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Hm... something about Rey and the ghost of Shmi Skywalker?

Rey is 273 days on Jakku when the woman with the dark eyes and the faint lines around her eyes bends down, and helps her wash the dust and debris from a hyperspace drive port. (Two and a half portions, never let it be said that Rey doesn’t know her worth.) “There,” the woman says, and when she smiles the lines around her eyes carve even deeper. When Rey drags the brush over the drive port, no sand kicks up. “Shiny and new. Go on, now—you can’t let him run out of portions.”

“’m Rey,” Rey says, breathless, clutching the port to her chest.

“Go!” the woman says, and Rey runs. She gets in line just in time to get the last three portions from Unkar. But when tries to find the woman after—

The sand is empty of sentients, and no one seems to know the human woman with dark hair, darker eyes, not even when Rey wanders among the camps and asks for her. Rey is only 273 days, and hungry, and so she eats there, squatted down in the sand outside someone’s tent—scarfing down half-mixed portions because she’s dizzy with starving, and she can’t wait. If the dark-haired woman wanted some, she should have been easier to find.

Rey sleeps that night full—or, at least, what she thinks is full—and dreams of a wattle-and-daub hut, and a woman with dark hair, dark eyes, laughing. The woman’s son sits with sun-bleached hair, his mouth is skewed as he works on a droid to help his mother with the customers that come. Rey helps too, and when he smiles at her, it feels like coming-home.

They are so happy, and Rey wakes crying, even though that is water she cannot afford to lose.


“No, not that one,” the woman says, and Rey drops the part like it burns her hand to touch. She whirls around, and there is the woman with the dark eyes, dark hair. She’s smiling, a little bemusedly, at Rey, at the specific part Rey was trying to extract from the mess of decay and rust.

“What’s wrong with it?” Rey demands. She is six hundred and seven days now, and she thought—

“Navigation systems are fiddly,” the woman says, stepping towards her, and then she is there, close enough for Rey to touch, to—“Biologic growth damages them first, interferes with the electro-magnetic signaling. This has—” she grunts, and the part comes away in her hand. “This has overgrown. It’s not worth installing again, it’ll just send the ship off-course trying to follow all those awful fractals.”

“What good does that do me?” Rey asks, thinking of all the portion she’s lost, if this stranger is right. She’d just wanted—

But the stranger smiles, and her eyes crinkle at the corners. “Come on,” she says, lowering herself to sit on the durasteel floor of the mighty star destroyer. “I’ll show you a trick my unscrupulous master showed me, on how to make it look as though tech has never been damaged.”

Rey spends the whole afternoon with her chin hooked over the woman’s soft shoulder, watching as she shows Rey how to reroute, undo, lay down new electric pathways. She smells like something sharp, the way Rey has always imagined ozone would smell if Rey had ever found the courage to leave the atmosphere. Her eyes are older than her face, that much Rey knows for sure.

“There you go,” the woman finally says, pressing the piece into Rey’s hand. “Good as new. Plutt won’t even be able to tell the difference, so you shouldn’t accept less than five and a quarter portions—”

“What about you?” Rey asks. The woman is warm, and alive, and human, and Rey finds herself hoping she’s her mother. Just to have something, someone. And especially her, with her crinkled eyes, the way she rests a hand against Rey’s cheek like—

“Oh, I’m fine,” the woman says, and Rey’s heart falters. “You will be full, on five and a quarter portions. That’s enough.”

Rey eats alone, eats until she is sick on constituted bread and meat, and she lies in her own bed biting down on her fist to keep herself from crying.


Sometimes, Rey looks out of the corner of her eye, and there she is, the woman with the dark hair and the dark eyes. “Hello, Mother,” Rey begins greeting her at some point, muttered in between breaths as she extracts another part, as she wakes from her midday nap in the shadowy berth of a star destroyer, as she forces herself to stay longer, work harder.

Sometimes, she hears someone murmur, hello, daughter, but she’s not sure. She’s not.


Poor affection-starved Rey, longing for a family, any family, even a ghost. Even the vague shape, even a shadow. Even the hint of a mother, whispering in her ear, droids have always been harbingers of good news, of better things ahead. Strangers may be angels. You are more. Run, go. I will follow you there.

Rey  isn’t sure, really, but in the barracks of D’Qar, Rey tosses and turns, until a cool hand comes to rest on her forehead, her neck. Shhh, a voice that is not quite the Force but might be something similar, whispers. It strokes its cool knuckles over the rabbit-pulse of her jugular. Shh, rest. You have a war to fight in the morning.




Luke has holos of his family—Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru Whitesun-Lars. But it’s the holo of their their step-mother, Shmi, that stops Rey in her tracks, stops her breathing at all. Anakin’s mother, Luke says, but Rey is holding onto he lightsaber too tightly to hear.

I know her, she says, and Luke goes still, blinks. 


She used to—sing me lullabies, Rey says, because that’s all she can remember just now, the dark-haired-dark-eyed woman—Shmi Skywalker, chosen to be Mother of the Living Force, blessed, holy—humming in Rey’s darkened AT-AT. Shmi singing in Huttese; warm and calloused hands, a rough voice singing of how much she loved, would protect—

Luke catches Rey before she hits her knees, gathers her up to his chest. Shh, Luke murmurs, stroking her hair as Rey sobs. Shhh, it’s all right. Everything will—it’ll turn out right. It’ll be—it’ll be right.

Rey feels a cool touch at her forehead (impossible, Luke’s hands are hot at her waist, and—) and she sobs again, feeling hollow, feeling like she’s come home, somehow, impossibly. It is a war, she shouldn’t feel….

Shh, Luke and his grandmother whisper together, cradling Rey against the bulwark of light they represent. Shh.

i want a scene where anakin’s kickin it at padme’s and he’s fiddling with some piece of machinery and padme’s having some girl talk with a fellow senator who’s complaining about how she’s been getting beard burn from her lover or whatever, and anakin, without looking up, just chimes in “have him trim it to medium length and use beard oil on it every night. works like a charm.” and the senator is like “oh. thank you. i’ll have him do that.” and padme just side-eyes the fuck out of anakin like “yes, thank you anakin. though since when have you, my clean-shaven friend, been an expert on beard care?” and anakin’s like “congrats i played myself”

Ocean Eyes

Based on this song.

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: MAJOR ANGST!

Originally posted by thesilentages

I’ve been watching you
For some time
Can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes

Infatuation was synonymous with stupidity for you, a girl who didn’t believe in the magic of fairy tales. Fate did not drive people to love, it drove them to greatness; a conduit for the ambitious to make sense of the talents guarded by self-doubt and reservation. You liked to think that no matter what happened, a higher power would be looking after you, centring you to the right course, sending winds to fill your sails along the correct path. If they were Gods, angelic creatures, or a simple act of nature, they did not bother themselves with the entangling of hearts. Love wasn’t as important as true purpose, and your purpose was to be great. You had set your sights high, expectations low. After all, the Gods were anything but fair.

You had excepted this understanding of the world, of what would come and how it was influenced. And then he had to come along, untangling every red string, unravelling the complex map until it was just a heap of yarn. He enticed you, enveloping your thoughts no matter how hard you tried to shut him out. Even in sleep, when darkness would encapsulate your mind, the oceans would burst through with ferocity, demanding to be felt, forcing you under the waves. You were drowning, and falling at the same time. A nightmare disguised as a dream.

You were the shadows, the eyes lurking from the back of the room. The steady thrum of an evening storm, the eventual fade of an echo. He had pulled you into the harsh light, holding your hands so you couldn’t cover your eyes. He had turned your thunder into lightning, your echo into a scream. And he had tugged you under, forcing you to paddle upwards, terrified and choking for air. Then once you’d break the surface, another wave would throw you back into the depths. He made you feel unpredictable and irrational, made you question everything you thought you were.

But the ocean could be calm too. For every wild storm, there were still days. Days where he’d send you a smile, or call your name softly, beckoning you to join him in the shallow, innocent waters.

That’s how he managed to always catch you in a riptide.

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now we’re alone, now we’re alive (olivia/garrus; pg)

the one where they finally trip over themselves and into each other

There’s movement beside her, and Olivia hmms as she stretches, waking up. She turns over, sliding her hand over Garrus’ chest. But he sits up and turns, setting his feet on the floor, and her hand falls away down to the soft sheets. She blinks at him in the dim light of her quarters.

“You okay?” she asks quietly. He looks strangely tense, especially considering how much tension they worked out earlier. She’s a little sore, though pleasantly so.

Garrus turns slightly and looks at her. “Yeah,” he says. “Need some water. That’s all.” The faint blue glow from the fish tank casts deep shadows across his face.

Olivia props herself up on her elbow, and the sheet falls to her bare hips. Garrus is practically a furnace, and she’d only bothered with underwear afterward. His eyes shift from hers to her waist, then back up to her face. The shadows are even darker now.

She tilts her head. They blew the Collector base and told the Illusive Man to go to hell, he’s tracked down and made his peace with Sidonis, and what the two of them have is happy, easy; it’s solid and comforting, even if it is just casual. Though she’s sure a shadow crosses her own face at the thought of never having more than casual with him, there’s no reason for his shadows.

“What’s wrong?” She draws the sheet back up and tucks it under her arms before pushing herself up, sitting beside him. “Garrus?” She sets her hand on his shoulder.

He shakes his head. “I’m fine, Shepard.” He kisses her temple and then stands up.

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Rome–DeanCas Gladiator!AU

The crowd is deafening. Between the jeering, the yelling and the clapping, he can never make anything out but noise, but they seem particularly rowdy today. When Dean fought three months ago, they weren’t nearly as excited. And while he’d like to take credit for being the reason for all the extra ruckus, the novice gladiator knows they’re not cheering for him. Well they are, sort of.

They’re cheering for his blood.

If Dean had to guess, that’s what he’d put money on. Sure, there might be a couple of people gambling for him to win, but let’s face it—no one is gonna bet on the up and coming Celtic slave when there’s the Angel.

Or, at least, that’s what everyone calls him… to Dean, he’s just Cas. Castiel. Also a former slave, the two’ve them have spent months living in the barracks together. They’ve shared meals, shared life stories, shared dreams and desires, and today, they fight one another. Hopefully not to the death—though the crowd seems bloodthirsty enough, Dean hopes both he and Cas are too valuable to Crowley for either one to be lost as an investment—but certainly they’ll be expected to draw blood. Maybe break some bones.

Dean feels sick.

Because it would’ve been difficult to do if he and Cas had stopped at sharing parts of their lives and living spaces, but… but they’ve both gone ahead and done more than that. At first without meaning to but then, deliberately. Until finally, sweat soaked after training one day and on their way to wipe down Castiel had shoved Dean into the spare armory and kissed him senseless. 

It’s a thing they do, now: kissing. Sometimes in the morning, or late at night, or tucked away somewhere, but always every day and always in secret. They pleasure each other sometimes, too, when they have more than a few minutes. And, yesterday, after shoving into the same hammock under the guise of giving more room to the newcomers, Castiel whispered I love you. But when Dean had made to answer, the other had pressed long fingertips to his lips, shaking his head.

“Tell me tomorrow,” he’d said. “After the fighting’s done. Tell me then.”

“But, Cas—”

“Promise me, Dean. Promise me, we’re both coming out alive, and that you’ll tell me, then. Please.”

Dean had agreed.

In the present, the young man’s heart is in his throat as he gets pulled up the 54th elevator. The sound from the crowd becomes so loud it cracks in his ears, and he whirls around to see where exactly the threat within the arena is, kicking up sand as he goes. He meets blue eyes from halfway across the stage and gives a barely noticeable incline of his head, which Cas returns.

He will keep his promise.

Jonsa Summer Challenge - Day 1 - Food & Drink or Travel

Entry by @lathwell55

Inspired by a prompt from @qinaliel (thank you my lovely)

The life of Sansa Stark would be a strange one to walk for the majority of people on this earth. Being born into one of the country’s top political families and then becoming a shining star on stage and screen might seem perfectly ideal (and Sansa herself would admit, she’s more than lucky with most aspects of her life) but it really does hit home that her life is not her own one balmy summer night.

Joffrey, a fellow actor and very, very recent ex fiancé had recently started dating Margaery Tyrell. It was all over the media, making it desperately difficult for Sansa to escape his smug wormy face wherever she went. Not only could she not escape them, but the paps seemed to want to know exactly how many tears she had shed for her asshole ex, and precisely which note of bitterness was left on the tip of her tongue.

They’d follow her wherever she went - there was no escape, whether it be at a quiet lunch with a friend or simply popping to the convenience store to grab some milk. But that wasn’t the worst of it - it was the questions and insults that would spew from their rancid mouths behind the incessant flashes of their bulky cameras.

“Sansa! Sansa! Did Joff dump you because you wouldn’t blow him often enough?”

“You gonna get your tits done like Margaery’s?”

“That’s a short skirt Sansa - are you looking to get fucked tonight?”

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Submission: The Gods Have Lost Their Minds (Or: Maui is not a damn BABYSITTER, Moana needs to stop laughing, Obito's hay fever causes copious amounts of destruction, and Kakashi wants to electrocute something. Probably Maui. Possibly the brain-dead chicken.)

“Can you STOP SNEEZING LAVA for TEN MINUTES, please?” Maui tried to keep the edge of despair out of his voice as he watched the bizzare half-demon kid launch himself backwards off the boat from the force of the glob of molten rock that just erupted from his mouth and nose.
Beside him, Moana was trying to stifle laughter as the ocean deposited the now waterlogged boy on the deck once more.
The demigod wanted to bash his head against the nearest hard surface that wasn’t liable to break as a result. “How do you even HAVE allergies this bad right now? We are in the middle of the OCEAN. There are no plants, there is no dust, so unless you are allergic to SEA WATER, there is NO LOGICAL REASON for you to be sneezing like this.”
Obito at least had the grace to look sheepish. “I just have a sensitive nose, the spray off the water has a similar effect to someone sticking a feather up my nose.”
“I will shove Moana’s oar up someone’s ASS if you all don’t shut up!” came the aggravated voice of the last human passenger on their little canoe of miscreants. Or, well, humanoid. Kakashi had been a minor storm god, but Maui stealing his powers had trapped the silver-haired and white-eyed spirit in a mortal, teenage body, much to his annoyance.
Now, they were on their way to Lolotai to confront a certain klepto-crab in an attempt to retrieve Maui’s hook as a first step on their bizarre quest to saving the world. Assuming that Obito’s sneezing or Kakashi’s creative temper didn’t get them all killed first.
Maui wasn’t going to hold his breath.
- - - - - - - -
Okay, maybe it was Moana’s mouth that was going to kill them. In other news, Kakamora are VERY flammable.
- - - - - - - -
Tamatoa was surprisingly easy to trick. A few (admittedly cheesy) lines from Moana and he would not. Shut. Up. Obito started sneezing from the amount of sand kicked up during the giant crab’s fight with Maui, and Tamatoa abandoned his meal in favor of dodging lava, allowing the group to escape with Maui’s hook.
This left them with the last leg of their journey to finish - the voyage to Te'Fiti. He was RESOLUTELY ignoring the two kissing teenage boys sitting by the boat’s rudder, writing it off as the result of adrenaline from nearly getting murdered by Tamatoa. Now if only Moana would stop CACKLING like a CRAZY WOMAN while steering.
- - - - - - - -
Of all the words Maui would associate with Te'Kah, ‘Mother’ was NOT one of them. Seeing Obito launch himself at the lava demon, not to attack but to HUG it (HER, Maui reminded himself, not that he could tell) and start crying tears of joy that looked suspiciously like liquid metal was now VERY HIGH on the list of things Maui never expected to see, but has somehow seen anyway on this clusterfuck of a quest. To then discover that Te'Kah and Te'Fiti were one and the same was somehow LESS of a shock. And then he got to watch the divine version of introducing one’s significant other to one’s parents, and decided that returning to his pebble-pile island where things made sense wasn’t so bad an idea after all.


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The chicken babies are all feathery… When you touch them they are so soft… They also live outside now, and they are so happy to be outdoors. In this video, they’re playing in their little sandbox.

Rowaelin, Lifeguard AU

Part 2

Hey kids, here is a super quick au I’ve been thinking about recently…. let me know if you want to read more :)

The midday sun pulsed above Sculls Bay, creating an endless wave of heat that made the air almost suffocating. There wasn’t a cloud to be seen and the water glimmered with shades of blues and greens.

Rowan Whitehorn sat perched atop the lifeguard’s chair, eyes scanning the shore for any sort of danger. It wasn’t particularly crowded today, but it didn’t stop him from observing the area with extreme detail. Despite being on his break, Gavriel was down by the rock pools, showing some sea snails to a group of children. Toward the centre of the beach, Fenrys and Connal were both talking to a group of bikini-clad women, no doubt flirting their way into dates. Lorcan and Vaughn sat in the lifeguard tower behind him, watching the surrounding area.

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drunk (ish?) idiocy (ish?) as requested by @kname-less 

Jet Star had never had a puppy until he had Fun Ghoul. 

That sounded wrong. 


Jet Star had never had a puppy, but he imagined that Fun Ghoul was a little like one. Short, temperamental, biting hands regardless of whether or not it fed him. Jet remembered once, or maybe more than once, he told Ghoul “Pick your battles.” 

Ghoul had spit blood out of his mouth and winced as Jet poked around his side. “I did. I picked that one.”

Jet sighed. “You need to not pick quite so many.” Ghoul shrugged, and tried to hide the fact that he winced again. It didn’t work. 

It’d taken them some time to warm up to each other, but Ghoul had stopped biting Jet’s hand eventually. Sometime in the course of days that blurred together in a haze of sun and laser blasts and cacti out of car windows, they’d gotten to be friends. A fundamental switch had been made and they’d found that they trusted each other, and Jet knew Ghoul would take a bullet for him, and knew that it wouldn’t be just because Ghoul wanted to take bullets. 

The night that they went to see Mosquito Joe and the Bloodsuckers play, things went a little differently. 

Kobra Kid and Party Poison had wanted to stay home, not feeling the pressing crowds and noise, but Ghoul had still been perfectly willing to venture with Jet to the Crater Club and hop in a pit (it was a literal pit too, the Crater Club was made in an actual crater in zone 4). There was shoving, thrashing, dancing, and screaming. The crowed was crushing, Jet elbowed in the ribs, Ghoul punched in the face (lightly, he said, nose dripping blood). 

It was awesome.

Their ears rung and their eyes stung from sand kicked up from the desert floor. Ghoul’s face had sticky blood tracks tracing their way down from his nose, and they were steadily making their way out when suddenly it also had two hands gripping it by the cheeks.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” A voice hissed, and Jet whirled around to see Ghoul being held almost off the ground by a tall ‘joy who looked absolutely furious, trembling. Jet could see the veins popping through the skin of his forehead and hands. They looked like they’d burst any second, and Jet started forward as he tightened his grip and pressed closer to Ghoul. “What are you doing dressed like one of us?” 

“He IS one of us.” Jet asserted, breaking into the guy’s line of vision and folding his arms over his chest. 

“He is NOT one of us.” Jet blinked at the spit that flew in his face. “And he never will be.” 

Maybe it was the alcohol or adrenaline, or maybe it was simply friendship, but Jet threw the first punch. Ghoul stumbled out of the guy’s grip as he slapped a hand to his face in shock. Jet took his chance and kneed him right in the balls, but paid for it as the guy charged him while doubled over and took him down. There was a sharp smack and stars, and Jet felt sand grind it’s way into his back where his shirt rode up. He didn’t really see much anymore and was unsure if it was because he hit his head or because he was angry, and he grappled with the weight pinning him until he managed to get on top and start grinding his opponent’s face into the sand, gritty with spilled alcohol and old bottles, until he was suddenly being hauled up bodily and pulled through the still-dispersing crowd. 

It took him a minute to realize that Ghoul was pulling him up and out of the Crater Club, supporting him with arms under his shoulders. Ghoul caught his gaze and smiled with his blood-streaked mouth. 

“I thought you told me to pick your battles,” he said. Jet let that sink for a minute. 

“I did,” he responded, echoing what he’d once heard. “I picked that one.” 

Suddenly, there was a commotion behind them. A light like a bonfire came shining out of the club. People shouted, running out, and then a tall form ran out with flames licking his clothing. Ghoul grinned wider. 

“Yeah, well I did too.” 

Journey Across The World For You

Moana x Reader, minor OC

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 1700

Warnings: None :) just a wholesome cute fic enjoy!

Request: @vivere-citta I would like to request a Moana x reader (I’m sorry, I’m obsessed with her) where the reader wishes to help her on her journey to find Maui and restore the heart, but Moana thinks it’s too dangerous. (You decide whether it’s romantic or platonic)

A/N: As always, so sorry this took so long. All the Newt ones you requested are on the way. We are really working on tackling requests and getting them out quickly. Enjoy!

His foot drew back. He measured and analyzed the field in only two moments. Kimo screamed when his foot flew forward, out from under him colliding with the coconut. You and the other kids weren’t sure whether it was an initial scream of dominance or anticipation of pain and regret.

Either way, your brother threw himself on his back and screamed. Monstrous tears pouring down his face. You ran to his side, the other kids clearing a path for you. Moana was right next to you.

“Kimo?” Moana called out. She reached out to your brother and took him in a warm embrace, until your mother came bounding over with a look of disapproval on her face.

“He deserved what he got.” you told your mother as she walked away. She only sneered then returned to comfort your brother and nurse the massive bruise that would be on his foot.

“We could’ve used a ball of tweed or something.” you said walking back to Moana.

She shook her head at you and laughs. “If you kick tweed it’s going to just fall apart. Plus, you dared him to kick it.”

“He didn’t have to say yes.” you laughed.

Moana crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head at you. She tried to force a look of disappointment on her face. You only laughed. She scrunched her nose, raised her eyebrows and bit her lip. She began to turn red. She let out a breath and a smile and laugh broke through.

“I hate you, (Y/N).” Moana tried to say with a straight face, but she only ended up laughing.

You threw your arm around her. “You know you love me.”

The two of you laughed and wandered off to sit on the beach, and let the waves tickle your fit in the sand.



“I’m so proud of you, Moana.” He embraced her and pulled her close. She wasn’t Daddy’s little girl anymore.

“Thanks, Dad.”  Moana said, with a smile. She pulled away from her father and walked towards you. There wasn’t a smile anymore.

She walked past you, the chief crown hanging in her fingers. She walked to the beach and stood on the shore, letting the waves wash over her feet.

You ran over to her. You put an arm around her. “Hey.” you said softly.

“Hey.” she replied, staring at her feet. She kicked up some sand. The crown fell beside it.

“What are you going to do?” you frowned.

The two of you sat down in the sand. “I don’t know.” she shrugged. “I don’t want to disappoint. But, staying here doesn’t feel right.” she pulled at the Heart of Tafiti. Moana glanced up at the tree. The leaves were blackening and it was only spreading. “Everyone is telling to stay and lead.”

“Not everyone.” you raised an eyebrow. “I’m with you, 100% no matter what you do. You know that. But, the real question is what do you want to do, Moana? Who is telling you what’s right? Them?” you pointed back towards the village. “Or you? Don’t forget about that voice inside of you, Moana.”


Your heads turned sharply. Moana’s parents were standing, tearfully.

“Gramma…” Moana said softly.


You stood outside the hut.

Inside, Moana clutched her dying Gramma Tala. You hadn’t gone in with her, because it was personal and she needed to do it on her own. You were just there to make sure it was alright after.

The moonlight sparkled on the water. The ocean was just behind the line of trees. There was a whole world beyond the island and Moana wanted to join it. You would follow her across the world, just to be with her.


You turned to see Moana. Her emotions shattered. You wrapped your arms around her and hugged her. She cried into your shoulder. You held her tightly. You didn’t want to see her get hurt. You didn’t want to never see her again. That seemed like a worthless life.



Moana pulled away. She looked out at the sea. “It’s calling me.”

You looked at her, her hair whipping in the wind. The moonlight cast across her face, making her tears shine. Without saying another word, she jumped off the hill and ran down towards the ocean. Her future.


Moana was ignoring you and everything else as she pulled the sails tight. “You can’t tell me not to go.” she finally said.

“I wasn’t ever going to say that, Moana.”

“Then why aren’t you saying goodbye?” she turned around.

“Because, I’m not letting you go-”

Moana started to shout. “You can’t be serious! You have always said you support me in everything I do. You’ve been telling me to follow my heart. So I am. I’m doing this with or without your support. I’m going to find Maui, show him I mean business and return the Heart and-”

“Alone!” you shouted. “I’m not letting you go alone.” your voice softened.

You stepped into the water beside Moana and stepped onto the sail boat.

“(Y/N), I…”

You shook your head. “Don’t say anything.” you reached your hand out to her. “Now are we coming or what?”

She smiled and grabbed your hand.

You stood beside her and took a deep breath. “Let’s do this.”

She smiled at you then looked at the sail. She took a deep breath. “Yeah.” she sighed. “Let’s do this.” she grabbed a rope and pulled it back. “I don’t know how to sail, but we can do this. I’m going to go find Maui, tell him to put the Heart back, and everything will be saved. Yeah. I can do this.”

You smiled at her with no doubt in your mind.

Moana was going to save the world.


“Moana!” you cried.

Maui flung her from the ship into the sand. You ran and helped her up. He was getting away. “Thanks for the ship!” he laughed.

He pushed it into the water. You jumped and ran at him. You yanked the paddle out of hand. Swung your arm back, full force and let him have it with one swift whack of the paddle. “Hey!” He fell into the water. He resurfaced. Angry.

You grounded yourself. Moana now by your side. You held the paddle threateningly. “We can do this one of two ways. Moan and I leave you left for dead-”

“I can’t die. I’m a Demigod.” Maui laughed.

“You can suffer.” you said firmly. “Either come with us and restore the Heart, or stay here for eternity with only your massive ego to accompany to the end of time. But as the world dies, you will have to live with the fact that it is your fault. When you could’ve done something about it.”

You were fuming.

Maui was left speechless. Moana a little bit too.

Maui sighed. “Humans. So ungrateful. Get on the boat. We’re going to go save the world.”

Moana smiled at you. Your anger softened at her smile and you smiled back at her. The three of you jumped onto the boat. Off to restore the Heart of Tafiti.


You don’t know when you knew it. Maybe it was her laugh. Her smile. Her love and determination. Maybe it was just her. Before you set sail for Tafiti and all the adventures that would follow it. All the near death experiences.

Anytime you had doubts or fears, Moana was there. You were there for her too. There never was a moment that she was truly alone. You wouldn’t let her be.

You can’t put a finger on a point in time when you knew. Maybe it was that feeling that hit you when she laughed, when you knocked Maui out with a paddle. Or her standing courageously, in front of Tafiti, just a moment from death’s touch. As she restored the heart, you felt she had truly touched your heart too.

You are lost in the haze of applause and praise. The hugs that say I-thought-you-were-gone-forever. The way you hold her all the time. Because you’re so afraid that one day it might be true. You are limp when your family smothers you in hugs and kisses. Thinking of the day you met Moana and how she changed your life forever. Replaying your journey across the world you just returned from. From the beginning she was your everything, and you weren’t going to ever let go of that. You were nothing without Moana.

You tear apart from your family and tear through the crowd. You break free of the haze. Your only focus on one girl. Pushing past everyone. Ignoring everyone who was pulling you back. Finally breaking free of the hold of your thoughts. You had a little voice of your own. It was time you started listening to it.

“(Y/N)?” Moana says, as you push her father away from her.

You just grab her and kiss her. You wrap your arms around her, and hold her as she is your everything.

Moana pulls away. Out of breath. “(Y/N)…”

“No.” you say. “I have to say this.” you hold her hands. “Moana. I would sail every sea. I would journey across the world for you.” you laugh. “I just did. Because it isn’t any different. Moana, you are my world. I don’t know when I knew it. Maybe I’ve always known. I guess I just chose to listen to my own little voice for once. For the longest time, I listened to my doubts and fears. But today I’m listening to my heart. Do you know what it is saying?”

“What?” she laughs.

You move in closer. “It’s calling for you.”

Moana kisses you and takes you by surprise. Pulling away from just a moment. “Mine too.”

You kiss with everyone’s eyes on you. But you only have one focus. A girl who isn’t even seventeen. A girl who changed your world and opened your eyes to a whole new world. A girl who is your whole world.

Her name is Moana.

Jughead & Reader: Taking Chances

Summary: You, Jughead, and Archie decide to go on a road trip together. During the trip, Jughead confesses his feelings for you.

Requested by: kayla5sosfam4days

Listen to: The Answer - Kim Sung Kyu

You sat on the hood of the car, staring at the mountains and the sun peeking out between them. You had been driving all day and just stopped to get some rest. Jughead and Archie were out walking alongside the deserted highway, kicking up dirt and sand and picking leaves off of the bushes growing wildly all over. 

Drawing your knees into your chest, you rested your chin on them and sighed, feeling so content with life. It was rare that you actually had a chance to sit down and think about how happy you were. Things usually never calmed down enough for you to think about it. But sitting on the hood of the car, watching your two best friends and feeling the warmth on your skin from the sun slowly rising into the sky made you appreciate everything you had. 

One of the guys out exploring had your heart. He had it and knew he had it. But the timing for you two was never right. He had dated a few girls here and there and you dated a few guys here and there. You were never quite sure if he felt the exact same way about you as you felt about him but you could dream. In your fantasies he held you every night, kissed you, pleasured you, and said he loved you. 

It was all a fantasy for you but that was alright. Cause he was still one of your best friends and you didn’t want to take that for granted. You were content with just being friends.

“You guys ready to get going?” You called out to them, figuring it was time to get on the road again. 

Archie looked over after picking up a neat rock he found and nodded his head. Jughead was dusting dirt off his jeans as he looked at you. “I call shotgun,” he said. 

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Ragethirst Highlights - Dragon Inn/Dragons Gate Inn

I was drafted by Hal and Dream into writing the highlights for this stream, so I preface this by saying that I had to ask @paint-the-wall-with-bullets​ for the plot a fourth of the way through, upon which I connected the dots.

  • The ragethirst was visited today by a smol, who graced us with kpop for a short time
  • ling tried to make moves on everyone assembled, as per usual
  • donnie appeared for all of five minutes in the beginning of the movie to look very pretty and to torture an official to death to establish the plot
    • many disparaging comments were made about his makeup
      • which were equally balanced out by those who liked it
      • (personally I think it was a bit Much, but he did resemble a peacock dressed in gold filigree, so 50/50, could take or leave it)
      • outfit 1
    • donnie’s playing a eunuch, which lead to us trying to goad @evocating​ into writing Forbidden City fanfic starring ballsless sex, because the rest of us don’t have the research background for this brand of historical erotica
  • the official’s entire family was killed except for one boy and one girl
    • our heroine, played by Brigitte Lin, who I referred to for the rest of the movie as ‘the lady drunkard who crossdresses and fights well’ appears at this point with a band of renegade mercenaries to snatch the kids off
      • donnie watches all of this from the cliffs above from the middle of his entourage
      • no really
      • outfit 2
  • there’s a lot of fighting on horseback and by ‘fighting on horseback’ I mean people turning horses around in circles, yelling, and waving around prop swords while the wind kicks up sand everywhere
    • donnie gets to use the Force

  • our heroes, kids in tow, sojourn to this inn in the middle of the desert near a pass through the mountains they can use
    • as framing for said inn we’re treated to a scene of Maggie Cheung, playing the role of the cannibal (more on that later) innkeeper mistress seducing a man and then brutally murdering him via several throwing knives to the face
      • down the chute he goes
        • for those interested, he gets turned into meat buns (that was the later)
        • the butcher is very skilled at chopping (I swear to god this becomes salient even more later)
  • our innkeeper Immediately susses out that the crossdresser is crossdressing because she is not attracted to her womanly ways
    • I say this but the next scene after the obligatory This Meat Tastes Off, Don’t Eat It bit is something like twenty minutes of a fight between our crossdressing heroine and the innkeeper in the bath that consists of knives shredding cloth and stealing clothes off of each other
      • words were exchanged to the effect of ‘you have a very lovely body’ ‘as do you’
        • the innkeeper loses
        • she ends up topless
  • while vaulting onto the top of the inn(??), the innkeeper is interrupted in the middle of her bawdy(???), topless(??????) song by the arrival of a third party
    • Tony Ka Fai Leung plays a doctor romantically involved with our crossdressing heroine
      • he arrives on two camels. Take this as you will.
    • He Banters with the innkeeper, who promptly decides she wants to keep him
      • there was so much crosstalk about “the weather” and “candles”
  • alas, this perfect setup for poly is not used
  • at some point all the asians in chat completely derailed the conversation by expounding on all the different kinds of meat and how good they were
    • Bone Marrow. Bone marrow was elected universal king
    • Special mention goes to the consumption of insects. Excellent source of protein!
  • At some point during above conversation government officials acting at donnie’s behest arrive at the inn, where they’re all conveniently trapped by the desert weather (it wasn’t Entirely a metaphor)
    • two of the officials’ party get struck by lightning and dragged off to be turned into meat buns
      • maybe a goat too
      • a very fake roasted goat makes an appearance
        • the butcher gets to show off his skills via deboning the whole thing and turning the meat into deli slices (I swear this is also salient)
    • there’s a very tension-laden showdown wherein two tables are broken and the doctor and the main official end up having ‘a toast to nothing’
  • our party is still stuck because of the weather and the officials keeping an eye on them
    • the doctor does a reverse honeypot to seduce the innkeeper into letting their party use the secret tunnels out so they can transport the kids
      • the seduction involves a one night stand after getting married by the government official of said standoff before
        • the doctor also does some Investigation at some point and discovers the people-chute
        • also terrifies the butcher by turning out to be alive
    • somehow the honeymoon turns into a fight
    • which quickly turns into a full-out brawl between all parties in the inn
      • shoutout to the innkeeper who literally grinds up one of the officials’ men in the fight, fills a bucket with his blood, and then throws in the old man official’s face before stabbing him while screaming about making him eat his own blood
        • so much fake blood everywhere
    • donnie and the army he’s leading arrive in the middle of this
  • the inn gets stormed by said army
    • horses ride all over it
    • in the ruckus of the fight above, our crossdressing heroine (who is no longer crossdressing and is probably a bit drunk from drowning her sorrows over the honeymoon that doesn’t involve her), tries to get the kids out
      • she runs into said army and gets shot by an arrow and has to come back
  • the innkeeper, faced with her imminent bodily safety, gets everyone through the tunnels (everyone being the kids, the doctor, the butcher, the crossdressing heroine, herself, and a kitchen sink)
  • the tunnel pops out behind the front line, but one of the kids accidentally lets go of a red sash, which Happens to drift back to where donnie’s sitting
  • upon which he P R O M P T L Y   F L I E S onto a horse and starts chasing after them
    • outfit 3
    • his makeup has gotten Worse
  • donnie loses the horse to a stiff breeze and ends up chasing after the party on foot
    • the kids are sent ahead with the butcher while the rest stay to make a stand against donnie, who is naruto running across the dunes to them
  • A Fight Ensues
    • we can’t see shit because of the goddamn sand blowing everywhere
  • it’s mostly just dramatic swordplay at this point, but donnie loses his hairtie to a stray cut and also gets nicked in the face at some point??
    • ???
      • he’s really rocking the chirrut colors here
  • there is a pause to regroup
    • upon which there is a long pan
      • it’s from donnie’s chest down his skirts to his ankles
      • why? we’re not initially clear
  • Immediately after we realize the above fact, donnie changes his pose
    • he fucking. Landsharks through the sand
      • I honestly have no other words to describe it
        • he carves his own trench?? the sand flies up???
        • he fucking nyooms through the sand my guys
      • “MOVE I’M GAY” - donnie in this fight
    • we have been laughing ever since donnie lost his hairtie because his goddamn face when it happened was ATROCIOUS, I hope someone screencapped it for posterity
      • “MOOOOOOOOOO YAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!” - the doctor, dramatically, overwrought, as the crossdressing heroine is stabbed
    • attempts to drive off donnie are made. they’re not very successful.
      • Breakdancing fighting ensues
      • the innkeeper leaves mo yan in the sand to die as she tries to help with the fight
        • “MOOOOOOO YAAAAANNNNN!!!!” - the doctor, as he dives for mo yan, sinking into the sand, and misses her hand in time to pull her out
          • she deserved a better death, honestly
  • the fight is REALLY not going well. Donnie makes a move to charge at the remaining party
    • upon which
    • a fucking second landshark
    • pops out of the dune to engage him
    • until the butcher disengages and scuttles off to fucking. Bury himself back into the sand in true landshark style
  • donnie tries to move, halts, looks down
    • “MY LEG!!!!!!!” - donnie in this movie, discovering that he has an EXTREMELY BADLY DONE skeleton leg from the knee down replacing his left leg?!?!?!?
    • “MY HAND!!!!!” - donnie in this movie, discovering after falling over that he has an EXTREMELY BADLY DONE skeleton hand from the elbow down replacing his left arm?!?!?!?!?
  • Oh my god, he gets up Somehow because the landshark butcher is coming for the rest of him
    • they exchange some blows
    • donnie stabs him fucking just shy of the crotch THROUGH THE SAND
      • ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
    • there’s a quick interlude for the doctor to Resolve Himself with the innkeeper THROUGH WHICH YOU CAN STILL HEAR DONNIE SCREAMING
  • the doctor and donnie have one last dramatic clash that involves FLYING ACROSS THE SAND
        • THIS MAN.
  • donnie has one last dramatic yell in him. we’re treated to a shot of his skeleton leg crumpling to bits under him. He finally falls over. he’s dead. The evil has been vanquished.

  • There is a dramatic pan on mo yan’s flute on the sand with music going in the background as the doctor looks appropriately anguished and the innkeeper appropriately jilted by death
  • said doctor takes the kids through the pass on the other camel
  • the innkeeper and the butcher go back to the inn and burn it down
    • ‘let us leave this evil place’ LADY, YOU WERE THE ONE TURNING DUDES INTO MEAT BUNS IN THE BASEMENT????

  • @xanderxcagex had a great joke about swordception [BWOOOOOM]
  • hal came back after having to take a break right as the movie finished

seriously, thank you so much for streaming for us @greymichaela​ and hosting our absolute madness. This was a ragethirst to remember, if nothing else for it being the strongest ending to a donnie movie I’ve caught thus far.

Kim, to Hal: you’re going to ask ‘What? Was that - ?” a lot in the last ten minutes, and the answer, every time, is going to be ‘Yes.’
Hal, Immediately: DID DONNIE JUST -
Everyone in the chat, through their laughter: YES

Heat Stroke (Kanej, Six of Crows)

Honestly, this is pure crack. It’s fluff with a tinge of angst because I can’t write anything but that, but also because Kaz is the most melodramatic and Extra person there is. Boy, could you just be easy for once? Based on this post that had me rolling. I’m a sucker for jealousy fics. Also, this is low-key one of my favorite tropes. This is my first Six of Crows fic. I don’t plan on writing many because I’ve got too much on my plate and I don’t know if I can get a handle on the characters. But I did have fun writing this. Kaz kind of reminds me of Roy in a strange way tbh.

The mere idea of going to the beach sent Kaz into a silent, near frothing rage. Who in their right mind would want to go to the beach? What was good about them anyways? There was too much sun, too much pointless salty water, and far too many people, most of whom were in an ungodly state of undress that made him want to pay them to cover up.

Sure, it would be easy pickings, considering that people left all their belongings just lying around in the sand on their blankets while they splashed about like ducklings in the ocean or snoozed in the sun, but that wasn’t even fun. What was picking money off of lazy tourists after breaking into an impregnable prison and destroying the lives of not one but two filthy, scheming bastards?

There was no way in hell that Kaz would step foot on those sandy shores. He’d hightail it back to Ketterdam and its slums before he did that.

Then, of course, he overheard Inej mentioning to Nina that she couldn’t wait to be on the beach again. The last time she had been on one, she had been stolen from her family. She was excited to make new memories, much happier ones, to replace the one that had been forced upon her. Would the sand feel the same beneath her toes – like quicksand? Would the ocean water lull her into a daze until she felt like she was drifting in the center of the universe? Would the sun warm her skin and bleed color into her again?

And that was how Kaz found himself standing on the edge of a beach, just inches away from the sand. Enough of it had been tramped onto the sidewalk, grainy underneath his shoes, and he scowled at the contact.

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A Ph*llies fan leaned out of a car to yell, “Pirates suck!” at me after the Bucs blanked them 3-0.

So I gave her a shit-eating grin and shot back, “What does that say about you?”

They roared off into the sunset wailing and gnashing their teeth, leaving me to wonder… Why are scalding comebacks my one and only life skill? Why couldn’t I have been this good at accounting or lion taming?
Berserk Chapter 19, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction
Berserk. Out of control with anger. This is what Natsu was born to be. A warrior soaked in blood. A murderer. This is what Pergrande turned him into. Taken at a young age by the King, Natsu is a soldier of the Royal Army, a creature of rage and violence—a weapon. Lucy is a thief from Fiore with a price on her head. Natsu is sent to kill her. When they meet it isn't pretty at all.

Natsu wakes up to screaming. He jolts into a sitting position, blinking rapidly to clear his cloudy mind, squinting at the harsh sunlight. Only, that isn’t right. It should be nighttime right now, not the middle of the day. He rubs at his eyes, yawning and glances through the iron bars surrounding his cage, peering at whatever’s outside. He’s surprised to see the arena full, seats lined with spectators, all of them cheers and screaming foul words. The lights are on in the stadium, great lacrima, light caused by harnessing the magic of Fae, the crystals costing nothing short of a fortune.

In the center of the arena, two Berserks tear at each other, snapping and snarling, colliding and kicking up sand as they bash each other around. And there’s blood, so much blood, and the sand is stained a deep red, dirtying the stark, white sand. There’s a great roar as the pair clash, from the Berserks or from the crowd, Natsu can’t be sure. The cry grows as one Berserk savages the other, teeth digging into his opponents shoulder and shaking him brutally, tearing at flesh and bone, ripping him apart. Blood spurts across the sand, pouring from the wound, a river more than a trickle.

They separate and Natsu feels sick as he sees the gore, blood dripping from fangs and coating lips in a gruesome smile. They bare their teeth, circling around each other, and Natsu winces as he sees the smaller opponent. His entire left side is a bloody mess, his chest bare, claw marks ripping open his chest from left to right, big, gaping lines nearly hidden by the red mess. His mark has been wiped away, blue paint smeared and streaked with blood, too blurred for Natsu to tell what it was. His shoulder is ripped to the bone, Natsu just barely able to see it from where he sits in his cage.

The screaming returns, but it doesn’t come from the rings. He snaps around, looking towards the door, concern nipping at him. He stands slowly, legs wobbling beneath him. Igneel is there, blocking the entrance with his body, snarling at a guard standing just outside. They have swords, clubs hefted over their shoulders, and Igneel is screaming “you can’t take him! you can’t take him!” but they aren’t listening. The door unlocks with a click, metal creaking as the door is forced open.

Igneel roars, still screaming and trying to push them back, but there are three of them, and they hit Igneel. One. Twice. They haven’t fed him in three days and he goes down, still screaming, still begging, but they don’t listen, merely shoving around him. Snarling something Natsu can’t hear, words drowned by the roar of blood in his ears.

They spot him, exchanging quiet words. Igneel doesn’t get up, just lies there on the floor, and there’s the blood on his head, his face. He wheezes when he breathes, still begging them not to take him.

They come for him anyway.

anonymous asked:

Summer time Drabble at the pool or the beach with Genji, Hanzo, McCree, and Reader (all platonic) with noodle dragons? Like going to get popsicles, doing tricks off a diving board/dock stuff like that? Thanks love!


You kicked your feet up high, sand shooting up with your steps. Genji walked next to you, mask off to revel in the sea breeze brushing up against his face. 

You smiled up at him with an eyebrow raised before sprinting away, bolting to the ocean. He quickly caught up and the two of you leapt into the waves, laughing the whole time. 


You lay on the cool floor, hearing the chirrup of insects just outside. Hanzo raised an eyebrow at your groan before handing you a popsicle. 

You absent-mindedly licked it, enjoying the cool fruity taste that greeted you. You have a grumble at how put together he was, pointing the fan towards your sweaty body. 


He poked the fire, flitters of embers fluttering up through the air. The air was heavy with the smell of smoke and you are comforted by the heady smell. 

He slid a marshmallow onto the end of a stick, handing it to you. You held it over the fire while Mccree prepared his own stick, you watching the white puff turn brown. 


You had warned him, seeing the mischievous look on his face as he cornered you onto the dock. He stood there intimidatingly, you unamused. 

His arms were around your waist before you could blink, lifting you into the air. With an easy flick of his arms, you soared into the air, a large splash of water as you hit the water

Beach Jealousy- Alec Martinez

Originally posted by fallenforfleury

Ok I didn’t realize Alec Martinez was American… Look what happens when you learn about the Kings! Anyway! I hope you like this anon! Enjoy guys!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Hey! I love your writing! Could you write something with alec martinez? Maybe him getting jealous and the reader reassuring him she loves him and then tons of fluff? Thanks!


              You were walking along the sand, Hank running ahead of you and sniffing around.

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Look For the Light

Pairing: Reylo

Summary:  Rey always knew there was more to her dreams.  When she finds herself lost in one, the last person she would expect is there to help her.

Read: or Archive of Our Own

Notes: A short and sweet one-shot idea that popped into my head this morning and I just had to write it down.  Inspired by Breaking Benjamin’s “Failure.”  Hope you all like it. :) 

Read below the cut!

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