kicks hw


pearlmethyst week - day 2 - “on homeworld together” 

because i have not doodled su in a while and what’s better to get back in the mood than comfort and angst on planet homeworld tbh 

I think pearl’s feelings towards hw would be part feelings of resentment and inadequacy about the way she was made and how even free she has a lot of issues to work through. fortunately(?) amethyst knows exactly how that feels. not pictured: more making out and then kicking extensive hw butt


anonymous asked:

I'm glad AMPAS kicked HW to the curb, but what about Cosby? Allen? Polanski? These asshats still have voting rights and can participate in whatever else AMPAS does. Sure, Weinstein needs to be made an example of but, if he's booted on the basis of allegations (for now) then the others should be, too.