kicks on court

how to know which twin is which

i was literally talking to sam about this five seconds ago but

  • there are TWO WAYS you can differentiate one minyard from the other.
  • neil’s way is: listen to them talk.
    • andrew smokes like three sticks of cigarettes every five hours. 
      • he’s got that whole smoker’s husk in his voice that neil almost immediately associates with Right. 
    • aaron, who never really smoked a blunt of any kind before (probably just snorted his drugs), does not have this.
  • katelyn’s way is: wait for them to do something
    • now i know some of y'all’re gonna get on my case abt katelyn being nowhere near andrew at any given moment but HEAR ME OUT. 
      • this twin issue? gonna get resolved. slowly. 
      • eventually. 
      • and katelyn’s gonna have to Deal. 
    • so what she does to Deal is she waits until the twin starts to fidget. 
    • andrew usually taps his nails, fidgets with his fingers, as any smoker is wont to do after dropping the habit. 
    • aaron would fidget with his legs. you know, just, shift around from one foot to the other, vibrate his leg at concerning speeds.

Okay, but imagine Andrew squinting at his laptop screen, trying to decide whether or not to add a period. Should he capitalize? What about all caps?? Is there a printer in their dorm or does he need to send someone down to the library? He probably spends five minutes trying to get a decent shot without any shadow before deciding that this jives with his zero-shits-given aesthetic better. His password’s an impossible mix of 20 random letters that no one else can hope to figure out and he probably always stays on messaging apps so none of the Foxes can peek at his home screen over his shoulder. 

do you ever think about how the night neil was taken was just a regular night and then suddenly it just wasn’t?

like the foxes kicked ass on court.  and to quote, following the game, “neil could practically feel the excitement radiating off [dan].” i mean they’re crushing it, they haven’t lost a game yet, the entire team’s probably waiting on liquor and sleep.  it’s an amazing, wonderful night.  i mean, shit, “thank you, you were amazing” followed by allison sending a significant look to matt?  she’s probably running through her head how much she’s about to win over bets.

but then the riot starts. there’s bottles thrown and then punches, and andrew’s getting an elbow to the face, and renee’s defending allison, and neil-

neil’s gone.

and then you’ve got everything flipping on its head.  like what do you think the foxes were thinking?  as andrew was choking out kevin, what are the chances matt was thinking about all the times neil avoided telling obvious truths?  as aaron was being bandaged up, do you think nicky was thinking about neil’s collection of languages?  do you think allison was giving a whole new connotation to “you were amazing” as they sat in the hotel room and waited to know if they’d be going back to PSU short one fox?  was abby thinking back to skin marred with scars she can’t even begin do describe the awfulness of?

they went from riding the high of another won game to crashing at the idea that they were never going to see neil josten again

Roll for dick size

Backstory: I DM a homebrew campaign, and recently my players (dwarf ranger, dragonborn paladin, dwarf barbarian, human barbarian, and teifling fighter) have been traveling across the sea to find a hammer for a friend of the rangers. While on an island, the ranger and two barbarians went to talk to the nobles, which resulted in them getting kicked out of the court and banned from the town. So after explaining the situation, the ranger asked the paladin to go instead.

Paladin: well that’s what you get for bringing the barbarians. I mean look at Solomon (HB) he doesn’t have a lot upstairs.
Ranger: he’s got enough downstairs to make up for it! Do you see that? He’s wearing a loincloth but it doesn’t do anything for his modesty. It’s just dangling around down there! That’s probably why they don’t like him!

Everyone’s laughing at this point and then.

Ranger(OOC): wait no hold on roll for dick size. And then for like, percentage of dick showing.
Solomon(OOC): what would I even roll for that?
Paladin(OOC): d10 and a percentage die.

So he ended up with a 10 inch dick, with 30% of it showing under the loincloth, started looting for clothes everywhere we went, and I get a nice excuse to kick them all out of places until he finds clothes.


@snackaddictmura​, @steppingonlegofme​, @henrymarsette​ & the anons who asked about Riko, here is a big dumping a general answer!

Feat: more about Riko’s important exes Jack & Yulong, and then his boss ass no romo life

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

Part 1 of the Riko life rant

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could you please do more hs au?

i mean,,, i could. i need the break, i suppose. 

here’s a list of things that happens while neil is back to the UK for christmas break

  • nicky finally gets his cousins in on a data plan. he says it’s because neil is out of continent and katelyn is out of state, so he wants andrew and aaron to have constant contact with their significant others. (”i know how long distance feels, guys. trust me, it’s horrible no matter how long or far.”)
    • they’re not very well-off on money, but nicky insists that it’s really not that big of a favor and definitely is not his christmas gift, shut up, aaron, you’re getting your thing
  • aaron spends the 23rd with katelyn, though andrew, renee, and nicky are five-wheeling. they spend their entire day at the rink a few hours away from home
    • renee witnesses the most glorious wipe-out in the entire history of wipe-outs
    • andrew threatens homicide but renee is too busy laughing
  • kevin comes over five times in the first week of christmas break and andrew has some Words, backed by a few choice ones from aaron
    • andrew: kevin, just leave
      kevin: i’m supposed to check on you, just tell me one thing i can tell him and i will leave
      aaron, from behind andrew, holding a bowl of soup: you can tell hatford that if he doesn’t stop sending you the fuck over, he can consider your last phone call his goodbye call to you
      andrew: he said it, not me
      kevin: christ on a pike

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A certain exy junkie ghost haunts the foxhole court

“I know you’re new here,” Matt explained on the way from the locker room to the court, “and your cousin looks ready to take on the world, but there’s some things we don’t mess with.”

Glancing back from his cousin (but no, he wasn’t taking on the world, he was just smiling creepily at the more outspokenly homophobic fifth years, great) Nicky side-eyed Matt.

“Some things like… salt on the windowsills.”

“It seems to help.”

“And the holy water by the doors that, uh, what’s her name–”


“– Yeah, her - the ones she manages.”

“Those definitely help. She learned from a professional.”


“I know what you’re thinking–”

“You keep saying it helps, but with what?

Matt cut a hand through the air, struggled for words, and finally, shrugged.

“At first, I didn’t believe it either. But, it’s. Well. Take my word for it: the court’s haunted.”

Nicky laughed.

Matt did not.

Nicky stopped laughing.

“Sorry,” Nicky said, smile strained, “I don’t usually ask this before we at least have a dinner, but: come again?”

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please i need a new tyler smut whatever you want

how bout a thicc sweaty basketball tyler drabble whoops

You  sat on the front row of the bleachers of the gymnasium, cycling through apps on your phone; Tyler and Josh were playing a show that night, and managed to talk a local high school into letting them shoot hoops in their gym a few hours before the show. You enjoyed watching Tyler play basketball, because he loved the sport almost as much as he loved playing music. Not to mention, when he had been working out, he built up some muscle, which did something to you that you couldn’t explain.

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i really love the hs au.. could you write more please?

okay ive been having some mad hs au aaron feelings for like two hours. i was thinking about him on my drive home. i was thinking about him at a rest stop while i ate cheez-its and ignored the wrongness of a classic american liminal space. i was thinking about him when spotify gave me the third spanish ad in a row.

have some aaron, amigo/a

  • aaron “i read the rules before i broke them” minyard does not have time for bullshit, generally speaking
  • he didn’t have time for bullshit when someone roofied andrew’s drink last year and he definitely did not have time for bullshit when the guy he beat up landed in the hospital
    • the school expelled andrew instead
    • aaron had homework to catch up on. aaron was not going to have that on his record. he’s going to be a doctor.
  • we all know he’s on the debate team with andrew and renee, but no ones really sure how good he is, considering his brother is one of the best on the squad team, and is on his way to being a captain
  • the thing is, though, andrew can run verbal circles around an idiot before they catch on that they’re being insulted
  • aaron can run verbal circles, triangles, pentagons, and the occasional scribble around an idiot so viciously, they know they’re being insulted from the get-go but can’t do shit about it
    • neil witnessed this once and only once. he was shooketh
      • (this is now a word in my vocabulary, apparently)
  • the thing is, though, aaron is way more likely to help you in class related things
  • need someone to help you work through that one bio question you were having trouble with? ask the nerd minyard. he’ll sneer at you but he knows the material
    • (the trick is to not look him in the eye for too long)
  • need a good technique for roasting that one guy who won’t leave you alone? not only will he offer to punch them, but he’ll list a few of his favorite roasts in alphabetical order for you to use at liberty
  • the few things he will always have time for, though, is listed very neatly on a mental checklist
  • this goes something like:
    • andrew
    • nicky & katelyn
  • his gf and his cousin are only on the same line because he’ll only admit to really loving nicky maybe once a month, but nicky is family or whatever
    • (nicky: you let me kiss your forehead before you go to school every morning!
    • andrew: that’s truly pathetic. is that why you linger in the kitchen before we need to leave?
    • aaron: at least i’m not fucking a jock in between tutoring sessions
    • andrew: such a low blow for someone who still needs forehead kisses every morning)
  • if we’re being real here, aaron would probably die for katelyn miller before he tries to die for nicky. it’s nothing personal, but andrew has already claimed the ‘death by saving nicky’ card
  • the king and queen of the science wings, whether it be chem or biology or environmental science, aaron and katelyn are legends with the teachers. they excel at it all, and they might help the mere mortals under their feet if asked politely enough
    • parental discretion is advised, though. if you don’t ask politely enough, katelyn miller will not hesitate to crush you under her heel in ten words or less
    • aaron is so proud. some of his best roasts come from shit inspired by her
  • for twin day during spirit week, andrew and aaron dress the same but switch shirts during the day. no one notices, unfortunately
    • katelyn and neil also dress alike, though unintentionally
    • neil wears neon leggings. katelyn wears a similar pair in a different color and since they both wear a black shirt that day, they get included in the “twin day” pictures
      • kevin is not amused
    • andrew secretly finds this hilarious
    • aaron does not

Feyre: Hi

Rhysand: Feyre darling let’s Do This 💫 let’s go to my home 🏔🌠🏙 we’re going to kick 🏃🏽👊🏽Spring Court ass 😤😤😤Team Feysand 4 lyfe ⭐️💙💙💙but first be my High Lady 💍this is how the Night Court does It 🖕🏽✨💥🔥can’t stop won’t stop 🎇🌃✨💫🌟get ‘em babe 💃🏽💯

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I see your trans Andrew and raise you trans Katelyn. Trans Katelyn who was the first trans person to be able to join the Vixens. Trans Katelyn who Andrew suspected might have drugs due to glimpsing a pill bottle before he learned it was estrogen. Better yet both trans Katelyn and trans Andrew

katelyn is the smartest, kindest, most beautiful woman aaron has ever met in his entire life. it’s not just her dark curls spilling over her pillow every morning, not just her painted nails tracing lines over his chest every evening. it’s not just the cute lil snort she has when she laughs really hard at a joke aaron couldn’t help but fall for, not just the look in her eyes when she cuts someone down for being incredibly stupid.

it’s her, with her puns and pills and lingerie she’d sometimes dress him up in for the sake of a selfie.

it’s just her, the woman who chose him and the woman he chose.