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The First Time With Jeon Jungkook

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Genre : Fluff, romance,comedy,implicit language & sexual innuendos 
Pairing:Jungkook x reader
Length: 13002 words
Summary : This is a series based on all of your first times with jungkook, from your childhood till adulthood


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“Jungkookie” you raised a seductive brow as you slowly pulled onto his uniform’s tie

“What’s up?” his back was pressed against the wall, questioning your little acts

“Isn’t this uniform a little too stuffy?” you commented “This tie seems to be suffocating you”

“I don’t know…” he pulls your waist closer as he eyed your lips hungrily “Maybe it is?”

“What should we do about this, then?” you lift your head to lock eyes with him

“I don’t know, you tell me” Jungkook trails his fingers dangerously close to your skirt

Jungkook groaned as the vibrations of his phone were continuously heard on his night table. The so-called lazy boy wasn’t catching a single break since senior year began. His obligations and future goals were continuously roaming inside his victimized brain. So many things piling up, waiting for him to achieve them, yet the boy was taking his sweet time, sleeping under the soft blankets of love and pulling them closer against his sturdy body.

“Three more minutes mom” He muttered in his sleep

The phone wasn’t vibrating this time but it started ringing which meant that he had an oncoming call. The boy sat up and kicked his blanket in a fury as he hated being interrupted in his sleeping activities. He was having the best dream in a while yet someone had to interrupt his perfect fictional fantasy of getting it on with his long time crush.

He growls before burying his face back onto his pillow as his long fingers reached the electronical device to answer the call. It didn’t take long before he gave a reply that made the recipient’s heart drop and soul’s leave from their body. In fact, Kim Taehyung was always bound to get tangled in a mess when it came to his best friend Jungkook.

“KIM TAEHYUNG, YOU SON OF A DUMB FUCKIDY FUCKIDIDOO, WHAT’S UP?” Jungkook ran a hand through his hair in frustration

“Well damn, seems like someone is not in the mood to talk to me” Taehyung felt taken aback “and what was it? Fuckidy-doo? The fuck is that? You may think you’re being swag right now, but fuckididoo is not happening, just like fetch never happened”

“Look here, you stylish looking brat” Jungkook growled on the other side before clenching his fist “You just ruined the most amazing dream I ever had in my entire life” Jungkook faked a sob

“Did you just call me a brat? I was born before your ass even got out of the oven” Taehyung argued back “What was your dream?! Was it spicy~~~~” Taehyung squealed on the other line

“There’s no way I’m telling you. I’m keeping it to myself so that it actually becomes real” Jungkook rolled his eyes before adding “Sorry to break it out to you but you’re a jinx, Kim Taehyung”

“I’m a jinx? Yeah, you definitely had some sort of kinky dream” Taehyung chuckled “Who was the chick this time? Selena Gomez? Oh!!! Was it Ariana Grande?  You have a thing for brunette girls these days”

“I don’t have a thing for brunette girls, what are you saying? When did I ever say that…” he sighed before ruffling his hair

Jungkook had a type for the past few months and it always changed a few weeks in and out. He was smitten over blonde girls with slim bodies barely three months ago and now he found his new obsession with curvy brunettes. They apparently seemed like the kind of girls who’d teach him a thing or two. All of this was a misconception and even if Jungkook did had a preference for certain hair colors, he never had the guts to ever approach a girl or to stutter a single word if that girl in question wasn’t you. 

Truth had it that Jeon Jungkook was only comfortable around you. He was used to your presence, your scent, your hair color, your clinginess and your comments. Having a type was a thing, but Jungkook tried getting his mind off of you for the past two years, which is why he fell into an ideal type abyss. He didn’t even had an ideal type to begin with , he just wanted to have reason as to why he wouldn’t have to ever develop deeper feelings for you.

“Ayyy…you thought I’d fall for that?” Taehyung shot on the other line “It was definitely a steamy dream. Spill the bean and share the goods with me”

“I dreamt of cows and sheeps running in a field! Happy now?” Jungkook replied

“The fuck? Isn’t that a conception dream? “Taehyung half shouted “Bro, who the fuck have you knocked up? DID YOU MAKE SOMEONE PREGNANT?!”

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Hehehehehe I think you guys are beginning to discover I’m in an evil mood.

So let’s talk about Snotlout, Furious, and Hiccup. 

Mostly because I’m curious, of course.

And also because I’m feeling evil.

My first question to you guys: how many of you are in the camp of Furious-dies-at-the-end-of-Book-12?

My second question to you guys: how many of you are in the camp of Snotlout-knew-he-was-going-to-die-when-he-flew-off-that-boat?

My third question to you guys: how many of you are in the camp of Hiccup-died-just-after-he-finished-writing-his-memoirs? 

Because I am very, very firmly in all three.

Secrets We Keep // Spencer Reid x Reader

Request:  Hey, 💕😁 your requests are open! YASS! ❤ Can you do an Imagine, where the reader is a very good trained assassin and dating Reid but she is also on the team. But she never talked about her training and maybe after a hard case, she tells him about her training to an assassin. And maybe she started to cry because, it was a really dark moment in her life. ❤💕 Love ya and i hope it’s not a problem to write about this 😊

A/N: I apologize for how long this took! I rewrote it a million times and I’m still not sure I’m 100% happy with it but oh well lol. I hope you like it!

“Penelope?” you asked in surprise as you opened your front door. It was late, and Penelope had always been the type to call before dropping in for a visit.

“I did something,” Penelope began, her voice rising as it did when her anxiety over situations arose. “I know I shouldn’t have. I tell myself I need to stop being so nosy but I have the information right there at the tip of my fingers and I just can’t-”

“Pen,” you interrupted. “What did you do?”

She fell silent for a moment as she fidgeted in place. You watched as her hands nervously played with the bracelets on her wrists before she strode into your home.

“Penelope,” you repeated as you shut the door. “What did you do?”

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maximum kicks 

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Bonding (Clint X Reader) *Platonic

Characters: Clint X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of mind control

Request: Hey I love your writing, I was wondering if you could please write a Clint x reader where the reader is a new avenger and archer like clint, but they don’t talk to the Avengers and keeps to themselves and clint finds them shooting arrows and they grow close xx

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Fury found you through another agent. Your uncle’s friend was an agent and he had seen your keen eye and good shot, and Fury overheard the agent talking about you, and decided to pay you a visit.

He saw you were a lot younger than their top archer, and the compliments were not exaggerated. You had quick reflexes, great sight and aim, and you were generally quiet and had managed to sneak up on the director. He offered you the job, and by that I mean he bothered you till you accepted.

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A New Beginning


(A continuation of Lost and Forgotten, a set of ten chapters that follow you, the Reader, as you try to get your life together while falling for Bucky in the 40s.) 

Warnings: angst

(Chapter One) (Chapter Two) (Chapter Three) (Chapter Four) (Chapter Five) (Chapter Six) (Chapter Seven)

“I’m sorry, what the fuck did you just say?” You swore you would strangle Steve the next time you saw him.

“Yeah, we found out a few years ago, when SHIELD fell, but we’re having trouble finding him and you’re an expert at that.” Steve knew he was in for some yelling. He had neglected to tell you about the love of your life being alive.

“You’ve known for two years and you’re just now telling me?” You were definitely going to rip him a new one. 

“I was worried that if I told you…given what he went through with Hydra…” He trailed off.

“What the hell are you talking about? What happened with Hydra?” Hydra struck a chord a little too close to home for you.

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After All These Years (Drake x MC, Liam x MC)

So, @heartinecstasy asked for a Liam x Drake scene using “I never meant to hurt you” and “I just came to say goodbye.”  I thought that those prompts went well with what I wrote yesterday, so this is a follow up to When You Wish Upon A Star.  Also, this was slightly inspired by @joyfulchoices who wrote a really amazing piece a few weeks back about the confrontation between Drake and Liam over MC.  It got me thinking about what would happen if there were pictures of her and Drake, and that’s what got this fic rolling.

Summary: Now that Liam has chosen Madeline as his bride, Drake confronts his friend about what’s really going on.

Rating: M for language… look away, children!

           Drake slowly closed Riley’s door, careful to make sure that he didn’t make any noise as he slipped out into the hallway. After hours of sobbing, she’d finally fallen asleep and he wasn’t about to wake her, not when she had nothing but a nightmare scenario to wake up to.

           Sighing, he raked a hand through his hair and strode down the hallways of the palace.  It was quiet now, save for a few servants clearing glassware and spilled champagne. No one seemed to pay him any mind as he walked up to Liam’s room and knocked on the door.

           “Liam?  It’s me.”

           There was no response, but Drake tried the handle anyway, surprised to find it unlocked.  He stepped in and scanned the mostly darkened room.  Liam sat in a chair by the window, still wearing his tuxedo even though his bowtie was undone and hanging limply on his shirt front.  On the small round table beside him was a half-filled tumbler of clear liquid as well as a mostly empty bottle of some expensive, imported alcohol.

           “Liam,” he said, “what the hell have you done?”

           Liam whirled on him, his eyes red and bloodshot and his face surprisingly pale.  He looked dangerous and unhinged, like a wild animal caught in a trap who knew it was about to die.

           “What the hell have I done?” he hissed.

           He stood and picked up the crystal tumbler, throwing it at Drake’s head.  It crashed into the wall a few inches to the left, shattering as it made a small but noticeable dent in the plaster.  Drake flinched and raised his elbow up to block the splatter of the liquor and the glass shards as he thanked his lucky stars that for all his charm and other skills, Liam had always been shitty at sports.

           But just when he’d thought the assault was over, Liam picked up the bottle as well and hurled it with an anguished shout. It went wider this time, smashing into the door and soaking the expensive carpet.

“Have you lost your goddamn mind?” Drake asked, reaching up to cover his face as he moved towards Liam.  

Liam whirled around and reached for the last thing on the table, a thick, manila folder.  He flung it towards Drake, but it only made it a few feet before it opened and its contents flew into the air, falling like snow as it covered the room in black and white.  Drake caught one and turned it around, his brow furrowing as he realized it was a picture of him.  The photograph was grainy and obviously done at night, but there was no doubting what it showed.  It was him, leaving Riley’s room as he adjusted his shirt that night that Tariq had tried accosted her.  Crumpling the photo, Drake looked down at the other images on the floor.  There was another of him sitting on Riley’s bed, shirt off as she ran her hands over his ribs and back, and even another of her standing at the edge of her bed as she faced him, clad in nothing but her underwear.

           When he spoke, Liam’s voice was equally sad and furious.  “After everything we’ve been through—“

           Drake kicked at the photos, fury exploding though his entire body.  “Exactly! After everything we’ve been through, why didn’t you come to me and ask me for an explanation?

           “There was no time,” Liam muttered, turning to look for his drink before he remembered he’d thrown it.  “Besides, the pictures are quite self-explanatory.”

           “Horseshit,” Drake shouted, advancing on his friend.  “You want to know what happened?  Tariq accosted her in her room and I ran in to help her.  She gave me some ice for my ribs, and I left.”

           Liam swayed dangerously on his feet, then fell into his chair as he ran his hands over his face.  “I’m not stupid, Drake.  I’ve seen how you look at Riley, how you act around her.  Are you honestly going to deny that you love her?”

           Drake sighed.  “No.  I think I’ve been in love with her even longer than you have.  But she doesn’t feel the same way.  I asked her that night if she could have ever seen things being different between us…. But she told me no, Liam. She was only here for you. Everything she’s done, all the shit she’s endured, it’s all been for you.”

The two men waited in silence as they stared at one another like they were strangers instead of best friends.  When the silence became unbearable, Drake finally spoke.  “I never meant to hurt you.  And I know you didn’t mean to hurt her.  She’ll forgive you, I know, if you just go and tell her—“

           “It’s too late now.”

           Drake was incredulous.  “Too late?”

           Liam let his head fall back against the chair. “After Leo’s madness and everything this season… the royal family can’t withstand another scandal.  I can’t throw Madeline over.  What’s done is done and I’ll have to live with that.”

“Are you serious?” Drake asked, taking a step towards him. “You’re just going to let her walk away?”

Liam said nothing, but turned away from Drake to stare out the window.  Drake snarled, balling his hands into fists.  “You don’t fucking deserve her.”

           Liam frowned.  “Leave.”

“With pleasure,” Drake said, stopping at the door to look at his friend one last time. “I thought I came to talk you out of this insanity.  I guess I just came to say goodbye.”

He left Liam’s room, slamming the door. He rushed back to the guest wings, his heart breaking for her and for his best friend with every step he took.  He’d always known this terrible place would destroy her, he just hadn’t known that watching it happen would destroy everyone else he cared about as well.

Classified 11

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Doctor!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Death, Heart Break, Angst, Fluff, violence and hostages//Take Over.

A/N: If you want to be tagged just let me know!! Feedback is always loved.

Rule One of being a doctor, don’t get over attached to your patients.

Well that rules been broken.

Rule Two of being a doctor, don’t date your patients.

But what if he has blue eyes and a killer smile that make your insides throw a dance party when he’s near you??
Rule Three of being a doctor, don’t ever loose focus on doing your job, nothing comes between you and your career.

See comment above… was the smile mentioned? Or that he’s Captain America?

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Kicking fury (Josh Request)

“Babe I’m not going to this bloody party to get off my head drunk” You roll your eyes, already hearing the music downstairs.
“I expect not” He chuckles, “You’re 7 months pregnant”
“Then there’s no reason for you to be worried” You comment, grabbing your phone from the side and checking yourself in the mirror once again.
“I just don’t want anything to happen” He sighs, reluctantly following you downstairs to where JJ had decided to host a party in your shared house.
The music is seemingly overwhelming combined with the loud chatter of so many people but you had always been one to love a good time.
“Well hello there Mr and Mrs Zerkaa” Tobi smiles as you lead your fiancé into the kitchen.
“Hey Tobi” You reply, grabbing a drink for Josh and pouring a coke for yourself.
His arm wraps protectively around you, evidently having you as his priority. He had always been like that. He treated you like a princess and did anything possible to make you smile but ever since you became pregnant he doubled in how he acted. He barely took his eyes off you. You knew he’d make a great dad. Even if he did have to relax sometimes…
“Hey (y/n)!” Simon exclaims, having clearly had a few already.
“Hello Minter” You chuckle as he throws an arm across your shoulders and pushes Josh away.
“(Y/n) when’s the baby coming?” Simon slurs slightly, leaning forward.
“Just under two months” You reply, trying your best to keep him stood.
“If its a boy,” He points towards your stomach, “Can you call him Simon?”
“Well he’s definitely a boy and I think I will have to run that past Josh before I start naming his child on my own”
“No one cares about Josh” He whines.
“I heard my name” Josh raises his brows, coming up beside you again.
“Oh hey Josh!” Simon chirps before getting distracted by something and heading off like a child.
“Right I’m just gonna go say hi to Ethan and Harry alright?” Josh comments, giving you a kiss before heading off.
You turn around, hoping to spot some of the girls amongst the mass of people though as you do, you are smacked with enough force to push you to the ground.
The air seemed to disappear from your lungs and it seems as though everything spins around above you.
“Oh shit!” You hear JJ exclaim, evidently in shock that he was the one to do this.
“JJ!” You hear the familiar voice of Josh yell and soon he is rushing over, crouching down to check you’re okay, “Babe just deep breaths okay?”
You nod in response but before you can say anything Josh is on his feet ready to confront his friend.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He questions, anger burning from his words, “She’s fucking seven months pregnant JJ”
“Look man I had no idea, I’m really sorry and-”
“She could be seriously hurt! You need to have some fucking common sense sometimes!” Josh spits.
“Josh” You pipe up and his eyes dart quickly to you.
You push yourself up to your feet with the help of the now forming crowd surrounding you.
“Give me your hand” You urge and with a frown upon his features he places his hand in yours.
You guide it to your stomach where he can now feel the distinct feeling of baby feet kicking against him. You had only felt this a few times but he had always missed it.
“Is that-” he starts but is stopped when you nod your head.
“Wayyyyy what did I miss?” Simon yells, stumbling into the conversation.
Everyone looks at him and laughs and his eyes go down to yours and Josh’s hands.
“Oh hey baby!” He waves before again getting distracted and dragging himself off to somewhere else.
“Look guys I’m really sorry” JJ admits, dragging a hand over his hair.
“Don’t be” You smile, looking to your fiance who still seems in awe of the baby.

Just Hurry Up And Feed Me

Chariox~One shot

A/N  6k one shot full of Croix being a useless gay and gay shenanigans. For those who read sick of losing soulmates, I’m back from my writing hitaus- the exams are fully done. I’ll update sick of losing soulmates next week, probably. 

ALSO dedicated to @akilice for being an awesome friend and as a small present for getting through exam season, love ya Aki ^_^ <3

Summary: In her tired hungry state Croix forgets that she left a small request on her order and it bites her back in the butt when the pretty delivery girl delivers it. (Modern Au! Pizza delivery girl!Chariot)

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Hand in hand

Word Total: 1305  

Request: Anonymous asked: Heyo! Could I get a Cassian x reader,? Remember when Chirrit said Cassian carried his prison// cage, what if he used to be a drink, and whenever the reader goes away on like months long mission, Cassian turns back to his old ways ,, and one day she catches him and blows up on him, and tells him if he doesn’t stop she’ll leave. And then she gets sent back out on a mission and is captured and tortured and Cassian + Rouge One save her and they make up and there’s Angst and fluff???

Pairing:  Cassian x Reader

Y/N set down her feet on the solid ground; she removed her helmet and smiled. Her helmet sat by her hip, E/C eyes scanned the small space and a frown quickly replaced her smile. “Is there something wrong, Commander?” she turned around and nodded with a tight smile on her face to look at the Resistance Soldier. “Captain Andor, must—” Y/N raised her hand and shake her head.

“Take the information to Mon Mothma, I am tired”  Y/N announced and turned around to the direction on of her small living space that she shared with Captain Andor, her husband… or what was left of him. She had turned deaf to the rumors about returning to his old ways. She shook her head, there was no way he could, could it? He had promised her to stop, was she so unworthy of him that he decided to break that promise.

Y/N smiled as people sympathetically turned to her direction, she hated attention. That’s why she had become an intelligence pilot for the Resistance your entire job compelled to be hiding in the shadows for months to gather information, no human interaction and no nothing. She smiled seeing the small metallic compound in front of her. It was far from the main base; again she was not a social butterfly.

“Cassian, darling I am home”

Y/N announced loudly, but she didn’t receive any kind of response. Rubbing her temples she looked around the small living area, no traces of a human living there for a week, judging from the small layer of dust on the small wooden table in front of her. “Maybe it’s true” she sadly whispered under her breath. Taking a sharp turned to the left, there it was all she needed. Empty bottles of alcohol lay on the small sink of the minuscule kitchen. With a growl she furiously walked towards their shared bedroom, the door swooshed opened and there he was. Cassian Andor, sleeping soundlessly on the bed with an empty bottle of alcohol on his grasp, she gritted her teeth and kicked the bed with fury.

“K2, I told you—Y/N” Cassian said rubbing his eyes with his unoccupied hand; he pursed his lips and frown. “What are you doing here?” he inquired rising from the small bed.

“If I remember correctly this is my home too, Cassian”

Cassian winced at the volume of her voice, “What are you doing?” Y/N asked pointing at the small bottles of alcohol that were adorning the metal floor around the bed. “You promise—”

“And you promised to stay here, to not go to more recon mission. And what did you do? Exactly the opposite” Cassian responded rubbing his temples, a small headache was forming and he didn’t want to blow this conversation out of proportions.

“Now it’s my fault,” Y/N scoffed shaking her head, “You’re unbelievable Cassian, now blame me. For your fault of control, you’re a coward Cassian hiding behind alcohol.”  She said putting a hand on her hip.

“If I such a coward, why don’t you just leave? Leave me alone!” Cassian shouted, Y/N grimaced and she blinked rapidly trying to contain her tears. “I was fine until you came. I was doing great before you show up. Why don’t you just let me be? I was fine, go back to your ways. I am coward, I am not—” he stopped when fat tears started to run Y/N’s eyes; she quickly cleaned them with the heel of her hand. “I am so—”

“Save it Cassian, if you don’t stop this; we are done. Forever, you hear me”

Cassian stood there motionless, he wanted to run behind her but his body didn’t respond. He just stood there as the love of his life walk away.



Y/N groaned as the Deathtrooper hit her again, “A sponge hits harder than you” she raised her head to look at the black uniformed man in front of her, with one eye she could still tell that was the wrong move. She bit her lip as the man hit her again in the stomach making her gasp for air. Blood was all she could taste; she grimaced as sweat ran down her lips and they were dry and chapped. “I am not telling you shi—” her head whipped to the side, she cursed under her breath her tongue touched a loose tooth.

“Tell me, where is the main base?”

An older man with a gray uniform asked, his hand were on his back with his head raised high giving her an air of confidence and superiority. “I’ll ask you to bite me, but your teeth might fall off” she smirked; the man looked at her with disgust and turned around.

“Then you might enjoy this darling”

Y/N’s eyes widen as a floating, black ball entered the dark room with a lot of needles. “Oh, boy!”

Cassian pushed K2 out of the way, as the droid finally opened the door. Y/N was in a vertical bed, dry blood adorned her lolled face. “No, no. Y/N,” he ran to her side. Cassian took her hand in his and bit his lip; her arm was adorned with different circular indentations. “Y/N, baby, I am here” he whispered touching her cheek. It was cold. “Y/N; please wake up” he cried setting his other hand on her cheek. “Y/N—”

A soft hand land on his shoulder, Cassian turned around to look at Jyn. “We must go, there are more—”

“I am not leaving here, she is my wife. I am not going to fail her again” Cassian said trying to remove the restraints on her body. His hands were trembling so bad that he was making it harder to remove them. “I got it” he hissed as Jyn tried to help him.

Two weeks, two weeks since Y/N had been rescued and no alcohol had touched his system. His legs bounced on the white floor, the withdrawal had been difficult for him. He was angry all the time, Cassian lashed out even at the minimal discomfort.

“You look like a caged animal, darling”

Cassian stopped and ran to her bedside. “Y/N”

“Hey, Cass—” Y/N groaned as Cassian squished her into his chest. “Slow down, lover boy”

“You almost die, you look so pale, you were so cold that I thought you were—” tears finally ran down Cassian’s face, “You were dead” he whispered looking at her.

“I am not going anywhere, Cassian” Y/N said with a small smile, “You can’t drive me away, I love you Cassian,” she said touching his dampened cheek.

“I love you too, Y/N”

“I am dying of diabetes, here” K2 entered the room setting down the small bouquet of flowers in the small table beside her.

Y/N chuckled and smiled at Cassian. “I am sorry, about—”

“Don’t be, I apologize. I promised you to never taste a drop of alcohol, but when I was alone, thinking about you being out there. Not knowing what—” he stopped rambling as Y/N laid a hand on his.

“Cassian, I am here with you now. That’s all that matters. I will always be with you, no matter what”

“Tonight I want to give you something,” Cassian took Y/N’s hand in his and looked at her. “It’s not about flowers or gifts,” he took a deep breath and continued. “I am going trying to explain; firstly I want to thank you so much. For loving me, for being there for me and because you had changed me” Y/N nodded at him and he continued.

“And now you have to know what in reality I am thinking because sometimes I just stay quiet,” Y/N gave him a smile and a blush set on her cheeks. “I want to walk with you, hand in hand”

The Grand Tournament of the Fury: Day 1 Results

(Victors’ screenshot by @theseventhdawn )

The Grand Tournament of the Fury kicked off with a literal bang with the Tournament of the Range! Tonight, the realm’s best marksmen and markswomen gathered to square off in a sharpshooting contest, and after a close competition, the winners emerged: Champion of the Range, Ser Vilette Laurent of Ishgard, and runner up, Leanne Delphium of Gridania! Vilette takes home a portrait by Lord Evariste, a hunting hawk, an Eternal Wind orchestrion scroll, and 250k gil! Leanne takes home 100k gil! Congratulations and well done, ladies!

Ishgard has now claimed victory in one event. Can the other city-states refuse her further titles, or will the republic reign supreme? Find out this Sunday, the 21st, as we kick off a gigantic melee with the Tournament of the Blade!

See you there!