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First off, this parallel universe thing is pretty damn ingenious. If you accept suggestions though, I think you should give the dinocubes profile a few distinct features that differ from your normal account. For starters, an eyepatch on the icon would be awesome.

Well I’m glad someone else other than the two of us is enjoying it.

I’ve already established what most of the minor differences are between the two universes, but I kind of want people to figure out what those are for themselves.

An idea I had that I thought would be funny is if I reblogged exactly the same things as my main account except like every 3 posts or so would be something different. I figured most people wouldn’t get the joke though.

I more than willing to accept suggestions about what to do with Dinocubes. An eyepatch would be kind of cool…

I have very mixed feelings about how Johns has written him, as he made him crazier than usual, removed the tech and invention aspect from him, and made him so psychopathic as to be completely unlikeable.  On the plus side, people (readers and characters) actually take him seriously now, which I like.  Johns amped up his powers considerably and made him a force to be reckoned with.  Still, it’s pretty clear that Johns doesn’t like him (he’s said as much), and he makes that obvious.  All the other characters treat him like shit and he had a lame death.

Despite all this, I still hope he comes back soon.  I’m just that pathetic :>

kickoffyourshoesandlaydown asked:

I didn't realize you can't reply twice on this thing. Anyways, I realize Waid retconned Thawne's origin a bit, but he did it in a way that revitalized the character. As much as I love the Silver Age, Professor Zoom was nothing but a mustache twirling villain. Waid gave him a motive and improved on the character.

Knowing Johns, I expect him to shoehorn some tragic backstory like almost every character he writes. All the other Rogues have them and now he’s done the same with Barry and Hal. I know the joke has been made before, but he really is Hunter Zoloman.

Apparently you can reply twice, because I saw both!  Oh Tumblr, so difficult.