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Kick-Ass Chicks: Jasmine Wright

Paving her way through the mostly male dominated tattoo industry is bad-ass tattoo artist and San Diego native, Jasmine Wright. Her insane tattoos may have been the first thing to catch our attention, but her “anti Pinterest” style and no excuses attitude had us itching to know more about her. We had the chance sit down with Jasmine in her downtown San Diego studio and watch her work some serious magic while chatting about tattoos, life choices, and shrimp brokering.

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i hear these get around faster than promos so here i go! hiya! i’m an indie rper for human!chipped cup from once upon a time/chip potts from beauty and the beast and i’m looking for some more awesome people to write with! 

so click the heart if you’d be willing to write with chip! and if you could reblog to spread this around, that’d be swell!

  • Roman: Neo, I know it's difficult times right now, but we need to stick together and lay low.
  • Neo: I killed a cop this morning.
  • Roman: What the fuck Neo!?
  • Neo: Hey! Don't blame me! He pointed his gun at me first!
  • Roman: (inquisitive look)
  • Neo: Ugh, fine. I kicked some blonde chick with one arm in the crotch.
  • Roman: You are unbelievable.