Kick News went down...

Just wanted to say sorry for the site and apps going down a couple of times in the last few weeks. The past month we’ve had record traffic every few days, but truth be told we weren’t quite ready for it. We’ve been running for a number of years now, but things are really starting to go crazy this transfer window and that brings with it some very lovely problems. 

We’ve been optimising our code a lot and the upshot is, we’re just about to publish a new build of the site that shouldn’t have the problems that have taken us down this month. We reckon we can get at least twice as many of our fellow footy fanatic fans on our site and not have any problems, so please feel free to refresh away.

We also want to ask you to point out any news sources that annoy you with overly sensational headlines. We check the site a *lot*, but we can’t read every post and we’re happy to pull blogs that are blatantly just out to get your clicks with nothing to backup their stories. We don’t carry a couple of big football news sites on our network for that exact reason. You can also block news sources you don’t like from your feed via the My Account page (this will be available in the apps soon as well).

Lastly, we have another new build of our mobile apps coming soon, which will be updated across all versions and has some great new features. Enjoy… :)

Welcome to our new blog

Just a quick note to say welcome to our new blog. We’re going to post details of new features when we roll them out, also updates on things you can expect to see soon. When things go wrong, we may even give a bit of a techie explanation for you geeks out there.

We have some new features coming in both our Android and iPhone apps soon, including lots of new teams.

Anyway, more to come soon…