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What about Lance for the character moment thingy :3


Lance is that moment you’re allowed to sit in the front seat of the car and it’s a treat. You can barely see above the dashboard. The power lines whiz by and your mother asks you what you want for lunch. Your feet kick excitedly as she hands you a brightly coloured box. The speaker on your right muffles out a goodbye. You got the best toy.


can you do a soulmate au with ten from nct? :)

About: “The first words your true love will say to you are ‘tattooed’ on you and why the fuck are their first words something really ridiculous AU”

           “What does yours say!?” Dahyun asked you and grabbed at your arm as she kicked her feet excitedly.

            It was the first day of second grade and the teacher had just confirmed to the entire class that yes, the words on their arms were indeed the first thing their true love would say to them. And so, the entire class was thrown into a flurry, students snatching at each other’s wrists from across the table and reading their tattoos aloud. “Do you have a pencil?” “What language is THIS?” “KIHYUN.” “What?! That’s not even my name!!” “You’re a- Mr. Kim! What does this word say?”

            Your table had already examined half of the arms there, some tattoos were on the underside, others drifting with odd spacing while others spiraled up arms. Yours being the last one. “I’ll pay you fifty thousand won if you pants him.” Dahyun read out loud and set your arm down. “What does that even mean?” She said to the empty air and looked back at you, do you know what ‘pants’ means?” You shook your head.

             Dayhyun raised her hand, waving it frantically and calling the teacher over. You looked at the word on her forearm, “Pardon?” You scrunched your brows together, at least she could understand hers.

             Mr. Kim slid between desks and stepped up at the front of the sunshine yellow table, “Yes?” He asked and looked between you and Dahyun. “What does ‘pants him’ mean?” The both of you looked at him expectantly, waiting for his answer. But he simply chuckled and said, “You’ll find out.” Before walking away, leaving the both of you even more confused.

           “At least yours is distinct!” Dahyun gestured at your arm with her chopsticks before placing a square of beef in her mouth. “Mine could be anyone. It’s so freaking common. A guy in the lunch line said it yesterday but no way can it be him.” Dahyun’s face scoffed as she chewed.

           “Mine looks oh so romantic curling up my arm in his swirling handwriting and then you look closer and see that he’s telling me to yank someone’s pants down.” You fake glared at her and opened a carton of milk. “Again, that’s what I’m saying, at least you’ll know it’s him.” Dahyun continued. 

           “But it’s in his or her handwriting.” You countered and picked up a napkin. “It’s not like he’s going to write it on a note for me.” She whined and sagged her shoulders.

           It was what you learned on the second day of second grade years ago. The words on your arms were in the handwriting of your soulmate when you meet them. In your case that only dragged more attention to your arm from passersby.

           “Okay. You have a point.” You flicked a piece of soggy seaweed at her.

           “Hey we’re going down to the Han River tonight, you wanna come?” Johnny had snuck up behind you and nearly made you jump to the second floor. You closed your eyes, allowing your heart to calm down before addressing him. “First of all don’t ever do that again.” You hissed out and threw a glare at him over your shoulder. “And second of all, no.” You said blankly before fully facing the front of the classroom. “Why are you whispering? It’s break time.” He whispered as he sauntered to the empty desk in front of you. “I think your dragon breath has driven Eungi into homeschooling.” He gave you a knowing look as he pointed down at the deserted desk before sitting on it. “You’re hilarious.” You said sardonically and smacked his knee.

            “Why don’t you want to come?” He asked, his face serious as his eyes bore into yours. “Because there isn’t much to do, we can’t stay out late on a school night. All we’ll end up doing is sitting on benches and rocks staring at nothing.” Johnny sat up straighter, “I’ll pretend to not hear that.” He adjusted his sitting position on the seat like a peacock whose feathers just got ruffled. “Come on,” He persisted. “Live a little, Taeyong and Doyoung are coming, and so is Dahyun.” When you didn’t respond he began shaking your arm, “Y/NNN.”

            You pulled your mouth into a straight line, “Maybe next time.”

            Johnny stood up at your answer. Very un-Johnny-like of him and wandered back to his seat. “Fine.” He said, jamming every ounce of sass he had into the word.

           You sat under the dim gold light of your desk lamp jotting down notes into your notebook. You heaved a sigh and set down your pencil and stared at your cramped up hand. Using your other hand you grabbed your phone to check the time while you waited for the angry pulse in your right hand to go away.

           It was late you would say. Late to be studying but not late to be up. You set your phone back down and prepared to dive back in hell when you heard something hit your window.

           You shoved out every clichéd Hollywood movie scenario where you’d find a boy out there holding flowers proclaiming his love to you. It’s probably a stupid bird. You thought as you crossed your room to the window. You heard the front door close, probably your mom getting home from groceries or something. You assumed flippantly as you opened the curtains.

           There was a boy standing outide. But he was not proclaiming his love for you. “Y/N you’re coming with us!” Doyoung jumped up and down like a bunny as he cupped his hands around his mouth. “No I’m not!” You hollered back and closed the curtains.

           You turned around to head back to your desk only to see a figure in your doorway and nearly fainted on the spot. “How the hell did you get in here Johnny?” You asked accusingly as he stepped into your bedroom, Jaehyun and Taeyong following in tow. “Oh hell no.” Their plans clicking into place in your brain as the three of them grinned cheekily at you.

           “This is kidnapping!” You shouted as the three of them carried you down the steps. “Stop moving.” Jaehyun said exasperatedly as he tried to catch your kicking feet. “Do I look like I want to leave the house?” You pinned him with a glare. “Relax Y/N we left a note for your mom in the kitchen.” Johnny answered your first question as he ran down the steps.  “Y/N just one night pleaseee?” You looked behind you to see Taeyong’s wide eyes in the dim light. You sighed, Taeyong who was always the one to help you with homework or give you rides home, -which made him one of your sweetest friends- was asking you for this one thing.

           “Alright.” You groaned out and stopped your flailing. “Thank God. I was about to drop you.” Jaehyun said as they continued to carry you down stairs.

           They didn’t release their hold on you until you were strapped into the second row of seats in Doyoung’s mom’s van. “Why did you guys keep carrying me? I said I’d come with.” You said as you watched Jaehyun climb into the seat behind you. “Just for extra measure.” Taeyong said from the seat next to you and smiled cutely.

           “Everyone good?” Doyoung turned around and surveyed all of the passengers. “Yes mother, everyone is safely seat belted, let’s go!” Jaehyun answered too loudly from behind you, making your ears ring.

           Doyoung slowly pulled up into a parking space in the nearly empty lot. Before he even put the car into park the boys were already piling out of the car. “Excited are we.” He said mockingly as he took the keys out.

           You stepped out of the van and stood in the cool night air. Dahyun soon joined you after crawling out from the backseat. “Next time you’re sitting in the back. Jaehyun takes up way too much space.” She brushed off her jeans and linked arms with you and began doing some sort of skip-walk down to the river. “Doyoung, make sure Ten doesn’t get lost!” She called over her shoulder.

           “Who’s Ten?” You asked. “New kid, he was in the back with me and Jaehyun. Don’t you remember him introducing himself to the class?” She looked at you curiously. “Mmm, no.” You shook your head, digging through your brain for any memory of someone named Ten. “And he’s really cute.” She added and grabbed onto your arm and swung it back and forth. “Like really really cute.” She grinned like some sort of six year old with her first crush.

            “You gonna talk to him?” You smiled at her suggestively and elbowed her side. “Nah. You’re gonna talk to him.” She pointed at you before running off. “What?!” You called after her retreating form. She showed no signs of turning back so you begrudgingly took after her.

            When you arrived to the little group you saw that they were already crowded on a little boat. “Do you even know how to drive that thing?” You yelled between the increasing distance between the boat and the shore. “Course I do! I got my boating license last week!” Johnny smiled at you reassuringly from the wheel. “Liar!” You called back. Johnny only winked at you.

            You turned and saw Doyoung and the boy who you assumed was Ten running down the hill to meet you guys. The boy- Ten- slowed when he saw the boat. “Uhh… you go on. I get seasick really easily. Ten looked nervously at the boat and stayed rooted to the spot. “You sure?” Doyoung asked, concern written all over his face. “Yeah, positive.” Ten clapped his shoulder before smiling and backing up even more. “Alright.” Doyoung said rather unsurely as he ran up the ramp, “Y/N?” He stopped to look at you and point to the boat. You waved him away, amused. “I’m not going to be arrested for stealing a boat.” You chided him as he leapt over the railing and onto the boat. “See you in five minutes!” He waved at you and Ten as the boat shakingly took off.

            Dahyun stood at the railing and used both hands to make a shooing signal between you and Ten. “Go!” She waved at you to go towards Ten and grinned manically.

            You looked at the boy standing a few meters from you. His dark hair ended in a tiny curl at the nape of his neck you noticed. He turned and faced you with his sparkling eyes and smiled awkwardly before heading to the railing.

            Dahyun was right. You thought offhandedly as you saw the way his eyes adorably crinkled up but still somehow gleamed at you.

            “Awww look at the lovebirds.” Johnny crooned as he steered the boat past the both of you. You felt a mad blush color your cheeks. “Looks like Johnny figured out how to drive that thing.” You said out into the air as you watched the boat glide up and down the shore. Ten chuckled, “I’ll pay you fifty thousand won if you pants him.” You both stood there for a second, silly grins on your faces before it hit you.

            Then the two of you froze. Your stomachs dropping and hearts speeding up as you looked at each other with wide eyes. “No way.” Ten whispered out in awe and beamed at you. You stood there slack jawed, looking back at him disbelievingly replaying the words he’d just said. “I’ll pay you fifty thousand won if you pants him.”

            “Aren’t you glad we dragged you out here Y/N?!” Johnny yelled from the boat as it passed by, they’d all heard everything, and ruined the moment. You snapped back into movement, lifting a brow and hitching the side of your lip up as you smirked at Ten. “You better have that fifty thousand won ready.”

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Moving & Commissions

in good news though, I’m going to be moving out of this cramped awful apartment and INTO A SPACIOUS, REALLY NICE, ACTUAL FOR REAL HOUSE in July *____*!!! I’m so excited!! I’ll have a decent work space again! Eventually I’ll be raising quail and chickens!!!

Also I’m putting together some samples for an official commission post/price sheet later, but if any of you would be interested in commissioning me, you can go ahead and email me at, and I’ll get back to you right away! That would help me out a lot. I can do watercolor or digital commissions, or even custom 1.5″ buttons or laminated charms. I’m pretty flexible!