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A radical DC Rebirth endgame theory

So while I’d personally rather take things in a different direction, it’s pretty clear that some manner of final showdown is coming between the heroes of the DC Universe and Dr. Manhattan. And while his power is considerable, one would have to imagine the collective might of the entire DCU would be able to rout him. They can, y’know, punch him and laser-blast him until he stops doing evil. That tends to work out pretty well for them.

So how? How will that final fight work? What does even Dr. Manhattan have that could possibly stand up to the collective might of the DC Universe - 52 of it, in the likely event this turns into a multiversal Crisis? For that matter, how could he have wreaked such havoc on the DCU in the first place? How were the Spectre, the Monitors, the angels of the Pax Dei, the imps of the fifth dimension, all those beings of unbridled cosmic power unable to stop him, when it was clear even back in Watchmen that there were some hard limits to his abilities? What does he have that they don’t?

Funny you should ask.

Dr. Manhattan has a penis. And that makes him unstoppable.

After all, no one can actually appear on-panel to stop him. The all-ages, hilariously mischievous Mxyzptlk show up in the same comic as a naked man, even to save the DC Universe? Not gonna happen. Unless it’s in a Young Animal joint where you can swear in front of him without repercussions, no plan on Batman’s part is going to be able to do anything when he can’t reach the threat: sure, the Comedian too could easily banish Bruce Wayne from his presence by saying “fuck”, but the very existence of a glowing blue dick is Kryptonite to the sheer concept of corporate-mandated superhero comics. Oh, you thought Jon Osterman walked about in the nude because he needed no protection from the elements and had grown beyond human social conventions, but he’s always been able to see the future. He knew this day was coming, and set the continuity wheels in motion within the safe confines of a stand-alone mature readers project, ensuring a bulletproof shield once he set foot in the DCU proper. Why do you think he hasn’t shown up yet? He may have restructured the entirety of reality, but he’s saving his real trump card for the final act.

Imagine it: the final curtain is falling on reality as we know it, as Manhattan unleashes his ultimate scheme to annihilate love and faith and hope and all that jazz, and the Justice League and company are there to stop it, but there’s nothing they can do! The best they can handle is being seen with him for moments at a time when he’s in the foreground facing them and can only pull off a butt-shot, but even that’s leaving them in agonizing pain. We hit the point where it’s like the end of Animal Man as the heroes realize the presence of the panel borders separating them from their foe; only Batman can even be heard by their enemy through the conceptual gap, but his words fall on deaf ears. As Manhattan tinkers with the doomsday weapon in the panel on the right, the heroes pound away at the edges of the panel on the left, attempting to break through to save the world, but not even their combined strength is enough: Superman can no more appear on-panel with a tumescent neon cock than I could beat the sky to death with my bare hands. 80 years of content control and mass media franchising stay their hands. Who - who?! - can save the day now?

The boys and girls of Vertigo and Wildstorm, that’s who can save the day! John Constantine! The WildC.A.T.s! Swamp Thing! The Authority! Animal Man, except as a cult leader or something! Mr. Majestic! Kid Eternity, Gen13, Black Orchid, Voodoo, Timothy Hunter and Grifter! Pandora’s desperate plan to unite them with the mainstream DC Universe yields fruit at last, for only they, with both powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men AND permission to cuss and screw, can confront the destroyer of heroes on his own terms! So, at last unleashed, utilizing every ounce of prestige-format power and narrative sophistication at their fingertips, they punch him and laser-blast him until he stops doing evil. And then Midnighter kicks Dr. Manhattan’s head off and says something fucking awesome, and Midnighter and Apollo under Steve Orlando and company rightly gets a 50-issue run. Truly, as their friend Jenny might say, a finer world.

It’s About Time

           Sometimes, you wish you aren’t alive.

           Okay, you don’t wish you’re dead, but maybe something more chill than being actively alive. Is being passively alive a thing? You could totally do with being passively alive currently.

           Your job is killing you. Even though it’s the weekend, your two days off, you’re sat in front of your laptop typing up a report that’s needed, like, now. By the end of this, you’re going to be looking at newfound wrinkles on your face and more than a few gray hairs.

           But what really blows about this is the fact that Niall is home. Niall, your boyfriend of two years. Niall, who you rarely see what with him being a huge popstar. Niall, who’s always on tour or in some writing session. It’s been two years since you started dating, but honestly, it feels like two months from the occasions you’ve seen him. It’s not like you blame him for this; before you started dating, you sat down and had a long talk about what it would mean to be with him. The media, the rumors, how he was hardly home because One Direction was on hiatus and this was his big chance to become something without them.

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1x03 was bullshit

I’m sorry but drugging, handcuffing, and threatening a stupid ass teenage boy is not girl power. It’s literally the dumbest thing ever that people are trying to justify a boy writing down who he’s slept with being reason enough to drug him and threaten to “boil him alive” and then proceed to push his head under the water. What those boys did wasn’t cool, but neither was what Betty did. I did not feel empowered as a woman. I felt uncomfortable and ashamed. That wasn’t justice, that was vengeance. It was vindictive and creepy and cruel. I get that they did it to exhibit and further introduce Betty’s mental issues and instability, but fuck, stop glorifying what she did. Just because a show talks about feminism (purely because they know that teenage girls will eat that shit up by the way) doesn’t mean it’s being represented in the right way. I myself am a huge advocate for feminism, but tonight’s reaction to the show was disappointing. The end result, them getting kicked off of the team, great, awesome, perfect. They deserve it. But threatening their lives is too much. And it’s fine that the threatening was in the show. It’s fiction and who cares? It was a great way to show how fucked up Betty is, but glorifying it like it was totally reasonable is absolutely absurd.

A wish from a fan of Fairy Tail

My only wish in this manga is for Gray and Juvia to be happy. I want them to be together. They both make such a beautiful great couple, and deserve all the happiness in the world. Also for them to shine individually without needing to be connected to another when it comes to fights against enemies, and simply have awesome kick ass fights that show off their powers, and complete strength. Gray and Juvia, for the win! 


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Bully me, the crippled teammate? You done goofed...

Obligatory didn’t happen recently, happened about 10years ago here.

Back in my public school days, starting in 1st grade(I was a big kid), I played tackle football. I kept with it for 8 years, despite hating most of my teammates.

One year, just before our schedule took off, I fully broke both bones in my arm. This left me in a rigid cast that went all the way to my shoulder, thus I was useless on the field and became the team ‘manager’. This meant filling the water tanks, washing uniforms, inflating footballs etc. (It also meant days off school for games, and other silly benefits).

I mentioned I hated my teammates. Up to this point, the only reason was because the way they treated my non-athletic friends. One night, while at our towns highschool football game, I added another reason to that list.

One teammate, we’ll call him DeWaytoodumb(DTD), decided it would be a great idea to come up behind me while I was watching the game and pull down my pants, push me over, then proceed to grab my feet and drag my (now bare) ass around for a solid minute.

(Having my dominant arm out of commission and the lack of footing meant I had zero way to defend myself. DTD was a class-a asshole of the worst public school caliber.)

Well DTD got bored eventually, and let me go and went off laughing with a couple of other teammates of mine. I got up, and pulled myself back together, despite my now bleeding ass cheeks and crushed ego and walked home. I then began plotting my revenge.

The next Monday, I had to wash the uniforms. Everyone’s gear was labeled, so I found DTD’s gear and took it to the bathroom. I proceeded to take a shit, then wipe my ass with his pants, lining up my crack where his would go. I then threw them in with the other gear, only I didn’t add much bleach. Post-dry, I also added some itch powder that I had from an old magic kit to his gear, as well as the other teammates that just stood and watched him that night.

I waited for practice, super anxious and semi-regretting my decision.

Well practice comes, and I am on the field filling waters with the assistant coaches when the entire offensive line, including DTD, makes a bee-line for me.

“Hey smokeyDaBandito, you need to do your job, the real players shouldnt have to do the maid’s job” (proceeds to show his backside with an larger-than-planned brown stain)

(I had rehearsed this) “Hey DTD, you need to learn to use toilet paper. Even bleach couldn’t remove your skidmarks”

Man that felt good, especially since his little posse and the coaches couldn’t contain their laughter. DTD just mumbled something and walked off. Part 2 hadn’t even started yet.

About 20min into practice, most of the offence has begun to feverishly scratch their asses and balls from the itch powder that has been jostled enough. I couldn’t help it, and I started laughing. DTD put 2 and 2 together and realized what I had done and begins running at me shouting obscenities.

The head coach intervenes. He pulls the 2 of us aside and I admit to the powder prank. Coach looks pissed, and DTD is pretty smug until Coach asks me why. I told the whole story, leaving out too much detail on the injury to my hind end.

Practice ended at its normal time and myself, coach, and all of my teammates that were involved were told to stay behind. Coach goes into this lecture about brotherhood and respect for a solid 5 minutes, then tells the others to run 2 miles in full gear.

When DTD finished his miles, coach calls him over and kicks him off the team.

Holy sh*t that felt awesome.

Alright everybody just hold onto your butts. I’ve been plotting out the reading order for the next bunch of issues (in a non-spoiler way I swear) and it looks like we’re about to head down a god damn roller-coaster of X-Men awesomeness starting with this issue. It all kicks off here as Wolverine copes with the wounds he suffered at the hands of Lady Deathstrike in Uncanny X-Men #205 and Rachel struggles to find her place on the team and in the dimension she currently resides in. (Uncanny X-Men #207 – July 1986)

Attention, Marvelites on Tumblr! We’re opening up the Marvel /ask box for a limited time, for a very special #AnswerTime session with the cast & crew of Marvel’s Ant-Man. We want your best questions because we’ll have to pick and choose–and we want to choose yours!

But, we’re sure, you want to know the details. Here ya go!

  • Our awesome Answer Time session will kick off on Tuesday, June 30 at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern
  • Here’s who’s coming out for Ant-Man Answer Time:
    • Paul Rudd
    • Evangeline Lilly
    • Corey Stoll
    • Michael Pena 
    • Michael Douglas
    • Kevin Feige
    • Peyton Reed 
  • Seriously, that’s pretty great, right? It’s gonna be rad.

And don’t forget to watch the Ant-Man world premiere livestream on Monday, June 29 and see Marvel’s Ant-Man in theaters July 17! 


Chris Hero Vs. M-Dogg 20
UWA Hardcore The Faded Line
[April 28th, 2006]

Both men come out to awesome themes to kick this one off. In a feud that’s a few years in the making, Chris Hero takes on longtime rival M-Dogg 20 (known to wrestling fans today as Matt Cross). Fans of Chris Hero will recognize this match as the one where Hero winds up fighting with fans at ringside, who support M-Dogg from the start and have no problem telling Hero what they think of him! Once Hero returns his focus to M-Dogg, the real action gets underway as both wrestlers are impossible to telegraph. Hero has the size advantage, but he underestimates the speed of M-Dogg 20, who has no problem figuring out the gameplan of Hero.

I Knew You Could Do It -Marco Reus

“Dad c’mon, can’t you just take Luis or Marc?” My teenage daughter, Alisa, whined to her Father. Marco had decided to take our daughter to her first Borussia Dortmund game for years. She used to regularly go to games but after she hit the delicate age of 6 she decided that going to football games was far too boyish for her. Marco had accepted it at first, thinking it was just a phase. He began taking our twin sons to games instead and they thoroughly enjoyed watching matches.

Now our daughter was 15 and still hand’t been to a game. I knew it broke Marco’s heart so we had decided that she would go see the Borussia Dortmund vs. FC Bayern Munich game. She wasn’t pleased at our decision and had spent hours trying to convince us to change our minds but it wasn’t going to happen.

I was accompanying my daughter to the game as I knew she would try to escape the stadium. Our twin sons were being looked after by my parents while we were at the game. They were annoyed that they couldn’t go to the game but I had explained that Marco needed their sister there and luckily they understood. I had even gone to the lengths of confiscating Alisa’s phone so she couldn’t go on it during the match.

We quickly found our seats and I was greeted by a few fans who were seated around us. I was a regular face at the games. Alisa sat down in her seat and she couldn’t look more bored. I took out my phone to text Marco good luck as I always did when I noticed Alisa was staring at me.

“What’re you doing?” She asked.

“I’m texting your father good luck.” I replied.

“Tell him I know he can kick their butt.” She smiled. I nodded and I was internally screaming, I knew her support would do wonders for Marco’s confidence. I texted him:

‘Good luck Marco! I know you’ll do great and Alisa said she knows you can kick their butt! x’

I pocketed my phone and got seated for the game. Our seats were front row, nearish the tunnel, with perfect view of the goal. My daughter decided to take her jacket off and I smiled when I saw what she was wearing underneath. I instantly recognised the vibrant yellow and black kit of BVB and smiled. Alisa noticed my smile and turned to me.

“Like it?”

“I love it Alisa. Who’ve you got on the back?” I asked.

“Dad, obviously.” She turned round, showing me ‘REUS’ emblazoned on the back of the shirt.

“That’ll mean the world to him.” I had no idea what had changed her mind but I was grateful for it. 


The players came out of the tunnel and Alisa was cheering as loud as she could. Marco peered around trying to spot us. When he saw me he smiled but when he saw Alisa his face lit up. She made a heart sign at him and in return he blew her a kiss. I was smiling from ear to ear, I hadn’t seen them interact with each other like this for years.

The match kicked off and the atmosphere was awesome. The teams were both playing intensely and they were neck and neck with each other. There had been a few close calls for the Dortmund goalkeeper but he had handled them perfectly. 

After another advance from Bayern Munich the Dortmund goalkeeper booted the ball into the Bayern Munich half. Neuer had come up to the halfway line and looked completely out of the game. Erik received the ball and swiftly passed it to Marco who was just outside the box. Neuer was frantically rushing to get back to the goal but he wasn’t fast enough. Marco tapped the ball into the goal with ease and the stadium exploded. 

Cheers were heard all around and Alisa was yelling as loud as anyone else, showing how proud she was of her Father. Marco remembered where we were sitting and quickly ran over to us. He jumped over the barrier and quickly engulfed me and Alisa into a hug.

“Nice one Dad!” Alisa yelled into his ear and from behind us other fans were reaching out to pat Marco as a congratulation. Marco knew he had to get back onto the pitch before the stewards could no longer handle the insanity so he squeezed us one last time, kissed Alisa’s head and pecked me on the lips before making his way back to the pitch.


The game was over and BVB had won! The score ended at 3-1 and the FC Bayern Munich fans had exited the stadiums. The Dortmund players had stayed on the pitch, clapping their fans and dancing around with each other. Marco beckoned us over and as soon as she got the message Alisa was over the barrier and straight into her fathers arms. 

Marco’s happiness was so obvious and Alisa had enjoyed the game. They stayed in their embrace for a few minutes, rocking from side to side. When they pulled away Alisa started babbling, probably about how well she thought her Dad had played and opinions on the match.

Marco and Alisa walked over to me. Marco wrapped his arms around my waist and passionately kissed me. 

“You did so good baby.” I whispered when we had pulled away. Marco was about to reply when we heard a voice that broke us apart.

“Ewwwww…” Alisa groaned.


This is possibly one of my favourite imagines that I’ve written!

Request loves :)


I wish we got to see more of the sensates interacting with each other. Like, we see Capheus and Riley bond in S01 about tea/coffee, but not much else. We see Riley bond more with Will than anyone. Same goes with Lito. He has Hernando as a s/o, but like, he doesn’t seem to form such close bonds with other in the cluster. What if he kicked it off awesome with Sun, being both outliers in their home cultures? What of Kala and Nomi chilled and talked about girl problems? How Kala deals with them v Nomi. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to see all of the cluster bond with their s/o, I just wish we got to see more bonding between more or them.

Especially trios. Or like double dates? Will and Riley could go to individual restaurants while Kala and Wolfgang all do the same, and just share with each other. That kind f stuff would have been awesome.

Kirby’s Dream Land - Superspicy Curry

Wow everyone, it has been way too long…

Hello, and welcome to the long awaited and severely procrastinated Season 2 of Lvl.1 Chef! We’re not pulling any punches today as we jump right into a crazy spicy dish inspired by the most popular pink protagonist in all of Popstar, Kirby! I hear his new game Planet Robobot is pretty awesome, so what better way to kick off the season than with a recipe for the iconic Superspicy Curry. Although it made its debut in Kirby’s Dream Land for the original Game Boy, it’s probably more well known from its Super Smash Bros. incarnation

a curious Lvl.1 Chef approaches and quickly regrets his decisions

I want to thank my friend and fellow Kirby fan Derek Rose for his help in the conceptualization of and inspiration for this recipe. We decided this dish should be a combination of extremely spicy Indian style curry and the more mild Japanese style curry as it’s shown in the artwork. To this end we will begin by making a sauce from some traditional (I use this term loosely) red curry paste ingredients. Speaking of ingredients, the dish gets its super spicy kick from the inclusion of dried ‘Ghost Peppers’ also known as Bhut Jolokia. And at over 400 times as hot as a jalapeño, they are considered to be among the top 5 spiciest chiles in the world and definitely helps this curry live up to its namesake! It may take some searching, but I was able to find ghost peppers in the dried chili section of a large local grocery store.

Just to clarify, when I say this recipe is super spicy, I mean it! Although it might not make you shoot fireballs out of your mouth*, please feel free to dial back the spice to suit your pallet. I’d rather have you make something that tastes good rather than something “accurate.” Always cook responsibly and try to avoid the following scenario:

*Lvl.1 Chef is not responsible for any fireball related damages

As usual, click the Keep Reading link below for the recipe and detailed procedures! Happy cooking everyone, it’s good to be back :].

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the allydia hogwarts au i kept meaning to write two years ago

so, now that teen wolf fandom is making its resurgence even though none of us actually want to watch the show anymore i’m gonna share this teen wolf-harry potter fusion au i’ve had kicking around for ages

it’s based off of this awesome post about a squib faking her way through hogwarts and going on to join the ministry. that post gave me a lot of feelings, and i like to imagine that squib would go on to pass some important laws. 


allison grows up in one of the oldest, most respected wizarding households in the country. Her parents are both aurors, her grandpa and cousin are influential figures in the ministry, and everyone is so excited to see what little allison will do when she starts to show signs of magic. except she never does. 

so there’s whispering between the adults in her life about the s word starting when she’s around 9, and they try to hide it from her but allison’s smart and very good at listening in on conversations, so she figures out what’s up pretty quickly. she starts doing some research. she hears all sorts of tales about the horrible lives squibs lead, how they’re all totally dependant on their families, or homeless. there’s lots of stuff in the papers about squib rights debates, too, and the possibility of the situation getting better, but it’s all very nebulous up-in-the-air. she keeps hoping desperately for that spark of magic to come.

it never does, and when she’s 11 she doesn’t receive a letter from hogwarts. the argents decide to prepare allison for her inevitable life as a muggle by enrolling her in a muggle school for the next year. they pick a very nice expensive private school with uniforms just like hogwarts and say “everything will be fine” but of course it’s a total disaster. math is alright but she’s way behind in science from the get-go, and everyone gives her weird looks in history when she hasn’t even heard of the world wars, and then she has to deal with these things called computers that leave her utterly confused. by the end of her first day, all her classmates are joking that she’s an alien, and no one wants to talk to her. 

but she puts on a brave face and pushes through. she learns about geology and how to use a mouse and keyboard, and about muggle history. she still has no friends but that’s fine. she’s needs her family to stop worrying about her. she needs to be OK. 

then the news comes through. a very controversial law has just passed. squibs can now attend hogwarts on an altered curriculum. starting next year, hogwarts will accept not only 11-year old squibs, but any squibs under the age of 17 who would like to enroll in the first year class. allison hugs her parents and tries not to cry (because crying is weak and argents are supposed to be strong). she doesn’t go back to the muggle school the next day. 

allison and lydia get their hogwarts letters on the same day, and both feel a sense of great relief and cautious excitement. lydia has never heard of hogwarts, but she is so glad to finally have an explanation for all the weird things that have been happening around her all her life. she goes to diagon alley and buys all the books on hogwarts and the history of the wizarding world she can get her hands on, and spends the summer preparing. lydia wants to be the best at hogwarts - the most popular, the most successful. most of all, she doesn’t want to be the weird kid like she has been at her elementary school. but how could she be weird at a school full of magic, she reasons. when she reads about the houses, she hopes for ravenclaw; blue is a great color on her. 

on the hogwarts express, allison meets scott and stiles, two fellow first years who’ve known each other almost all their lives. they’re friendly and have no idea she’s a squib who’s a year older than them, so she doesn’t tell them. lydia meets a boy named danny, who seems nice enough, but she doesn’t want to decide who her friends will be until she’s got a full picture of the school’s social structure and all the important players. 

then they arrive and everyone gets sorted; allison ends up in gryffindor along with scott and stiles. they’re so nice to her but she can’t help but wonder how nice they’ll be when they find out. when lydia sits on the chair and the hat is placed on her head, she hears “Interesting…are you up for a challenge?” to which she thinks, of course, and the hat says, “good, because this is something I’ve been hoping to do for a while now.” and before she can figure out what exactly is going on, lydia has become the first muggleborn ever to be sorted into slytherin.

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