kicks on court

I know we’re all upset that Feyre is returning to the Spring Court… but let’s just thank the Gods that she isn’t returning in her old state. Her mental and physical health has drastically improved, she knows she has a good support system, a family to back her up, she knows she has someone there. She will no longer be suffocated, she knows who she is, and she knows she has a purpose in life.
I can’t wait to see our High Lady of the Night Court kick some arse.


Okay, but imagine Andrew squinting at his laptop screen, trying to decide whether or not to add a period. Should he capitalize? What about all caps?? Is there a printer in their dorm or does he need to send someone down to the library? He probably spends five minutes trying to get a decent shot without any shadow before deciding that this jives with his zero-shits-given aesthetic better. His password’s an impossible mix of 20 random letters that no one else can hope to figure out and he probably always stays on messaging apps so none of the Foxes can peek at his home screen over his shoulder. 

Finshed my FOURTH novel, about to get commissioned for the work that will get my ass kicked out of court, and onto the path of my face-stealing candle-eating dream gf.

Fallen London is a weird game, my guy.

When I got traded to the Lakers in ’97, Kobe Bryant was just a rookie. The dude couldn’t shoot threes. We would play this shooting game every day after practice. It was me, Kobe, Brian Shaw, Mitch Richmond and Kurt Rambis. Kobe would lose every time. We would get to practice the next day and sure enough, Kobe would already be there shooting nothing but threes. Like clockwork, at the end of practice he’d say, “Let’s play the game! I’m ready for you.” And we would beat his ass again.

He would never stop. It was incredible. He practiced until one day, a couple months later, he finally won. If you literally said, “Kobe, I bet you can’t make five in a row by dropping the ball and kicking it in from half court,” that motherfucker would go out there and practice it until he could do it. And that’s what people don’t understand when they talk about champions — when they talk about a winner’s mentality. Kobe’s dedication to the game is unreal. And I mean that in the truest sense … it was literally unbelievable. The common denominator in every championship team is the mentality that Kobe has, and the mentality that Hakeem had with me at that Christmas party. You have to be so obsessed with winning that you pull no punches with your teammates, even when you’re in first place. Even when you’re a defending champ.

Whenever I hear people crying about Kobe yelling at people in practice, or wondering whether or not LeBron is best friends with his teammates, I just roll my eyes.” - Robert Horry.

Let's be real

Let’s sit a while and talk about how kick arse Aelin’s court is for a minute.

Aelin as the queen—wildfire

Rowan and Aedion as her Fae warriors—territorial Fae bastards

Lysandra as her Lady of Allsbrook—shapeshifting ghost leopard

Fleetfoot—snuggly loving guard dog

Haven’t even added Ren in the mix or Elide.

They’re just so damn powerful & beautiful it’s a bit unfair! Yes. Even Fleetfoot is beautiful.


Gods in the Modern World - Athena

↳ She’s constantly tired. Day in and day out, years upon decades upon centuries and no one seems to understand her. She’s kicked ass in court, she’s beaten men into a pulp without much effort on her part yet she’s always belittled for being too girly or too artistic. They call her “little girl” and say she’s too innocent. She’s scoffs because she’s been soaking in the blood of her enemies and punching the rage out of the God of War since before civilization was formed.

Man once remembered her name and they will learn it again.


Asking this girl to marry me was a long shot.Two days before the wedding, I attempt another long shot—a half-court kick

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Man farewell my turnabout was such an amazing point of characterization for Edgeworth. At one momrnt he’s having a heart to heart moment with franziska or kicking nicks ass in court

And in another he just carries a life sized bear statue with no sweat


Kick save 👌🏻

Laurel Lance is my hero.

She is my hero because she gave me the inspiration and strength to deal with my mental illness. Getting to watch her go through her own struggles and come out even stronger made me realize that I didn’t have to be ashamed to admit that I suffer from mental illness. She taught me that no matter how many times you get knocked down, you keep getting back up. She taught me that you can take everything away from me and I’ll still have my voice. She taught me that I don’t have to be super powered to feel powerful. 

I had my first appointment with a new therapist today. As silly as it sounds, it was my first time taking a taxi all by myself. My anxiety was so high that I nearly broke down in tears inside the taxi. You know what kept me calm? I thought of Laurel. I thought of her kicking ass as the Black Canary. I thought of her kicking ass in the court room as a lawyer. I thought of her dealing with her depression and struggling with her addiction. I thought to myself, if Dinah Laurel Lance can get through her darkest days, then so can I. 

Everyone has a hero. Some are real. Some are fictional. Laurel Lance just happens to be my hero. She wasn’t just an image in a comic book or a figure in an animation. For a moment in time, Laurel Lance was real. To see her take her rightful place as The Black Canary was a moment that I’ll never forget. When I think of Laurel Lance, I think of the girl who lit up the dark dreary world of “Arrow” with her big bright beautiful smile. After everything she went through, she was still able to smile that perfect smile. She was more than just a hero. She was a beacon of hope. She was that thing you see that makes you think that things will be alright after all. That is why Laurel Lance is my hero.