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British Invasion | 3

Overview: In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes: [As always the text in italics are flashbacks.] This chapter is rucas centric and covers what happened when they last saw each other.
Chapter Three: “There’s never a right time.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2
Word Count: 3,729 


Countryside bathed in brilliant summer sunlight and hills covered in weeds and daisies was all Riley saw as she climbed out of her taxi. In less than 48 hours she’d be reunited with her friends for the summer and the excitement of it all was starting to get to her.

The six of them, herself included, made a plan to spend 3 weeks of the summer before sophomore year in Texas on Lucas’ family ranch. After incessantly begging her parents to let her go, they finally agreed and she spent every second after that looking forward to the trip. She hadn’t seen any of her friends since before her family left for London so getting to spend 3 weeks with them in the sun was everything to her.

School in the UK lets out earlier than school in the US so Riley arrived in Texas a day and a half before the rest of the gang would. Her parents didn’t see the point in paying to fly her out to NY just so she can take another flight to Texas. So instead she hopped on a plane from London straight to Austin.

Lucas’ grandfather was more than willing to help her get settled in and show her the ropes of country life. He took a real liking to her the last time she visited, back in middle school, so he was excited to have her back.

Riley took a deep breath and looked around at the hot and cloudless lazy summer day. She had to cover her eyes for the sun was too bright but once her eyes adjusted she couldn’t help but let out a soft gasp at her surroundings. She forgot how beautiful it was.

She breathed in the fresh air around her and let out a genuine smile.

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freakykrazykenzie  asked:

Me again! Can you do just a simple secret relationship with Ethan and then maybe teamilpier finding out at the end?

ah, hello again!! im so sorry this is so delayed i can tell, oh gersh. this is adorable, i love people trying to keep secrets and being bad at it,, tysm for the request!

Secret Relationship

•you two literally doing absolutely nothing some days because you don’t need to to have a good time

•casually hiding in your own home when ethan’s friends come over unexpectedly

•watching ethan kick one of your t-shirts under the couch as nonchalantly as possible

•being risky purely for adrenaline rushes

•being comfortable at night when he’s lying with you, but only then because every other time is a rush

•going out to dinner and sort of worrying somebody’s going to come in

•the secretive side makes you closer as a couple because sometimes you have to spend days apart when family visit

•having good reasons for a secretive relationship: whether worried about his fans, his friends, your family, your career, a crazy ex

•ethan accidentally getting caught cleaning up some of your stuff and trying to blow it off but he also doesn’t want a bad reputation among his friends and he’s super trustworthy and truthful

•everyone being super understanding and agreeing to keep it under wraps until you both feel safe

•now literally always cuddling because you can, probably a couple of makeout sessions because you never could before

•holding your pinkies together in public because you’re really cute like that and getting a little more comfortable

•finally being able to tell everyone and being so happy about it with huge smiles constantly and there is so much pda

Overwhelmed- Clint Barton

Character: Clint Barton

Prompt: “Get your ass over here and kiss me.”

Warnings: None…just some major fluff and flirting.

Author’s Note: More Hawkeye because I’m basically Clint Barton trash and can’t resist a cute Clint request. Maybe a Steve one next? Unless anyone has a request, then throw it my way!

My eyes were glued to the television screen, a bowl of popcorn in my lap, and not a care in the world as I enjoyed a very rare day of nothingness. Most of the time, life with SHEILD seemed to be nothing but constant movement. Never time to stop and smell the roses, or even take a nap. Which was exactly was I’d been in pure bliss upon waking up that morning and remembering that I had nothing to do. Nothing at all. What a wonderful thing.

I popped a few pieces of popcorn into my mouth. “Oh, come on! That tile is hideous! It doesn’t even match!” I cried out, shaking my head.

I heard footsteps behind me, only partially aware as someone hopped over the couch back and settled down next to me. At least not until the bowl of popcorn was wrenched from my grasp. “Hey, what the hell!”

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I’m Waiting

Title: I’m Waiting

Link: AO3

Square filled: Dom/Sub

Ship: Dean Winchester x Reader

Rating:  Explicit

Tags (aka warnings): NSFW, established dom/sub relationship, explicit language, explicit sexual content, bondage, mild spanking, mild flogging, use of a blindfold, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex

Summary: Dean and the reader need some down time after a stressful couple of weeks.

Word Count: 2671

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Author’s Notes:  Written for @spnkinkbingo. Huge, giant, massive thank you to @mamapeterson and @katnharper for your invaluable help. Also written for the July Saints and Sinners Challenge from @faith-in-dean and @for-the-love-of-dean in which my prompt was bondage. Also for my 100 Kink List Drabbles, #10 - Blindfold requested by an anon.

Originally posted by ifandonlyifthingswillmakesense

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Greetings from Austin! Leila Hurst soaks up the Texas summer sun in the Skate Stripe Ringer T-Shirt, Boyfriend Jean Short, and Slip-On SF.

Photos: Ceciliaio Alejandra

Baekhyun: Coming Home

When I have writers block, or too many ideas rushing through my head, I write them down. So this is my first scenario and I hope you enjoy this!

Genre: Fluff

Characters: You, Baekhyun


You missed him, a lot.

Exo’s comeback was one week away from their release date, and you knew the boys were working so hard, making sure their performance was flawless.

But that meant not waking up by his side, tucked into his warmth, and sweet good morning kisses.

You had just come back from work, had stripped down to nothing but your underwear and grabbed one of his button down shirts to wear. The fabric carried his comforting scent and in the past three months you had been wearing his clothes (only in the apartment) and listening to his groups’ music, including a few personal songs he had written just for you.

After eating dinner, you got ready to retire for the night and collapsed onto your queen sized bed, feeling the mattress dip under Mongryong’s weight, the welsh corgi your boyfriend brought to stay at your place.

Right as you began to doze off, you heard the jingling of keys and the doorknob unlock, turn, and then the entire door opening.

You rose up and padded into the hallway, falling upon the sight of him dressed in sweats and a T-shirt, kicking off his shoes on the doormat. He looked exhausted, sweaty, and overall fatigued.

“Baek?” You prompted and smiled as he turned your way.

He sagged in relief as his gaze met yours and stumbled forwards to wrap you in his arms, his nose in the crook of your neck. “____,” he murmured your name and maneuvered you both to the bedroom.

As you snuggled up in his chest, you peppered his jaw with a few kisses and once again began to doze off — only for Baekhyun to whisper, “Sing to me, please?”

You smiled, knowing when he requested for a lullaby, he was very stressed, but knew your voice would relax his muscles almost immediately.

A song from your childhood popped into your memory, and you began to softly sing while brushing away the bangs that swept his forehead.

Life is a dream, time like a stream.

Carries our burdens away.

Never despair, joy’s everywhere.

Love, will befriend you today.

Free from all care like birds on the air.

By the second verse you knew Baekhyun was already in a deep slumber by the soft puppy whimpers he made in his sleep.

You smiled, gently pressing your lips to his in a chaste kiss before mumbling, “Saranghae,” and letting sleep wash over your mind.


I hope this was a good start. I’ll be writing more very soon. — Rosequartz

Happy Birthday to Me

Summary:  Dean and the reader see each other just once a year on her birthday and his, just one day apart. But it looks like this year he’s not going to make it.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 1459

Warnings:  language, smut, nsfw, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex, drinking

Author’s Note:  I wrote this as a birthday present to myself and all my birthday buddies. The reader is definitely an older woman and not feeling very good about her age.

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Prompt: the reader goes over to Liam’s house after he has a nightmare to help him with his fear of berserkers

Gasping, Liam broke the surface. It was dark, but when he squinted he could make out the faintest amount of light. Black water churned around him; it was incredibly cold, causing him to shiver as he frantically kicked his legs, trying desperately to stay afloat. “Help!” He screamed. His throat was sore and dry, like he had swallowed sand paper. “Somebody, help me, please!”

           All he could hear was his frightened, broken voice echoing all around him off the walls of the deep well.

           Liam turned in all directions. He had to find a way out.

           His back bumped against the rocky wall. An idea formed in his mind: he could climb his way out. Eagerly, Liam gripped onto one of the stones poking out, pulling himself up. Puffing, he used all his strength to latch onto a rock a little higher, firmly planting his foot in one of the wall’s crevices. Just as he was about to pull up his other leg, something stopped him.

           Glancing down in confusion, he saw what looked like a thick skeleton hand gripping his calf, sinking its sharp fingertips into the soft skin. As a trickle of warm blood sprouted, a face emerged just under the murky water. It broke the surface dramatically. An animal skull stared up at him with hollow eyes.

           A berserker.

           Yelping, Liam was tugged off the wall and back into the water. He went under with a great splash. Thrashing, he struggled to get away from the berserker. But in his haste, he failed to notice another rising up. Liam swam right into it, whirling around, wheezing.

           The head inclined. Its arms reached out. Liam kicked off its chest and pressed himself against the farthest wall. He squeezed his eyes shut.


Liam awoke in his dark bedroom, covered in sweat and panting heavily. His alarm clock blazed in red block numbers that it was just after eleven at night. Slowly Liam sat up, pushing his plastered hair off his forehead. Gazing down at himself, he realized that he was still fully dressed. He remembered coming home from school and flopping down on the bed, but nothing after that. He must’ve fallen asleep.

           The past few nights had been incredibly harsh on Liam. Whenever he was alone, in the dark of his bedroom, his heartbeat would increase. Breathing would become difficult. Everywhere his anxious eyes would look, he would think he saw bones and blades.

           But just like tonight, when he sat up and yanked the cord of his lamp, filling the room with light, he felt slight relief.

           Liam stripped off his wet t-shirt, kicked off his shoes and shimmed out of his jeans. After slipping into a pair of pajama pants- the ones that his step-dad had gotten him as a joke that read “heart breaker” on the butt- and a loose black shirt, Liam glanced at his clock again. He was tempted to call his best friend, Y/N, but he didn’t want to wake her up. She was probably fast asleep by now.

           Still, she had made him pinky swear that he would call her whenever he was scared…

           A crack of thunder sounded outside Liam’s bedroom window, causing him to trip and fall over the skateboard Mason had left at his house yesterday. Gripping the windowsill, Liam pulled himself up to see a light rain settling over Beacon Hills. He looked up and down the street, watching the small puddles ripple from the onslaught of fresh raindrops.

           It thundered again. Liam’s breath caught. For some reason, the sudden loud noise made his apprehension worse. He felt childish.

           In the house at the very end of the street, Liam could see a light on in the top right window. Smiling softly to himself, he retreated back to his bed, groping the covers for his phone. He found the charger cord, and tugged on it. His phone slid out from underneath one of his pillows.

           Liam chewed on his thumbnail as he waited for her to pick up.

           “Hello?” Y/N yawned.

           “Hey,” Liam hated how fragile his voice sounded. He cleared his throat awkwardly. “I, um, saw your light on. What’s up?”

           Y/N gave a sleepy giggle. “I just finished my homework… is everything okay? Usually you don’t call me this late at night unless it’s important.” Liam didn’t say anything. Y/N sighed. “Was it the dreams again?”

           Whispering, Liam revealed, “Yeah.”

           “Do you want me to come over?”

           Liam frowned. “But it’s raining.”

           “And I don’t care. You’re scared. I only live a few houses down. I’ll be over in a second. Just hang in there.” She ended the call before he could say anything else.


Liam softly shut the bedroom door, praying that his parents wouldn’t hear and come to investigate. When he turned around, he chuckled quietly. Y/N was gathering up the clothes he had taken off and putting them in the hamper. Then she picked up the skateboard and propped it against the wall. Y/N collected his shoes and set them neatly by the door, straightening the books and papers on his desk as she did so. She put all his pencils back in the cup he usually kept them in, and fixed the lamp shade.

           Stiles had once called her Liam’s ‘little Mommy’ and Y/N had punched him for it, but sometimes, like now, Liam could see that she actually was like a little mother. She babied Liam, picked up after him, took care of him. He loved her for it.

           “You’re always so messy.” Y/N commented, snapping him out of his thoughts. She was fluffing the pillows and tucking the sheets. “I don’t know what you’d do without me.”

           “I don’t either.” Liam answered truthfully. Y/N just smiled.


Eventually the pair slipped beneath Liam’s covers. Y/N laid on her side while Liam was flat on his back. She propped herself up on her elbow, giving Liam the once-over. He looked at her too, fascinated by how beautiful she looked with her hair slightly mussed and her lip between her teeth.

           “You look so tired,” She whispered.

           Liam nodded, closing his eyes.

           “Tell me about your dream.”

           Liam sighed. “It’s the same one as always. I’m in the well again. I try to climb out, and… they show up.” He shifted uncomfortably. Then he opened his eyes and flipped to face Y/N.

           “The berserkers, right?” Y/N tested the name out, unsure. She was unfamiliar with the supernatural world; she had only learned that Liam was a werewolf about two weeks ago. “Those freaky bone-warriors you were telling me about?”

           “Yeah.” Liam sniffed. “In the dream, they dragged me down and wouldn’t let me out. It… it was just… I…” He could feel his cheeks burning as his eyes watered, fear gripping him tightly.

           Without saying a word, Y/N held her arms out. Liam wiggled his way into them, burrowing his head into her chest, feeling incredibly safe and warm when she wrapped herself around him. He let out a shaky breath that made her shiver slightly as she kissed the top of his head. “You’re okay.” She murmured soothingly into his hair. “You’re safe; I’ve got you.” Liam believed her.


“Oh, God, it’s twelve thirty.” Y/N said suddenly, making Liam’s drooping eyes open wide. “Liam, I’ve got to go home. Are you good?” She asked, sliding out of the bed all too abruptly. The sheets suddenly felt cold and frail without her there to make them warm and cozy.

           Liam sat up, running his hand through his hair. “Um, yeah, sure.”

           “Great. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Y/N moved to the other side of his bed. She kissed his cheek. “Do you want me to leave the lamp on?” Hesitantly, he nodded. “Okay. Sweet dreams Liam.”

           As she put her hand on the door, Liam had a sudden burst of courage. “Y/N, wait.” When she turned, he gulped. “Can you, um… will you stay with me?”

           Y/N gave him a small smile and nodded. Then, with a running jump, she leaped onto his bed, sending the both of them into hysterical giggles. Liam weaseled his way back into Y/N’s arms, and for the first time in a long time, got a good night’s sleep.

Being Pregnant Includes: (Ashton)

• you getting away with everything and make being pregnant an excuse for him to do all the chores
• “babe, you crave some weird shit.” “DON’T INSULT ME OR I WILL KILL EVERYTHING YOU LOVE IN THIS WORLD”
• pressing his face to your belly when you cuddle so he can feel the baby kick
• wearing his t-shirts because they start to finally fit you
• “I’m so fat.” “hahaha true”
• Ashton tweeting about your pregnancy 24/7
• him drinking alcohol in front of you to annoy you and make you feel sad that you are deprived
• “if our baby makes a pun in your stomach, it’s an inside joke! get it?” * he laughs hard* “Ashton, that joke isn’t funny anymore.”
• him getting annoyed with people stroking your stomach because he wants to be the only one who can do that
• him trying to protect you at all costs by constantly hugging you
• “babe, I’m so wet right now.” “OH MY GOD DID YOUR WATER BREAK?!? HOLY SHIT IT’S HAPPENING. CALL 911!” “guess who’s vagina turned as dry as the desert?”
• him yelling at people to get up so you can sit down on the bus, train, etc.
• “ I want this baby out of me” “ that’s not what you said when we where making it” “shut up. please. before I kill you.”
• him surprising you with a nursery after you take a mini vacation with your best friend
• “how did Gwyneth Paltrow do this and look so good?” “awww babe, don’t say that, you look great” “LIES”
• “I can’t wait to see our beautiful baby because it will be as beautiful as our love.” *commence the tears*

•••hope you have/had a good day :) - malia
Night 1

Summary: like Five Nights at Freddy’s but fewer jump scares and more unresolved Pedrazar tension.


“Seriously, mate. Is this ok? I can sleep on the sofa.”

“Nah, it’s fine,” Balthazar lied as Peter lifted the covers and slipped into bed next to him. 

They had waited to go to bed as long as was reasonable, Balthazar pretending every time that he wanted to watch just one more episode of Conchords until he had almost dozed off in front of the TV. But finally the moment had arrived. 

“I mean, you don’t snore, right?” Balthazar muttered, turning off his bedside lamp, throwing them into darkness.

He could hear Peter’s smile. “No.”

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Still Kickin by Aaron Purmort

It’s the very last day to get your t-shirt, hoodie or crewneck.

Beyond moved that over 1,000 people have made this idea into a reality.

Go live your wild and precious life. Don’t let the bastards get you down. Don’t let idiots ruin your day. Be good to one another, even the bastards and the idiots, because we’re all just humans doing our best in this crazy little world.

anonymous asked:

A request :3 pretty please - Bokuto, Sugawara, Oikawa (separately) with a girlfriend who is amazing at martial arts! Like kung fu :) and they're watching her at practice in awe. Thank you, and I love your blog a lot!!

sWEATS I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT KUNG FU like do they yell, do they kick?? LIKE WHAT PLEASE EDUCATE ME. I tried doing online research. so they’re gonna be some headcanons kinda?? Like what’d I think they’d do or think as they watch you practice!! hope that’s okay! I THOUGHT YOU SAID KUROO SO HAVE SOME KUROO ONES TOO

kuroo tetsurou

  • this boy oh dear don’t get me started
  • you wouldn’t be able to concentrate properly due to him staring at your ass and just your body in general CONSTANTLY AND YOU CAN JUST SENSE HIS EYES.
  • “so does this make you more flexible?”
  • “is it safe to do these moves in-“ he doesn’t finish his sentence because you know where this is going so you kick him
  • him embarrassing himself, and you, in front of your class as he tries to master the moves
  • yes, he would butt in and try to join in the class way too often
  • he would own a “My girlfriend can kick your ass.” T shirt that he got custom made
  • He would say “If you kicked my ass, I’d say thank you.” while placing his hand over his heart, pretending to be moved for some reason.

sugawara koushi

  • this sweet little babe would shower you with compliments often! On how he thinks you’ve improved or with how amazing you look.
  • He would always go to your practices without protesting because he just loves watching you practice and learning new stuff!
  • Giving you massages after practice since you’d usually get sore
  • He would be a bit worried because he doesn’t want you to get hurt but he knows you can take care of yourself

oikawa tooru

  • He’d be sort of like sugawara, very supportive!!
  • Always attends your practice and even invites his teammates bc hell, he loves showing you off
  • Constant bragging to his friends, most iwaizumi, about how his girlfriend knows Kung Fu and could totally kick their asses.
  • “So she can kick your ass too, huh?” “God, Iwa-chan, she’d never do that! …maybe… don’t give her ideas.”
  • He would beg you to show him some moves but he always ends up giving up because he gets so tired
  • “Are your muscles sore?? Let me massage them for you… while we take a bath.”

bokuto koutarou

  • HE WOULD SHOWER YOU WITH GIFTS?? Idk why but he would
  • “Go [Name]!!” “haha, look that’s my girlfriend.” “KICK THEIR ASS BABY!” “AHHHHHHHH!!!”
  • He gets kicked out way too often partly due to your request
  • He always ends up trying to join in on the class and the teacher is totally fine with because he’ll think it’ll shut up him but oh boy is he wrong
  • He would repeat your yells bc he’s just so pumped up