kicks on court

  • Baby:Ho ho- Ho
  • Mom:Are you hot?
  • Baby:Honestly, these people have me fucked up, like they just kicked me off the tennis court for trying to continue tennis fashion 2014 like honestly i don't deserve this. Now they're out there playing their terrible game of tennis like I can see them across the street on the tennis court. SO THINK I CAN'T SEE YOU!I can see you and I'm watching you and your in my video with your ugly children um and she just kicked me off the court pretty much by just walking up and their child is like *points finger* "SEE SEE?" pointing at me and saying something like first of all, you need to not do that. Second of all, if you're a parent, you need to tell your child don't point at someone and say "see see" and third of all, stop talking shit, cuz you're obviously talking shit because you didn't say anything and the kids say "see see" like Bitch I didn't see you when you were walking up and I don't care that you're here now. Don't you ever point your ugly finger at me um i'll call the police umm don't be rudely kick people off tennis courts when we are trying um to start a movement um fuck you *sniff* pretty much?
Colonial courts kick Indigenous people off their land, while Trudeau does nothing

by Bradley Hughes

Despite appeals to Prime Minister Trudeau and to BC Premier Christy Clark to respect Indigenous rights and the needs of local farmers, construction on the Site C dam continues. At the end of February the British Columbia Supreme Court issued an injunction to allow BC Hydro to remove protesters and to take down their camp at the Site C construction site.

The Treaty 8 Stewards of the Land have lived at the camp, preventing the logging of old growth forests that BC Hydro requires to build the dam. In a letter to the Prime Minister and BC’s Premier they demanded that construction be halted until the courts decide on several challenges by First Nations and local landowners, that permits for construction be suspended by the Federal government until there has been a review of the infringement of Treaty 8 rights caused by the project, and “an independent review by the BC Utilities Commission of the Site C dam project, with full procedural safeguards, as recommended by the federal/provincial Joint Review Panel and many others.”

By removing the Treaty 8 Stewards of the Land from their own land in favour BC Hydro, the courts once again sided with Canada’s continued refusal to deal with Indigenous nations on a nation to nation basis.

Earlier in the year, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, and environmentalist David Suzuki travelled to the protest camp to show their support. Grand Chief Phillip said, “It is infuriating and deeply frustrating that we continue to be confronted with this provocative and aggressive approach from BC Hydro and the Province of British Columbia when Treaty 8’s court proceedings have not even been completed and the Site C project has not been properly reviewed by the BC Utilities Commission. It is absolutely unacceptable that BC Hydro is relentlessly clear-cutting forests right now to prepare for the flooding of the Peace River Valley, which will destroy archaeological sites and eradicate prime farmland. The proposed Site C project will irreparably harm and adversely impact the environment and the Treaty 8 First Nations and all residents whose lives are entwined with the health of the land and waters.”….

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