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A betrayal scene from my campaign. Happened off-screen with Pippa and Cassius; when the party found out, they were all so pissed at Cassius. It was fantastic. She was actually unconscious when the party kicked the cultists’ collective ass, but it’s whatever

(For context on the whole “come and get it” thing: Pippa has a pan flute necklace that can be used to call the party for aid, or vice versa, and she didn’t want Douchey McGlasses to ambush them with it lol.)

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I mean, realistically, I doubt they’ll permakill everybody’s Ghosts when they’re so central to both the mythology and the brand identity. It’s possible there might be so kind of “your Ghost’s Light has been almost completely drained and you must restore it” storyline, which might actually be pretty cool.

*cuddles Ghost*

Heroes Team feat. Best Boy front and center + Ephraim Harem

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hc where dan is a new teacher at a school and he's v shy and he has a crush on the principle (aka phil) who's all professional and orderly and Phil goes in to dans class to watch him teach and do one of those evaluation things and Phil notices how flustered dan gets when they make eye contact and they fuck after class

Dan’s a good teacher. That’s what he’s worked for for years, right? Endless hours of schooling, to be a high school teacher at a somewhat-prestigious private school.

He smiled a lot, and was a good listener. He wasn’t the favorite teacher, or the cool one necessarily, but he was a good one. Even though he’d stutter and blush whenever the principle came within twenty feet of him.

Dan sighed, shuffling some papers on his desk. He was tired; he had gotten to school early to work, and he hadn’t even had coffee yet. He looked up when a boy walked in; a scrawny student with glasses, his nickname was Georgie and he loved Dan.

Dan tried to smile, running his fingers through his messy hair. “Hey Georgie,” he mumbled, stifling a yawn. “Early again?”

The boy nodded. “I need to study for the test today.”

Oh. That’s right, the test.

“Mmh, that’s smart of you,” Dan muttered, pushing the stack of papers to the side of his desk.

“Professor,” he started, stepping forward and tilting his head to the side. “You know about the inspection, right? You don’t look very prepared…” Georgie pointed to the mess on Dan’s desk; the scattered papers and piled up coffee cups.

Dan frowned, his heart dropping. “Inspection…? I didn’t hear about an inspection…”

The boy raised his eyebrows. “Yeah, the check up for the teachers today. The principle’s coming around during class…” he trailed off.

Dan’s eyes widened. “Shit,” he cursed under his breath. “Oops. I didn’t cuss, don’t tell your parents.” Georgie giggled.

He hadn’t known. Why had no one told him?

They probably had. He had been rather spacey recently.

“Well I’m screwed,” Dan mumbled, biting his lip. “Georgie, would you mind helping me clean up a bit…? I’ll give you extra credit…”

The boy nodded immediately, slinging off his bag and tossing it on the nearest desk.

“Sir?” Georgie smirked slightly, helping Dan with some of the mugs. “Do you have a crush on Mr. Lester?”

Dan immediately flustered, his face going red. “A crush? N-No, of course not, it’s… I wouldn’t call it a crush…” Dan swallowed, stumbling over his words. “You w-wouldn’t understand.”

Georgie rolled his eyes, straightening his glasses. “Whatever you say, professor.”

The rest of the day, Dan was a mess. He was sweaty and his hands were shaking, and he stuttered far too much.

The students were noticing; a few times one of them would raise their hand and ask what was wrong, and Dan would just deflect it. He couldn’t mess this up; he actually liked this job, he liked the kids. And it would hurt to be fired by the literal most attractive man he’d ever seen.

Damn it, he needed to get it together.

His literature class was the last to be inspected, which just made it worse. When the door finally quietly opened and shut and Phil Lester stepped through, Dan actually jumped.

“Uh, great,” he breathed, flashing the man a shaky smile and pushing a strand of hair behind his ear. “Guys, your principle is here to check me out.” He instantly realized what he had said, and his face went magenta. “Er, I didn’t mean…” he let his face fall into his hands; some of the kids laughed, and one whistled. “Nevermind.”

Phil chuckled quietly, shaking his head. “It’s fine, Mr. Howell. Don’t worry, nothing too serious, I’m just here to observe.” He made a motion with his hand for Dan to continue. “Go on. Don’t mind me.”

The problem was, Dan did mind him. He was in the corner of his vision, in his fucking sexy tie and that look on his face…

Dan was sweating, and he stumbled over his words more than a few times, once even forgetting what he was saying all together.

He was a hot mess the whole time, and that’s why he wasn’t surprised when Phil stayed where he was after all of the students had trailed from the room.

Dan sighed, facing him and offering him a tight lipped smile.

“I’m sorry… that wasn’t the best class I’ve taught, I’ve been sick…”

Phil held out his hand, stopping him. “Please don’t worry, Mr. Howell. You’re not in trouble. I just have to ask you something.”

Dan frowned, his nerves getting the best of him, his stomach flipping. “Yes?”

Phil set down his clipboard, and straightening his glasses. “Are you scared of me, Dan?”

Dan raised his eyebrows, surprised by the question. “Scared… of you…?” Dan repeated.

Phil nodded, taking off the glasses and setting them down, stepping forward, and Dan’s breath caught.

“I couldn’t help but notice how nervous you looked,” Phil said calmly, and Dan swore he saw the hint of a smirk on his lips. “Your eyes kept… flickering to me, and you’d get distracted. Are you intimidated by me?”

Dan bit his lip, keeping Phil’s gaze, trying not to show how much of an effect he had on him.

“Was I? I suppose I’m just nervous about my job, I like working here…” he trailed off, sighing at the skeptical look on Phil’s face. “Okay. You caught me.” He laughed, running his fingers through his hair. “I have a tiny crush on you, it’s silly.”

Phil raised one eyebrow, stepping closer again, backing him against the desk. Now Dan was positive he was smirking, just the tiniest bit, and it was attractive as hell.

“Is that so?” He asked, his voice going low, and Dan’s eyes widened.

“Yes?” Dan squeaked, and cleared his throat. Phil chuckled.

“Well I don’t find that silly, Mr. Howell. It’s actually quite flattering.” He placed his hands on either side of Dan, leaning against the desk, effectively trapping him against the wood.

“Oh yeah?” Dan breathed. This was definitely a move. His heart skipped a beat, and he let his eyes flicker from Phil’s eyes to his lips. If he kissed him, Dan would pass out.

Phil smiled crookedly. “Yes. And if I’m being completely honest, I have the smallest crush on you as well.”

Dan’s face tinted even more pink, and he bit his lip. “R-Really?”

“Yes…” Phil drew a line up Dan’s jaw with his finger, hooking it under his chin and smirking. He moved close enough to Dan’s ear that he could feel his breath against his skin. “I think you’re cute. But you won’t let that distract you, will you professor?”

Dan swallowed, and Jesus, this was turning him on.

“No, of c-course not, sir,” Dan breathed, stifling a moan as Phil’s breath brushed his neck.

“Mmh,” Phil hummed in approval, and Dan could practically taste his grin. “Good boy.” And then Phil’s lips were against Dan’s throat, sucking gently, and Dan lost it.

His hands flew up, grasping at Phil’s shirt, and he let out a quiet whimper-moan combination. Phil chuckled, letting his hands fall to Dan’s waist and pulling him closer.

Dan threw his head back, giving Phil more access and whining as he bit down on Dan’s most sensitive spots. It was crazy how he knew all the places that would make Dan weak, when he hadn’t even touched him before.

“If we’re still being honest,” Phil growled under his breath, reaching up to tangle his fingers in Dan’s hair and pulling his head back. “I’ve wanted to do this since you started working here.”

Dan moaned from the combination of the words and the rough gesture. “Please…” he whined, squirming against Phil’s touch.

Phil smirked, nipping at a spot right under Dan’s ear. “Please what, baby?”

“I want you,” Dan muttered in response, hooking his fingers in Phil’s belt loops and pulling him closer so their hips were pressed together. “Please, Phil.”

Phil grinned, pulling Dan forward by the shirt and kissing him open mouthed. Dan kissed back immediately, letting Phil take control, moaning against his mouth as Phil slipped his tongue into Dan’s, gripping his waist.

Phil’s hands roamed Dan’s body and soon it was frantic, kissing him roughly and touching everywhere he could reach. Dan whimpered, bucking his hips into Phil’s, making Phil groan and hold him still, grinding against him.

Phil pulled back, his hair messy and his eyes flashing with pure lust.

“Clothes off,” he growled, moving over to the door and locking it.

Dan hurried to pull his jeans down when he collected himself, kicking them away as well as his shoes, tugging his sweater over his head. When Phil got back he kissed Dan again, loosening his tie.

“Pants,” he muttered, an order, and Dan nodded, falling to his knees and working at Phil’s zipper. He tugged them down, mouthing at the visible bulge in his boxers.

Phil groaned, tangling his fingers in Dan’s hair with one hand and using the other to unbutton his shirt.

“Jesus, Dan,” he breathed. “You’re good with your mouth.”

Dan looked up at him, grinning and standing, pushing Phil’s shirt the rest of the way off. “Thanks.”

Phil pushed him back against the desk, kissing him hotly and grabbing at his ass, grinding against him. Dan moaned, a high pitched whine falling from his lips.

“Do you have…?”

“Yes,” Dan said immediately, moving to dig through the bottom drawer of his desk, pulling out a condom and then a small bottle of lube. Phil raised his eyebrows, and Dan shrugged. “What, I masterbate a lot,” he mumbled, coming back and wrapping his arms around Phil’s neck.

Phil smirked, kneading his ass and making Dan squeak. “Do you think about me?”

“Hell yeah,” Dan answered, breathless. “Now fuck me.”

Phil nodded, silently flipping Dan around, bending him over the desk. “Impatient,” he muttered, tutting and smoothing his hand over Dan’s ass.

Dan whimpered, burying his face in his arms and pushing back. “Please, sir, more.”

Phil tugged Dan’s boxers down swiftly, digging his nails into the soft flesh.

“Of course, babe,” he growled, pressing Dan’s face against the desk.

It didn’t take long to stretch him; Dan whined and pushed back on his fingers, transformed into a horny submissive teenager by Phil’s touch. It was adorable, and Phil could feel himself getting harder by the second.

Soon enough Dan was stretched enough, and Phil hurried to roll on the rubber and lube himself up, the anticipation in his stomach building.

He placed one hand firmly on Dan’s lower back and one was tangled in his hair, tugging as he pushed in without warning.

Dan cried out, muffling his moans of desperation by biting down on his hand. Phil groaned at the tight heat surrounding him, bottoming out slowly and digging his nails into Dan’s skin.

“So good,” he breathed huskily, pulling out almost all the way and pushing back in. “So fucking good, Dan, so tight- look so good underneath me…”

Dan moaned, loud and feminine; Phil was a talker, and fuck, that turned him on. Phil snapped his hips suddenly, thrusting hard, filling Dan up completely and making him scream. His eyes rolled back in his head.

“Fuck-! Phil, fuck, harder-!” He felt Phil press his face into the desk harder, and he practically drooled, panting desperately.

Phil listened to him, speeding up his thrusts and fucking into him rough. He rolled his hips, groaning and gripping Dan’s hips.

“Fuck, Dan-” he moaned, lining himself up to Dan’s body to kiss down the back of his neck as he thrust into him. “Oh Jesus, you feel so good.”

He sped up as much as he could, the only noises in the room being Dan’s noises of pleasure as well and Phil’s groans, and the slapping of skin.

Dan nearly screamed as Phil pounded into his prostate over and over again, hitting him in just the right spots, and he could feel himself getting close.

He came without warning, over the desk, his moans loud as ever and high pitched and whiny.

Phil made a noise low in his throat at Dan’s sudden change of pitch, and the tightening around his cock, and came into him with one last thrust.

The next day, Dan wore a turtleneck to class.

Debuting #TFWGucci (That Feel When Gucci). The House’s new collaborative art project in the digital space is a lineup of memes featuring the new Le Marché des Merveilles collection of watches. Kicking off the collection of original memes is LA-based artist Amanda Charchian’s collaboration together with textsfromyourexistentialist.

Fondly remembers Tf animated and all its designs. -re-watches- 

AH yes just what I remembered

Because They’re There.

Maybe the weirdness of humans isn’t in our squishiness or our resilience or our strange cultural quirks. Maybe the overriding ‘alienness’ of humans when compared to other species is our undying curiosity and drive to go further when we don’t need to. Other aliens explore and expand when it is required. There is no more space here so we must find more there. But humans will go out and explore an ocean just to see what’s there.

Zing (not their real name, but they were adapting to it as the only one the majority of their crewmates were able to pronounce) trudged into the communal area of the hive. Sub-Hive 9hXGsse was unimaginatively named and unimaginatively staffed and unimaginatively run. Often referred to as the loneliest system in space it was mainly manned and suited for outcasts of various species.

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The Agano class launches their plane and torpedoes by **KARATE KICKING**

“I guess those jerks were no match for the Crystal Gems!”

“LOL no, they totally kicked our collective asses!”

“But you ended up the victor, right?”

“Yeah, but only because we got lucky. Turns out Garnet is a walking embodiment of a relationship, and she used the power of love or singing or finale hype or something to knock Jasper into a conveniently placed power core! Then we fell to earth and Jasper fused with Lapis into some horrible eldritch abomination, but luckily Lapis is full of angst and trapped herself and Jasper in the fusion at the bottom of the ocean! Otherwise I’d be super dead - just like mom!”

Finally a drawing of my most recent DND character!

This is Cornelius Guggul, an arrogant, chaotic neutral outcast of a small pyromancer community. His only love in life aside from his deceased parents is fire. He will burn down everything you love and yourself included if offended, which happens very very easily.

Additional backstory under the cut!

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you might notice that usually on this blog, we tag characters by their full names. there is one exception to this: we always tag tonks as ‘tonks’, because she’d want it that way, and she could probably kick our collective ass

Honestly there is nothing I love more than desi girl friendships because there’s so many ways they empower us like you’ve got your stereotypically academic desi girls in school, having each others backs and collectively kicking ass. You have your artistic desi girls who write poetry about the colours of their skin and read them out to each other in different as they inspire each other to make other lovely things and tradition oriented desi girls who put henna and mehndi on each other’s hands and play the harmonium or the tanpura together and devout religious desi girls who know how to live spiritually but with vibrance as they dress modestly but help each other pick out all the colors of the sun in their dupatta and their skirts and desi girls who talk about things like sexuality and gender with each other away from watchful eyes because no one else can relate like we can to each other and desi girls wearing shorts and short skirts and helping each other dye their hair as a big fuck you to oppressive trends in the community and desi girls teaching each other different languages and basically desi girls redefining their heritage for themselves with the help of other woc like them is what I’m here for oml

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This is a bit late, but the end of chapter 55 still gets me. I just love how Hiruzen never has any doubt that that is Kushina. There isn't any question of an impostor or someone who just looks similar and time has dulled his recollection, nope, first reaction is "of course Kushina dragged herself back from the land of the dead to kick all of our collective asses", and I just love that.

xD Kushina is a force of nature that leaves no room for doubts. 

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Headcanon for Paladins (and allura if you feels comfortable writing her) reaction to finding the reader who was the old red Paladin in stasis on another planet and what happens when they wake them up.


  • they numbly open the pod after a moment of shock without really thinking
  • so when the pod opens Pidge has to catch them without warning
  • after a few moments when they wake up, they are immediately alarmed as to why someone so small is the green paladin
  • then it begs the questions; why is there a new green paladin? what is going on and what happened?
  • poor Pidge can’t answer all the questions at once


  • he decides that it’s best to get them out as soon as possible
  • yet he doesn’t really plan what he is going to say and panics a little when they begin to come around
  • he kinda bombards them with information and they kinda take it in in shock
  • they don’t talk much because is extraordinarily hard to process that everyone you love is dead


  • He knows what its like to be stuck in one of those pods
  • then again he also knows how they might react when they come out - aka he doesn’t want to get his ass kicked again
  • he’s calm and collected when explaining what’s going on because he doesn’t want to thrust all information on them at once
  • it’s at times like this when he’s really good at channeling his humor to keep them positive until they get somewhere that they can be safe to go over what’s happened


  • he feels like he’s got something stuck in his throat
  • something makes him hesitate about opening the pod because he’s scared of what they might think of him
  • in the end, he lets them out and they come around easily but obviously with a whole bunch of questions
  • he does feel a tad threatened by them coming back
  • to be honest they are probably too exhausted to really sort their thoughts for a while


  • he worried about how they will cope
  • part of him doesn’t want to wake them up, just because he knows it’s going to be painful for them when they come around
  • he’ll do it anyway and try to be as smooth as possible
  • they don’t really reply with much and are hesitant to talk about what happened all that time ago


  • she almost cries out of happiness
  • the pod won’t open fast enough and she is rather impatient about them coming around
  • she wants to know what happened all that time ago, and if there is a chance that anyone else is alive
  • although she understands that it’s hard to think back, the most important part of it all is that she and Coran are no longer as alone in their mourning as they were

Future!Darcy Week - Day 5 - Infiltration 

Darcy and Tony, her bio-dad had slowly build a nice father-daughter relationship for the past 20 years. After the Shieldra dump files affair, they both learned the existence of their filiation (just like the whole world did). Even with their crazy Stark gene pool making them unpredictable and slightly prone to volatile explosions near their general direction, they succeeded in not-dying. Of course, Tony vetoed any Avengers sniffing around the fruit of his loins but couldn’t very well stop her from eloping with Captain America when she decided to. Tony disappeared one day and didn’t come back after weeks of searching, Darcy decided to take charge without telling anyone - Steve could be annoying with his ‘Darcy please don’t die or touch those grenades!’. She lead her own investigation, found the organisation who did it, infiltrated them (she had some black widow’s gadgets with her and hoped she won’t get killed for stealing them) and after kicking some collective asses, found her dad (and blew shit up). Tony was really proud, annoyed, worried but proud.