion while Deku is a rabbit because he is so cute and cinnamon roll. what ya think :)? PS.Badboy AU is my fav :) always waiting to read it

Hey! I actually thought of those animals specifically for those two before. Great minds think alike :D

Izuku most definitely a rabbit! Theyre cute cinnamon rolls just like him. And his personality fits them. Shy, and timid. But if they are in face of danger, they have a powerful kick! (Sadly it sometimes results in a broken back for a bunny. Izuku’s powerful punch results in broken arms)

Katsuki would be a fox.. sly, powerful, and sneaky. I think that would fit him well. And to be honest, Id like to write an au sometime where they have abilities based on their animal types! And they’d have cute physical traits of the animals as well

For example, Izuku would have keen hearing abilities. He would be strong in his legs, so he could kick well. He would be a good jumper, and could sense danger easily.

Katsuki would have an extremely good sense of smell, good hearing, and his hunting skills would be his strongest point. He could sneak up on others with out a problem, and he’d be good at tricking people! He’d also have sharp fangs.

Tbh he’d need to trick Izuku at some point. Just so he can say
“Its called a hustle, sweetheart”.

I know I took that line from zootopia but. But. Itd be so fitting XD

and thank you! Im working hard on the first chapter of the fic. Hopefully it’ll be out soon ♡