kicking in the front seat

BTS as a Family at the Movies


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  • the baby duh 
  • Jin + Namjoon force everyone to see a lame baby movie because of him
  • makes a mess
  • is probably gonna yell and cry 
  • kicks the back of the seat that’s in front of him the entire movie


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  • 20 minutes in and he’s already crying
  • sneaks in so many snacks
  • even tho Namjin bought everyone snacks at the theater
  • basically like jungkook
  • but he won’t be as annoying 


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  • the only one who actually watches the movie
  • he’s actually behaving too
  • except he has to tell everyone else be quiet like every 5 minutes
  • cries at the end with tae


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  • yelling the entire time
  • laughs at every scene 
  • and repeats every line
  • he’s the one Jimin is telling to be quiet basically


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  • the dad
  • he’s stressed af because all of the other parents are lowkey glaring staring at them
  • takes turns w/Jin on taking the kids to the bathroom 
  • because they ask every 3 seconds
  • is lowkey crying bc of his kids
  • t i r e d


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  • the oldest son 
  • salty af because he wanted to watch a different movie
  • probably like an action or horror movie
  • it doesn’t matter because he falls asleep as soon as the previews are over


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  • the mom
  • just wanted spend some quality family time + treat the kids
  • b i g g e s t  m i s t a k e
  • crying by the end of it tbh

btw my requests are open for more reactions and scenarios and moodboards too

She Was My Mother // C.G  (Pt. 3)

Summary: You recognize your father, Negan, in the lineup.

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Female!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of death, angst

Word Count: 608

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“I thought he was dead.” Carl avoids eye contact with me, his lip quivering either with hatred or sadness. I can hear a small sigh emerging from Carl as my father backs away from him.

“I thought he was dead. I thought he…Carl, please look at me.” His hat tilts upwards slightly and I can see the blue glint of his eye. I repeat the phrase ‘I thought he was dead’ like a mantra, begging him to understand. Carl just shakes his head, putting both hands on his knees.

“And I thought you were only person in this world I could trust. I guess we were both wrong then, huh?” Negan just laughs to the side of me, as if this were the funniest thing he’d ever seen : the daughter he hadn’t seen in years getting her heartbroken all because of him; seeing everything I built come crashing down before me. That’s when I hear Rick.

“I will kill you.”

The sun is risen by the time Negan embeds fear in all of our hearts. There’s a commotion, however, all that draws my attention is the thick blood pooling around Abraham and Glenn’s head. I had met Glenn first on the road in the venture to look for his wife. We met Abraham soon after that, and I was taken in like a stray dog to the rest of the group. In retrospect, they saved me, and all I can do now is look at their remains in awe - the doing of the man who raised me. The torment ended with two dead friends, Rick’s submission, and Daryl thrown in the back of a van.

“Now, we’ll be back for our first offering in one week. Until then, ta-ta.” Everyone stays in their positions as the Saviors walk off. The two men who still had their hands wrapped around me pull me to the side and try forcing me in a truck.

“Get off of me. Get off!” Carl’s head snaps around as I kick and push back on these men. Negan hops in the front seat, his men successful as I sit in the bed of the truck with their hands still on me. Carl watches the truck drive off, not saying a word, but not breaking his gaze either. I close my eyes, and imagine the night we met in the shipping container in Terminus. He had blood on the side of his face, and I could see his bright blue eyes even in utter darkness. If I close my eyes tight enough, I can start to imagine the darkness in that container, and how those blue eyes started to give me hope when I fell the victim to the products of a world driven mad. With that, I hear myself starting to cry.

“Sweetheart, are you - are you crying?” Negan asks, checking on me in his rear view mirror.

“Now, now, don’t cry. I remember when you came home from school one day. You had fallen off your bike on the ride home, and all you did was fucking wail that entire night, even though you just had a scrape on your elbow. But your mom, she sang to you and you stopped crying. Now, what’s that song mom used to sing when you were sad? Oh, I remember now.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

“You make me happy when skies are gray.

“You’ll never know dear how much I love you.

“Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

I scrunch my face, closing my eyes tightly as tears fall.

“I wanna go home.”

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Hate to Love You (Part Two)

Story Summary: You hate Castiel. Or at least, you tell yourself you do. In turn, Castiel feels the same about you. Exactly the same.

A/N: Sorry I forgot to say this last time but there’s not going to be a separate tag list for this since it’s only three parts!! <3

Part Three will be up tomorrow!!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warning: language, again- the reader and Cas are a little rough with each other, some sexy stuff, some dirty talk

Word Count: 1.4k


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You began prying at his hand with your free one the second you recognized him, ignoring the need to pull the bottom of your dress down. Cas had you in a back hallway with no one else around before he let you go, only to change the positioning of his hands, now grabbing both of your wrists and throwing you against the wall. The hallway was equally as dark as the dance floor and the music was still loud, so your chances of getting help went out the window.

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Fuck certain types of audience members

I perform on stage as an actress, a dancer, and a magician’s assistant (escape artist and illusionist). I see these asshats in the audience WITH THEIR SMARTPHONES ON. I can see the whole audience, or rather their faces lit up by the light of these devices, as they look down at the devices and check their email, text, blog, shop, web surf…hell there was a guy looking at pornography (according to one of the ushers who was talking to the other ushers at intermission).

You pay all this money to go see a live performance, yet you’re just going to stare at an electronic device screen the whole time. What’s the point? Plus, your lit up devices are ruining the performance for the rest of the audience who actually wants to see us perform, or they’re distracting to the performers on stage, ESPECIALLY when you are playing a game and don’t bother to mute the sound.

Please stop slurping your drinks, constantly crinkling your bag of whatever, you don’t need to frantically dig around the bag for that last microscopic grain of popcorn, chips, or nuts. And don’t fucking litter or stick gum under the seats or seat rests. People have to clean that up.

Stop talking during our performance. I don’t care if you think you know how my magician boss/mentor and I performed the trick. Nobody wants to hear your opinion when they are trying to watch our show. Stop trying to ruin the fun of the mystery.

Keep your kids quiet or at least at home. They don’t want to be there, the performance is usually way too late, the kids are too young to appreciate or understand ballet and we don’t need to hear Rosemary’s Baby having a toddler meltdown because it’s 9PM and she is up and out way too late for someone her age. If you can afford theater tickets, you can afford a babysitter. If you can only afford one, then you ought to take that as a sign that you shouldn’t go to the theater, or even go out.

Don’t put your feet up on the seats in front of you or on their armrests. This isn’t your house. Stop kicking the seats in front of you. Unless it’s an emergency, DO NOT get up to go to the bathroom, you should have gone during intermission or before the performance started.

Please don’t show up late, and then get into a fight with the usher when he won’t let you in. Unless you have a VERY GOOD reason such as a traffic accident, tire blowout, or something like that, we don’t need you coming in super late and making a lot of noise, interrupting our performance and distracting the other audience members who actually too it upon themselves to make it to the theater on time. And if you do come in late, please be quiet. Keep a low profile.

Turn off or mute your phones, keep your kids quiet or at home, don’t eat or drink noisily, don’t litter, don’t talk, put away your tablet or other electronic device, be here on time, and be considerate towards other audience members, the theater staff, and especially to the performers who rehearsed and worked really hard to make sure you have a great live performance to enjoy.

Imagine taking Tom to a karaoke bar for his birthday. You rented the whole place out for a private party with just your and Tom’s closest friends, and even planned a special surprise for the birthday boy. They roll out a giant cake, and when everyone starts singing “Happy Birthday,” he looks around for you to share in the moment - that’s when you pop out of the cake wearing his favorite sexy red dress. After you make sure Tom has a front-row seat, you kick off a night of uninhibited celebration by performing Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” for the man you love.

Humans Can Be Monsters Too

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Title: Humans Can Be Monsters Too

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 899

Warnings: angst/fluff

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much!! This was requested by @flufy07: Could you write one where the reader and the boys are on a hunt and the reader gets taken and turns out it were humans and not monsters that did the killing?

Dean and Sam went around the house while you took the front.  It was much easier to clear a house and get the job done with the three of you.  It took Dean a while to be okay with the idea of you joining them on hunts, but eventually he opened up to the idea.

Dean cleared the back while Sam cleared the upstairs.  They both met back up in the dining room.  The three of you came here looking for wraiths, but the house seemed to be empty.  Dean noticed you weren’t with them in the dining room.  Before Dean had the chance to say anything, he heard your scream come from the front of the house.

“[Y/N]!”  Dean’s voice boomed off of the walls of the house as he ran in the direction of your scream.  He held his gun in the air as he came out of the front door and ran down the porch stairs.  He lowered his gun as the car that you were forced into drove away.

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the 5 steps to happiness

summary: caroline arrives in the afterlife (requested by @kmze and a lot of others!)

a/n: this is a little different from what I usually write but I liked it and it was an excuse to write pure steroline fluff, plus a little Lexi and Liz. Enjoy!


He’s not expecting it when it happens. 

Of course, he knew it would happen, but he hoped it would be much further down the line. He is barely on his 200th calendar, the boxes of January crossed out in yellow counting down the days, a constant reminder that she is on her way. He just hoped she lived a very long and happy life before hand. 

He sits in his armchair in front of the fire, hers placed carefully next to his side, tapping his fingers along the rim of his half empty glass. Journal open on his lap as his jaw ticks with the lack of inspiration. 

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A Collection of Short Jonah Imagines

•Imagine him coming up behind you at random times and resting his chin on your head.

•Imagine him letting you win at video games, then you finding out and making him play fair, which ends in you loosing terribly.

•Imagine you cuddling with him in the tour van in the backseat, and you had to kick Daniel up to the front seat with Jack.

•Imagine him playing with your hair as you sit between his legs on the ground as he sits on the couch and talks with the guys.

•Imagine him singing you to sleep softly over the phone when you’re missing him a lot.

•Imagine him cuddling you and buying you chocolate on your period.

and finally…

•Imagine him introducing you to his family as ‘my girl’ and making sure you fit in with all of them perfectly.

Kill ‘Em With Kindness - PART FOUR

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

    You had been detected. You were now on their radar.  You were recruited for one mission only.  You’re trained and put to the test.  With your background, everyone realizes it was a mistake recruiting a college student who would soon be faced with the thing that drove her to kill in the first place.

Warnings: violence, blood, swearing
Word Count: 3,129

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen… I want to ruin you.”

“You’re too late.”


    The second you walked through the classroom doors, everyone noticed you had a friend.  With a class of 300 students, an Avenger was pretty easy to sniff out.  You guided Natasha to an empty row and sat down, taking out your notebook and pens.  She brought along a notepad, eager to learn something as well.  Neither of you paid attention to the gawking of men in the room or the squeals the women couldn’t swallow.  But just like any other day, you sat quietly and waited for the professor to begin the lecture.

    Halfway through, Natasha leaned over and whispered,  “I didn’t know cavemen co-existed with humans! That’s so interesting.”

    You smiled and chuckled, peaking at her notepad.  Her notes were clean and detailed, showcasing the most amazing handwriting you had ever seen.  You scoffed, “I’m jealous of your handwriting.”

    She giggled.  Natasha Romanoff fucking giggled. You furrowed your eyebrows and stared at her in surprise.  When she noticed your expression, she rolled her eyes. “I’m not made of stone and I know you aren’t either.”

    That shut you up.  You turned away and leaned down in your chair.  

    “How’d you learn to write that quickly?” she asked.  

    You shrugged your shoulders, “Underground training, I guess.”  You never lied.  This was a special thing about you.  The questions you have been getting asked recently were never left unanswered.  You found it helpful to always respond with a simple answer, even if that answer didn’t quite satisfy the requirements.  You didn’t lie.  

    “You know you’re going to have to tell us what that ‘underground training’ consisted of,” Natasha said, copying down the words on the lecture slide.  You only nodded, chipping at your nails like you always did.

    “By the way, that blonde dude over there is checking you out.” Your remark didn’t stir anything throughout Natasha and she responded with a simple, “That’s nice.”

    In all honestly, you were growing fond of Natasha.  At first, you thought she would be your enemy considering your fighting style and attitude was similar to that of hers, but it only fueled her interest in you.  Natasha felt as if she had found someone she could talk to, someone who shared her views and skills. Although, your skill set was very different from hers and she was beginning to recognize this.  

    Before you could reach into your backpack and grab your red nail polish, the windows from the ceiling crashed down to the body of students, smashing all over the ground.  You and Natasha stood up and stayed put while everyone screamed and raced to the emergency exits.  The professor yelled at the students, signaling them where to go.  You and Natasha shared a look before she pulled a gun from her waist and aimed to the swarm of men sliding in from ropes.  You hooked your fingers through your blazer and removed the two knives attached to your bra strap.  

    “Oh, yeah.  I like you,” Natasha told you before she kicked herself off the seats, flying down to the front of the classroom and shooting men left and right.

      You took the stairs, running towards a man with his gun pointed straight at you.  You whipped around the aisle and grabbed his gun, pointing it in the other direction and then kneeing him in the crotch.  Once he doubled over, you kneed him in the nose sending him upright once again.  With his throat exposed and his eyes screwed shut because of his broken nose, you sliced his throat and continued your decent.  Dodging students on your way down was difficult, especially when they would want to watch you in battle.  You urged them to head for the exits and get to a safe place.  You didn’t have to tell them twice.  

      Blank face and all, you turned to make sure Natasha was doing fine.  Which was a stupid thing to do because Black Widow could handle herself.  She, however, did the same to you.  You smirked at her and launched yourself towards three men, taking them all down with your two little knives.  Natasha showed up behind you, punching the guy’s back and twisting his neck with her bare hands.  You thanked her, but your kind words came with some uninvited guests.

     Two against seven wasn’t normally an issue, but Natasha had run out of bullets and each of the seven men had a loaded gun.  Natasha sighed and looked at you.  Your focus was on the seven men before you.  When one of them aimed their gun towards Natasha, you instantly stepped in front of her to take the incoming bullet.  Natasha was stunned and looked at the back of your head in disbelief, the action ultimately startling her.  

    “What do you think you’re doing attacking a college campus?” you snipped.

     The man in the middle took off his mask and gave it to the man on his right, inching towards you little by little.  

      “We want the Winter Soldier,” he answered.  The HYDRA symbol on their sleeves made an appearance and Natasha cursed herself for not noticing that sooner.  Without being seen, Natasha pressed the distress signal on her bracelet to let Tony know your precise location.

     “He’s obviously not here,” Natasha said, studying each man individually, knowing very well you were only concentrating on the movements of the one man before you.  

    “Bring him to me,” he declared.  You shook your head. 

    “He’s not with us,” you said.  That wasn’t technically a lie.  He was not with you at the moment, but you knew they would take it as if he wasn’t residing at the Avengers compound. 

    The man before you raised his gun underneath your chin.  “You spoke to him in the early hours of Sunday morning.  You know where he is.”

    You were confused.  How did they know you spoke to him yesterday?

    “What is that supposed to mean?” you fought.  He removed the safety and was about to pull the trigger but was startled when a red and blue shield flew through the already broken glass and knocked out four of his men.  You twisted his wrist, causing him to drop the gun.  Steve, or Captain America as you were watching him now, knocked the last two men out and turned towards you and Natasha.  

    You kept your hands wrapped around the man’s wrists while Natasha tugged on his hair so he could look directly at Steve.

    “What the hell is going on here?” Steve commanded, his voice deeper than you had ever heard it.

    “Give us the Winter Soldier or we will do more than kill only one of you,” the man said through clenched teeth.  You looked at Steve, wondering what his next play was.  Without warning, Steve drove his shield across the man’s face and put him to sleep.  

    You were all sitting in the conference room, your heads hung low and your jaws clenched.  Every once in a while, Bucky would stare at you from the corner of his eye.  The conversation you two had replaying in his mind.  He couldn’t get you out of his head.  You had nightmares, too.  What did they ever do to you? The thought of you strapped to a metal board being electrocuted and tortured had Bucky breathing deeply and lowly, and he closed his eyes to try and get rid of the mental image.  

    You couldn’t take another minute of deafening silence so you raised your head and spoke softly.  “What the hell were they doing at my school?”

    Everyone’s eyes turned to you, the question on their lips as well.  

    “We have no idea,” Bruce answered, swiping his hands over his face.

    “How do they know about me or where I was going to be?” you lowered your voice.  This way you could let everyone know that you weren’t about to take anymore shit from them.

    “No clue,” Tony replied this time.  

    You exhaled through your nose and straightened your back.  “When were you going to tell me about the camera’s in my room? They were obviously hacked! That’s how they know Bucky’s here!”

    She said my name.  She knows my name.  Bucky snapped out of his thoughts when he registered what you just said.  

    “Cameras?” Bucky softly asked.  You looked at him and your face softened.  You almost forgot that this whole mess revolved around him.  They wanted him.  
    “They’re all over my room.  I covered them with tape once I found them all,” you replied.  Tony and Bruce ran out and headed to your room, you assumed.  You were confused.

    “We didn’t put cameras in your room, Y/N,” Steve said.  You looked at him in disbelief.  You scanned the room to see if they were joking.  They weren’t.

    Your heart stopped and you felt the room closing in on you.  You started to breath heavily, your eyes fixated on the coffee stain on the table.  Your quick breaths did not go unnoticed and soon everyone was asking if you were okay and if you needed something. 

   “They’re back,” you said.  You whipped your head up and made contact with none other than the Winter Soldier himself.  “They’re back.” They had found you.

    Your voice cracked.  You hadn’t cried about the incident for three years.  You weren’t about to start now.

    “Y/N, calm down.  Who’s back?” Natasha placed her hand on your shoulder but you ducked at her touch.

    “It’s been three years.  They couldn’t have found me that quick,” you stated, looking for a way out of the room.  Natasha stepped in front of you with worried eyes but she was determined to make you stay.

    “We are going to protect you.  Tell us who’s after you,” Wanda said.  You shook your head.

    “I can protect myself.  I’ve been doing it all this time,” you said.  Bucky was now standing up, ready to hold you back if you started to physically fight.

    “You need to tell us.  You aren’t the only one who has just been compromised.  We all have,” Steve stated.  He was right.  This wasn’t just about you anymore.  The cameras were meant for you.  They wanted Bucky for God knows what, but you were absolutely certain it was them.

    By now, Tony and Bruce had returned holding the cameras they ripped from the walls and smashed.  You panicked, looking for answers.  

    “Paris, France… three years ago.  They hid my name.  Look up ‘Lucy Campbell’,” you revealed quietly.  Before they did their research, Tony’s voice sparked your senses.

    “This is much more than a single name now, Y/N.  We need your details,” Tony commanded.  You turned away and clenched your jaw.

    “I’m freaking out about something I’m not ready to tell you because it’s personal as fuck and you’re still begging for information?” you lowered your voice.  You were becoming monotone again.  You were fading again.

    “Don’t pressure her, Stark,” Bucky tried to reason with him but Tony interrupted.

    “And you? They want you.  You.  You really don’t want her to reveal anything right now?  This is on you.  It’s always on you.”

    Steve stepped towards Tony but Bucky placed his metal arm across his chest.  No fights.  They had just repaired themselves.  It was much too early for any more fights.

    “Don’t blame Bucky for this!” you yelled.  This caught everyone’s attention.  Bucky turned to you, his eyes widening.

    “We were doing just well without you in the picture, kid,” Tony turned to you.  

   “You. Kidnapped. Me,” you clenched your fists around the edge of the chair causing your knuckles to turn white.  

   “We need you for one mission.  One mission and you’re gone.”

    You shook your head in disbelief and stared at Tony.  

    “Starting today, your school knows you’ll be taking a leave of absence.  You are now confined to the compound.”

    You pushed the chair to the desk harshly and tugged at your hair.  Your temper was shortening by the second.  You stared wide eyed at Tony still.

    “What?” you screamed.

    “Romanoff will train you harder.  Bruce and I will work on your new suit.  You will go back to school after the mission.”

    “I didn’t ask for any of this!” You were about to combust.  You were done.  You burst through the conference room doors and ignored the calls of your new “team”.  No tears fell from your eyes and you weren’t about to show just how vulnerable you truly were to those freaks.

    “Hey, Y/N! Wait up!”

    You heard a recognizable voice calling out for you.  You continued walking but they quickly caught up to you.  When they tugged at your shoulder, you elbowed them in the gut and tried to leave again.  Next thing you felt was your hand smacking against the wall and a white substance covering it.  You whipped your head to the person responsible.  

    “Hey, I’m sorry about Mr. Stark,” Peter explained.  You rolled your eyes and leaned your back against the hallway wall as well.  You didn’t reply and Peter took that as a sign that he should continue.

    “He’s just been really stressed and this mission coming up is going to be a big one.  He even wants me to come and that’s saying something,” Peter said.

    You stared at the kid and tried to read him.  You didn’t detect anything other than sympathy and understanding from the kid.  You tried to untangle your face so you could indirectly tell Peter he could continue talking with you. 

   “I’m sorry for getting you caught the other day.  I didn’t think they would keep you here,” Peter thinly smiled.  You nodded and looked back at your captured hand.  

    “Get me out of this thing.”

    “Oh, yeah- I’m sorry about that,” Peter cut the webbing from you and you relaxed.  You just stared at him while he rocked on his heels.

     “I didn’t even know you were in there,” you admitted.  Peter chuckled and slid his hands into his pockets.

     “I’m the youngest here.  I shouldn’t be raising my voice in situations like this.”

     “Don’t be afraid to speak up,” you told him.  He chuckled again.

    “Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind.  I’m free whenever you want to talk,” Peter offered.  Your lip twitched into a small smile which caused Peter’s eyes to brighten.   

    “Okay,” you replied.  


    It was one in the morning when tapping interrupted your sleepless night.  

    “.- .-. . / -.– — ..- / — -.- .- -.– ..–..” Are you okay?

    Bucky.  You closed your eyes and smiled.  You hesitated getting out of bed but you felt as if you had to answer him.  Leaning your forehead on the cold wall, you tapped.

    “.. .—-. …- . / -… . . -. / -… . - - . .-. .-.-.-“ I’ve been better.

   It was almost like your roles had reversed.  Bucky smiled at your response.  The small interactions you two were having were making his still heart revive little by little.  He wouldn’t admit this to anyone but you were actually the only other person he has held a conversation with other than Steve.  

    So, his next response was out of the blue and unexpected.  

“-.. — / -.– — ..- / .– .- -. - / - — / -.-. — – . / — …- . .-. ..–..” Do you want to come over?

    You smirked at that.  Were you really ready to talk to someone?  Bucky was like you, thought.  Maybe he only wanted to sit in comfortable silence.  

    “-.– . … .-.-.-“ Yes.

   You took a deep breath before opening your bedroom door and knocking on his.  It took a few seconds for Bucky to open the door, but when he did your heart picked up its pace.

    He stood there with a small smile painted on his face.  He moved aside and allowed you to come in.  You walked in and took in your surroundings.  

    Gray walls.  Black and gray sheets.  Black curtains.  White tile floors.  Same walk-in closet and marble bathroom as yours.  

    “It’s nice to meet you,” you finally spoke.  You held your hand out and Bucky shook it.  

    “It’s nice to meet you as well.” You wouldn’t admit to one another, of course but you’d be lying if you didn’t feel your legs wobble after touching him.  

    Small talk was comfortable between the two of you.  You asked him how he joined the Avengers, how long Steve and him were friends, and what his hobbies were.

    After an hour, you both were getting sleepy.  You didn’t want to leave.

    “Can I ask you something?” Bucky asked.  You nodded cautiously.  It depended.

    “Why do you truly do what you do?”

    Although you had been asked this by the other team members, you knew Bucky was implying something else.  Translation: What happened that made you start doing this?

    You looked down at your lap.  You two were seated on Bucky’s bed, an admirable distance in between.

     “Long story.”

     “I have all night.”

    You laughed at that.  “Why do you want to know?”

    “You just seem like you want to get it off your chest,” Bucky commented.  Silence ensued.  

    You sighed and broke down one wall. “Paris. Summer vacation.  Lucy Campbell was kidnapped right in front of my eyes.  I couldn’t save her,” you revealed.

    Bucky only nodded, taking your hand in his metal one.  You looked his arm over, marveling at its technology.  He caught you staring and quickly retracted his hand, only for you to pick it right back up.

    “I like it,” you admitted.  He smiled and let you hold his hand.  Even though you didn’t reveal the whole story behind it all, you still didn’t lie to Bucky.  

    “Who was she?” Bucky was careful not to step over any boundaries.

    “She’s my sister.”

    Bucky’s breath hitched in his throat and he quickly collected himself.  He rubbed circles with his thumb into your knuckles.  You blankly stared at your connected hands.


    You nodded.  “She’s married.”

    Bucky noticed you weren’t saying the word “was”, indicating you thought she was still alive.  Even behind your cold and hard exterior, you had hope.

    “Are you okay?” he asked for the second time tonight.  You looked up at him and found yourself lost in his blue eyes.  This ex-assassin has the most beautiful blue eyes.  You wanted to reach forward and feel every inch of him in case you couldn’t see him again.  Feeling him, hearing him, seeing him…

    “I don’t know.”

    Bucky took a few seconds before he removed your hand from his and reached over to pull the sheets back.  He motioned for you to get in and you obliged.  Once settled, you watched him get up and sit in the couch in the corner.  You were grateful he didn’t cuddle up next to you.  You two weren’t even fully acquainted yet.  Then you remembered this was his room.  As if noticing your internal argument, Bucky quickly reassured you.

    “I don’t mind.  Get some sleep.”

    “I don’t sleep that much,” you said.

    Bucky settled into the couch and crossed his arms over his chest. “Me neither.”

Let me know what you think! I got a thousand plot twists for you guys.


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anonymous asked:

the bros + S/O got their drink wrong and grabbed a spiked one that is accidentally served to them and their s/o are all hot and bothered and begging. (Sorry if this aint your stuff)

Well…not…really…my…stuff? This kind of borderline consent, since the s/o would not be in a state of mind to be able to actually consent to sex-if the bro’s were like ‘AW SEX, SCORE!’, that to me is a bit pervy. So, I just show their reactions to fighting temptation REALLY hard, since they know it’s fucked up to have sex with someone under the influence. Sorry if you were hoping for schmexy times…though with Prompto’s, it was extremely tempting, not gonna lie. Hopefully this won’t cause too much controversy or cause shit, I’ll delete it if it gets too much of a backlash (though I can’t imagine why because THEY’RE NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO DO ANYTHING)

Don’t ask me to do Ardyn. 

The Bro’s Reaction To An Extremely Hot & Bothered Lightweight/Drunk S/O
The Chocobro’s 

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  • Aries: Plays games on their phone
  • Taurus: Kicks the back of the seat in front of them
  • Gemini: Tries to talk to the people sitting next to them
  • Cancer: Cries in fear
  • Leo: Checks the time every 10 minutes until they land
  • Virgo: Reads a book or 5
  • Libra: Sleeps
  • Scorpio: Stares out the window
  • Sagittarius: Watches Netflix the whole time
  • Capricorn: Takes up all the seats so no one sits next to them
  • Aquarius: Spends money on food and wifi
  • Pisces: Listens to music
I’m a Fighter: Void Stiles

Originally posted by abbneto

All done for you @silverwingedfox hope you like and enjoy! Xxxx

Fear is one of the most world famous emotions. Anything from a small child to something as daunting as a lion can feel fear. It’s natural. Instinctual. It’s the feeling that can either make or break you.

The feeling that is what either keeps you alive or destroys you completely. And as I stood at the end of the corridor, watching the mayhem and destruction in front of me I felt no fear at all.

Lights flickered, footsteps pounded against the ground as people desperately ran away. But not fast enough. The Oni whirled around from all corners, their swords gleaming with fresh blood and the lust for more of it.

“Having fun little dove?” Void Stiles smirked and I smile, nodding.

“Good.” He purred and calmly leant to the side out of the way of one of the doctors, who was thrown halfway down the corridor, the look of terror prominent on his face.

“Why don’t you go wait in the car and I’ll finish up here, okay?” He asked, the undoubtable look of fondness in his eyes. I smile wider, leaning over to peck his cheek, his skin cold.


I stride out the hospital, smirking at how innocent it looked. Until you get closer and see the blood stains leading to the front door. The smashed window that had rained glass down onto the street. I guess you never know somethings wrong until you take a closer look.

I practically skipped to the car, loving the carefree mood I was in. I never had to worry about anyone or anything coming after me. No one would dare even touch me after-

The loud snapping of twigs pulled me out my thoughts as I stood by the car, looking around the seemingly deserted street. It was dark and the only light was coming from the many streetlights and the white glow coming from the hospital.

A cold breeze was chasing the leaves along the road and I knew I wasn’t alone. I leant casually against the door of the car, my eyes searching the quiet road. The too quiet road.

And then I saw it. The flash of a shadow. I strained my eyes but couldn’t see into the dark corner the figure had dived into.

I pushed myself off the door of the car and began walking towards the spot, confidence in my stride. I was only a couple of steps away before a bag was thrust over my head.

I immediately retaliated, clawing around me viciously. I felt to different hands hold and arm each as I lashed out, kicking and fighting.

“Hold her!” A voice commanded and I swung in the direction of Scott’s voice. Two snaps later and a set of handcuffs were tightly cutting off the blood circulation to my hands.

“Let’s go!” And before I could react I was lifted off my feet, despite how hard I kicked out and was thrown into the back of a car, which immediately pulled away and began speeding down the road.

The journey was not a comfortable one. Despite not being able to see and being handcuffed I put up a hell of a fight as I kicked out. My foot battered off the back of the driver’s seat and the car lurched to the side slightly.

I smirked behind the bag and shifted so that I was turned to the side and began kicking at the window, hearing a satisfying crack after two kicks.

“Seriously!” I heard Stiles whine from the front seat and I laughed to myself as Scott held me in a proper sitting position.

The car soon came to a stop and I was lifted out, one person taking my top part and the other firmly holding my legs.

“Let me go!” I screamed furiously as I was thrust into a chair.

The bag was yanked off my head and I squinted against the bright harsh light.

“What the hell,” I glared viciously at the people in the room “are you doing!?”

Everyone in the room looked as happy to be there as I did. Allison, Isaac and Lydia looked severely annoyed while Stiles and Scott were looking at me like I was a troublesome two year old.

“Void Stiles is getting out of hand. We can’t fight him for much longer.” Scott started and I rolled my eyes, already bored.

“And why is that my problem?” I snapped, matching Isaac’s death glare with my own.

“Because you’re his weakness. You’re the only thing he cares about.” Stiles said and I wanted to slap the stupid smirk off his face.

“So you kidnapped me?” I growled, despite being slightly impressed.


“Well it won’t work.” I said, annoyed how the handcuffs stopped me from folding my arms.

“We’ll see about that.” Lydia said and I roll my eyes again.

“Think of it like this. He’ll track me down easily. Are you guys ready to fight the Oni? You and I both know that you’re mountain ash will only last so long. And Void Stiles gets strong when he gets angry.” I was satisfied when I saw them all squirm, unsure of what to do.

“I may not be a werewolf but I can tell when someone’s afraid and those,” I nod my head towards the window, “Terrify you.”

Everyone’s head snapped round and everyone gulped at the same time. Two tall Oni’s were standing at the window, their eyes eerily fixating on everyone in the room.

“And if they don’t scare you.” I said and everyone in the room jumped. “Then maybe he will.” And I pointed towards the door.

Void Stiles was stood in the doorway, two more Oni behind him. He looked at me, checking to make sure I wasn’t hurt before amusedly looking at the black line of dirt at his feet.

“Did you really think something as powerless as mountain ash was going to stop me?” His tone was one of amusement but I could see the dangerous glint in his eyes and knew that a fight was moments away.

And then he stepped over the line.

Everyone’s jaw dropped but I simply smiled.

The Oni all came charging in, the two outside the window merely crashing through it and glass showered down on to the carpet.

Immediately fangs and glowing eyes were prominent in the room as Isaac and Scott snarled threateningly and Allison pulled out her bow.

Void Stiles walked calmly through the fight, narrowly avoiding the swings from Scott and the arrows from Allison but not once flinching.

He sauntered straight up to me, crouching down in front of my face.

“You okay princess?” He asked as his fingers looped round the chain on the handcuff. With a quick jerk the chain snapped and Void Stiles linked his finger through mine.

He pulled me to my feet and we walked out the house together, not giving a second glance back to the fight behind us.

“I’ll never let you out of my sight again little dove.”

Magnetic Chapter 36: New Room, Same Plan

Dean Wincehster x Reader

1200 Words

Story Summary: After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Sam had stayed with you in the Impala while Dean had gone into the motel room, packing up everything. On the ride over they had decided it wasn’t safe to stay in the same room, so they were moving to a motel on the other side of the town.

Not trusting you, Sam had stayed back, giving Dean a moment to himself. You had seen the hurt in his eyes, the heartbreak at your words. But you didn’t care. Dean was just someone from your past, and all you cared about now was your future. Your future as Brigid’s right hand person, helping her grow stronger and fulfill her destiny.

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A zombie apocalypse AU (oneshot)

The streets of Soho were empty. Cars were crashed into brick walls, blood was spilled on the pavement. Russel Hobbs held a young girl’s hand in his. His other hand had a tight grip on a hatchet he’d stolen from a nearby restaurant. The little girl clutched a wrench.

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What You Know (Peter Parker)

Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader feat. Deadpool/Wade Wilson
Warning: Cursing, drug use (don’t do drugs kids)
Summary: The Reader is a rebel and gets in trouble at school, causing Tony to use an alternative form of punishment by forcing the reader to be friends to Peter Parker, a quiet good guy that has a crush on the reader though the reder refuses to be his friend even though they too, have a crush on Peter.
Author: Dizzy
A/N: Hey! Another Peter Parker fic for your enjoyment! It’s inspired by the song “What You Know” by Two Door Cinema

Masterlist Request a Prompt

“Do you not understand what consequences are?” Your father asked.

“I do; I just don’t care.” You replied with a smirk. “Besides, that teacher really deserved getting his furniture glued to the ceiling. It was the perfect prank.”

“You tried to glue a man to the ceiling!” Your father sighed, exasperated. “You know what? This time there isn’t going to be another grounding for you.”

“Thank God.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes.

“You’re gonna get a punishment, you know, something taken away.”

“What are you going take? My will to live?” You rolled your eyes. “You know, I took Psychology. They say punishments don’t do anything for behavior.”

You father ignored your last few statements as he continued on his rant. 

“You’re going to spend all day everyday for the next few weeks with Underoos.”

“Parker? Peter Parker? You’re going to make me spend all day with that twerp?!” You cried, about to start an argument. “That isn’t fair! He sucks! He’s all goody two shoes and faints at the sight of Liz! I could kick his ass and I have!”

“It doesn’t matter. You need to learn a lesson and this is how it’s going be. You made your bed, kid.”

“I haven’t made my bed a day in my life.” You huffed, earning a chuckle from your father. 

That was when there was a knock on your bedroom door, the loud staccato of knuckles rapping against wood made your eyes roll in a knowing way as it was opened to reveal Peter.

“Hey, kid. Nice to see you. I’m going to head to the lab and I’ll leave you to it. I suggest getting Y/n to do their homework since they never do it.”

“Like hell I’m doing it!” You argued, arms crossed over you chest. 

“You made your bed, remember?” 

And with that, your father left you alone with Peter, who stood in the middle of your room awkwardly. 

“Here,” You kicked the desk chair in front of you to him. “Have a seat. We’re gonna be here a while.”

“So…” Peter trailed off, taking a seat and spinning his chair back and forth. 

“So you’re my babysitter, huh?” 

“ I wouldn’t say that. I-”

“How long has that ‘kick me’ sign been on your back?” You asked, your head cocked to the side as you caught a glimpse of the paper attached to Peter.

You watched as Peter twirled a bit and leaned forward. You ripped the paper off his back before you pulled away, tossing the paper in the trash.

“I-I don’t know.”

“Listen, Parker,”

“It’s Peter.” 

“Fine. Listen, Peter, I don’t want you here as much as you don’t want to be here. My dad’s just forcing you on me cause he thinks you’re a good influence. No offense, you’re kinda boring.”

“You do realize Mr. Stark’s paying me, right? So I want be here.” Peter replied, finding the confidence to speak up.

“How much?” You asked, causing Peter to pull out a wad of cash from his pocket. 

“Umm… about fifty dollars for the next week.” 

“Chump cash. Maybe we could get a gram for that and have cash left over.” 

Peter shoved the money back into his pocket, giving you a look as he processed what you told him.

“Mr.Stark says you’re a bad influence, that you’re a good girl with bad habits or something.”

“Eh, you got the bad habits part right. I’m not much of a good girl. Plus, my dad’s never around anyways, not after my mom left,  so what does he know?” You got up and walked over to your window. “I like to have fun, okay? You should learn to do that.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought up-”

“Don’t get soft on me, Parker. If you’re gonna be hanging around me, you gotta toughen up.” You snapped. 

“I like to think I’m pretty tough.”

“Please, You got your ass kicked in Germany.”

“How would you know?” 

You turned away from the window and took a seat in front of Peter. 

“Cause I was the one doing the ass kicking most of time.”

“You’re Vagabond?! The anti-hero who fights with that maniac, what’s his name?”

“Deadpool.” You corrected. “Yeah, I am, but you better keep your damn mouth shut about that. I swear if you tell anyone about that, I’ll cut your dick off and feed it to my dog.”

“You don’t have a dog.”

“I’m about to get one if you cross me. But, yeah, I’m Vagabond. Whatever.”

“Dude, I’m like your biggest fan.”

“Yeah, I know, you told me right before I kicked your ass for fucking up Sam and Bucky.”

Peter rubbed his neck and looked down at his shoes as he spoke, “Right.”

“Listen, you wanna go out and have some fun? I can feel my dad’s eyes burning in the back of my head with all the shit he has in here.”

“Yeah, sure. Where are we going to go?”

“You’ll see.” You replied with a wicked smile.

You slipped on your jacket and grabbed your bag as you slapped Peter’s shoulder. 

“We’re about to become good friends.”

“I thought you didn’t want to be friends.” His statement sounded more like a question.

“Just roll with it, okay? The first rule of hanging out with me is not questioning me.”


And that was how you found yourself sitting on the fire escape to your friend’s apartment, smoking weed with Peter Parker, who you only got to do it after much convincing. And you somehow got him higher than a jet, laughing with you as you talked.

“So, Parker, what else did my dad tell you about me?”

“He told me some stupid shit.” He laughed before taking another hit. “This is really fun.”

“Hey!” You snatched the blunt from his hands. “Cool it with the smoking, alright? I paid good money for this shit.”

“You didn’t pay for it! You stole it!”

“Just shut up!” You yelled, dropping the blunt in the process.

“Oops.” Peter said as he burst into a fit of giggles. 

“Y/n? What the fuck are you doing in my apartment?!” Wade yelled as he walked over to the fire escape. 

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” You cursed, looking at Peter. “You better keep your damn mouth shut, got it?”

Peter nodded, gesturing as if he zipped his lips as you dragged him into the apartment. 

“Hey, Wade.” You greeted, acting as if everything was normal.

“Who’s the little shit bag you were smoking with?” He asked as he pointed to Peter.

Peter was seated on the couch, playing with a little action figure he found. 

“He’s my, uh, my friend.”

“Your friend?”

“Yeah, my friend.”

“You don’t have any friends.”

“I have you.”

“You’re my sidekick, like Robin for Batman.”

“Uh, no. I’m not your sidekick. And I sure as hell am not Robin cause Robin’s kinda a bitch.”

“And you aren’t? You broke into my house!”

“I brought chimichangas.”

“You are forgiven.”

“Thanks, Wade.” You scoffed.

“Woah.” Peter gasped, moving to your side. “You’re really pretty.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” You tried to play it cool, though you could feel a blush rise to your cheeks.

You had had a crush on Peter for a while at that point. He was cute and smart, two things you liked about him, but you couldn’t stand at how much of a nice guy he was, as odd as it sounds. You were irritated by his kindness,maybe because you were the very opposite, but nevertheless, what you didn’t know was Peter’s crush on you. 

“I really really really really really really really like you.” Peter sang, throwing his arms around you. 

“You’re really really really high, Parker.”

“It’s Peter.” He pouted, making you feel as though you were going to melt. 

“That’s nice, Parker.” You said, prying the boy off of you. 

“You know, I gots a big crush on you.” Peter stated, elongating the sound of the word ‘you’.

“Again, that’s nice, Parker.”

“She’s got a crush on you too!” Wade yelled between mouthfuls of chimichanga. 

“Wade!” You shrieked. “That was a secret.”

“What? He won’t remember cause he’s kind of passed out on my fucking couch.”

“Goddammit, Parker.” You mumbled as you turned around to see Peter passed out, half on and half off the couch. 

After a few hours of hanging out with Wade and avoiding the many calls from your father, Peter finally woke up, his high starting to wear off as he sat up with a groan. 

“Nice to have you back.” You stated, not looking at Peter as you stared at Wade. “Go fish.”

“Goddammit! I’m done.” Wade growled, throwing his cards at you. “Fuck you!”

“Fuck you too.”

“What time?”

“How about tomorrow?”

“Nah, not tomorrow. Francis needs a good ass kicking.”

“Damn, what a shame.” You laughed, shaking your head.

“Um…guys?” Peter spoke up and your laughter ceased. 

“Yeah, Parker?”

“Can we go now? Aunt May is gonna freak out if I don’t come home for dinner and when she freaks out, I freak out and-”

“Okay. We get it.” You cut him off as you stood up and slipped on your jacket. “Smell ya later, Wade.”

And with that, you and Peter were off once again, out on the street and on the way to dropping Peter off at the subway. 

“Listen, Y/n, I said somethings while kinda out of it-”

“More like really out of it, but go on.”

“Right. Well, I might’ve said some things you’re probably going to kill me for so can we just forget about it?”

“What kind of things did you say that I’d kill you for?” You asked, playing dumb to get him to say what he told you before. 

“Well, I remember saying that I liked you. Which I do, I just think you should just forget about it cause you think I’m too boring and nice and-”

You grabbed Peter’s arm and yanked him towards you, crashing your lips into his before pulling away as quickly as you kissed him.

“When you come by tomorrow, we’ll hang out, maybe watch Star Wars or something. I love those movies.” You said quickly, turning on your heel before walking away and leaving Peter to stand on the sidewalk in awe. 

Maybe Peter Parker wasn’t such a bad guy after all.

Alright, this is ridiculous

I hate the SU fandom. I hate it! It has been racist from the start. Since the very beginning they swept Sugilite under the rug. They bullied fans of color with any criticism.

When people said, “Don’t do black face when you cosplay Garnet. ”

They played the victim. They the Su fandom is the worst because they “harassed” that woman who did black face and how was she supposed to know better, she wasn’t American.

They made feel like a bad person for being against black face. They made me feel like I was in the wrong for seeing Garnet as black, because “she’s an alien rock” and “she’s more magenta”.

My anxiety of being seen as a bad person that I physically could not go into the Su tags for months.

They called Garnet boring and treated Amethyst like trash while putting Pearl on a pedestal.

They made me feel like I had to empathize with Pearl, meanwhile the can’t even get over themselves long enough to empathize with black people who are saying Concrete is a literal racist caricature.

They make me sick to my stomach.

I just can’t. Like seriously, we say she’s a racial caricature and you’re response is to draw her a bunch and reach for the stars to find reasons it’s not racist.

“It’s just a kids show”

Newsflash you insensitive sloths, black kids exist! And they deserve to have a show that doesn’t constantly paint them in a negative light and they deserve to have a community that is willing to protect them when it does happen.

Shame on all of you!

I hope that your lives are filled with perpetual discomfort.

I hope you get caught in traffic jams.
I hope you’re bus is late.
I hope when it rains your socks get wet.
I hope that the person standing behind you is a little too close.
I hope you get the seat on the plane right in front of that kid who kicks the back of your seat.
I hope you’re favorite characters are killed off.
I hope this show gets cancelled!

EXO'rdium - By Solifiedjaporeanist21 (Admin SCYO)

Rating: Explicit

Member: Chanyeol (Exo)

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (You)

Words: 3,991

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, Blow jobs, Rough sex, Slight voyeurism, Masturbation, Multiple orgasm, Teasing, Love Bites, Smut & Fluff.

Summary: Chanyeol had invited you to watch EXO’s concert, The EXO'rdium, thinking that you’ll get a kick of having front row seats backstage, but what he didn’t expect was just how much watching him would effect you.

You toss your head back, small inaudible moans coming from your mouth, the disheavied image that you’ve envisioned of your boyfriend’s handsome face plaguing your conscience. You were so close too and given that you weren’t too enthused about ending yet, only made the heat in the pit of your belly tighten.

You gasp Chanyeol’s name the closer you reach that heaven known as your orgasm, your legs spreading wider on reflex, toes curling. The wave of unyielding pleasure didn’t nearly last as long you hoped for your body quickly spasms in the bliss of your satisfaction. You cry your boyfriend’s name one last time, fingers digging into the couch cushion before they finally relax. However, having been too overtorn with your beautiful white haze, you hadn’t realized of the person standing at the door before you.

It wasn’t like you didn’t want to get caught, because honestly what would be the fun in that, no you Initially left it unlocked, therefore the person before you could see; could witness your situation. And that he had.

Chanyeol continues to stare at you with a shocked look on his face, his mouth ajar in utter disbelief. You couldn’t help the grin that grows upon your lips at his wonderful reaction, of how adorably cute he looked. Slowly you trudge over towards him, giving more sway to your hips then necessary, before you’re yanking the perplexed man by his loose shirt further into the room, forcing him down half his height where you crash your lips against his. It was rushed and lust driven, there being no passion even for the slightest, but that was the point. You wanted him to feel your frustration, to taste it.

With the door shut you push him back, pressing your body against his taller leaner one. Chanyeol gasps at your sudden action, knowing all to well what got you like this, and if he were to be truthful you knew he’d spill just how much he was enjoying it.

And as though he read your mind, Chanyeol smirks, regaining what composure was lost and kisses you in return. He tangles his hand through your hair, the other tightly wrapped around your small waist. A moan erupts from your locked lips at his welcomed acknowledgment, you leaning further up on your tip toes for better access.

Chanyeol wasted no time before he’s deviling his tongue down your throat, already making it hard to breathe. Unfortunately, far too soon your boyfriend pulls back to capture your lost oxygen. Naturally from how turned on you was could care less about a little problem such as that so in advance you lean back on your toes and kiss him again, this time swallowing him. Though unlike before, you go slow bringing more passion to it than lust. Chanyeol had no objections for he complys, his lips moving in time with yours, teeth biting down at your swelled lips.

Once the kiss ends however you look up, staring into his dark eyes, your heartbeat picking up in pace as he looks so much sexier in person then on that TV screen. All sweaty and breathing heavy, your clit just throbs in the desire of his touch, to finish what you clearly desired.

“Did you enjoy the show (Y/N)? By what you were doing I’d say so.” Chanyeol grins triumpt, his grip around your back tightening, nails digging into your spine as he pulls you impossibly closer to his aroused body.

You scoff, buring your face in his neck, wrapping your leg around his own, where you push your pussy against his thigh. “I did, now why don’t you do something about it.” You demand, reaching up to grab a fistful of his hair, lightly tugging back at the strands. “Or would you rather watch me do myself?” Gingerly you nibble at Chanyeol’s neck, moaning at the wonderful scent of the mingled cologne and sweat.

You don’t give him a chance to answer back as you retreat back to the couch across the room. On your way you pull your dress over your head, your shoes following. You smile gleefully having heard Chanyeol choke on his words before you’re turning around to see it for yourself. In your bra and panties you sit down, spreading your legs wide, hands between them. Just teasingly you pull at the strap of your garter, hearing it snap against your skin whence you let it go.

Bitting your lip you smirk as Chanyeol watches you through hungry eyes. Perhaps you shouldn’t have choose such a scandalous set. You roll you eyes, a scoff erupting from your throat, yeah, serves him right for teasing you with that rude fucking dance. Those thrusts, those body rolls, those fucking lip bites, you knew he was teasing you and god was it torture. Naturally you did what any girl would in that situation.

Much to your delight it didn’t take long before Chanyeol was pushing you down against the arm of the couch, his legs spreading yours apart. He leans down and kisses at your neck, tasting your delicate skin with his teeth. He growls at your taunt and you let out a small moan, digging your fingers into his shoulders. “Fuck (Y/N), if I would’ve known how much it turns you on to watch our concerts I would bring you more often. Like damn, I can’t even begin to explain how fucking sexy you look right now.”

“Perhaps next time you should practice that dance on me instead of that cane.” You lean up on your elbows to nibble at his earlobe. Chanyeol groans, anticipated. “I promise I’ll be a wonderful candidate. Hell I’ll even cooperate…if you like?” You hiss, moving your hips up in emphisis against Chanyeol’s strained groin, your legs latching behind his own to pull him closer. You wanted to feel his dick against you, to encourage your temptations.

Chanyeol moans at your movements, overwhelmed on how hot and bothered you’ve gotten from just one simple dance, although he should have seen that coming, you think. Having been too caught up into your thoughts you hadn’t realized what Chanyeol had done next and upon feeling it now you toss head back in pleasure, your boyfriend’s knee pressing between your legs. He elects forced moans of pleasure out of you.

Chanyeol yanks at your hair, and you whine eager, wiggling underneath him, your clit rubbing against his knee between you. Okay this was far worse, you conclude. Your boyfriend lets you have your fun of rubbing yourself against him, before he eventually pulls away. You groan at the loss, not nearly finished but, Chanyeol shushs you, assuring that he would give you something far better. You didn’t doubt it either.

Your boyfriend hastily yanks you down the couch, unsnaping your clips, where he removes your panties and garter belt. He leaves your stockings on however, because you knew how much he loves to feel the silk against his palms when he pounds into your pussy. Of course you don’t dare refuse and quickly lift your hips.

With those awful restraints gone, Chanyeol spreads your legs wide, making himself even more comfortable there. He takes in the beautiful sight, your glistening folds begging for something, something he eagerly wants to contribute. You boyfriend licks his lips seductively, smiling wide before he turns his head, feathering kisses up your leg. It wasn’t what you were expecting but right about now you honestly could care less, as long as his mouth was on your body, you were fine.

You vastly remember what this felt like, that wonderful mouth pressed against you in places you didn’t begin to think were so sensitive until now, of the feel of his breath caressing your gentle skin, god it had been far too long. With him being gone for so long, with his career and everything, your body visably shivers in the desire for more.

Chanyeol observers your every reaction as he moves up, leaving trails of licks and love bites up the bareness of your thighs until he inevitably reaches his destination. You bite your lip, running your fingers through his damp hair, encouraging, begging.

Your boyfriend just smirks at your pleads, internally aching to give you what you seek, interlocking his fingers with yours. You tighten the grip the moment his tongue meets your core, a hoarse moan of bliss erupting from your lips. Chanyeol merely groans at your sounds, pressing his tongue flat against your clit, savoring your wonderful taste that has been long forgotten to him. The hand that rests in his hair tugs harshly in some desperate need of leverage, your legs quivering beside his head.

“Hmm, Chanyeol…” You choke out, bucking your hips against his lips, sweat lightly beginning to litter your body as the rooms temperature suddenly increased in degrees.

Sloppily your boyfriend eats you out, sucking greedily at your already sensitive bud, making ungodly noises the more your own cries increase. He does this for a while, sucking your sweet cum right out of you until he deemed you were ready for him. Which honestly wouldn’t be too much longer if he kept up this pace.

Chanyeol drags his tongue across your dripping hole, licking up the sweetness your realising, groaning at the feel of your walls tightening around his tongue as he makes is way in. You pant loudly, cursing in the overwhelming euphoria as Chanyeol literally fucks you with his tongue.

Now moving away from you Chanyeol adds a finger, a cry unexpectedly emerging from within. “Oh, god! Ahh fuck!!” You whine, lip between harsh teeth. Chanyeol enjoys the sight of your current state, overly pleased that it was him who was making you overtorn in bliss. Soon enough he complies with his mouth again.

Chanyeol thrust the finger in fast, groaning at the feel of your slick walls around it, seemingly driving himself insane to the brink of his own control to fuck you senseless. He licks at your swollen clit with the tip of his tongue before he begins lightly nibbling at it. You curse, Chanyeol’s hand around yours gripping the delicacy of your fingers as he works both the skilled appendages against you.

Gradually slowing the pace of his thrusts, your boyfriend curls the finger up against your sweet spot and instantly you scream his name, unconsciously pushing his face further against your pussy as you begin to feel your orgasm rush, hips rocking against his face.

Chanyeol obeys the silent need you were producing and goes faster, suckling you clit into his mouth with more force than the finger inside you was. Of course you don’t mind you wanted this release, it had been far too long since you have gotten off with anything of Chanyeol’s, and if you were to be truthful you wouldn’t have came with anything other than that but; when he’s gone it obviously can’t be helped.

By the time you’re on that certain bridge again Chanyeol pulls back, you groaned in disappointment, tears nearly producing from the closeness of reaching satisfaction with your boyfriend. Chanyeol grins at you, that sexy smirk on his face, before he wipes his wet lips with the back of his hand.

Your boyfriend doesn’t waste time and leans down, kissing your lips, you leaning up onto your arms for better access. Chanyeol merely takes it as an invitation to reach behind you and remove your bra. You moaned into him at the taste of yourself, feeling his hands pressing against the soft mounds whence he got the last restraints off and thrown somewhere in the room.

Finally Chanyeol proceeds to his own clothing, unbuckling his jeans and pushing himself off you and the couch to remove them completely. You enjoyed the view nonetheless, your eyes pleasantly focusing on the very obvious hard on in his boxsers. Lip between teeth you groan, eager to have him inside you, rightfully where he belongs.

You didn’t give Chanyeol the time to finish however, as you pull him down by his waist. Naturally shocked your boyfriend couldn’t help but smile, your needy fingers unbuttoning the pesky buttons upon his shirt. You rake what nails you had down his nipples, joyful of the deep husky groan that escapes him. Chanyeol chuckles then pushes you back, your fingers now clawing at his back, begging for that cock that your cunt so very much ached for right now.

Chanyeol’s back arches the more your nails dig into his skin, breaking the skin as you leave red marks. Slipping his boxsers down your boyfriend grabs your thigh, placing it beside his waist before he’s forcefully thrusting his cock inside you. Gladly you were soaked or else the insertion might of hurt a little. Not that you would have minded, you love the feel of Chanyeol entering you for the very first time, whether it hurts or not.

Moaning in pleasure, Chanyeol starts slow, allowing you to ajust to his size, your walls constricting around him from the forgotten feeling of being filled. Eventually he quickens his pace, burying himself even more deeper inside you with each passing thrust, electing sinful screams out of your mouth that you didn’t know existed.

He purposely keeps this rhythm flowing, leaning down to your lips where he kisses you once more, forcing his tongue into your inviting mouth so he could swallow those beautiful noises of yours, whether it be to keep you quiet or just to feel you around his tongue, you weren’t sure.

“Ahhh,” You moan, breaking the kiss, “Channie… ah fuck!!” Your eyes rolling back as Chanyeol pistions into your pussy harder at the commentary, his own noises rising as your inner walls tighten around him in the desperate need to get off. And with how close you had been before, knew it wouldn’t take much before your climax comes to greet you.

Fortunately, you wasn’t ready to come yet, so you quickly jerk your hips down, causing your boyfriend to gasp ceasing his current movements from your walls squeezing around him. Having caught his attention you push him back, until he laid on his back. Chanyeol just looks at you confused but he doesn’t stop nor question you, much to your delight.

You smile wide, leaning over him. “It’s my turn.” You purr, “How about I have some fun?” Moving away from Chanyeol’s ear you meet his lips, trailing your mouth across his jawline, your tongue in tow behind. Ghosting your breath across his neck you inhale his strong scent, the intoxicating smell lingering even now. Slowly your tongue runs across the producing vain, suckling onto his tender flesh, creating a nasty hickey upon the junction of his shoulder.

Chanyeol groans gruffly at your actions, the thought of being yours turning him on even more. You continue your path down his front with your tongue, leaving butterfly kisses across his stomach, following the trail of hair that leaded to your destination. Chanyeol makes sure to watch, swallowing deeply upon the thought of what you were aiming for. You watch in awe as his cock bobs up against his abdomen in the excitement of you willing mouth.

Grinning you lick a stripe up the side, the tip of your tongue relishing the pleasantness of you and your boyfriend’s sex, pre-cum beyond savoring. Chanyeol groans loudly, tossing his head back, adams apple bobbing in his constricted throat as he moans your name. You ears tingle at the breathtaking sound.

Further exploring your temptations you take Chanyeol completely, fluttering your eyes shut at the wonderfulness of your mingled cum. Your slow at your work at first, bobbing your head at a pace Chanyeol deems unforgiving before gradually picking speed. Purposely you drive him nuts, tonguing the underside of his dick with the tip of your tongue when you move back up, watching satisfied as Chanyeol shivers in pleasure, knuckles whitening from the strength of his grip upon the couch. Eventually those hands tangle themselves in your hair.

Chanyeol was noisy as you blow him, though his eyes never left you, he wanted to relish in this sight. Gladly you awknowladge his wishes. Bobbing your head a little faster you pull back, a line of saliva connects to your lips and his cockhead until you lick your lips, moaning low in your throat. You couldn’t begins to explain how turned on you was by the sight that welcomed you. You wasted no time before you’re back to sucking him.

Your cheeks hollow as you take him even farther, driving his cock as far as you could until you inevitably gagged, immediately retreating for air. You bite your lip, whining out loud when Chanyeol yanks at your hair, scolding you for the sexy look. Merely you chuckle, leaning back down to continue, adding your hand to bring a even greater outcome. Chanyeol curses loudly once you had, bucking his hips up into your mouth, the tip of his dick hitting your gag reflex. Not accidently either.

Upon pulling back for air you suck at his balls, taking them into your hungry mouth, swirling your tongue around them. Inwardly you smirk, licking strips up the underside then moving back. Chanyeol squirms underneath you, more curses heard under his breath, head thrown back against the couch arm.

Chanyeol pulls you back by the back of your hair, you take the hint instantly, hissing in slight pain. Of course you did deserve it for teasing him like you did. Soon enough he pushes you back, towing over your petite form. You smile presently surprised he lasted as long as he did, and to worsen it you sowly glide your tongue across your wet lips, savoring the taste of him that still lingers. Chanyeol growls at your dirty tease and reaches down, taking hold of his slick dick where he forcefully pushes it back inside you. You cry loudly, your walls unforgiving as they clamp down upon the intrusion. “Holy fuck, (Y/N)!” He gasps.

Chanyeol doesn’t play around anymore, no he was full bent on lust and you could clearly see that by how he was fucking you. It wasn’t nearly as slow and deep as before, now it was rough and fast. Just how you like it.

The room soon becomes a echo of hoarse moans, deep groans, loud cries and heavy pants of breaths. The sounds of sex are not once unnoticed to you, if anything the obscene sounds of your lovemaking just turns you on further. The sounds of skin slapping skin, the beautiful way Chanyeol moans your name in overwhelming ecstasy, god there was nothing more you would change, especially if the outcome of your actions would turn into this every time.

Chanyeol lifts you up from the current position, sitting you in his lap where he fucks you slow and raw. He grabs you ass, moving along with you, thrusting against your already sore pussy but from how good this was you could honestly care less. Your back archs when Chanyeol strikes that wonderful spot within you, his name rolling effortlessly off your tongue. Those hands find your breast, squeezing and massaging, well at least until they get too sensitive from being played with too much.

You throat sores from your ragged cries, and from what you could tell so was Chanyeol’s, but neither of you gave a shit nor did it bring you to speed up. Fuck it had been, for what seems forever since you got to fuck your boyfriend, you’ll be damned if you were going to come so soon.

Of course saying something and it actually happening are two completely diffrent things. Unfortunately misfortune has your side today as you feel your postponed orgasm nearing. And as much as you would like to hold out knew couldn’t, not with how good Chanyeol was fucking you.

In the end you welcome it. Crying out in pleasure, you circle your arms around Chanyeol’s shoulders harder, your erratic breaths at the junction of his neck increasing in volume. Voluntary your body begins to tighten, nails digging into his back as you reach your golden peak. You cry Chanyeol’s name, your senses numbing, while your walls tighten and constrict around Chanyeol’s cock.

Your boyfriend gasps loudly, his own fingers digging into your skin, creating crescents into your hips. He didn’t even have to move, your walls alone were enough to bring him over the edge. And as expected your boyfriend moans your name, holding you close as he spills his cum deep inside you, teeth sinking into your neck to quiet herself. You howl in pain, your body shivering as you feel Chanyeol coating your walls in white.

Regaining what sanity you had left, you both fall back against the couch, lightly laughing as you just realize what you’ve done, and where no less. Chanyeol lays atop of you, sweaty and satisfied, his breathing beyond normal as he tries to steady it. Yours, however, was no better. “How you going to get away…with this one, babe?” You pant.

Chanyeol leans up on his elbows, smiling that gorgeous smile of his at you. “Like I always do, don’t. What they don’t know won’t kill them.”

You chuckle, passing your fingers through his hair, tucking the loose strands behind his ear. “Of course.”

Chanyeol kisses you gingerly on the lips, smiling against your lips. You chuckle, enjoing the fluffyness you boyfriend portrays after sex. Its when Chanyeol pulls back, slipping out of you that his smile falters. Clearly he hadn’t realized how much control he had lost. He looks at you worried, but you just pull him into your embrace. With his head against your breast, you reassure. “Don’t worry I won’t get pregnant. And if I did I would take full responsibility. I mean we’ve been together for almost 4 years, you can’t tell me you haven’t thought about it at least a little?”

Chanyeol lets out a deep shuttering sigh, listening to your slowing heartbeat. “I have but…what if I can’t be there for him though? You know with my career and all?”

“"Him”?“ You repeat.

"Yes ‘him’. It will be a boy (Y/N), no buts or questions about it, besides how else will it grow up to be like me?” You couldn’t help but laugh, rolling your eyes. You had no objections, mainly because you’ve always wanted one too.

“You never cease to amaze me babe, you know that?” Chanyeol smiles, pushing himself up and off of you. You follow suit, sitting up. You watch as your boyfriend reaches for his discarded clothes but you stop him short. Reaching forward you pull Chanyeol towards you, circling his middle. You plant gentle peaks on his abdomen. “I love you, Chanyeol, I’ve loved you yesterday, loved you now, always have, always will.”

Chanyeol snickers and you look up at him. “Did you get that off a cereal box?” He just couldn’t help himself, you notice.

You push him back, lips in a pout. “Hey! Im being serious right now, Chanyeol why do you have to ruin my moment!”

He laughs, “Okay, okay, I’m sorry.” Chanyeol leans down, wrapping his arms around you. “I still love you far more though.”

You roll your eyes, “Bullshit, I’ve loved you for 8 years so ha.” you throw back.

“Okay you got me. Now c'mon lets get dressed before the others blow their tops that I’m fucking you and their not.”

“Why would they want to fuck me?” You giggle. now you couldn’t help it.

“Chanyeol throws you that look and you couldn’t resist the chuckle you let out at his cuteness. "You know what I meant, (Y/N)”

“Okay, okay. I’ll be good.” You give in. Chanyeol smiles and gives you one last kiss on the cheek before he pulls away to get dressed. You smile, placing your hand on your stomach, hope swelling inside your heart. If only…


I remember kicking rhythmically the car seat in front of me as a kid because I loved the feeling of my toes hitting it and the vibrations going through my legs… it’d make my mom mad though!
I also always took the same seat (even today, most of the time)

I also always loved sitting on floors (indoors because outside is dirty and not smooth) and I got pretty upset when I grew up and was told I shouldn’t do that in public lol

anonymous asked:

could you maybe do a blurb or a one shot about Harry out with his wife and baby and they get attacked by paparazzi? and one of them gets hurt and he goes near ballistic? I don't know if you'd want to do one like that I just live for protective Harry

I live for protective Harry, too. Make him a dad and I am… done for. Paparazzi scenarios are hard for me, I’m not sure why. So, I hope this comes off right! x. 

REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! These are just some dad ones to clear the pipes on other things.

029. Protect

Harry had been itching to get to L.A. “S’warm there,” he’d purred to you on a cold, rainy day in England. “C’mon, love. You know he’d love it,” he’d rubbed your arms. “Sun for days, maybe a few nighttime excursions for the two of us?”

“You were just there,” you’d sighed, shivering when he kissed your neck.

“Not since well before he was born.”

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younggodklebold  asked:

Dating Dylan would include... blurb?

okok so first off lemme just say that i think dylan would be one of the most considerate boyfriends ever, awkward as hell, but considerate

- like he would be so afraid to touch you for like the first actual month of dating you, you’d have to initiate contact with him

- once he got comfortable with you, he’d wanna show u off to everyone. his mom, his grandma, even his great-aunt sheila

- he’d also let you pick the front seat of his car to be your spot, meaning that if eric or zach (or even brooks, for some reason) were in the car with you two, you had full veto power to kick them out of the front seat bc you were his girl and he wanted you happy

- he’d also be terribly needy, he’d be the kind of boyfriend to call you at like 2am despite seeing you a few hours earlier because he missed the sound of your voice

- cuddling, have i mentioned cuddling yet

- okay so most of the time he’d be the big spoon cause he’d like to just hold you and tangle his legs up in yours and he’d just give you small kisses whenever he could

- he just liked being with you

- but then he’d also be a little spoon whenever something was wrong, because he just needed support & he’d probably rest his head on your chest and wrap his arms around your stomach and it’d be a comfortable silence with you just playing with his hair and kissing his forehead

- he just would really be the best boyfriend and you and sue would be such good friends and even if he got embarrassed easily, he’d love to just sit in the living room with tom watching something on the tv, while you and sue are cooking and making jokes about him cutting back on dr. pepper n eating more vegetables

- don’t ever get me started on what your relationship with his parents would be bc i could go on for days like truly